Exploring the Father-in-law Pt. 01

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Jeffrey ran along the path right behind his father-in-law, Richard Grayson, fifty and some on his back and still giving Jeffrey some trouble to follow. The trees lost their leafs in the Autumn wind as they trotted this way and that, in the almost deserted park.

Richard was a bull of a man, standing 6’1. He was a quite charming man, calm in his hugeness, always friendly since Jeff started dating his daughter. And he loved to jog. Jeff started following his example only recently.

We reached a bifurcation on the path and stopped to caught some breath. Richard drained his water bottle. Jeff watched the old man’s throat as it gulped, admiring the thickness. As he watched, a drop of sweat ran down the side.

Richard turned to him, and Jeff pretended to be looking at something else.

“You look a bit flushed, Jeff,” he said. “Wanna rest a little?”

“No, I’m good” Jeffrey said, trying to sound like his lungs weren’t failing him.

Richard laughed respectfully.

“We’re almost over,” Richard said. His father-in-law’s smile died down slowly, as he observed Jeff with a concerning look. “How are you?”

“What?” Jeff didn’t know the meaning of the question.

“Are you okay? My daughter left again.”

“Well, it’s for research purposes,” Jeff said. He hated that he sounded defensive. Lily, his wife, had grown more and more distant in a very short period of time since they married. He didn’t know what to do anymore, but his father-in-law seemed to understand everything. Jeff’s marriage was a downfall, and he smiled and pretended that everything was going to be okay.

“Son, if you need to talk, I’m here. You come to the house today, is that good for you?”

“Don’t wanna be any trouble for you and Claire.” Claire was a housewife in all the sense of the word.

“Nonsense. She loves when you visit,” he paused. “And so do I.”

“Why, thank you, Richard” he said sincerely, cheeks flushed.

Richard shrugged off and looked around, as if he was about to rob a bank or tell a big secret.

“What is it?”

“I have to pee,” he said. Jeff laughed, and Richard followed suit, but then he stuck a hand into his shorts. He flashed his cock for a millisecond, before turning around, walking off the path onto a side tree. It was the first time Jeff saw his father-in-law’s cock. It was so fast, which just made the fact that Jeff held a perfect picture in his mind a bit weird. It had darker tone than his normal skin, no foreskin, a soft-pink head and thickness even when flacid.

As Jeff’s cock was forced to grow hard, he used the excuse of his father-in-law and went to pee on another tree. He finished his urine, but the cock refused to give him break. That’s when he startled. A big hand fell on his shoulders and Richard laughed.

“What the hell are you doing, son?” he said. Jeff’s eyes widened as he tried to shy away from Richard before he saw…

“Oh,” Richard said. Jeff wanted to dig a hole and fucking die in it.

“This is not what you think.”

“What do I think?” he asked, smiling. “Jesus, relax, what is going on in your head?”

Jeff’s mouth hung open, but no words came out. He didn’t know what Richard was thinking, he should’ve just stayed cool.

“I mean, I wasn’t doing anything, it just sort of happened.” He was blushing for sure, but he held his head up and stared at Richard’s smiling eyes.

Richard narrowed his eyes. Jeff’s heart stopped a beat or two, expecting a reprimand, and his belly twisting in itself with shame.

“I knew you and my daughter were going through a rough time,” he said triumphantly, and turned around, laughing.

“Fuck you, Richard.”

By the time they came back to jogging, they seemed on good terms again. However, Jeff noticed in the depths of his paranoid mind that Richard treated him a bit differently. Maybe with more intimacy. They had seen each other’s cock, so maybe they formed a bond. Who knows.

“Damn, son. That’s impressive.”

They were sitting around the dinner table. Claire, Richard’s wife; Richard, and Jeff. Jeff had finished off the big plate Claire poker oyna had set for him and now rested on the back of the chair, relaxed.

“He seemed to have enjoyed,” Claire said to her husband, laughing. She was older than Richard, with blond hair with streaks of silver.

“That he did,” Richard said. “A big appetite, for a big boy.”

“Not as big as you, Richard,” he said, and they exchanged a look. If you asked Jeff what the look meant, he wouldn’t be able to answer. But at the same time, an small streak of energy ran through his whole body, awakening yet again that damned erection. At least Richard couldn’t see it. Jeff watched the longmarriage couple talking about their day, and focused on Richard’s strong jaw as it moved.


He snapped back to his senses.

“What? Sorry, I dozed off.”

“Daydreaming?” Richard asked.

“Nah. Just remembering our jog today,” Jeff said, surprising even himself with his frowardness.

Richard sat upright and then leaned front on the table, interest gleamed in his eyes, and he was smiling. Claire sat by his side, innocently asking what had happened.

“Oh, nothing, Claire. Just went through my mind, is all. Thinking about doing it again tomorrow. What a pain.”

The three of them laughed. Richard didn’t offer any comments, and Jeffrey thought best to stop nagging at things that he could regret very much later. He turned to look at Richard’s again. The older man was already looking at him, and both of them retreated their faces from each other.

“Already leaving, dear?” Claire said. She came over and gave him a hug on the way to the door. “Please, come back tomorrow. I don’t mind at all.”

Jeff faced Richard, who shrugged.

“I told you she didn’t mind.”

Jeff thanked her hostess and left the house with Richard right behind him. He was gonna give him a lift home. They entered the car, Richard driving. He had showered, and also lent some clothes so Jeff could take a shower too. His clothes were bigger, but they still fit. His father-in-law’s smells never left him.

“I really ought to come more often,” Jeff said. “Even if I’m a nuisance. Claire’s food is heavenly.” He had to start a conversation, because if he allowed the silence to spread for too long, he would probably think things he shouldn’t.

“That woman loves to feed people.” Richard smiled. His eyes were on the road. Jeff quickly ran an inspection through his body. He wore a light informal shirt and shorts, and his spread legs made the shorts tight around his crotch, giving his a bump over in the middle.

Jeff was paying too much attention to that detail lately. He sighed.

“What is it?” Richard looked at him.

“Just thinking.”

“About what?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” Jeff said. Richard smiled, and it gave Jeff a little urge to stick his cock down his father-in-law’s throat.

“Oh, come on. Don’t leave me hanging.”

“I’m afraid it’s nothing profound. It’s too indecent for you.” Jeff kept nudging, didn’t he? But Richard’s smile never faded. He had to know what Jeff was doing. He had to.

“I won’t tell anyone. It’s only the two of us…” Richard looked at him, expectantly. Jeff shook his head, while a laugh escaped him. His cock had to be moved, and Richard turned his head quickly and looked down at Jeff. Then he kept driving. Jeff was sure his father-in-law noticed his bulge.

They retreated their conversation to more banal things, which helped Jeff feel more at ease to ask Richard when they arrived at Jeff’s home.

“Wanna come in? Drink a beer with me?” he said. Richard nodded.

“Sure, why not?”

Jeff and Lilly’s home was simple, but not small. It had garden, and the outer walls were painted cream white. Jeff held the door for Richard, and they entered. Jeff turned on the TV and they watched sports as the beers disappeared in their bellies. They were seated in the same couch. Jeff had an arm behind the back of the couch, almost touching Richard’s head. It made Jeff feel a bit possessive of Richard.

“We’re gonna jog again tomorrow?” he asked. canlı poker oyna Richard looked at him, and nodded. “I can’t stop thinking about my little indiscretion today,” he said, laughing timidly.

Richard got the cue.

“Hardly little.”

They both laughed. The TV was on, and Jeff did not pay attention.

“In my defense, I had not peed for a long time and my cock gets hard when it happens.”

“Oh, then it wasn’t because my daughter abandoned you?” he said, his eyes turning quizzically. Jeff shook his head, which made Richard laugh loudly. His father-in-law put a hand in his leg. “Don’t worry, son.” His leg was squeezed, then rubbed. Jeff held his breath, but didn’t move or gave any sign that he noticed. Richard slowly took off his hand.

“Okay, if you wanna know. It does feel a little lonely.” Jeff admitted. “But nothing a hand can’t take care of.”

“Whose hand?” Richard asked, jokingly. He rubbed Jeff’s leg again, and this time Jeff opened them a little. “You’re not cheating on my daughter, are you, Jeff?”

“Not yet,” he said. And smiled at Richard.

“Be careful. I’m her father, I’ll protect her honor.”

The hand in Jeff’s leg moved carefully closer to his crotch. Then was removed as if nothing happened. Jeff sighed, and in a moment of pure thinking with the head below, he caressed Richard’s head. He also didn’t do it for long, but still was significant.

“You know, I’ll be honest, Jeff. Sometimes you just need a little time off with someone else. I won’t judge you, boy.”

“Boy, huh?” Jeff asked, smiling. His hand caressed his father-in-law’s hair again. “And you, old man, do you have someone else besides Claire?”

“I’ve had some over the years,” he admitted. Jeff’s hand was clearly welcome to keep touching his head. Richard rested his head back and moved his hand to touch Jeff’s leg again. This time he didn’t removed, his touch was stronger, and Jeff’s legs were opened by that touch, his shorts tightened. His crotch was slowly chased. But Richard just provoked him a little out of reach from his erection.

“You don’t feel bad? Claire is such a nice woman.”

“A man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do,” Richard said.

Suddenly and without all pretenses, Jeff’s cock was grabbed and squeezed and massaged. He shook a little, and also hardened his caressing on Richard’s head. They didn’t talk for a while, just touching and being touched. Jeff closed his eyes and bit his lips. His father-in-law’s hand worked on him. Then his shorts were removed, and his cock broke free. It was quickly grabbed by the strong hand and jerked. Jeff moaned, opening his legs wide, and allowed his father-in-law to masturbate him. He couldn’t describe the range of emotions he was feeling.

“Moan for me, son,” Richard’s voice reached him. “Let me take care of it for you.”

“Richard…” Jeff only said. He moved his thighs towards the hand. They moved together. Richard made a hole with his hand and let it be fucked by his cock.

“That’s it, boy. Enjoy yourself.”

Right when Jeff started to feel his balls getting tighter, and a build up of pleasure ready to burst, Richard’s phone ringed. He stopped, and Jeff’s cock was left hanging, hard and purple.

“Hello, Claire,” he said, phone on ear. “Oh, I just stopped to drink a beer with him. Say hello, Jeff.”

“Hello” he said, forcing a little breath inside.

“Oh,” Richard said next, and his face was drained from all the animosity of a few seconds before. “I’m coming right away, dear.” Richard turned off and looked at Jeff, who was resting on the couch, still trying to catch his breath.

“She needs me,” he said. Jeff tried to hide his disappointment.

“It’s okay.”

They stared at each other for longs seconds. Then, Richard reached out and touched Jeff’s face, then his cock was handled by his other hand, the head being pressed by a thumb.

“Fuck her,” Richard said. Jeff thanked him, which made him smile. Jeff held on to the arm that was touching his face, and let his cock be ravaged by his father-in-law. Cum started dripping off slowly. Jets and strings came internet casino next, shooting wildly around. Richard turned his face to look. When he looked at Jeff again, he saw that his father-in-law’s face was hit, and the cum slipped to the lips lightly. That image would be stuck in Jeff’s head for a long time.

Jeff was left without breath and completely spent by his father-in-law. He didn’t move for a time, and heard the door closing behind him.

The next day, Jeff was more than ready to jog. He was picked off by Richard. In the car, they didn’t mention the last day. But the tension hung in the air.

It was funny how Jeff didn’t care much anymore that his wife wasn’t home.

Richard led when they started running. As always. Jeff enjoyed the back view of his father-in-law’s ass now, it was fat and made him horny. Besides, once in a while when they stopped, Jeff knew that Richard would pretend to lace his shoes so that his ass would be turned to Jeff. They exchanged smiles, compliments on each other’s bodies and a little touch here and there. But when they got to the exact same bifurcation from the day before, Richard said:

“I need to pee.” He smiled, the son of a bitch. This time, he went deep into the trees, hidden from the path where some people walked and ran. Jeff followed him. Richard was really peeing, so Jeff also took of his cock and peed, but this time, right by his father-in-law’s side. Richard watched attentively, lips wet.

“Enjoying the view?” Jeff asked, laughing. Richard stared at him, hunger in his eyes.

“I can say that my daughter is lucky.”

Jeff ran a hand through his father-in-law’s hair.

“Don’t you feel a bit guilty?”

“All you have to do is not let me suck you.”

Jeff smiled, as Richard knelt in front of him. He pulled the older man’s head, so his cock was swallowed by his warm mouth, engulfed until it reached his throat, which proved that he was accustomed to this. What a dirty old man. Jeff moaned silently, as his balls were suckled, and his legs explored by two strong hands. He was pushed against a tree and let himself enjoy his father-in-law’s mouth.

After many minutes, he pushed Richard away. The man licked his lips, and stared up like a puppy.

“I want more,” he said.

“That’s why you have to stop. If you keep going, I won’t be able to give you more. Hungry bitch.” It was the first time he called Richard that way. He felt weird, but Richard only smiled.

Richard took out his cock and started jerking off, while Jeff watched him. He closed his eyes, enjoying his own hand. It was insane how hot for him Jeff was. He didn’t even admit to himself until now how much he felt attracted to that man.

“Richard, I wanna fuck you. I want to fuck you more than I ever wanted your daughter.”

“Really?” He opened his eyes, and they showed true contentment. Fuck.

“Yes, really. You’re fucking hot, old man.”

He smiled. That mouth called out for Jeff.

“To answer your question,” Richard began. “It’s not my fault my daughter doesn’t know how to appreciate a real man.”

“Come here,” Jeff said. His cock was drowned again into that mouth. He was swallowed by a delicious wetness and warmth. Richard grabbed his ass, and the ass cheeks were squeezed hard. His body was forced to thrust inside his mouth more violently. Richard wanted a bit more electricity.

So Jeff ran both his hands on the old man’s hair and grabbed his head fiercely. Richard opened his mouth wide, and let himself be mouth fucked hard.

“Oh my fucking god,” Jeff said, even as his voice trembled and failed. He looked down and saw the adoration in Richard’s eyes. That man would love to be fucked right here. He was lost in lust.

Jeff didn’t find enough control to stop this time. And he didn’t care that his cock was buried deep into his father-in-law’s throat. So he unloaded. Richard was forced to swallow shot after shot of Jeff’s cum. And he did it without any complaint. His daughter had never swallowed Jeff’s cum. He watched fascinated as his cock was cleaned by the tongue.

Jeff’s cock was sucked dry and then left hanging, limp and tired. Richard sat back on the ground and stared at it with gleaming eyes. He smiled at Jeff.

“That was good, wasn’t it?”

Already, his cock was growing again. Richard saw it and laughed.

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