First Discovery Ch. 04

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Our whole little group is splashing and playing in the water and were having some fun till, I wanted to prank Nikki. I threw some dead kelp at her and got out the water as quickly as possible. I’ve never seen anyone chase after me as quickly as her; not even in soccer.

With her chasing me all around the beach, the others are cheering her on,

“Come on Nikki! Get her!” Jazz cheered.

“Come on, catch her ass, some one needs too!” Tasha yelled.

“Go Taty! Pretend that you’re running in a soccer game!” Christi, the only one who cheered for me, yelled.

“Go, go, go, go, go!” Shaun yelled.

Dear god, this is WORSE than running in a soccer game. Right on my tail, I take a sharp u-turn running back down the other way. With Tasha, Shaun, Jazz, and Christi coming back into view, I felt a bit saved.

I slowed down or Nikki sped up, either way I went down. As soon as my body touched that hot sand and Nikki mounted my back, I was starting to feel hot again; and Tasha and them started to cheer.

“It looks like I’ve caught my pray.” She whispered into my ear.

“Not for long,” I said as I skillfully turned Nikki on her back and I topped her and held her hands above her head. I heard them cheer.

“Look who’s on top.” I grinned.

“Okay, can I at least get a a kiss.” She pouted.

I looked up, to see all of them still staring at us. Then all of a sudden, I find my self being topped by Nikki, holding my hands over my head.

“I’m always in control.” She smiled. “Baby, you owe me for throwing the kelp.”

“I’m not gonna do anything.” I stared into her eyes.

“Oh really?” She asked with her eyes still locked on mine. The next thing I know, she’s untying my shorts and slides them down my legs and twirls them in her fingers. Her head comes to mine, my head comes up to meet hers. Just a few inches between our lips, she releases my hands and jumped up and ran.

After I realize what’s going on, I run after her. As I chase after her she twirls my shorts around in her hand and our friends are cheering for us again. I feel like I’m gonna pass out so then I yelled, “Fine, you win!” I panted. “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to be my slave for tonight.”

“What do you mean by that?” I questioned.

“Whatever I want, you serve me.”

“Where? In or out of the tent?” I was still gasping for air.

“Out and especially in.” She grinned.

“Okay master!” I got on my knees and bowed at her. I got back on my feet and looked at the water to see everyone walking out towards us.

“What’d you get her to do?” Questioned Christi.

“She’s gonna do what ever I want for the rest of the day.” She gave a smug smile.

“Ooh, sounds like slave to me.” Tasha chuckled.

“Shut up.” I looked at Tasha. What looked poker oyna like a lightbulb went off in her head; Shaun quickly walked over to Nikki, and whispered something in her ear. The next thing that came out of Nikki’s mouth was, “Why don’t you cook that steak and corn about now, I’m pretty hungry.” She pouted.

I couldn’t say no cause of 3 reasons:

1, I was her slave for the day

2, I’m also pretty hungry too and

3, I couldn’t wait to get her in the tent.

“Fine,” I effortlessly said.

“Thank you, chica.” She winked at me.

“So I guess we should walk up now?” Jazz rubbed her hand together.

“If you want your steak seasoned, then yeah.” I walked up the beach lazily.


Everyone walked to the showers but Nikki and I, which we made an excuse about having to get the stuff ready.. As soon as Nikki and I enter our tent and zip it up, we were all over each other in flash.

Our tongues was tangled together, her hand went straight down into my bikini bottoms and mine went into her bikini top to touch her already hardening nipple. The feel of her touch was so good it sent waves of electricity through my body. I was breathing heavily and my knees weakened, so I fell back on our sleeping bags and moaned softly to the soft touch of her hand. I was getting close to my release and started to hump her hand.

Then all of a sudden she stopped and said, “As my slave, I want you to feed me.”

Me, being sexually frustrated, rolled from under her and went to my bags to get the food stuff. But she stopped me and pulled me back down under her.

“Not like that.” She whispered and moved down to my bikini bottoms and slowly pulled it down my legs. Slowly revealing my glistering wet trimmed pussy. “It looks like my dessert is nice and ready.” She ran her hand up and down the length of my silt.

She then stuck one finger slowly into my awaiting and crooked her finger up rubbing my g-spot with every slow stroke.

Just by the touch of her hand before was just to much for me to handle, but now she was making me go crazy.

“Slave, beg for how much you want it.” She said with her eyes looking up at me with her mouth a few inches away from my dripping pussy and her hot breath on it. “How much you want you cum right now. And how your Master is the one to make you cum all over my face.” She entered another finger into me.

I moaned louder into the sex-filled air. Her words were getting almost over the edge. “Please,” I whimpered.

“Please what?”

“Please, make me cum Master.” I said breathless.

“Who’s your master?” Nikki added one more finger in my drenched, stretched hole.

“You are.” I moaned.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” She teased.

“Yes!” I moaned louder.

“Want me to lick canlı poker oyna your pussy?”

“Yes!” I yelled.

Her head dove down and headed exactly to my throbbing clit. Her mouth sucked, her teeth tugged, and her tongue wrestled with it; while her three fingers was fucking my hole fast at the same time.

“OH FUCK!!” Was the last thing I screamed before my whole body tensed up and exploded all on her hand.

About 3 minutes after the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had, I was still tensed up. Nikki finally pulled her cum-covered finger out of my snatch and sucked them dry. Then with her tongue, licked my pussy clean. She pulled my bikini bottom up my legs to cover my prize and moved up to be face to face with me. She kissed me long and hard, so I could taste my own juices in her mouth.

She pulled back at looked me in the eyes and smiled. “You like?” She asked.

“Mmmhmm…… But, I bet your pussy would taste even sweeter.” I grinned. I moved my head closer to her before we were interrupted by our mob of friends walking from the showers.

We both groaned and laid on our backs. This was getting very irritating hiding our relationship from them. God, it feels like I’m sleeping with a married woman.

“I don’t want to do this anymore!” I whined and lifted my hand over my eyes.

“Then let’s not do it.” She suggested.

“But how? There gonna bug me about us and my new way of living.”

“Never mind about them, do what you want to do. Your going to have to face them sooner or later.”

I turned my head to look at her and smiled. “You are such a smart person and I love it.” I lean towards her gave her a peck on the cheek.

“But how are we gonna come out to them?” I asked.

She chuckled, “God it sounds like you’re coming out to your parents.”

“Oh shut up.” I playfully hit her.

“Don’t worry I’ll think of something.” She stared into my dark eyes. “But until then, slave, I am hungry feed me some dinner.”

“I thought that you already ate and weren’t hungry anymore.” I grinned.

“Oh no, that was just dessert.” Nikki grinned back.

“Okay, I’m going to feed you now.” I sighed. I slowly got up on my knees and stretched.

“And Taty?” Nikki she asked.


“Don’t worry about anything, we can do this.” She smiled.

I smiled back.


After I cooked the food and we ate dinner, we all sat stomachs full and chilled at the table.

“Mu god Taty, are trying to throw me off my diet?” Complained Shane.

“What diet? You’re skinny as hell!”

I yelled at her.

“Well your right at that.” She pointed out.

“So what do you guys wanna do now?” Tasha asked, sipping her beer.

“Oooh, let’s play truth or dare!” Christi said excitedly.

“Yeah, internet casino lets do it!” Jazz agreed.

Me and Nikki sat next to each other, but at this point out legs and foot was rubbing against eachother; playing footsie.

“Okay I’m in.” I said.

“Me too!” Nikki pitched in.

“Make me last.” Tasha added.

“Okay, umm. Nikki, truth or dare?”

Christi asked.

She looked at me before answering, “Truth.”

“When was your first time with a girl and who was it?”

“Umm,” She thought aloud. “Okay I was a junior highschool and I was still in the closet then. But, there was this girl in my computer music class who always used to flirt with me, Valentina Crotby. She wasn’t a lesbo like me but she was a huge tease. Anyway, we were partners for a project so she came over to my house when my parents weren’t home. It was innocent till she decided that it was smart of her to take my lucky keychain; and that was my first time with a girl.” Nikki said.

“Maybe I should take your shorts away from you.” I whispered in her ear.

She placed her lips near my ear and whispered, ” I dare you to.”

“Sounds like a challenge.” I said aloud.

“What challenge?” Tasha asked.

“Just a dare for someone, no biggy.” I shrugged off.

“Okay Nikki, your turn.” Tasha announced.

“Um, Shaun Truth or dare?” Nikki asked.

“Truth.” Shaun replied.

“How many girls have you slept with?” After those words left her mouth, it wasn’t for another 5 minutes that Shaun hasn’t said anything. She was counting in her head and using her fingers. Oh boy.

“About…… 60 to 70 girls in the last 2 years.” She finally answered.

All of our jaws dropped, especially Nikki’s. We all knew that she got around and stuff, but not this much.

“Holy shit!” Jazz yelled.

“Damn!!” Christi added.

“Okay slut, it’s your turn.” Tasha still surprised said.

Shaun gave Tasha a mocking laugh and said, “Taty, truth or dare?”

I’m not ready for a dare yet so I said, “Truth.”

“Have you ever made out or had sex with a girl and when?” She asked.

I, stunned by the question, looked at Nikki to see if I should answer with them. She gave me a gentle smile and nudged me on.

“Umm, yes.” I started out.

“To which one?” Tasha asked.


They all gasped, “Who and when!?” Jazz yelled.

“It actually wasn’t that long ago and you should know her pretty well.” I clued in.

“Was it Janidy?!” Shaun asked. Lindsey is soccer friend of mine.

“No.” I answered.

“Azanae?” Christi asked. Another soccer friend of mine.

“Wha- no!”

“Amber?” Jazz asked. She is the bartender at the bar we go to.

“Oh my god, are you guys that clueless?” I yelled at them.

Before I knew it, I felt a warm hands cup my face and turn my head. It was Nikki’s. She stared into my eyes with her dark mysterious eyes and smiled. We leaned into each other and was lip locked infront of my now newly surprised friends.

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