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I decided to get a tattoo.

Actually I decided to get several tattoos. Well I didn’t have any and I was twenty three and they looked so good on the other girls that I thought, you know, get one here, a little one there and maybe another and so on.

Being me I then procrastinated for three whole months before finally deciding to get them done. Yes, the pain was a um challenge for me- I was not looking forward to that at all. Another thing I wasn’t looking forward to was some hairy tattoo guy getting a good hard look at my girly bits- yes I was getting a tattoo “down there.”

That really stopped me until, by chance, I saw a little ad for a “Lady Tattooist.” I jotted down the number and a few days later I summoned up what pathetically small amount of courage I have and rang it.I spoke to the receptionist and she booked me in for two pm, this Saturday.Then I put the phone down, curled up in a little ball on the sofa and had my usual stress attack.

Saturday one twenty seven pm and there I was parked outside the Tattooist’s premises fidgeting; I went in at one thirty five.

“Hello, Raewyn?” the receptionist asked.

“Um, yes that’s me. How did you guess?”

“You sounded very nervous on the phone as I recall and you looked very nervous out there in your car and you’re nervous now. Plus you’re the last appointment for the day. Just a hunch really.” and she grinned at me.

Well that had made me feel just a whole lot better so I relaxed (a bit) and went to sit in one of the chairs.

“Tell you what,” she said, how about you get undressed and put one of our wonderfully fashionable towelling robes on so you’re all set for when Yvonne is ready to do your tattoos?”

“Oh, OK. Where do I get changed?”

She lead me through a door on the left into a small changing room. There were two sets of clothes there already and one robe left.

I undressed, put the robe on and went back out to reception.

“So stylish,” she said with a smile,”come on through this way, now.’ I followed her though another door at the end of the reception room and into a waiting room. Another lady was there in her robe and I guessed the other one must be in with Yvonne.

‘Can I get you ladies anything, tea coffee…?” the lovely receptionist asked.

“Oh, a coffee would be nice,” the other lady replied.

“Mmmm,” I said, ‘me too thanks .’

“Oh, just one thing,” the lady asked as the Receptionist was about to leave us,” do we have to wear these robes, I’m finding mine a bit scratchy.”

“No, not at all if you’d rather not wear anything, Raewyn would you mind if I take Linda’s robe?”

“No, not at all, I wonder if I shouldn’t get you to take mine too.”

Does that sound calm? Like its something I do as a matter of course- strip off in waiting rooms? Does it? Good cause its not! I was numb my heart was pounding and my throat was very dry. It was instinct taking control and I have worked hard all my life at suppressing my instincts. Still, too late now and I had that sensation where you want to do something naughty but you want to be forced to do it so its not your fault.

We both stood up, took off our robes and handed them to Alice, the receptionist- I just remembered the name plate, duh.

We sat opposite each other a coffee table between us. She had her legs parted and her arms by her sides. Yes! OK? Yes I looked. Just perfect, tanned, great boobs with rings through her nipples and one in her clit- or possibly her hood. That was less painful I had read in a Cleo a few years ago.She looked up at me, smiled, and stretched her arms up over her head.I had sat with my legs crossed and my arms folded and I noticed her look at my crossed legs. I uncrossed them let them fall open a little and my heart beat a little faster..

‘You haven’t done this much?” she said as a question.

“Um, no, first time.” I answered nervously not sure if she meant ‘go for a tattoo’ or ‘sit naked in front of a gorgeous and interested naked woman’.


“Well then, I’m honored. Stand up for me?”

I stood and, encouraged, spread my bare feet a little wider. She smiled as took me all in but focusing on certain areas ( one of which was now very wet) mainly. Her hand went to her pussy as her eyes locked with mine and she started stroking.

I can’t begin to describe how erotic the whole thing had become for me. I knew I was wet and open but instead of covering and blustering I wanted to be wetter and wider and for her face to be closer still. I have an impressive rack (mother thinks they’re too big) and I pushed my chest out.

“Mmmm, lovely. And lower?”

I tilted my pelvis up and moved my feet just a bit wider. She looked intently at my pussy and licked her lips.


I turned round waiting (and hoping) for the order.

“Bend forward, oh and can you just pull at the sides? Yes, oh lovely what a gorgeous little pink butt hole you have there.”

She leaned right forward and blew on my exposed asshole. Oh my God! It felt so good. Then she gave me a smack on my butt and it was time to sit down poker oyna again.

“Enjoy that?”

I turned back round to face her.

“Oh God yes. You have got me so hot.”

At that moment Alice came in. She was now nude and sported quite an extensive variety of tattoos as did Linda.

‘Hope you don’t mind?” she said. We both smiled and shook our heads. Linda had stood up and I saw her pussy wasn’t just wet it was contracting.

“Good to see you girls are getting better acquainted,” Alice said with a smile as she handed us our coffees .Her hand moved to her tits and down to her shaved pussy.

“Yvonne just buzzed me before, the patient in there now wants you guys and me to watch as Yvonne does her pussy tattoo. Bring your coffees.”

Ooh yes please. We took our hot coffees and all trooped in naked to watch Martie get her tattoo. Martie was naked as was Yvonne. We sat on either side of Martie and Alice crouched to Yvonne’s left side. Martie’s legs were wide apart and her shaved pussy was simply dripping.

She looked up at us and gave a nervous little smile.

“I’m really scared,” she said looking up at me- ooh that was what I needed to hear sweetheart thanks ever so much.

‘Will you guys hold my hands- tight.”

We moved our chairs round to sit beside her and held her hands. I stroked her arm and felt it relax. She turned her head to look at me and I got a lovely wee smile. She looked at my hand and then at her nipple and I got another smile.

I smiled back and moved my hand onto her breast. I rubbed my palm over her nipple and felt it harden.

“Nice?” I asked.

“Mmmm, very.” she murmured.

The sensuous moment was interrupted by Yvonne’s work down there and Martie’s eyes were suddenly wide open – as was her mouth.

Possibly the sense of overwhelming terror I felt at that precise moment was picked up because almost straightaway I felt someone’s breasts on my shoulders. It was Alice hugging me.

“Hey, it doesn’t hurt that much honey, honestly, I’ve got ’em and I know. Just stay with us and relax. You’re doing a great job here for Martie. Isn’t she Martie?”

“Oh yeah, sorry about before,” Martie said looking across at me again and doing her absolute best to look brave.

So suddenly I was weepy. I couldn’t help it, the tears rolled down my cheeks as I blinked furiously trying to stop them.

Yvonne stopped her work looked up at me and smiled.

“Do you know why I get so much work Raewyn?”

I shook my head.

“Some of its just the ‘don’t want a man seeing my girlie bits’ but a lot of it has to do with emotion, cry all you want in front of us. And guess what?”

I shrugged.

“You’ll be fine, this is so much easier and less painful than you think.”

She gave me a pat on the leg and a smile then went back to tattooing the rose on Martie’s pussy. It did look nice I must say. All this time Linda had stayed quiet, she had held Martie’s other hand and patted it ,stroked her arm and her shoulder and whispered words of encouragement to her when it really had hurt.

That’s right; everything I had wanted to do and failed miserably in.

She looked across at me and winked. It was a conspiratorial wink and it made me feel like I belonged, which was kinda nice. Yvonne put the finishing touch to Martie’s tattoo and stood back so we could examine it. It was a pink rose with the stem crossing her pussy on the diagonal and one leaf starting just at the left edge of her labia.

“Oh, that is beautiful,” I told her,”that looks so pretty. I was going to get a teddy bear but can I get a rose too?”

“Sure,” replied Yvonne.

‘Tell you what,” piped in Linda,” I was going to get a dragon but I’ll get a rose too and could you do mine with three leaves and Raewyn would you like two leaves on yours. So, like we have the rose in common but they’re just a bit different.”

I agreed and to my surprise I was next in the chair.

“My treat,” Linda told me with a smile, I’m not worried about getting this tattoo- I’ve had a few as you can see but its new for you so , get on with it is the best thing for ya.”

She squeezed my hand as she said this, and made me feel good again.Yvonne drew the rose on my skin, just above my vagina and when she had finished she fingered my pussy. I lay there feeling these fingers working inside me as three naked women watched intently. She didn’t get much resistance from me and very soon I could feel my orgasm coming. I had it and as I lay there feeling so happy and relaxed she wiped me off and started tattooing. It was bearable, and I was feeling so relaxed that I didn’t tense up and make it hard for her to do her work. Plus good old Linda had my left tit in her hand and was playing with the nipple while Alice was just straight out pashing with me. So with the distractions the tattooing wasn’t my sole focus of attention.

It didn’t seem long and she was finished. I saw it in the mirror- a rose with two leaves on the stem. Ooh it did look nice and I was suddenly really glad I had done what I had and had stayed when I was so canlı poker oyna convinced I should flee.I swapped places with Linda and held her hand while she got her tattoos. Oh yeah I meant to get two others but, maybe another day, the rose was plenty to start with, for me.

Linda’s tattoos were finished, we gave Yvonne and Alice naked hugs and kisses and it was three o’clock on a Saturday afternoon. We had a quick shower, yes, together, and trooped out.I felt so close to them after what we had been through together and I didn’t want to see them go. So I had to say something, what? They started to head away to their cars ; it was now or I’d never get another chance.

“Um, Hey,” I called out. The both turned and looked at me. Shit think of something Raewyn. Think dammit think, ” um, what, um, I mean, would you,oh you know, should we go and have a drink maybe. Just to celebrate. Sort of thing. If you like. I mean I’d kinda like to , if you guys would?”

Well, no, it wasn’t great oratory but they smiled yes they would.

“Yeah, why not,” said Linda.

“Oh, gosh I’d love to ,” Martie said, “But June and I are going out this afternoon and I’m late now. I want to stay in touch can we meet up another time?”

We both smiled and said that would be fine but, in fact, we never saw her again.

After she had said her good byes, leaving me a little flat in the process we stood there, Linda and I saying nothing.I didn’t want to say anything, my last effort had been a disaster and I wasn’t keen on a repeat.

“Tell you what , my place is about ten minutes away.”

She gave me the address and how to get there ( enter it on my Tom tom and listen to the nice lady’s voice?) but in any case to follow her.

So I did and we arrived in a convoy of two. Linda lived there on her own, following the breakup. We went on through to the lounge and I thought how nice it all looked. Her lounge and dining room were open plan with a ranch slider out onto a private patio area. Very nice indeed- considering I was still living at home. With my Mom. Ooh, no, none of that, just living there on account of being too much of a wimp to stand on my own two feet.

I felt should say something.

‘Wow, this is amazing,” I managed to come up with.

Linda smiled at me.

“Come here,” she said with her arms out. I went to her and she wrapped her arms round me as we hugged.

“”God, thank you for speaking up back there,” Linda said. “I was hoping it might just be you and me.”

She winked as she finished.

“Hey its really private out here, but I don’t have any robes for us,” she said giving me another and this time overdone wink.

We both stripped where we stood leaving the clothes where they lay.

She sat on the swing seat and I sat next to her leaning forward so she could put her arm round me. We turned in to face each other and had our first proper kiss.When we broke she smiled at me and said,”Never thought getting a tattoo could be so much fun.”

I had never felt so proud of myself than I did at that exact moment.

“So tell me about yourself, ” she said.

Well its a fair question but oh I hate that, I am so boring.

“Oh, um, well I’m Raewyn Potter, I’m twenty three and I live at home with my Mom. Oh and I work as an accounts clerk. There, is that boring or what?”

She hugged me.

“You’re not a description, you’re not your job , you’re you and I think you’re pretty exciting and pretty special.”

‘Really?” I asked.

“Yes really,” Linda answered emphatically. Then she added ,”Boy, you are really hard on yourself. You’ve got an overachieving sister maybe?”

I turned to her and gave a little smile.

“Yes, Estelle is the success story in our family. She went to College and became an attorney and now she and her husband live in a big house and she ..” and I did that rolling your hand gesture to show there were more and more successes for Estelle. Actually she was never mean to me, a bit bossy I guess but the difference in how I was regarded by Mom compared to Estelle was pretty obvious. I didn’t enjoy that.

‘Are you and your Mom?”

I stared at her.

” Lovers?”

‘Oh my goodness no! She’s my mother! No she has her life and I exist. We just live in the same house, that’s all.”

“Do you like living with her? “

“Never thought about it, well I I guess but I never had enough confidence to, you know, tell her I was going to move out.”

” Would you like to live somewhere else,” Linda asked.

“Well, yes, sometimes I think I would but…”

“You’re shy aren’t you? A rack like that and you’re shy! My God!”

“Oh, Mom says they’re too big, she says Estelle’s are far more attractive than these and she wants me to wear clothes that kind of conceal them,you know?”

“So when you stripped off today?”

“Oh that was me being a rebel, I kinda did it cause Mom couldn’t see me. Being naughty really,” and I turned to Linda and gave her a smile.

“Raewyn the Rebel huh?” Linda said, but she was smiling at me . Then she added,” Are you comfortable internet casino talking with me like this. I’m going next so it’s not just you.”

“Yes, its fine, you’ve got me thinking, I should be more independent and I think Mom would like me to move out. She’s got a new boyfriend and I think he’s a creep but she seems to like him so If I left he might…”

“Move in?” Linda asked.

“Yeah, think so.”

“So you’re in the way. Lovely, no wonder things aren’t great at home.”

“Why are you asking all these questions Linda?” I asked. It was beginning to feel like an Inquisition.

‘Cause I want you to move in with me you silly girl!” she said rolling her eyes in mock exasperation.

“Really? Me?”

“Yes you.” Linda asked.

“Do you really mean it?”

“Sure do.”

“OK then.”

I knew I was beaming just then and Oh! I was just so happy.

She moved to me and gave me such a squeeze, I hugged her back and buried my head in her shoulder as those damn tears came again.

We were still naked and Linda put some music on and swaying to it motioned for me to come over to her.I hadn’t danced naked before and the feel of her warm body against mine was just so nice. As we swayed her lips sought mine and we kissed passionately.

“Does your mother know you’re a lesbian?” Linda whispered in my ear.

“No idea. Don’t think so, I didn’t know until today.”

“Seriously? You didn’t know?”

“Well I thought I might be but I’d never tried, you know…”

“Fun, isn’t it?”

We spent the rest of the day together naked. She had her turn, Linda was thirty three, she worked from home and she was separated from her husband. The house had a big mortgage on it and it would have to be sold as she couldn’t afford to buy him out.

I liked that, it would be nice for us to move into a place that was ours; together. I told her and she smiled at me and hugged me; she loved the house and had hated the idea of moving but now I was in her life, well starting someplace new, our own little cottage, sounded pretty nice.

I guess there were times people could have looked in and seen us naked but I didn’t care- I had gone to get a tattoo and hoped that that might start a more fulfilling more adventurous phase in my life but this was beyond my wildest dreams. It wasn’t that I wasn’t sexual and it wasn’t that I hadn’t had boyfriends- with a chest like mine I always got looks- but the dates I had gone on hadn’t worked out like I had hoped.

Why they hadn’t was something I had never been able to work out. I had put it down to “chemistry” or rather the lack of it. The truth, it dawned on me now, was that I just didn’t like men touching me. Linda had touched me everywhere and I craved more but if a man had touched me like that I would have felt dirty and worthless.

We made dinner and sat eating it at the corner of the table so we could be as close to each other as physically possible.

‘What do you think?” I asked.

“Of you?”

I nodded.

“I think you’re amazing. I thought the instant I saw you ‘that’s the girl for me.”

I pulled a face. She smiled back at me.

“Its true darling, honest to God its true. And I love you. OK? I love you.So there.”

I looked at her and started to cry.

‘My God you’re a weepy wee thing aren’t you,” Linda exclaimed as she leaned forward to hug me. I looked up and she had tears in her eyes too.

I went back to hugging her and we stood up, still in our hug and swayed back and forward in each others’ arms.

Finally she asked .


“Oh I love you, oh I love you so much, my goodness I never dreamed I would meet anyone as nice as you.” I told her and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying again.

Sometime in the night I felt something wet pushing against my bottom, I parted my legs and this thing pushed slowly inside my asshole. I raised my head and I was told to lie still and enjoy.

I did. My butt was completely relaxed and the shaft went in and out as I lay there half asleep just enjoying the feeling of being reamed. It stopped with the strap on still inside me and Linda lying on me. I stroked her arm and went back to sleep.

She watched me wake up that morning.

“I fucked you last night,” she whispered in my ear.

“I know,” I replied with a grin, “why don’t you tie me up next time?”

“You are naughty Raewyn,” she said pretending to be shocked then pulled the covers down and spanked my bare bottom. Not too hard but I felt it- I loved it.

“Now will you tie me up,” I asked her.

‘No,” she said with a final smack followed by her massaging my butt,”we need to get you moved in, then we need to start looking for a place.”

After we had our first breakfast together followed by our first shower together we got dressed to head over to my place in her SUV. I had on a pair of her jeans and a top- that I nearly burst out of- and my shoes. She got into her clothes with much less fuss- as she was at pains to point out- and we headed off, in her SUV back to my place.

Shit head was there. Fuck it, I wanted to just say good bye to Mom but he’d be hovering in the back ground, eying me up just as he did all the young women. We went in, no way I was going to knock if fuck face was there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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