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A number of months ago my parents got a letter in the mail that said our family was selected to host a young woman, only a month or so older than myself, from the Parisian countryside. Enclosed in the envelope were her school picture and much of her basic information; name, age, birthday, allergies (food or otherwise), hobbies, etc.

Looking at her picture I saw her light golden-brown hair with hints of red reach halfway down her upper arm, with a gentle wave that isn’t quite prominent enough to qualify as a legit wave but was still noticeable. Two soft green eyes compliment her hair color quite well. She has on a three-quarter sleeve top with black and white stripes across her body. Just below those she’s wearing distressed denim shorts that stop a quarter of the way down her thighs, her pockets reaching half any inch longer. Her quiet smile says that she has a humble personality and I see potential for a great friendship.


In preparation for her arrival, we clean out the spare guest room that has become the home office/tv/computer/multipurpose room over the years. We set up a bed frame and mattress for an extra-large twin, add a light grey dresser, …

“Hey baby girl,” mom greets me from the couch. “How’d work go?” “Food Prep and walking around with trays of hors d’oeuvre is such a glamorous lifestyle,”. “Aren’t you and dad going out to dinner with some friends later?” I ask. “Yeah, we’re going to that old Italian place about half an hour away with the Hammunds. Your dad actually got in a few minutes before you did. He’s upstairs showering and getting so we can leave in about twenty or so minutes,”. With everything quiet I actually hear the shower turn off up there then give mom a small hug from behind the sofa and tell her, “Well, I read that tonight’s sunset is going to be epic so I’m going to change out of my catering uniform and put on some real clothes and grab my camera,”. “Hey,” she called as I set my foot on the first step, so I answer, “Yeah, what’s up?” Alix is outback with one of her books, I think. I’m going to leave you guys some money for pizza or Chinese, whatever you two choose, on the fridge since I’m sure you’ve had enough fancy foods to last you for a while,” she laughed. “Thanks Mom,” I say before jogging up the stairs.

Tying my hair back in a loose ponytail and grabbing my camera off my bed, I hustle back down in time to see my parents off. From there I skipped into the kitchen, pull up some dance music on my phone, then pull the blender out from under the island.


“Heeeey girly girl. We have the house to ourselves, we have beautiful weather, and I just made us some amazing watermelon slushy mocktails, if I do say so myself,” I announce to Alix as I close the back French doors with my foot, make my way across the deck to her, and place our drinks on the two cork coasters she set on the table.

She may have only been with us for less than two months, but it didn’t take long at all for Alix and me to become close friends, basically sisters. We sip down our drinks as we gossip and laugh at all the ridiculous claims and things people have been up to lately. At one point, she sets down her mocktail and, first marking her page, set her closed book beside it. Wordlessly, I set down my own glass, then take hold of the camera hanging around my neck, and capture a shot of her resting her arm on the back of the outdoor sofa, bending it back to set the tip of a impeccably manicured finger on her lip as she looks off in the distance, a soft breeze blowing her hair just right.

A take a few more shots then look down at my screen and whisper, “Wow,” breaking her aimless stare. “What is it?” she asks, putting out a hand to ask to ask to see my camera. I raise the strap up and over my head before handing it to her. Alix skims through the images I’ve taken over the last few days; many of us, some of landscape and touristy spots, and several she hadn’t realized I had taken of her, then whispers, “Whoa,” under her breath. “Diana these are great! When did you get some of these? I never even noticed you taking these!” I chuckle a bit at the compliments and admitted, “You’re not a hard subject to work with. Somehow you always find the right angles in the light for your face, your posture is almost always spot on, and there’s a fun self-confidence that emanates from you anytime you poker oyna let yourself go and stop caring about everybody else and just have fun!” Alexi giggles shyly looking back down at the photos. I’m a little reluctant to ask, then the question spills out, “Has no one ever told you just how beautiful you are?” She says, “Well, I mean, mes parents mais je…” then her voice trails off as she looks down again.

Sending me a coy smile, displaying her perfect white teeth. I looked into her sparkling green eyes and saw there a playful shimmer then a glint of longing.

‘Did I see that wrong?’ I wonder. I know our drinks are clones of adult drinks, but I am sure I put no alcohol in them. Then I get out of my own head and notice her hand on my leg. I know she’s had it there before but something about the energy around us feels a bit different. Her hand moves in, lightly touching my skin and rubbing toward my inner thigh. Her green eyes capture my hazel pupils, and something in me won’t dare look away. We stare at each other for a few seconds.

To my surprise, Alexi leans over and places a small kiss on my lips. As she pulls away, she bites her lip, and she blushes. Accepting her offer, I find myself tilting myself over to her, so our lips can meet again. Very slowly, we separate our lips before sharing a third, longer kiss. A fourth kiss is endured, and we feel one another smile as we turn our heads just enough to keep our noses from preventing anymore excess space get between us. Alix rests her hand on my cheek as mine does on hers, as we open our mouths a bit wider to scoop each other in.

I ask her then, “Are there butterflies in your stomach, too?” and she answers, “Only if butterflies cause a débandade,” before she smothers my lips again. Now, I know my French may not be perfect, but I am pretty confident that means ‘stampede’. I place my tongue on her lips and her own tongue pulls it in further. For over a minute, our tongues dance a messy routine amongst our open mouths, one that only tongues know. I gently take her drink from her, setting it aside on the table and suggest that we sit on the outdoor sofa just a few feet away.

As we do so, I pull her hair back and softly nibble her ear. I hear her gasp and know that even though I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, having never done anything like this with another girl, I’m doing it right.

I tenderly grasp the back of her head, the fingertips on my other hand lining her neck as my thumb rest on her jaw. Alix boldly swipes her tongue up my lips and my hand moves from the back of her head to shadowing the other, my thumbs gently holding her in place as our make out becomes more aggressive.

She wraps a hand around the back of my neck and her other abandons its job of caressing my thigh, unashamedly moving the material of my top out of the way then taking hold of my hip. The back of her hand graces my cheek again as she smiles, gently guiding my arm so that my hand moves from her back to calmly relaxing on her breast.

As we continue our passionate lip wrestling, I lightly rub her breast, as I’m assuming that’s what she wants my hand there for, whilst she raises the bottom of my shirt to rest atop my assets so that she can kiss and drag her lips through the valley amongst my girls. We soon resume our kissing and after a hot moment she lifts my shirt and tosses it aside, instantly pressing her lips to the top of my shoulder as her fingers pull the strap of my bra out of the way and let it hang beside my arm. Very quickly, we return to kissing until I retract my lips and ask if I can now take her shirt off as well, just with my eyes, and she takes care of the deed for me before our lips crash together again.

I love the bonus arousal created by our breasts pressing together between us, even if they are still covered, as we tenderly kiss one another; myself biting her lip every few kisses as she tends to pinch mine softly amidst her teeth and draw it as far as it let’s her.

Our lips part as we alluringly stare each other in the eyes. Tightly, we embrace, never breaking our stare, as our hands smoothly unlatch the other’s bra and let them fall gently to the bed.

Alix jerks me into her again, as if to resume our fierce kisses, instead softly running a hand down the front of my now exposed body. Her index and middle finger lightly pinch my nipple, then canlı poker oyna relocate onto my waist as her head drops and she gives the nub a soft suckling I didn’t know I wanted.

She lays back on the furniture as I follow, and our lips pick up where they left off. Her hands are hidden by my hair as she sensually wraps them behind my neck. I free the two buttons at the top of her shorts, but then, still careful not to scare her off, proceed to touch and rub her crotch through her pants.

I love feelings her curious hands explore my body, even when the pop in for a visit under the waistline of my leather pants.

The visit is unfortunately brief as she fortunately raises her hips and bum a tad so that I can remove her short denims, providing a helpful little push herself. As I throw them off to the side, I take the opportunity as I return to her lips to straddle one of her sexy legs.

I find that my risk is welcomed as Alix and I begin kissing each other deeper and with more excited passion than before. We not-so-gently grind our bodies together, causing a few twigs to snap on the sofa. She cups my cheeks in her palms, and I hum onto her lips as they twist and turn against my own.

Very softly, though with purpose, I guide her head back with a sultry kiss high on her mouth, then seize the chance to kiss her breast a couple times before dragging my tongue up and across her neck, next softly kissing back down her throat. Returning to her lips, they feel very eager to see mine once again, her hands sliding into the rear pockets of my pants, her fingers digging deep into my cheeks as prelude to her rolling us over.

Alix creates a trail of smooches down the center line of my figure, showing particular interest in my belly button and the piercing inside it, before unlocking my bodycon pants and tearing them down my legs and throwing them to the floor like a treacherous peasant!

We moan to each other as our pussies intensely rub whilst we continue snogging as if there’s no tomorrow. She maneuvers her leg so that no longer is she between mine but straddling my left. Alix gives a rather animalistic groan while she rubs her pussy along my leg, dragging her hypersensitive clit up and down my skin.

She then leaves a sweet kiss on my skin, about an inch above my navel, before engaging us in more kissing, which I am more than happy to continue! I drape an arm over her shoulder, clasping the other to keep her close and let her know how much I’m truly enjoying us right now. I don’t think Alix and I care about any sexual norms or guidelines this evening; only that we want one another more than anything right now.

She didn’t bother with fooling around or creating suspense (especially since I’m already turned on way more than I’ve ever been) and lowers the front of panties. Alix places gentle kiss where the waist band was just a few seconds prior, then places several light kisses along my inner thighs. When she sits back on her heels, I sensually raise my hips, my beau pulling them down carefully them dropping them to the ground.

Alix then lays a hand on my breast and draws it down my skin, using both hands to stretch my juicy pussy wide open. Her fingers play in my slit for a moment, leaving me without air, inserting her index almost straight away!

With two fingers from her other hand, she spreads my lips and holds them out of the way as she twists and turns in my sex. I rest my hand where hers was previously on my breast and began to caress myself as her mouth tenderly licks my enlarged clit, our eyes locked. Alix remains so gently dedicated when she licks, nibbles, and teases me. Her extravagantly slow oral pleasing went on for several minutes. Once I was nearing my peak, she slid a second finger inside my eager self as I began undeniably groping myself with one hand. “Oh my god,” I breathily utter, my hand reaching down and finding the back of her head to encourage her technique.

A few minutes of sucking and fingering caused my legs to stiffen, gripping a handful of hair on the back of her head between them as an orgasm erupted inside me!

Whilst the aftermath of my climax subsides, she stands tall on her knees and elegantly pulls of her own undies lightly rubbing and parting her labia as she opens her legs for me.

My hands roam her body, slower than they had when we were just starting, internet casino and lightly kiss down her bare form, relish the smoothness of every bit of her skin. I flick my tongue around in her belly button for several long seconds, listening to her whimper, before moving to the treasure amidst her thighs.

I take in the scent and warmth of her carnal pussy with a deep breath, noticing her juices have already reached the top of her inner thighs. Drawing out the inevitable, solely to see just how horny I can make her, I stroke her legs, spreading her fluids with my fingers, over her smooth skin. “Please fuck my pussy…just please…fuck…,” she whispers in that enchanting French accent of hers.

Taking one last mental picture of the first pussy to ever get me horny and desire that I return the pleasuring, I then lean in and kiss her sweet sex. At the first instant of contact, Alix lustfully moans. I peek my tongue in her and thoroughly enjoy the maiden taste of another young woman; the liquid coating the lining of her hole so salty, sweet, and tart!

My tongue runs frantically up and down her slit, poking into her, tasting her juices as I feel I can never have enough of her flavor! I wrap my arms under and around her legs to give myself better leverage as I eat out her beautiful Parisian pussy. Her hips soon rise against my mouth, but, fortuitously, not in opposition as her sex muscles wrap my tongue in tight as her fluids pour into my mouth! “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” she moans, her nails ripping the seat cushions as she orgasms!

The two of us are alone in this wonderful sexual moment; the rest of the world has vanished around us as her cum fills my mouth and covers my lips. Alix squeals again and a surprise load of her juices flow into my agape mouth. Her flavors and spices folding my taste buds almost drives me out of my mind! I need more; I crave so much more!

I snuggle my face as deep as I can, then a little further, and suck her wet lips harder and harder. Her salty, sweet, delicate, intimate fluids dance on my tongue while I tenderly allow her body to collapse onto the sofa.

Feeling her cum sliding down my chin, I form a simple cup shape with my hand to catch the drips. Very calmly, I lay my head down on her thigh, breathing in the lovely aroma of her essence. After a moment or two she began to run her fingers through my hair at a romantically slow pace.

We lay there wordlessly for a few moments before I quietly ask, “Did that really just happen?” “Mmhmm,” she confirms, still stroking my hair. I look up at her, placing my chin on her leg, then shyly ask, “Is it just me or was that incredible?”. She gazes into my eyes for along moment, then answers, “Pas seulement toi,” (which translates into ‘Not just you’ in English) as she returns to casually running her fingers through my hair. Lowering my head I ask one last question; “Have you been imagining that since you got here like I’ve been?” She quietly clears her throat then admits, “Mostly at night, when I’m alone in my room. Sometimes I’d hear your shower running in the morning and wonder what you looked like naked,”. I can’t help myself and ask one more; “Any disappointments?” She quietly hums a sweet tune as he fingers swim in my hair, then answers, “No, just better,”. With that I tenderly kiss her leg.

Scooping all of scattered clothes from around us, I notice just how dark the night has gotten. I offer her a quiet hand and suggest, “Follow me,”. Alix places her hand in mine and gracefully stands from the sofa.

With the bundle of our clothes in one hand and her hand clasping my other, I open the sliding French doors again and lead us inside. Very casually, I toss our garments down the steps to the basement laundry room, then take us back through the kitchen and up the stairs. As we walk into my bedroom, she releases my hand at the door, unsure of how to proceed. I then lift my comforter and top sheet and get in my bed. Then I notice Alix, still and unmoving a few feet away, and lift the layers again and pat the big empty space beside me, saying, “Are you going to join me?” She steps toward the bed and gently takes they sheet from my hand, keeping it raised as she lays next to me.

She turns to me smiling cheekily, and says, “Turn on your side so I can be your big French spoon,” rather matter-of-factly. I do as instructed and feel her cuddle her naked body up behind mine, her generous breasts compressed against my back, before she drapes an arm over my waist. I reach and softly entangle my fingers with hers and together we drift to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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