First Time For Everything

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She had been my friend for years. We had watched each other grow up. We took baths together, compared breasts and traded clothes. She was my best friend.

We were so close, that she asked me to do something for her she was scared to let her boyfriend do.

Fuck her in the ass for the first time.

We were 18, and she really wanted to please him. I obliged…very willingly. We went to the local sex shop, and together picked out a variety of toys…2 butt plugs, and small vibrator and a medium sized dildo. I had yet to touch her, but lord did I want to. We set up a date…the next weekend. We were getting a hotel room. I wanted everything to be special for our first time. Packing for the trip was easy….I brought along several silk scarves, 2 tubes of k-y, a black gstring and heels and some candles…not much else was needed.

I picker her up Friday night. She was a little bundle of nerves, but my pussy was already dripping in anticipation of seeing that tight asshole spread open for me.

We checked in the hotel, and once in our room, she went to take a bath. I decided to get the scene ready. I lit the candles, put the toys near the bed, along with the scarves and lube. I slipped out of my clothes and into my gstring. My pussy was cleanly shaven, and the black satin framed it to perfection. I slipped into my heels, and took a look in the mirror. The black set off my porcelain skin to perfection, while the heels just made my well toned ass and legs look even better. I tweaked my nipples in anticipation.

She stepped out of the tub soon after, wearing nothing but a towel. Her blond hair was wet and stringy, like I had seen it a hundred times before. But now…it was so sexy. She eyed my little set up and outfit with surprise, then with a smile. She came to me, and put her arms around me.

“Thank you…” she said, looking into my eyes. I stepped towards her, and we kissed. Our soft lips pushed together endlessly, tongues that would soon be licking pussy tangled. She was so good…her lips like sweet berries ready to burst. The hold on her towel began to loosen, and I pulled it away from her. our breasts pressed together…her b cups and my D’s. We made a beautiful couple. Our nipples rubbed against one another, making us both gasp and giggle.

This was going to be one hell of a night….

I kissed my way down her neck to her tits. I feel on my knees before her, and took one tawny nipple into my mouth. Her back arched and her breathing picked up. I tugged on that turgid peak until she was panting, then moved to the other. Her tits were sensitive beyond belief. She moaned as I licked over the sides, lapping at her nipples with the flat of my tongue. I switched back and forth between breasts until she pulled me up to me feet and winked at me….

“Lets go lay down.” So we made our way to the bed, holding on to each other for balance. She fell on top of me, ravishing my tits this time. Her delicate hands massaged my mounds and pulled illegal bahis at one nipple while her lips caresses the other. The girl was heaven. Her hands began to stray down my waist, playing with the sides of my gstring. My pussy was a river already. I let my hands trail down her back to her tight little ass cheeks. I kneaded them as she kissed her way down my tummy. She picked her head up as she slid my panties down. I couldn’t breath. My pussy was craving her touch. I rolled her over, and whispered a lewd suggestion…she giggled and obliged. We sat facing each other, and slowly spread our legs, separating our pussy lips at the same time. There it was…her beautiful tight cunt. Her lips were clean shaven. Her slit was delicate and small, her clit a tiny bead waiting to be tugged on and licked. And her minuscule asshole…my treasure for tonight.

I spread my twat open for her to see…a sweet pink and already very very wet. I saw her eyes grow wide as she eyed my cunt. We stared at each others holes for a long time. I could smell her pussy…she was all sex and innocence. The juices shone off her lips. I couldn’t help myself. I put my hands on her knees to keep her from moving, and knelt down. My tongue dashed out to graze her puffy pussy lips. I used my tongue tentatively at first, using just the tip to trace the delicate outline of those precious pussy lips. I licked up one side of her pussy and down the other, letting her dewy slit get even hotter for me. I teased her, licking her cunt but never really eating it.

She sat suspended in ecstasy, when she finally let out a long, low moan. Then I dove in face first into that sweet piece of snatch. I pushed her knees back to her chest, and spread her legs wide. My tongue slid right in between those plump and slippery pussy lips to her waiting hole and fucked it hard. I grabbed her hands and brought them down to hold herself open so I could use my hands on her too. I rubbed my face in her and was rewarded with a loud squeal of delight. As I slurped up her juices, I dipped one finger into her tight hole and slipped it down to her ass. Her cheeks were spread, and her tiny rosebud was vulnerable. I rubbed the wet digit up and down her ass crack, getting her used to the feeling of someone being back there. She rode my face hard and wriggled back against my hand as I sucked her little clit between my lips. Her juices were running down her legs as she came, her fingers tangling in my hair.

As she came, I began to massage her tiny asshole. Getting it damp with her own pussy juice, I didn’t try to penetrate it…just made it relaxed enough to fuck it later with my arsenal of toys. She had came, but I didn’t stop. I began to lick her from ass crack to clit…long hard strokes that covered her entire sex, with my tongue dipping into her cunt and coming just short of her asshole. I lapped at her and she never even had a chance to recover. She began to get worked up again. Her hips were riding high, and she wanted to be fucked bad. illegal bahis siteleri But not yet…

I slipped my tongue lower the next time I lapped at her, this time touching her pink ass hole. She froze when I let my tongue wander around her butt crack and lap at her hole. Some people may of stopped. But I didn’t. I had a job to do…take her anal virginity and I was going to do it. Instead of licking back up to her pussy, I slipped a few fingers into her pussy and removed my face. She was flushed and sweaty…eyes wild and sexy. I asked her if she liked me licking her asshole. She got even redder and then whispered yes. I asked if her slutty asshole needed to be licked again…a coy smile came over her face and she said yes again.

That invitation was all I needed. I commanded her to turn over and get down on her hands and knees so her ass was in the air. When the position was assumed, I told where to spread her ass apart so I could see how bad she wanted me to lick it. She spread wide, the sticky lips of her cunt slowly parting. I rubbed my palm across her ass, landing a small smack on it. She was gushing, her clit angry for more attention. I pulled her little clitty out with my fingers, working it rough and making her cum again. Still, she held her asshole open for me. She was whining, her slutty little sex all juice and almost ready to be fucked.

I told her to stay in the position, and not move. I got off the bed and went to where the toys and scarves were. I got two…one to blindfold her, and the other to tie her hands. I also brought with me lube, two butt plugs and a dildo. She was ready to move on. I sat back on the bed and placed the blindfold over her eyes. She gasped in delight and giggled when I tied her hands. I whispered in her ear…you still want a tongue on that slutty little virgin asshole? She moaned a yes, and I went to work. I licked her hole like my last meal, relaxing the tight channel. When she tried to lift her hips to get more, I knew she could move on. I put a small dollop of lube on my thumb and placed it against her hole. “I am going to thumb fuck your ass now baby…”

Slowly my thumb pushed in past the initial resistance. She gasped and clenched up, not knowing weather to love it or hate it. My thumb was soon embedded in her tiny hole, and she sighed with joy as I began to bounce my finger in and out of her ass. Her pussy was gushing, so I took advantage of that and grabbed the dildo. I placed it at the entrance of her pussy slit, and slowly pushed….I want you filled up all the way….I tell her. Her reply is a long, lusty moan. I enter her slowly with it until all nine inches of latex cock are in her tight little cunt. I leave it there, and go back to her asshole.

I relube two fingers and place them at her puckered entrance and slowly push, watching with great fascination as her hole spreads for my fingers. Her ass dilates sluggishly, but she seems to enjoy every last second of it. I slowly fuck her asshole, her hips canlı bahis siteleri writhing with my hand every second of the ride. She soon starts to come, her ass clamping around the digits and her cum oozing out from around the dildo in her pussy. I let my fingers stay inactive so she can hump her tight little ass against them.

She comes…and I know it is time for the last step. I remove my fingers, and grab the butt plugs. I have two…one small and one medium. I decide that since she loved my fingers so much…she would LOVE the bigger plug. I walk around to her face, which is sweaty and beet red. I place the plug against her lips and tell her to open wide…she is about to get it from all angles.. She open wide, and I slip the plug in her mouth. She joyfully accepts, sucking it as a baby would. I grease the larger plug up, positioning myself back behind her spread ass.

“OOOOhhhhh…look at this slutty hole…I am gonna fuck it now….You want me to fuck your ass with my big butt plug you little slut?” Her only answer to that is a desperate moan and an audible quaking of her body. I place the bulbous end of the plug against her eager, pouting ass and roll it around her hole…letting her get used to it. The rounded head massages her puckerd anus, teasing her hole and giving it a taste of what is to come. The big plastic plug is about 5 inches long and 2 1/2 inches around…the shiny black looks incredibly lewd and startlingly sexy rubbing all over her greasy asshole.

I slowly start to push it in…a tiny bit at a time. I am having to much fun watching her pink starfish expand over the plug. I slip more in….almost half way in and about to the biggest part. Her tiny butthole is dilating over the plug. I reach under her and rub her clit. It is hard as a rock and she cums when I play with it, allowing me to set the plug all the way in her ass. I did it…I am ready to fuck her ass. I tell her so….”My little slut ready for her first ass fucking?”

She moans, her voice muffled by the bigger plug between her lips. I slip my face under her legs and latch onto her clit with my mouth. I take the base of the plug and pull it all out of her ass. I roll it and slowly slip it back in. I fuck her slowly with it, stopping when her pussy tightens. I use my other hand to work the dildo in her cunt. Her juices are erupting for her slit, and I began to fuck her ass harder. She is bouncing on my face, rubbing her sweet heat on my mouth….then she explodes.

The plug falls from her mouth, and she sits down on my mouth, gluing her clit to my greedy lips. I suck it all through her orgasm, never letting go and fucking away at her holes with my toys. I don’t stop after she comes either. I keep going. She is tied up and stuffed full and I don’t stop fucking her. I keep licking her pussy and fucking her harder and harder until she collapses. I slip the toy out of her pussy, but leave the butt plug embedded. I want her to know her asshole will always be mine. I lay her on her back and wash her face and brush her sweaty hair back. I get back to her pussy as she drifts off. I suck up her juices and fuck her with my tongue until I fall asleep…her hands in my hair and my hand on the plug that sat in her anus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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