Fitting Room Fantasy

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Big Tits

A truly cliché porn lesbian type of scene, but I think it’s light hearted and fun. Not to mention that I have these very thoughts when trying on clothes sometimes!

I walk into the department store, needing some new slacks for work. I browse the aisles and I see you, looking at some blouses, and I stare for a bit, admiring your body and sexiness You’re wearing a nice summer dress, when the light hits it just right I can see the silhouette of your legs and dirty thoughts begin in my mind when I realize you know I’m staring. I avert my gaze suddenly but you caught me, no doubt. I glance back at you and you’re smiling at me, so maybe it’s my lucky day?

You move a little closer my way, acting like you’re looking at bras. I take some slacks off the rack and brush past you, my breasts rubbing against your back a little as I slip by. I half whisper as I pass “I think you’d look lovely in that.” and I see you smile and look at the bra in your hands and smile at me again. I ask the clerk if I can get a fitting room and she leads me to the back and just as I start around the corner I glance back at you and throw caution completely to the wind and blow you a kiss!

I get in my fitting room and instantly get my own slacks off and begin rubbing my pussy through my panties then I hear the clerk leading someone else back and I pray it’s you. I look under the door and recognize the cute little sandals as yours when the clerk puts you in the room next to mine!

I listen as the clerk walks back to the front. I wonder if I should muster up the nerve to knock on your door or to just masturbate in my room, knowing you’re getting naked just feet from me.

Next thing I know, I see your feet back at my door after the clerk walks out…my pussy gets wetter and my heart stops and you knock! I open the door, standing in my bra and panties and I manage poker oyna a seductive smile, “Yes?”

You are wearing the bra you were holding and ask me if I really think it looks good and should you buy it? I notice your nipples are hard in your new bra. “You look stunning, you should get it for sure. Um, Do me a favor? ” I work up the nerve, ohh if I’m wrong. Could this be happening? Do I dare?

“Um, could you help me with the clasp on this? (Tugging at my bra) It is being such a pain right?” I laugh , trying to play it off like just friendly banter, just in case I’m wrong.

You step in and close the door behind you (My legs quake a bit when you do!) and I turn around so you can undo my bra.

The touch of your fingers against my back as you grab the clasp makes me instantly wetter. OMG, I can’t believe I’m doing this!The bra comes loose and quickly turn around as my bra falls to the floor. “Thanks soo much, oops” as I let the bra fall through my hands ” (God, that wasn’t transparent!)

Your eyes go straight to my pink nipples standing at attention. “You really are very sexy in those panties.” I say of your cute boy shorts.

My heart is POUNDING with excitement. I’m soo wet, I wonder if it’s showing.

Your eyes are on my breasts when I reach up and run my finger along your new bra and ask “Do you like the way this feels? The bra I mean!”

We lock eyes and we can both see we want each other. You step closer and cup my boob and lower your mouth to it. Yes, goddamn it fuck that is hot as you work from nipple to nipple.

I try not to moan too loudly and get us caught! MMM soo nice, such a talented tongue you have. Clearly you know what you are doing. I reach down and slip my finger inside your panties and OMG you are so wet. Mmm damn I look into your pretty face as I slip my finger in you and lift it back to my canlı poker oyna lips and lick you off it MMM.

You drop down in front me looking up with those beautiful eyes and I can’t believe this is really happening.

You pull my panties down as you descend and push your face to me, your tongue pushing into my pussy mmm fuck, that feels so good!

Goddamn, to look down and see your pretty face staring back up at me is too exciting. I feel your breath on my pussy and your fingers in my pubic hair. I reach out and grab the hooks on the wall for support, my knees shaking as your tongue slips into me.

I reach down with one hand and caress your pretty black hair, oh god. I tremble as you work me over. You lick your way back up, stopping and giving my breasts some attention on the way (oh fuck yes, mmm fuck nibble that nipple) and you kiss me. My scent and taste on your lips and my head is spinning. I put my arms around you, cup your ass as our tongues wrestling together.

I back you up to the wall and sit you on the bench after peeling your panties off.

I sit you down and you put your heals on the edge of the bench. Such a nice view I have as you are opening to me.

I get down on my hands and knees in front of you and I don’t wait for permission, I drive my face into your hot pussy. Mmmmm sucking that clit and licking those lips, such pleasure.

I work on your pussy and love hearing you stifle your moans and squeals. I look up and smile at you and you grab my chin and pull me up and kiss me, our tastes swirling together on our tongues. I slip a finger in your and you reach down and return the favor.

You slide down off the bench and we kneel next to each other, each on one knee. I slip a 2nd finger in you and you do the same to me as we match each other’s actions. I thumb your clit and you return the favor internet casino as we look each other in the eyes and we bring each other closer and closer to another orgasm. I’m sure if there is anyone else in the fitting rooms they can hear us, but I don’t care at this point. I lean my head into you as I get closer to coming. I bite your shoulder. Mmmmmm fuck fuck fuck fuck the wave builds in me and it is all I can manage not to scream!

You whisper in my ear “You’re making me commmmme.” God this is too hot, our fingers working in synch with each other with your breast rubbing against my arm and the sound of our wet pussies in my ears. OMG no way we’re not getting caught!

You drop down to the floor and in one quick motion pull me on top of you in a 69 and in one quick move suddenly your tongue replaces your fingers.

Fucking god, I’m going to jail and I don’t care!

MM I suck on your clit, very hard! Concentrated pulsing sucks on your button, Mmmm I want you to gush for me.

Your fingers in me and your sweet mouth on my clit! I have to focus on your clit or I’m going to yell soo loud,

We both start to come in muffled squeals and moans and you soak my face. I know I’m soaking you, mmmmfuck! Sooo good!

We lay there , our bodies convulsing slower and slower. You pull your fingers from me and gently kiss my asshole and pussy lips. I pat and rub your sweet pussy, our breathing and heart rates finally starting to slow when I hear a voice and jump up to the bench and start looking for some clothes to cover up with!

“So, Jessica, It looks like you and Busty here had a good time! I’m glad I locked the door when I did and put up the out to lunch sign.” The hot Latina amazon says as my panic turns to confusion to anger to excitement.

You lay on the floor laughing. “Hi, I’m Jessica and this is Rosario, pleased to meet you” as you raise your hand up to me.

And here I thought I had seduced you! LOL

I shake your hand and smile at you and Rosario and ask “What are you two doing later tonight?”

“You I hope” Rosario says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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