Encounters with Meg: Tenth

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It had been far too long since we were last together when you finally called me. My heart soared when I heard your voice.

“Hi, lover. It’s been too long.”

“I know, I know. I had some things I had to take care of,” I responded.

“So when can we get together. Can’t do it tonight. Tony and I are going to a concert tonight, and we have floor tickets. Maybe we can get together later in the week.”

“Okay, give me a call. Bye.”

Before you hang up, I am already formulating a plan. My friend Rick works backstage at the coliseum, so I know he can get a ticket for me. I call him right away, and within the hour I have a floor ticket. It pays to have good friends in the right place.

I arrive early but I hang back in the crowd, because I do not want you to see me. I see you and Tony arrive, and I watch to see where end up. You are right in front of the stage about twenty people back. I know that when the lights go down, that part of the floor will be in semi-darkness–perfect for what I have in mind.

I wait until the music starts, and then I work myself through the gyrating crowd until I am standing directly behind you. I do not alert you to me presence right away, choosing instead to watch Tony to see how he is reacting to the band, how often he looks over at you, and whether he moves to hold your hand or put his arm around your shoulder. After several minutes of watching him, I realize that he is totally caught up in the music, and that he is paying very little attention to you.

Ready to proceed, I softly stroke your left arm. You turn to see who has touched you so inappropriately, and in the semi-darkness, you do not immediately recognize me. Just as you start to say something, I see the gleam of recognition sweep across your face. I wink at you, and you smile back at me before quickly turning back to face the stage.

Surrounded by the crush of people, I move close against you so that your body is pressed back against mine. I feel your ass moving against the bulge in my jeans as I lean forward, our bodies swaying together. I put my hands on your hips and pull you back, grinding my hard cock against your ass. I close my eyes, mesmerized by the pounding of the music, the feel of your body against mine, and the flow of adrenalin caused by the risk of this encounter.

I am drawn back to reality by the feel of your hand probing between us. Your hand glides across the crotch of my jeans seeking the elongated form of my erection. Your search is successful, and your fingers gently grasp my hardness. Your touch evokes an involuntary gasp from me, and I look quickly to make illegal bahis sure Tony has not noticed. I see that he is still totally absorbed in the activities on the stage, so I return my full attention to you.

Your hand has left my cock and succeeded in finding my zipper which you are already sliding slowly downward. Your fingers steal their way inside seeking the feel of my flesh, and after only a few moments I feel the warmth of your fingers wrapped firmly around my erection. With a bit of effort you slowly free my cock from its confines. I press back against you to hide our activities from sight as we continue to move with the music in an effort to further conceal our boldness.

I move my hand up under your shirt, seeking your luscious breasts. My fingers find naked flesh instead of the bra fabric that I expect. Your full breast fills my hand and your nipple presses against my palm. At my touch you slump back against me as you would do if we were snuggled in bed. Your hair swirls around my face, and I smell the sweetness of your flesh. I love your smell.

Your hand leaves my erect cock, and for a moment I am disappointed, believing that you have chosen to terminate our contact. I soon realize that is just the opposite of what you are doing. In the dim light I see your hands move to your sides then slip under your skirt. I can tell by your movements that you are slowly sliding your panties over your hips. Once they are loose, you let them slide down your legs, and when they reach the floor you step out of them. I visualize your naked pussy covered only by your short skirt. I know now that you trust me fully and that you are prepared to go wherever I choose to lead you.

I gently caress your swollen nipple as I use my other hand to raise the back of your skirt, at the same time pressing my cock against your exposed ass. You remove your hand after positioning my cock so it slides along your ass cheeks and between your thighs. Your warmth surrounds me, and I nearly cum with the excitement of the moment, but I restrain myself, determined to enjoy this bold encounter to the fullest extent possible.

I feel your fingertips tickling the head of my cock as you position your hand between your thighs. You tease my cock as you gently caress your clit. In my mind I see an image of your fingers stroking that rosy nub, causing it to grow and become more responsive to your touch as it becomes engorged with arousal. As you manipulate your clit, I begin a rocking motion that causes my hard cock to slide back and forth between your smooth thighs. Your press your legs together creating an exquisite friction that illegal bahis siteleri further stimulates my need for you.

Soon I feel moisture seeping from your aroused pussy dampening the head of my cock. Your fingers are now stroking your wet slit, teasingly probing between your flaring lips, spreading your dampness from your clit down to your asshole. Your movements have become more animated, driven partly by the throbbing music and partially by the need for sexual relief that is building within you.

I feel your fingers pressing upward on my cock head as you reposition your ass. As I stroke slowly back and forth, you push my cock upward so it glides between your engorged labia, forcing them apart and exposing the moist grotto concealed behind them. You wiggle again and press your ass against me, and my cock slides slowly up into your waiting pussy. I push forward, burying my cock fully within you, overwhelmed by the warmth, the tightness, the pulsations of your luscious cunt.

Before I proceed, I glance at Tony, but he is oblivious to what is taking place at his side. His movements indicate that his attention is riveted on the band and the music that fills the coliseum. I know we are safe for the moment, so I begin a slow fucking motion as your body gyrates in time with the music. Your movements cause your pussy to slide back and forth along my cock, coating it with your sweet nectar and caressing it with your warm, delicate pussy-flesh. We are of equal height so our bodies fit well together, but the situation makes fucking difficult. You have to crouch slightly to allow my cock full access to your oozing pussy, and as you become more aroused, your actions become more animated and my cock falls out of your pussy with increasing regularity. Frustrated, we try to adjust our position to increase penetration, but given the circumstances, there is little that we can do.

As my cock slips out of your pussy for the umpteenth time, I wait for you to reposition it so we can continue our surreptitious fuck, but I am surprised by what comes next. I feel you stand up a bit straighter as you slip my cock back so that its tip is wedged against the tight pucker of your asshole. I know that your pussy has provided sufficient lubrication for what is to come, so I press gently forward.

Your dancing becomes more animated as my cock presses against your asshole and then slowly begins to slide inside. Tony glances over and flashes you a broad smile fostered by the mistaken impression that the rousing music is the cause of your frenzied movements. You smile back at him at the same time you push back against canlı bahis siteleri me, causing my cock to glide up inside your nether passage. Damn, you are so tight and so hot inside.

Your dancing causes my cock to rock and swivel inside of your ass. Your sphincter grasps it tightly, keeping it from falling out of you as your actions become ever more animated. I know that your fingers are probing your cunt as my cock pistons into your ass. The thought that your husband is standing right beside us and could discover our blatant indiscretion at any moment terrifies us but enhances the enjoyment of our coupling. Within the limits allowed by our peculiar situation, we become consumed by the delicious sensations created by this luscious ass fuck here on the concert floor surrounded by thousands of enthralled music fans.

Oblivious to the added risk, I move my other hand up under your shirt so I can hold your breast and use my grasp to help pull you back against me so I can more forcefully piston my cock into your hot ass. The tempo of the music builds toward a rousing climax as the band nears the end of its performance. Our fucking becomes more animated as we mount toward our own climax, our bodies pounding together in a frenzied drive toward fulfillment. Our frenzied actions blend in with those of our neighbors who little suspect that I have my cock buried deep in your gorgeous ass.

I feel your asshole relax, and I know that the first tremors of orgasm are beginning to sweep through your body. You push back hard against me, impaling your body on my cock, sucking out my cum with your animated ass. I fuck forcefully into you as I fill you with my hot cum. I feel your asshole convulsing around my cock as wave after wave of sexual climax sweeps through your body. I feel you slumping toward the floor as your body is overwhelmed by the intensity of your orgasm, and I wrap my arms around your waist to hold you up. You momentarily lean back against me and at the same time you move your mouth close to my ear. You whisper something that I can not quite hear because of the loud music. You separate your body from mine, and stand erect as you attempt to straighten your clothing. I quickly tuck my cock into my jeans just as the band plays the last note of their final tune. I squeeze one of your ass cheeks as I move away through the crowd.

As I drive home I replay the evening in my mind. Once again I marvel at your boldness. It seems now that you trust me totally you are willing to try anything. I wonder how you will explain your absence of panties to Tony as he strokes your pussy on the way home. Or how you will explain the rivulets of my cum that have seeped from your asshole and formed mini-rivulets down your legs. I know that you will tell me when we are together again, and that thought causes me to smile a broad, beaming smile of anticipation.

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