Filling Holes at the Carnival

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This is my second try at writing a full short story. The story is based on my fantasies and on me, a trans gay guy in his 40s, 5’7, 150 lbs, short dark/graying hair. Muscular, hairy, but trimmed around the crotch. Five years of hormones has given me a 2 inch clit always hungry for a blowjob.

* * *

He woke up from his afternoon nap with a hungry ass. With that pulsating craving, the absolute need to be filled, to be stretched, to be hooked upon someone’s rock hard member. Toby let his hand run along his smooth chest and slightly hairy belly, reaching down for his junk. Wetness, hardness. He decided to not jerk off to instead build towards a hopefully later release.

He got out of bed and hit the shower, feeling the warm water caress his toned body. He was of average height, late 30s, and a strong body he was very pleased with. Many years on hormones combined with working out had accomplished a firm, muscular body and Toby was particularly satisfied with his muscled legs and hard butt. That, and the substantial growth of his clit, now well over two inches. His hand reached down again, stroking his hardening clit a few times while the other hand reached back toward the puckering, yearning asshole. He covered his finger in the flowing pussy juices and let a finger push inside, thinking about dicks, cocks, cum, jizz, all the hot stuff he wanted to feel deep in his ass. It took quite some determination to not cum right then and there, but Toby let his hands go back to soaping his body, rubbing a bit longer in the sensitive spots, moving on to rinsing and let the shower head run for a long while on his glans. He finally rinsed himself and all the juices from his pussy and got out of the shower. As he looked down he could see his dick clit standing erect, so ready for more.

Toby walked over to the nightstand in his room and reached down into his drawer with grown up toys. Among them was a clit pump and he wanted poker oyna to get even bigger. He lubed his clit and then slid it inside the container, pumping it slowly. He started to get dressed, putting on a jockstrap and gym shorts while every now and then pumping a bit more. He put on a tank top and headed for the kitchen and a quick snack. He had an idea of how to get what he needed. He went to take a dump, wash up, grabbed his tube of lube, squirting a big glob into his asshole and rubbing it around it. He pumped his dick clit a few strokes more, it was now swollen, hard and almost three inches long. He disconnected the tube, leaving the container on and headed for the door.

It had been a sunny, warm day and the town was buzzing with people. There was a big carnival going on this weekend, and the streets were crowded all day and most of the night. Toby enjoyed the setting sun warming his skin, adding to his feeling of arousal. He walked the short distance to the city center, the core of the festivities. The closer he got, the more crowded it got. As he moved towards the main stage he had to squeeze past people both left and right, brushing against other people’s sun warmed skin. He was aiming a little further, where he figured it would be even less space, so he kept moving forward. When he came to a spot where he could not move in any direction without getting rude about it, he stopped and settled in against the bodies around him. He adjusted the pump container discreetly so it would not poke someone unintentionally. Then he waited. It wasn’t long until the stage came alive with music and performances, and the sun had fallen behind the mountains, letting dusk come in its place.

Toby stole quick glances around him, but could not see anyone that caught his interest. He watched the entertainment on stage, swaying as one with the crowd, his shoulder to another shoulder on both sides, in front of him a slightly shorter guy canlı poker oyna pressed against his front and behind him another body pressed against his back.

Toby pushed his ass toward the guy behind him ever so slightly. Nothing. He tried a small wiggle with his hips. And he felt a bulge press carefully against him in reply. Toby moved more purposefully, moving his ass up and down against the bulge. Then he felt a hand tug at his shorts and he squeezed slightly forward to make room for the man’s hand pulling down the shorts enough for access. Toby felt the man’s hard member poking his asshole. Toby was shivering with anticipation and his hole was pulsating with eagerness. He pressed against the glans and opened up, and the man shoved his dick into Toby’s ass with one hard thrust. Toby almost screamed from relief and pleasure and the feeling of being filled again. His ass was so empty without dick. The man’s dick was large and Toby felt a pang of pain as his asshole was stretched to its fullest.

The man pressed hard against Toby, moving in and out of his lubed ass. Toby was no stranger for raw fucks, but today he had wanted that gliding, smooth feeling only a well lubed assfuck can give. And man, was that smooth. The stranger’s cock moved in and out like a piston, plunging into Toby’s tight hole. Toby pushed his bubble butt against the man, giving him all access. The man slowed the pace to make sure he pushed as deep as he could. Toby gasped, losing his breath as the big dick plowed into him. The man harshly ordered Toby to squeeze the dick with his sphincter. Toby squeezed all he could, wanting to make it as pleasurable as possible for the stranger’s dick.

The guy in front of Toby had noticed something was going on behind him, and he felt Toby’s pump container push against his ass when Toby lost his focus on it. Now Toby realized that the guy in front of him was grinding his ass on Toby’s crotch. Toby smiled to internet casino himself, well, why not? He spat in his hand and managed to reach down to his dick clit container, rubbing the saliva on it. With his other hand he removed the fabric between his dick clit and the guy’s ass. The guy pressed against Toby. Toby used the force of the next push from the man behind him to press his dick clit into the asshole in front of him. The guy paused all motion for a second until Toby’s dick clit and container were all inside, then he pressed back against Toby again, urging him to fuck him.

The man behind Toby increased his speed. Toby had never felt more alive, never hornier. A stranger’s rock hard cock was pumping in and out of his tight asshole and Toby’s pumped dick clit was fucking another stranger’s ass at the same time, in the same rhythm. Toby could feel the man behind him building towards shooting his cum deep in his ass and Toby himself felt his orgasm come closer with every thrust, both in his own ass and in his thrusts in the ass in front of him.

On stage the music was loud and hard. It was almost dark now. Toby’s ass was rammed over and over, hard and deep. Toby’s pumped dick clit moved in and out of an asshole for the first time. He could not think one coherent thought; he was a fuckmachine, a hole for strangers, a dick for strangers. The man behind him growled into Toby’s ear that he was shooting his load deep in his ass. It sent Toby over the edge and he roared as he came as hard as he ever had. The guy in front caught up and Toby could feel the body spasm as the guy released his cum.

Toby could feel the dick in his ass pump a huge load and then growing still. He felt the big dick in his ass pull out and Toby immediately felt a feeling of loss, emptiness. He closed his asshole fast, to at least keep all that cum for as long as possible. He peeked behind him to catch a glimpse of the stranger, but all he could see was the back of him moving away in the crowd. He turned back forward to find the guy in front had also left. The music was still loud and hard. Toby settled in against the new bodies around him. The night had only begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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