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Greg and Tony had a lot in common. They shared a dorm at Penn State University where they were both freshman communications majors with baseball scholarships. They both worked out 4 days a week on the off season. Both also happened to be straight as arrows.

Not only were Greg and Tony straight, they both were quite the ladies men. Indeed, the two of them had a reputation of being quite the player, and that’s not referring to the game of baseball. Tony used his smooth tight build, short dark spiked hair and tan Italian skin to pick up cute college coeds practically every weekend, sometimes even on weeknights. Greg, on the other hand, played off his role as a buff curly blond-haired blue-eyed stud to hook up with whichever sexy college girl he fancied.

In fact, Greg and Tony frequently found themselves both awaking in their dorm room wrapped up in a combo of damp bed sheets and sweaty naked girls fifteen minutes before their first class of the day. Naturally, this cut into homework and study time but there were other ways around those things.

Leading the wild parties and wilder sex college life, it could only be a matter of time before it all caught up with them, and that’s where their story began…

**BEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP!!! BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP!!!** Greg awoke with a start to the incessant beeping of his alarm clock. Flipping his bed sheet off his face Greg slapped aimlessly towards the tiny cluttered nightstand beside him, knocking a string of Trojan condoms to the floor in the process. **BEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP!!! BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP!!!**

“Son of a bitch-” he muttered and slowly opened his eyes, blinking a few times. As his vision finally cleared he glanced lazily at the stand, seeing that his intended target was being blocked by a 34-B sized bra on top of it, the breast cup directly over the off button. Sighing, Greg pushed the woman’s undergarment to the side and this time found his mark, turning the alarm off before another round of beeping could invade his eardrums. He looked at the digital time display on the clock: 9:40… class began at 10:00.

Still not entirely in grasp of his senses, Greg found himself confused as to what he felt pressing tightly against his manhood beneath the covers. Tossing the sheets aside, Greg saw for the first time, the form of the voluptuous brunette sharing his bed, and saw that her hand was resting on top of his naked crotch. Reaching down he gently picked the girls arm up by the wrist and moved it so that it no longer draped over his body and onto his crotch. The contact alone, coupled with the image of the slender naked cheerleader sleeping beside him was enough to make Greg’s shaved nether regions stir, and his cock to become semi-erect.

Shaking his head, Greg realized this was not the time for such things. Sitting up and swinging his toned legs off the bed, Greg took a moment to take in a deep breath and run his fingers through his short blond curly locks. He stood up, grabbing a pair of boxer briefs out of an open drawer on the night stand he slipped them on, trying to ignore the sensation of the soft cotton clinging to his growing morning wood. He quickly dressed in gym shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt from a pile of clothes next to the bed and took one last look at Cindy- or was it Carley?- amazed she was still sound asleep in his bed.

Dressed and ready to go, Greg set to his next task. Heading to the other side of the main room of his and Tony’s dorm, Greg stopped at Tony’s bed. Reaching out and placing a hand on the body under the sheets Greg shook vigorously.

“Tony, lets go we gotta be in class in-” Glancing back at the alarm clock across the room, “17 minutes!” A stir began under the covers of the bed and Greg was surprised it might be this easy to wake Tony up today. Usually it took a little more than a gentle shaking to get the more stubborn and carefree Tony out of bed for class. As the covers were pushed aside Greg found himself looking down at a cute, though confused, Asian girl who immediately pulled the covers back up over her bare small but perky breasts.

“Oh… sorry.” Greg apologized smiling sheepishly. The girl tried to smile back through the akward moment, and then began shaking the sleeping Tony next to her, in an attempt to aid Greg in getting the lazy Italian out of bed.

Fifteen minutes later and Tony was similarly dressed and heading out of the pair’s dorm room with two minutes to leave the dorm building, and walk up the hill to class. Halfway there something seemed to hit Greg like a ton of bricks.

“Holy shit Tony! We’ve got a test today!” Greg began to panic. Dr. Selser, their psychology teacher, was known for being an extreme dick-head with impossible tests for anyone who didn’t meticulously study days, if not weeks, in advance. Greg and Tony were too “busy” to get any studying done at all. “That’s it man! We’re dead! We’re gonna bomb Selser’s test!”

Tony didn’t seem worried, in fact he rarely did. For as many similarities as the two freshman baseball poker oyna players had, some aspects of their personalities were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. For as much partying as Greg took part in, he was still concerned with doing well in school and keeping his grades up. On top of that, he had a tendency to spend a great deal of time worrying about not letting himself, the coach, and his family down. Tony, on the other hand was a slacker who had a tendency to look for the easy way out of things. And because he always seemed to find these ways out, Tony was able to stay calm and relaxed, as long as he was able to remain passing school, he could stay on the team, appease his parents, and keep on living the good life.

“Test? Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Relax buddy.” Tony assured his roommate. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out two tiny slips of paper, handing one to Greg. Greg looked down, seeing a bunch of numbers and letters written very minutely on the small slip.

“Jesus man! What’s this?”

“What do you mean, what is this? It’s the answers to the test.” Tony replied calmly. “I got them from my connection.” Tony was always talking about his connections.

“You want me to cheat! No fucking way man! If Selser caught us that’d be the end of everything! We’d fail the class, get kicked off the team, lose our scholarships, and-“

“Woah Woah!” Tony cut Greg off. “First of all, lower your voice bud. And second, we aren’t gonna get caught by that pansy ass fag!” Tony was right about one thing, Dr. Selser was gayer than a rainbow. “Greggy, buddy, theres like what? 70 people in that lecture hall and one gay guy sitting all the way in the front at his table? We sit in the middle with this baby in our lap, he’ll never suspect a thing!”

“I dunno man-” Greg whined.

“Well it’s either that or, how’d you put it, bomb the test?” Tony insisted.

“I guess maybe your right…”

“Of course I am buddy!” Tony said with a firm pat on the broad shoulder of his slightly taller roommate.

An hour and forty-five minutes later Greg was able to let out a sigh or relief as Dr. Selser announced that time was up and ordered everyone to put their tests on the table on their way out. Greg stood and caught a bright beaming smile from Tony on his way to the end of the row of seats and down the steps to the front of the class.

Outside the room and on their way to the lobby of the building Greg was receiving another firm slap on the shoulder.

“What’d I say buddy? Piece of cake! Now lets go get some lunch!”

* * * * *

One week of living the crazy college life later and Greg and Tony were back in class for another one of Dr. Selser’s exciting psychology lectures. Greg worked vigorously to take as many notes as possible while Tony worked vigorously to try and stay awake. Finally, the class session came to a close and Dr. Selser made an announcement in his authoritative yet effeminate voice-

“Now everyone I have your tests up here on the table in three piles alphabetically ordered. A-J, K-Q, and R-Z. Pick yours up on the way out. DO NOT take anyone else’s test for them, I don’t care if your friends or lovers or what! I can take role by seeing who doesn’t pick up a test!”

Halfway through the closing announcement the mass of students were already to their feet and filing down to the table holding the tests. Tony and Greg got to the table together and found their tests nearly at the same time. Not bothering to look on the last page for their grade in the middle of the chaos of students around them, they both stepped out into the hall and flipped to the last page of their test booklet.

“Two wrong! How the Hell-” Tony started… then stopped. “What the Hell?”

“Oh shit…” Greg murmured as he saw that he too had missed two questions, and then saw the note in red ink written under it.

“See me in my office immediately after class.” The notice read. Greg gulped and looked up to see Tony looking at him, an unfavorable expression on his face.

“Let me guess, see him in his office right now?” Tony asked rhetorically but before Greg could voice any objections he continued. “Relax! The fag can’t prove a thing. Come on lets get this over with.”

Tony and Greg waited a few more moments for the throng of students to die down before taking a few steps down the hall to an office door that stood open. Dr. Selser was already inside talking to a gorgeous blonde student. Of course, Dr. Selser was paying no attention to the ample cleavage the girl had sticking out of her tight pink spaghetti strap top. The girl was trying to argue over a marked wrong question on the test.

“I’m sorry, but I can not accept that answer! Had you have studied closely you would have known that B is the only thesis Freud stands by.” The professor insisted.

The girl rolled her eyes “Fine, fine!” Turning and heading towards the door she noticed Greg and Tony standing waiting to come in and her face lit up with a seductive canlı poker oyna smile towards Tony. “Hi, Tony! I had a great time last weekend!” She said with a wink as she began walking past the boys, quickly placing a hand on Tony’s chest to catch a feel of his hard pecs.

“Oh so did I Megan!” Tony replied. She took her hand off her chest and frowned deeply.

“It’s Melody you pig!” she declared as she stormed off. Greg shook his head at Tony, who shrugged.

“Boys! Boys! Come in!” Dr. Selser said from in the office behind his desk. Turning their attention back to the situation at hand the two boys stepped into the office. “Greg and Tony right?” Both nodded. “Good. Please close the door on your way in.” Greg shut the office door as he and Tony stepped inside. Dr. Selser motioned to two seats on the opposite side of his desk. “Have a seat boys.”

Greg and Tony sunk into the two seats offered to them and Dr. Selser went right to the point. “I’m going to cut right to the chase boys. I know that the two of you cheated.” He stated matter-of-factly. Greg flinched as his jaw dropped slightly. Tony reacted completely differently, and calmly replied, as if shocked by the words.

“Cheated? What are you talking about Dr. Selser. I don’t cheat! And neither does my roommate here.”

Dr. Selser looked unconvinced. “Very nice try Anthony… But I have more than enough proof for the Dean to support any actions I feel I should take.” Tony began to try and protest again, But Dr. Selser cut him off. “Before you say anything else I’ll just explain… Both of you answered E for both question 12 and 23.”

Completely shocked and terrified, Greg couldn’t even look up at the professor, and instead just looked at his answer booklet, first at numbers 12 and 23. Both were marked E.

“The problem boys, comes with the fact that had you even looked at the test carefully while you cheated, you would have seen that there is no letter E for questions 12 and 23.” He continued.

“Bu-” Tony started.

“But, I know! The answer key you had clearly said the answer to those two questions was E. However, a week ago, I found that one of the copies of the answer key to my exam was missing. To guard against two lowly cheaters such as yourselves, I simply took two questions in which the answer was E, eliminated E as a possibility and changed the answer to a different letter. Now do you possibly think you’ll be able to pursuade the Dean, or anyone for that matter that neither of you cheated given the fact that you have the exact same questions wrong, when the answer you gave wasn’t even a possibilty, but it WAS a possibility in an earlier version of my exam? Do you?”

Both Tony and Greg remained speechless.

“That’s what I thought. You know my policy about cheating. It results in immediate failure from my course… and the two of you have pissed me off so severely, I could even take this up with the Dean and have you expelled from Penn State University!” Dr. Selser vehemently exclaimed.

Tony sat staring in shock, as Greg began to feel a twisting queasiness in his gut. A sick smile formed on Dr. Selsers lips. “However, there is one way I can overlook this entire event.” Selser continued slyly.

Greg and Tony looked up relieved but confused at their professor, they allowed him to continue, as he didn’t seem finished. “You are two very attractive young men, as I’m sure both of you know. Quite the ladies men I presume? Both what, Eighteen or Nineteen years old?” Neither freshman had yet celebrated their nineteenth birthday.

Greg continued to be confused, however he was starting to understand what the professor might be hinting towards given his sick smile, and he didn’t like it.

“What are you getting at Selser?” Tony asked.

“Both of you play baseball too, isn’t that right? And I’m sure you keep nice and fit on these off seasons.” Selser began looking excited.

“Woah… wait a minute! You sick old homo! I’m not sucking your dick or anything!” Tony exclaimed starting to stand up.

“Wait a minute young man! That is not the solution I am proposing, an idea like that is much too risky! Besides, I am happily involved with my life partner. But you see… We like to watch certain movies to help keep our sex life interesting…” The professor continued to explain.

Greg couldn’t even believe what he was hearing, Tony was a bit more vocal. “Hey that’s way more than I needed to know, but thanks for sharing Doc.”

“I don’t think you are quite understanding. The only way I am going to overlook this incident is if the two of you do an extra-credit project. All you have to do is make a nice video between the two of you for me and my boyfriend to enjoy in the privacy of our home. No one but he and I will ever see this video of course… and this is the last time you will hear me speak of it. That way you’ll have no chance to catch me and blackmail me. After you leave this office, we act like this conversation never happened, internet casino and I give you the weekend to go get a camera and make me a video. You slip it in the mailbox outside this office and you keep your A’s on the exam and don’t get expelled from the University.” Finally Dr. Selser seemed finished explaining.

“Your fucking nuts! You think me and Greg are going to make you some video? What… you want us to set up a hidden camera while we screw some college chicks for you and your boyfriends sick pleasure?” Tony couldn’t believe it. Greg sat with his jaw practically in his lap

“No no no Anthony! My boyfriend and I are not interested in seeing you have your way with young college ladies… we’re interested in seeing the two of you hot, built athletes having your way with each other.” Dr. Selser clarified.

“WHAT!?! Hey asshole! We’re straight! Straight as a friggin’ ruler! You want us to get a camera and video tape ourselves fucking each other like a couple of faggots?” Tony asked disgustedly.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want! And I want it to be believable, and I want you two to act as if you like it.”

Tony stood up from the chair. “No fucking way! Forget it you sick fuck!” Greg, however, had sat by and listened in shock long enough, he reached up and grabbed Tony by the arm.

“Now hold on Tony… we’ve got no other choice.” He said, has if he couldn’t even believe what he himself was saying. Dr. Selser just smiled.

“What, you’re actually thinking about this Greg? What the fuck!” Tony ripped his arm away from Greg and stormed out of the office. Greg looked at Selser, who just sat back in his desk smiling.

“We- we’ll have the tape…. by…. by Monday.” Greg said, struggling to get the words out himself.

“Very good boy… very good.”

Without another word Greg stood up and stumbled out of the office, shutting the door behind him. He found Tony standing in the hallway with his hands brought up to his head in utter frustration.

“Can you believe that asshole!!” Tony shouted. Greg stepped closer and put his finger to his mouth.

“Shhhh… keep it down man.” He whispered.

“Why? We should be screaming this for everyone to hear, we should be going straight to the Dean right now with this!” Tony exclaimed.

Greg remained calm and quiet. “You heard what he said, we don’t have any proof of what he said, and he’s going to act like the conversation never happened. We go to the Dean, Selser will just tell him about us cheating, and then say we made up that story to try and get out of this. Whose the Dean gonna believe? A professor whose probably been here twenty years… or two freshman kids here on a baseball scholarship?” Greg reasoned.

“… Well the alternative is just fucking ridiculous Greg! What,” Tony lowered his voice before continuing, “me and you make a gay porn video together? Yeah right.” Greg stood silently, without the look of ‘this is impossible’ on his face. “I can’t believe it… your actually considering it? What are you turning gay?”

“No… absolutely not. But Tony, I’m not getting expelled from this school. I’m not losing my scholarship and going home to my family. My life will be ruined. Your life will be ruined… we make this video, no one knows but me, you, Selser and his boyfriend. If we get expelled for cheating, the coach knows, the team knows, our families know.”

Tony began to look as though his resolve were cracking. “You may have a point… lets just get out of this fucking hallway and back to our room to talk about this shit!” He turned and headed for the lobby of the building, Greg followed, thinking about how swiftly the wild and crazy college life just got even wilder and crazier, and how much he didn’t like it.

* * * * *

thirty-two hours later, Greg and Tony sat at stools in the small kitchenette of their dorm room alone for the first time on a Saturday since college started that fall. A high-quality video camera, a blank tape, a hardcore pornographic magazine, and a bottle of lube sat on the counter in front of them. Greg let out a long worried sigh.

“I can’t fucking believe we’re going through with this.” Tony exclaimed, nervously running his hand through his spiked hair.

“So what’d you tell your ‘connections’ you needed their video camera for?” Greg asked, trying desperately to lighten the mood.

“I just said an extra credit project… wasn’t really lying huh?” Tony said smirking and trying to make light of the situation. Greg tried to smile back, but ended up just letting out another worried sigh.

“Okay… now we’ve worked out the basics of what we’re gonna tape. One of us will walk in on the other ‘enjoying’ the porn magazine and want to join, then one thing will lead to another-” Greg began explaining.

Tony cut him off “Yeah yeah! We don’t need to go over that again, it’ll be hard enough doing it!”

“Yeah okay, but what we didn’t decide is who is going to take what part. One of us is going to have to… ehrm, well… perform the umm oral-“

“Yeah, one of us will have to give the other a blow job… and?” Tony asked impatiently.

“And then, the other person is going to have to receive… the… well anal…”

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