Finally Meeting Ch. 02

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The stranger was rubbing my ass. I could feel his hand clench tight when he grabbed a handful of my ass. I was completely naked in some random bathroom being fed my daddy’s cock while a stranger neither one of us knew physically groped me and pawed at me like I was a piece of meat.

“Fuck, where’d you find this kid?” The stranger asked.

“Would you believe I found him on the internet?”

“Get the fuck outta here..”

“I’m serious! I found him on an online cam site one evening and struck up a conversation. Ever since then I’ve been seducing him and he finally decided to come out here,” you replied with a chuckle.

“Man, you hit the jackpot if this is the first time you two are meeting and you’ve got the little bitch on his knees…”

You looked down at me, winked, and agreed with him. You ran your fingers through my hair as I slowly tasted the length of your shaft. Neither one of us could believe what was going on, and while we weren’t going to admit it, the mystery man was the highlight of the entire meeting. Well, so far, anyway…

“Now, you do know that if someone walks in here, you gotta be quiet, right?” You remind the man,

“Oh, of course! I wouldn’t want to share hand-space on this kid with some random pervert in the bathroom, haha!” He laughed as he gave my ass a good slap.

I flinched a bit and looked up at you, wondering how I should respond. You poker oyna cracked a smile and patted my face softly,

“Hey, you wanna see what it’s like to have this kid touch you back…?”

“Fuckin’ hell, would I?!”

“Haha, I’ll take that as a yes, then!”

You motion for me to put my hand under the stall. You tell the man he can move my hand wherever he wants for the next little while. I was so scared and nervous, and all my fears were affirmed as I felt the man waste little time and move my hand over his throbbing member. I could feel the warmth of his shaft in my grip. He formed his strong hand around mine and worked his rigid cock with my hand.

“Oooohhh.. fuck yeah… good boy. Just like that. Take it by yourself from here…” I heard him moan, as he relaxed his hand, letting it fall away.

I could feel the cold tiles were leaving their prints on my knees as my ass was being squeezed by him. I ran my hand diligently along his shaft as I sucked yours quietly. It didn’t take long for my hand to become slick… I knew why, I wasn’t stupid. I didn’t really sign up for the stranger part but this was your show, not mine.

So where did giving in to my horny desires, get me? On the dirty floor or an airport bathroom with my body exposed and being forced to suck one cock and rub another. This was the first time I had ever been with a man, and I was loving it! But I had canlı poker oyna no say in what was going on. Why was this my fantasy – to be completely out of control? I was completely helpless and solely at the mercy of your level of horniness.

A level, which, was only being accelerated by the fact that I was being perfectly obedient to everything you were telling me to do. The quiet bathroom was tainted by the involuntary slurping and sucking sounds I made while on the floor, your lengthy cock poking and prodding the inside of my mouth. You continued to groan as my soft lips worked their way up and down your shaft. The man next door matched each groan as my delicate hands diligently and obediently rubbed his thick, stuff cock. I could still feel his dirty hands all over my ass. He fearlessly explored my naked body, and why should he do otherwise? He had my daddy’s permission for crying out loud, he had the keys to my castle!

As I continued to service the both of you, I almost shrieked in surprise as I felt his hand caress my scrotum! He was feeling more of me than I had expected!! I didn’t know what to do, I looked up at you and began moving my head down, spreading my legs so you could see. You simply laughed it off, giving me a wink that lacked sympathy. You didn’t care what he was doing as long as he wasn’t hurting me, made clear by your encouragement to him, “So how they feel? I noticed internet casino he’s a furry little thing!”

The man replied “Oh like a dream, man… this bitch has some hangers on him, but I notice every time he works his little hands up near my tip they scrunch up a bit… I think he’s turned on by this whole thing!”

“You’re telling me? He spread his whore legs when you were feeling him up. I think he just wanted to show me what was going on, hahaha”, you laughed.

I had never been so humiliated yet so turned on by it in my entire life, I didn’t know what to do! It was truly a conflicting experience. I did what any good boy would do for his daddy – I just kept my lips sealed around your cock while I rubbed the stranger. I shouldn’t have been as surprised when he began smacking my ass, it was the only logical progression. His hands traveled so far over my body I didn’t know what was private anymore… was anything? Or was it all just publicly available? Did I have nothing personal anymore, or was it all free to use? I guess so…

The man leaned down, I knew because I could hear him a little closer when he whispered to us,

“So will you all be fuckin’?” He probed.

“Haha, I already got up inside this little thing…”

“Fuck, seriously? MAN you two move quick!”

“Haha, yeah, seriously… that’s what we were doing when you first walked in!” You admitted.

“Are you FUCKING kidding me? GOD that’s so hot,” the man started, “…I’d pay to see that shit, haha”

There was a long pause. You broke the silence,

“…how much would you be willing to pay to see us fuck?”

To be continued…

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