Explorers Ch. 07

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I lay on the floor for a couple of minutes and rested. Gord came over and began to unbuckle the straps around my hips and chest. He helped me sit up. Gord wiped some cum off of my face. He licked his fingers then kissed me. “I liked the way you sucked my dick, Gary. I’d like for you to come over to my home one day. I’d like for you to meet my lover and some of our friends.”

“That would be nice, Sir.” Gord and I unbuckled the three straps around each of my legs.

“Please, call me Gord. Maybe we can arrange a date soon. Let me help you to your feet.”

After I got up on my feet, Gord stood behind me. He pressed his hardening cock in between my ass cheeks as he massaged my shoulders. “My lover will love you the instant she lays eyes upon you.”

This sort of surprised me because I thought Gord’s lover would have been a man. I looked around the room. Bubbie and George where still on the futon and they were now engaged in a leisurely 69. Sam was down on all fours on another futon. He groaned and slid across the futon each time Earl bottomed his mushroom headed cock deep in Sam’s ass. Earl grunted each time pushed his considerable length and girth balls deep.

Big George was watching them. He was idly stroking his cock. “Excuse me, Gord.” I walked across the room to where Big George was standing. My thighs were slippery with the cum that was oozing out of my ass. I stopped in front of him and placed my hand under the end of his cock. “May I?”

He grinned as I sank to my knees in front of him. I licked his cockhead and then slowly began to swallow his big brown tool. Big George chuckled as my nose pressed into his pubic hair and my chin pressed against his ball sac, “I’ve never seen anyone eat my cock like this boy does.”

I heard Gord say, “Yes, he seems to be a rather exceptional and able eater.”

My lips were clamped tight around Big George’s cock shaft as I pulled my head back. After feeding all of his cock into my mouth several times, I looked up at him, “Will you fuck me, please?”

George grinned, “Not only exceptional, but polite too. It’d be my pleasure to give you a fuck.”

I got to my feet and walked to another futon. “Gord, let me suck you too.”

“I haven’t cleaned up, Gary. I think I’ll just watch.”

I got down on my hands and knees and Big George kneeled behind me. He ran his cockhead up and down my ass crack. “You’re so full of cum we won’t need any grease.”

He pushed himself against me. “Oh, yes!” I breathed as his big cockhead opened my asshole and his thick cock entered me. Gord was standing at my head. Big George fucked me with long slow strokes. I almost laughed because it felt so good to have his cock bury itself deep inside me.

“Do you feel me getting ready to cum?” I answered by tightening my ass muscle ring around Big George’s cock shaft. He gave me a couple more deep strokes then I was rewarded with a warm feeling deep in my gut. I also felt something warm spattering my back. I looked up to see Gord pumping out his load of cum. I kept my ass clamped tight as Big George’s cock softened and shrank. He rubbed my back, “You fuck as good as you suck, kid.”

I looked around. Earl was standing by Gord. “How would you like another piece of this?” He shook his extraordinary cock at me.”

“That’d be great,” I grinned. “Please help yourself to another piece of my ass.”

Earl grinned back, “Don’t mind if I do. I can’t sleep well if I don’t get rid of all my cum and I know I got at least one more big load in here.” He pressed his big cockhead against my asshole and he slipped right in. He didn’t stop until his big egg sized balls pressed against mine. “You’re the kind of fuckboy I enjoy, slick but tight.” I put my face and shoulders down on the futon. I reached back and squeezed Earl’s big balls against mine each time he completely buried his boner in me.

All of a sudden he jerked his cock out of my ass and dumped a load of cum in the small of my back. I rolled over and Earl dumped the rest of his load on my cock and balls and stomach. After he had wrung himself dry, he got down on his knees and swallowed my hard cock.

I looked around. Gord and Big George were getting dressed. Sam’s face was buried in George’s crotch and Bubbie’s cock was buried is Sam’s ass. Earl stopped blowing me and stood up. “Look at the time. The evening’s gotten away.” He joined Gord and Big George in getting dressed.

I heard Bubbie grunt. He pulled his cock out of Sam’s ass and squirted his cum on his back. George hosed Sam’s face. I got to my feet and walked over to Bubbie, “I’d better leave. I didn’t realize it was so late.”

Bubbie smiled and laughed, “ While you were in the swing, I called your home and told you Mother that you were having a good time and that I thought it would be safer if you didn’t drive home after the party.”

Gord, Earl and Big George told everyone goodnight and went upstairs. George and Sam got cleaned up and dressed. They said their goodnights and Bubbie and I were alone.

“Look poker oyna at you! You look like you had a good time. Let’s get you cleaned up.” I followed Bubbie upstairs to the master bath. He started the shower. “There you are.”

I stepped into the shower and adjusted the spray and the temperature. Bubbie stepped into the shower as I started to lather up. He had a can of shaving cream, a razor and a rubber tub with a thin nozzle on the end. He attached the tube to a small tap on the shower head. “This is my male douche. Turn around and take a bow and I’ll rinse the cum out of your hot ass.”

I turned my back to Bubbie and bent over. He sprayed my butt then inserted the thin nozzle in my ass. Bubbie was standing beside me. I was able to reach over and fondle his cock while he douched my ass. When he was finished I straightened up. He hugged me, “How many hot loads did you receive?”

“Four, I think.” I lathered my hands and began to wash Bubbie’s thick cock. “Let’s see. Sam was first, then Gord, then Earl. That was in the swing. Then Big George fucked me on the futon. And Earl fucked me there too. So it was five loads, not four.”

I stepped back so the spray could rinse the lather off of Bubbie’s cock. I settled down onto my knees in front of him. I looked up at him as I lifted his cock towards my lips, “But why didn’t I get fucked by you.” I closed my lips around his cockhead. I sucked his cock until it was fully erect then I switched to his ball sac.

Bubbie touched my head, “We have plenty of time for that.”

I stood up. We hugged and shared a deep French kiss.

Bubbie picked up the shaving cream. “I want to shave your cock and balls.” He filled his hand with shaving cream and lathered my crotch. My cock got as hard as a rock as he shaved it and my ball sac. After I rinsed off the remaining lather, Bubbie gripped my cock, “I’m going to check and make sure you are smooth and bare.”

He licked my cock up and down and around. My ball sac was inspected the same way. I gasped when Bubbie put my cockhead in his mouth and pushed his lips to the base of my cock shaft. After a couple of minutes of intense sucking, he stood up. “Let’s finish showering and go to bed.”

The bedroom was dimly lit. We took turns sucking each other’s cock until we settled into a very comfortable and satisfying 69. We gently sucked each other until we cum together in each other’s mouths. I didn’t take Bubbie’s cock out of my mouth until I had sucked and swallowed all the cum he could give me.

We shared a cummy goodnight kiss and I fell asleep with Bubbie’s arm around my shoulder. My head was on his shoulder and my hand was holding his cock.

When I awakened, the bedroom was full of sunlight. Bubbie’s side of the bed was empty. I was just getting out of bed when he entered the bedroom He was carrying a tray with two glasses and a carafe of orange juice. “Good morning, Gary. I trust you slept well?”

“Yes, thanks, I did.”

We sat on the edge of the bed and drank the juice. When we finished, Bubbie set the tray with the glasses and carafe on the floor. Bubbie sat down again beside me. He rubbed my thigh. “I want to be taken by you.” He leaned down and began to suck my cock. After he swallowed my cock, he would keep a hard suction as he pulled back. It felt like he was trying to stretch my cock or trying to pull more of it out of my body.

When he was satisfied with my hard-on, he lay back on the bed and pulled his knees up to his chest. “Take me, Lover.”

I could see that Bubbie had pre-lubed his ass. My hard-on was wet with his spit and saliva. I got on my knees by his ass, held one of his legs and guided my cock to his waiting asshole. Bubbie smiled and exhaled “Ahhh” as I entered him and pushed my full length into him in one motion.

I fucked my high school basketball coach with long slow strokes, long fast strokes and both slow and fast short strokes. Between sets of fuck strokes, I’d jack his cock and play with his balls.

Bubbie, in turn, worked my cock over by constantly clinching and loosening his sphincter muscle. All the slipping and sliding and squeezing soon had me popping my nuts and flooding Bubbie’s gut with warm cum. Bubbie wrapped his arms and legs around me and I lay atop him. I kept his ass filled until my cock was soft.

I pushed myself up on my forearms. “Your turn.” I could feel his hard cock pressing against my stomach. I rolled onto my back and pulled my knees to my chest. Bubbie opened a drawer in a bedside stand and picked up a tube of lube. He greased his cock and my ass. Then it was my turn to smile and say “Ahhh.”

He fucked me with a variety of stroke lengths and speeds. I worked my ass muscles to try and give him as much pleasure as he was giving me. Bubbie put my legs over his shoulder. He rolled me up on my shoulders and buried his cock deep within my ass. Once more, I had the pleasant feeling of another man’s cock jerking and twitching in my ass as his cum filled me with a warmth that I can’t describe.

We canlı poker oyna douched, showered and shaved together. We also sucked each other a little. We were nude while we fixed and ate breakfast and cleaned up afterwards. We talked about summer plans while we ate and worked. Finally I got dressed and drove home.

The house was empty when I got home. I went to my room and changed clothes. I was sorting out the Sunday newspaper when Mom and Dad came back from church. They asked me how the party was. I told them that Coach was a good host. Mom wanted to know how many drinks I had taken. I told her that I had taken four. I smiled to myself as I thought about one drink of cum each from Sam, Gord, Earl, and Big George while I was in the swing.

The rest of the day was spent helping Dad with some of the homeowner’s chores. Marcia came home just before dinner. She asked about the party and who was there. I told her that I had a great time and the people who were there were old friends of Coach’s who had been on his teams or had worked with him.

On Monday morning I quickly got ready and drove over to Dan’s office. His office was one of several in a building that looked like it had once been a string of neighborhood shops. Dan’s car was the only one in the parking lot. I parked next to it and went into the office. There was a desk and some office equipment in the room, but no one was there. At the back of the room a door led to a short hallway.


I heard a chair squeak somewhere in the rear of the building. Dan came out of a room off the rear hall. “Oh. Hello, Gary.” He shook my hand. “You’re out bright and early. I’m sorry no one was out front to greet you.”

“That’s o.k. I wanted to get here as early as I could.”

“My partner won’t be here for another forty-five minutes or an hour. We don’t have a receptionist and one of us usually works out here, but I’ve been in my office working on our business records on the computer. Come on back.” Dan turned and I followed him into his office. He partially closed the door. “Have a seat.”

I sat down. Suddenly Dan seemed sort of tense or nervous. “I’ve talked a little with my partner and we may have some part time work for you.”

“Gee. That would be great.”

“But I’d like to talk about something else first.”

“What is it?”

“Do you remember that afternoon where Laura had asked you to come over and help her move furniture and put boxes in the closet?”

“How could I forget it?”

Dan cleared his throat. “When I went down on you, that was the first time in many, many years that I’d given a blowjob or received a blowjob from another man.”

“Uh, yes.”

“I remembered then how enjoyable it had been for me when I gave a guy a blowjob. Did you enjoy it?”

Uh, yes, er, sure, but. . . “

“Damn, I guess I should just say it instead of hemming and hawing all over the place.”

“Say what?”

Dan blurted, “Gary, I want to blow you.”

That startled me, “Uh, when?”


“Right now? Here?”


“What if some, like your partner walks in?”

Dan got up and walked out to the front office. He came back a moment later. “I locked the door. We usually aren’t open this early anyway.” He partially closed the office door again then sat back down at his desk. Come here.”

I got up and walked over to Dan’s desk. He swiveled his office chair. I was wearing a sport shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. He unbuckled the belt and unfastened the fly. Dan open the fly and pushed my underwear down so the waistband was behind, and lifting, my balls. He gazed at my cock a minute then looked up at me, “Laura says your cock is a nice one to suck. And she knows all about suckable cocks.”

He lifted my cock wit two fingers. He licked the cockhead before taking all of my soft cock into his mouth. He used a soda straw suck and my cock quickly became fully erect. Dan would pump his mouth up and down my cock shaft, then he would suck and lick the head for a moment. He took my cock out of his mouth, “Laura is right. Your cock is nice to suck.”

He was just ready to resume sucking me when a car door slammed outside. Dan handed me some tissues. “I guess we’ll have to finish this sometime later.”

I barely got my cock dried and tucked into my underwear and the fly zipped closed and the belt buckled before the outside office door opened. A woman’s voice called, “Dan?”

“I’m in my office, Sandy.” I stuffed the tissue in a pocket and quickly sat down. Dan was seated behind his desk again.

There was a tap on the partially closed door, “Dan?”

“Come on in.” The door opened and a woman who looked to be in her early thirties entered the room. “Gary, I’d like you to meet my partner, Sandy.” Dan remained seated. I stood up. “Sandy, this is Gary. He’s the young man whom I’ve been telling you about.”

Sandy extended her hand, “Hello, Gary. Dan speaks highly of you. He says you may be able to do some work for us.”

“Hello. Yes, I’m internet casino looking for part time work this summer and Dan said you may have something that I could do.” I hoped she hadn’t noticed the bulge in my shorts.

“May I ask why just part time?”

“I’m going to enroll in some classes at the community college and I won’t be able to work full time for a while.”

“Good for you. It’s always good to keep learning. Dan, have you told Gary anything about the job?”

“No.” Sandy pulled over a second chair and I sat back down. “We just assumed management of several rental properties. They are located over town and we want someone who can help us keep an eye on things and do some general maintenance. Shall we go look at some of them?”

Sandy stood. She was wearing a light summer frock. “Let me quickly change.” She smiled at me. “Some of the places are pretty trashy at the moment.” Sandy was back shortly. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse, slacks and running shoes. She was about five feet four or five and from the way her blouse was packed, she looked like she had, to put it crudely, a ‘nice rack’. The way her slacks were stretched across her butt, I suspected she had a very nice ass too.

We drove together over to one of the rental houses. And, yes, it needed some pretty extensive cleanup inside and outside. They asked me if I was still interested in the work and I told them I could start in the morning. When we got back to their office, Sandy and I filled out forms for withholding tax and so on.

I asked about the salary. Sandy looked at me, “Dan told me about your construction job last summer. How does two dollars an hour above your highest rate from last summer sound?”

“Gee, that’s sounds great. I haven’t enrolled in any classes yet so I don’t know if I’ll be able to work mornings or afternoons, but I plan on working four hours a day if that is o.k.”

Sandy smiled at me, “Either would be fine. We’ll work with you on the number of hours. Until you start classes, you can work full time if you wish.”

“Thanks. That’s great. Where do you want me start tomorrow?”

Dan opened a file. “We have one furnished house that we’d like to get rented as soon as possible. It needs interior painting and cleaning. If you could start there tomorrow.”

“Sure. Where is it located?”

Dan handed me a sheet of paper with the address. “Here’s a front door key. We’ve already purchased paint and painting supplies. The paints cans are marked for each room.”

Sandy handed me a cell phone and chargers. “You can carry this. Dan and my cell numbers and the office number are programmed in so you can get in touch with us if you need anything. Now, let’s go look at the truck.”

“The truck?”

Dan laughed, “We don’t expect you to drive your car all over town. He lead the way through the building to the back door. It opened into a small fenced parking area. There was a small pickup with a shell parked next to the building. “Here are the truck keys, a key to the lock on the gate and a key to the back door. You can park your car here when you take the truck out.”

Sandy opened the tailgate. “We’ve put in some tools for maintenance, but I’m sure we’ve missed some. I’ve got to run. I probably won’t see you tomorrow. Good by, Gary. Dan.”

“Good by, Sandy. Thanks for everything.”

Dan put his hand on my shoulder, “I suppose you have some other things to do today?”

“Well, I’ve got a couple of errands to run, but I want to see what all is in the truck first.”

Dan smiled, “I’ve got to meet a client, so I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Dan went back inside. I walked around the truck and looked at it. S & D Property Management and the office telephone number was painted on both doors and across the tail gate. Either Dan was very polite or he wasn’t the senior partner.

I checked out the tools in the pickup bed. There were two tool boxes. One was mostly mechanic and plumber’s tools and the other was power tools and carpenter tools. There were a couple of heavy duty extension cords, a shovel, a rake, a couple of booms, a couple of buckets, and a big roll of trash bags.

I locked truck and went back inside. Dan was in the front office. “Do you have any ladders?”

Dan looked up, “I should have mentioned that we bought a couple of ladders and they were delivered with the paint to the house you’ll be working on tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Dan. I thought I’d better ask. I’d better get going now.” I turned to walk to the front door. I stopped and turned back to look at Dan, “Maybe we can soon finish the conversation we started this morning.”

Dan grinned, “Sure thing, Gary. I’d like that.” He licked his lips then wiped them with the back of his hand.

I ran my errands and got home by lunchtime. I told Mom and Marcia about the job. After lunch Marcia asked me if I could drive her over to a record store. She wanted to pick up a new CD of a favorite rocker. After we got back she went upstairs. I asked Mom if I could take an old boom box to work with me tomorrow. She said sure.

I went to my room. I was sitting on the bed and sorting through some CDs when Marcia knocked on the door. “come in.” She pushed the door open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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