Fudgie Ch. 01

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Cindy glanced at me across the truck. “Are you having fun now, Charlotte? You seem a lot better.”

I looked at her, and she grinned at me. I realized she was right. I’d been getting into a deeper funk since the guys started drinking at the diner, and then the whole time we’d been bowling.

Actually, I’d been stewing at Jay all week. We’d rented this place in the woods from Cindy and Don. So we could talk about our marriage, I thought. Instead he’d been fishing with Don every day and then trying to seduce me in the nights. No talking, just trying to kiss me, sweet talk me into bed. As if everything was all right and we didn’t have any issues.

After bowling, we herded the guys into the back of Cindy’s truck and in less than a mile they were asleep. It was a lot better without them being stupid. Although Cindy and I had only met last week, and she was really private, she was easy to be with. I could feel the dreary feelings melting away.

“You’re right, Cindy. I hated that whole bowling scene. I’m looking forward to being back at the house. Between Jay trying to feel me up there in the alley and your husband Don egging him on, I was just getting more and more pissed off.”

She slapped the steering wheel and guffawed loudly. “Husband? That jerk?” She laughed again. “Nah, he’s my brother. I got rid of the husband.”

I was laughing too. “Sorry, I just assumed. You must think I’m really stupid, but we haven’t really talked. And, well, you listed the house together. We emailed both of you when we were renting it from you. We sent the check to Cindy and Don March, and you live together, and you do wear a wedding band, so….”

“So, naturally, I’m married to the jerk. I wonder why your husband never figured it out. Jay’s been fishing with Don for four days, you’d think he’d know, but he was still pumping him for what our sex life was like even this afternoon.”

“I figured it was nonexistent, pretty much like ours. You only have to see your face when you’re with him to realize you’re not interested.”

“You got that right. He lives in the basement, with his hunting and fishing stuff, beer, and porn.”

“God, he sounds just like my husband.” I hesitated. “What happened to yours?”

She grimaced. “He was this real charmer. I met him when he was in the middle of a horrible divorce. Had this cute little girl. Laura. She asked me to be her mommy. First and only time I ever fell for anybody. Laura, that is, not Jerko. Then, when he moved in, he started drinking and screaming at me. I got my out my daddy’s shotgun the one and only time he tried to lay hands on me. He left and never came back, especially after I told him the sheriff might be interested in his meth lab. The divorce was final 6 months later, and I got custody of Laura. I kept the ring to keep the creeps away.”

“Sounds like you got the best possible deal out of a bad situation. And nobody since then? I can’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend, so pretty and all.” She was pretty. She had short dark hair, a winning smile, beautiful eyes, graceful strong hands. I’d loved watching her moving about, her skirts in a whirl.

“No.” She was silent for a long time, driving. Then quietly, she added, “Besides, I’m only interested in women these days.” She glanced at me before looking back at the road. “That all right with you?” She paused. “I’m not trying to put the make on you.”

“I know.” Guiltily, I glanced at her. In fact, I’d been trying not to stare at her body since we’d gotten there. Been watching her bowling. Watching her watching me. I’d never been with a woman, although I’d been fantasizing about women for years. Chatting with women online for over a year. Flirting online. I’d never told Jay. Never told anybody.

“Although, now that I think about it,” I said, “you already have a girlfriend, right? That cute Asian woman who came by today? She kind of looked like she was undressing me with her eyes when she said she was looking for you.”

She was slapping the wheel again with laughter. “May? Nah, poker oyna she’s a fudgie. She came by for a massage.”


“You know, a tourist. Fishing widow, like you. Her fiance is out on the lake all day too. The fudgies take over all the fudge shops and antique stores all day while their guys are out on the lake. I’m guessing May’s thinking about whether she’d like to seduce the massage girl but hasn’t ever been with a girl. She’s had three massages this week. I might have to let her.”

“Let her? You mean, like, let her seduce you?”

She glanced at me and nodded with a grin. “She’s cute, don’t you think? Gymnast’s body, muscular and flexible. Mischievous smile. And she’s gotta sow her wild oats before she marries her fishing boy in the fall.”

I swallowed. “How often do you do that?” I asked, as nonchalantly as my pounding heart would allow.

“What, you mean sleep with a fudgie?” She hesitated. “Maybe a one or two times a summer. It kind of gets old, having to get used to a new girl so often. I haven’t had a real girlfriend in maybe nine or ten years. Just sex, no connection. It’s just the winters get so lonely, nobody but me and my fingers and a few cybersex friends. And the occasional girl/girl video.” She glanced at me again, and I blushed in the dark, looked away.

“Girl/girl video?” Would I never stop blushing?

“Yeah. You know, porn, but without any boys.”

It was my turn to hesitate. “I, uh, watched a couple of those online, but they’re not very sexy.”

Now she was looking at me hard for a few seconds, then back at the road. “You did? What for?”

I had to force myself to breathe. “I guess to see if it was interesting,” I said slowly. Suddenly the words were tumbling out. “They all seem to be made by guys. I mean, what real women have sex in high heels and stockings and a ton of makeup, making sure that their crotches are visible to someone who’s not in the bed with them? Oh, and they’re always shaved!”

She was laughing raucously again. “You’re right about that! I have some better ones, if you want to borrow them.”

I glanced in the back. Jay and Don were fast asleep, Don’s head lying in Jay’s lap. I looked at her for a few seconds. “Maybe I would.”

“Sure. Any time.”

I hesitated “Or …”

“Or?” She was grinning again. “Or would you like to come watch one with me?”

I nodded, slowly.


I swallowed. “Is that all right?”

“Hey, sure. No extra charge. And I’m still not trying to put the make on you.”

Softly: “I know.”

The rest of the ride home was in silence, except for my voice echoing in my mind, “What are you thinking of, Charlotte?”


“All right, boys, time for bed.” Cindy was shaking them out of their torpor. “Huh?” was Jay’s lucid response. Don was looking around stupidly.

“I said, wake up, get out of the truck, go inside to bed.”

“Yeah, all right,” said Don. “Hey, Jay, c’mon in for a little bit. I got somethin’ to show ya.”

“Uh, yeah, OK, I guess, OK with you Char?” He gazed blearily at me. He knew I hated being called Char.

“I suppose so. You were going to sleep on the couch anyway. You can sleep on Jay’s couch instead.”

Cindy grinned at me as they stumbled to the downstairs entry and into Don’s den. “He’s probably going to get out the porn videos.”

I laughed. “That’s what Jay does at home when he’s too drunk to fuck.”

She chuckled. “Does he like boy/boy stuff? Don has a couple of things with girls in them but just enough to get the guy’s defenses down. He’ll probably try to suck him if Jay lets him.”

“God, really? Jay might like that. He hasn’t had any with me in months. And I think maybe he had a couple of times with guys in college. He kind of hinted about it once.” I swallowed, hard. “Better than him falling in love with a chickie back home, I guess.” I looked at her, hesitating. “Which of you and Don was gay first?”

She grinned again. “He was. He used to come crawl into my canlı poker oyna bed early in the morning and tell me about the guys he wanted to kiss. He was, what, eight, maybe nine. I was his big sister and was supposed to reassure him, so I told him about the girls I wanted to make out with. ‘Course, I didn’t realize it was really true. Not yet.”


“Nah, I was gonna get married and have four kids, two boys and two girls, keep house, teach Sunday School, and grow old with the guy. Instead I got the almost-divorced guy whose wife went to jail for drugs and robbery, and the biggest mistake I ever made, marrying him. At least I got the kid out of it.” She smiled to herself. “She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. She’s spending the summer at college, so I’m stuck with Don for company. And the occasional Fudgie.”

We went in her kitchen door. “You never told me why you were watching girl porn.”

I looked down, blushed. “I’ve been thinking about women for a couple of years. Since Jay had an affair with a girl in his office. I was hurt, and thinking, did I want to leave him? Have an affair to show him how it felt? I didn’t really want another guy, and one night I was bitching to one of my friends and she leaned in and kissed me, just soft touching, really, lips on lips. Just barely touched my tongue with hers. ‘What did you do that for?’ I asked her. ‘I just wanted to see what kissing you was like,’ she told me.

“Well, I kind of took off out of there without saying anything. I ran all the way back to my house crying. I was scared. I really liked her and didn’t want this to get in the way.”

“Uh huh,” she smiled at me.

“You can guess the rest. After I calmed down I spent the next week wishing I had stayed, that I had, I don’t know, had kept kissing her, maybe made love with her. I probably rubbed myself to orgasm more in that week than in the whole time I’d been married. I went online to chat, did a little cyber flirting. I wanted to see movies of someone like me. No luck, of course; all porn models, no real women.”

“I know what you mean. I’ve even had to make some since most of the commercial ones are so bad.”

“Make some? You mean, like sex videos?” God, I sounded stupid. I didn’t even have the beer to blame.

“Well, my little brother helped. Filmed me with a fudgie. A couple of times. She really got off on it too, took a copy home. Sometimes I show that to a girl who’s thinking about whether to seduce me.” She looked at me, hard. “Still not trying to seduce you, but I would love to show it to you if you want. I have some others that are really good that don’t have me in them, if that’s better.”

I swallowed, hard. “Uh, you pick. Either is good for me.”

“OK.” She hesitated. “You mind if I get naked? I don’t know how the video will affect you, but I know what I’m going to want.”

“Um, sure, it’s your place. Unless you want some privacy.”

“Honey, if I wanted privacy I wouldn’t have invited you in.” She smiled again, the first smile that really lit up her whole face.

She indicated the blue sofa opposite the TV, fiddled with a disk and a remote for a few seconds, and put the video on pause. The title was showing: When Cindy met Sally. “I’m going to pour myself some Irish Cream for dessert. You want some?”

“Yes, please.” I sat in the curved corner of the sofa.

“Back in a jiffy.”

In the paused image, I recognized the back of Cindy’s head, and a slightly out-of-focus image of a pretty blonde woman I didn’t know, Sally, I guessed, in the background, sitting on this same blue sectional sofa. Sally’s blouse lay open, and her bra was already unhooked in the front. I realized Cindy had elected to show me the one of herself. My heart was pounding and my mind was having second thoughts.

She came in with two glasses of Bailey’s, handed one to me, and put the other down on the coffee table. “You’re sure you don’t mind my stripping off?”

“I’d, uh, kind of like it.” I blushed crimson. “I … I’ve kind of been undressing internet casino you in my mind all night.”

She smiled again. “I kind of noticed. Like when you stared at my nipples when they got hard.”

I looked away, found my glass and stared at it as I took a sip. “I’m, uh, ready to watch if you want. Who was Sally?”

She laughed and hit the “play” button. “She was a fishing widow who didn’t have any question about what she wanted, at least not with me.” She started unbuttoning her shirt. On screen, Cindy was standing in front of the woman, back to the camera, and turned and gave a wink over her shoulder, then started unbuttoning her top too. She had on the same lightweight top and skirt as tonight. “Is that your fudgie-seduction outfit?” I teased her.

She laughed, “Naw, I have about five of those blouses and maybe ten skirts in different colors, it’s just real comfortable to dress that way in the summer. Either that or naked.”

Her top came off at the same time as the one onscreen. Here she had a sheer white lacy bra on, on screen she was nude from the waist up. She bowed to the applause from the couch, and, I guess, from her brother behind the camera. She turned halfway and stuck out her tongue at him; just a flash of one tiny breast with a dark pointy nipple was visible for a moment. She went over and leaned in so the woman could take the nipple in her mouth, which she did with gusto. The real Cindy in the room had already shed her skirt and panties and was unhooking the bra. She had thick black pubic hair just trimmed enough for a bathing suit, and I could pretty much smell her arousal even before she tossed the panties on the chair beside the couch.

On screen, Sally was slipping Cindy’s skirt and panties off. They were kissing, gently but with a lot of licking and touching. I loved watching Cindy softly kissing Sally’s eyes, her face, her mouth. Molding her cushiony breasts with her hands. Gently nipping at her nipples. Kissing down her belly to rub her face in her blond curls.

Sally grabbed onto Cindy’s shoulders and urged her upward, sliding down the sofa as she did. Cindy moved up to straddle Sally’s face, and the camera moved around to capture her mouth laying claim to Cindy’s sex, one hand on her breast and the other splitting her lips for easier licking. Sitting beside me but far enough away not to touch, Cindy started gently using one hand to separate her own lips and the tip of her index finger to slip between them. My breathing was beginning to become more rapid, and my heart was pounding.

Impulsively, I reached over with my right hand and stroked the back of Cindy’s neck. She rewarded me: “Ohh, I love that, you can keep doing that if you want.” I moved closer and began stroking her back, her hair, her neck.

She looked at me. “You don’t have to do this, you know.”

“I know. You just looked like you needed some cuddling. I’m not ready to have sex with you, but I can cuddle you while you touch yourself, if you’d like.”

She looked almost ready to burst into tears. “That’s the nicest thing anybody has done for me in a long time, maybe since Don used to hold me while I rubbed myself.”

I slipped my leg around and straddled her back, pulled her shoulders back against my chest, and put my arms around her. “Go ahead, Cindy, I’ll hold you.” I parted her short hair in the middle and nuzzled her neck, stroking her arms and shoulders, her thighs and hips.

After “accidentally” brushing her nipples a few times, I just held onto her breasts. Her breasts just perfect size for my hands, her nipples were so hard, and she moaned as I started stroking and squeezing them. I held her and tugged on her nipples, while she moaned and cried out and rubbed faster, and eventually sighed and leaned back against me, her breathing slowly returning to normal. I gently laid her down on the sofa cuddling her, my hands still on her breasts.

She turned and kissed me very softly on the cheek, and murmured, “Mmmm. Thank you. Maybe a massage in the morning?” I nodded my assent. We dropped off to sleep, spooning like that, to the soft music of Cindy and Sally making love on the screen.


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