First , Only Time

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Roger Hudson and I grew up in the same neighborhood. We had experimented on each other when we were school kids, but that was a time when we didn’t know anything about anything. He was five years older than me. When he became high school age, he hung around his friends and I hung around mine. The difference was he got into the drug scene and I didn’t. He failed out of the two colleges his parents sent him to and he finally found his niche as a short-order cook. Me, I went into the army right after high school and it was almost seven years since I saw him

I got out of the army and attended the local state college. I lived at home for the first two years. My mom tried giving me the rules, but I never listened to the part about no girls in my room with the door closed. I was a big boy now, and besides, I paid her some rent.

One of the things we used to do in the summertime was have a fire in our barbecue pit. The neighborhood kids would come over and we would burn hotdogs and marshmallows and talk. Well, I started doing that again, but hardly anyone came over as all my neighborhood friends were already through college and had moved away. I didn’t care, I did it pretty much out of nostalgia.

One night Roger came over. I knew he had been drinking and smoking, as his eyes were glazed and he smelled of weed, but he was harmless enough. We talked about what we were doing and where I’d been. Somehow he got on the subject of homosexuals in the army. I said something to the effect that I didn’t care what anybody did, as long as they keep their private lives private. He kept badgering me about cocksuckers in foxholes and I said, “Hey, don’t knock it till you’re tried it.” I tried to make it sound humorous. He then said that I probably was some guys secret fantasy, on account of how well built I was and what such a tight ass I had. He said that if he was that way, he’s bend me over and do me on the cement. I looked at him and I saw that he was serious. He then realized what he said and laughed. He got unsteadily to his feet and walked off into the night.

The next day I sat outside for a long time, listening to the birds and the cars. What Roger said had struck something. I knew I wasn’t what I considered a homosexual. I always thought about women and trying to screw them and drinking beer, but sometimes I had thoughts of men and of being entered and giving head. Maybe all men have these latent fantasies, I didn’t know. I would always push them away and think of other things.

Before I knew it I was walking over to where Roger was living with his mom and dad. A surprised Roger opened the door and let me in. We made small talk, but I knew that he remembered what he said last night. I took a deep breath then flat out asked him if what he said was true, that he would bend me over. Visibly shocked hi nodded his head. I then told him I would come over tomorrow afternoon and we would see if he was poker oyna all talk or not. I knew he would be home from work and that he would be alone- his mom and dad were gone on vacation.

The next day I showed up at his door dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. I had a bag over my shoulder. I rang the door bell and Roger opened the door.

We didn’t say a word. He looked at me for a second, then turned and walked down the stairs to the basement. I closed the door and followed him. At the basement landing I turned and walked through their laundry area and into the adjacent room that the Hudsons used as a family room. I’d been here hundreds of times as a kid. It was always somewhat gloomy, with the shades pulled and all, but it was a good place to watch TV. And it served out purpose well.

Roger had already been getting into the mood. The smell of marijuana permeated the air and there were a few beer cans next to his chair. I was very certain that the marijuana was laced with something, but not sure what. Roger liked to do that.

Roger sat in his chair and looked at me. “Are you sure-“

“Don’t say anything, Roger,” I said. “Lean the chair back.” He obediently pushed the chair back almost all the way until he was almost horizontal. I walked over and knelt in between his legs. “Relax,” I told him.

I began rubbing his bare belly, very lightly. I felt the hairs on his belly and slowly made my way toward his crotch. I saw the bulge begin to swell there as I used both hands to grab the elastic of his shorts and pull. I stood a little to pull the shorts completely off his body. As I did, his hard on stood almost straight up, bent slightly toward my left. I knelt down again and looked at him. Roger took another drag from his joint.

He was about 7 inches long, thick, with veins along the top of his dick. His helmet was turned a bit of a darker color. Around the base of his dick was a mass of curly pubic hair. I reached out and touched his shaft, stroking it lightly with my fingers. He let out a soft moan. I then grabbed his shaft with my left hand and bent over it. I opened my mouth and then hesitated a second. Here I go, I thought. Slowly, surely, I put my mouth around the tip of his dick and pushed slowly down. When I had his head in my mouth I used my tongue to gently massage the underside of his helmet, tasting him. I tasted the salt of his precum as well as the taste of skim. I could also feel his pulse as his heart beat and blood flowed through his dick.

Roger let out another soft moan. “Yes,” he whispered. I continued. Moving my head in a circular motion I took more of him into my mouth. When I reached the end, the point where I would choke if I went further, I stopped. My nose was into his pubic hairs and I could smell him, smell him manness, his odor. I then backed off, withdrawing almost to the point of coming off his dick, then I went back down. He moaned canlı poker oyna again, louder this time. For the first time I realized that I was hard as well. My hard on was bursting against my shorts.

I began going up and down, in and out, paying special attention to his head. I knew from my own experience that that was where men were most sensitive. I would use my tongue to lick around his entire girth, then lick up his shaft to his little eye and tease the tip of my tongue between his opening.

I went down further, again smelling him, but this time I grabbed his balls. I started massaging them gently, rolling them between my fingers. As I did so Roger began to move his hips, thrusting into my mouth. Up and down I went, using my tongue. I felt him begin to swell and I knew what was going to come next.

Our agreement was that Roger was supposed to tell me when he’s about to cum.

“I’m ready, I’m almost-” I sealed my mouth just below his head as I felt the first jet launch into my mouth. Roger moaned something incoherent as his hips bucked and his hot jism exploded against my throat.

The taste was wonderful! Salty, full of life, hot- I took it. I sucked as hard as I could and swallowed when I thought I would be too full. I then began taking him in again, coating his shaft with my saliva and his cum as he still pumped his life juice down my throat. Damn, this was good!

He stopped spurting finally and I took his entire length into my mouth. He began to soften and his breathing slowed. I continued to make circles with my mouth until he was finally limp. Then I gently pressed my lips together and like a squeegee pressed his residual cum out of his dick.

I sat back on my ass and looked at him. He still didn’t look at me. He just lit another joint and smoked it. I don’t know how long I sat there. He smoked the whole thing, then he laid there. I watched as his dick became hard again.

Without waiting for a command, I stood and took off my shorts and shirt. I turned and walked over to my bag and withdrew a tube of KY jelly and a towel. I then walked over to his weight bench and laid the towel on the bench. Next, I squeezed a large amount of the jelly onto the towel, put the tube on the ground, and straddled the bench. Then I leaned forward onto the towel so that the jelly was around the area where my dick was. I heard Roger come up behind me a little unsteady. He picked up the KY and out some on his finger. The he knelt down between my already spread legs and began to gently massage my anus.

“Relax,” he said. I guess my nervousness made me tight. I did as instructed as he finger fucked me, using one, then two and three fingers to stretch out my asshole for the voluntary violation to come. It felt so good, my breath became quicker and I started thrusting my hips back against his fingers. He massaged my anus, making circles with his fingers, then he withdrew. I heard internet casino the sound of the KY jelly being squeezed out, then I felt a generous quantity being rubbed against my glory hole.

I tensed slightly as I felt his head against my virginity, then I willed myself to relax again. He grabbed my wait with both hands as he leaned over me and I felt him push. Slowly, his helmet began to enter me. Damn it hurts! I grabbed the cross piece where the weights are stored. I spread my legs as wide as I could to make it easier, but it still hurt! I almost told him to stop, but then his helmet made it through into my rectum. He stopped just inside as he got a better grip on my waist. The he pushed his hips forward and I felt every inch slide into my well-lubed ass until I felt his pubic hairs against my anus.

He waited there, leaning over me, as my asshole was stretched and I adjusted to his girth. He then slowly withdrew, then thrust in again. Slowly the pain subsided and he began rhythmically thrusting, in and out, out and in. My whole body was pushed forward and pulled back as I felt him bury himself into me then withdraw, then do it again. My thoughts became slightly incoherent as I enjoyed this more and more and more. My dick, rock hard, was rubbed with the KY jelly I put against the soft towel, further stimulating me. I began meeting him thrust for thrust. If he was making any sound, I don’t know, as I was making enough noise for both of us. Again, I felt him begin to swell, but I couldn’t wait. I grabbed the cross pieces as hard as I could as I blew my load into the towel. Roger’s thrusting into my spasming sphincter made the orgasm more intense and I screamed out. I guess it was too much for him as he punched into me and groaned. Suddenly I felt my bowels bathed in his hot jets of cum. He withdrew, then thrust back again. At his deepest penetration I felt him spurt again, and again, and again. I could almost hear him spurt. I could certainly feel it. He thrust in one last time, but didn’t withdraw. He stayed there, in me, as his cock fluttered and emptied itself into me. I felt his seed inside me, still warm, and I felt it begin to leak out as his cock lost its stiffness. He then straightened and withdrew his prick. It made a slight slurping sound as he pulled it out. I just laid there, catching my breath as he grabbed his shorts and wiped himself off. I then heard him leave the room.

I finally found the strength the push off the weight bench and stand. My asshole began to hurt and I reached around to feel it. I still had a large whole there, leaking cum down onto my leg. I saw a wash rag lying close by and I grabbed it and stuffed it into the crack of my ass. I then grabbed another towel and wiped my own jism and KY jelly off my lower belly and thighs. I retrieved my shorts and shirt and put them on, fastened my shoes and walked back upstairs. Roger was nowhere to be seen. I shrugged, turned and walked out the door.

Roger and I never talked about what we did. In fact, I’ve only seen him twice since. One thing I did wonder, though- I forgot to pick up the KY jelly. I wonder if his mom or dad ever found it?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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