Going to the Movies

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Lou Brenner, the building’s senior resident, has been in his flat for five years. He has had the same job, head of security at the local chocolate factory, ever since 1a had been converted into flats. He had never had the good fortune to find a soul mate, and at the age of thirty-one had, subconsciously, even stopped looking. There had been the occasional ‘one-nighters’, but he himself knew without being told that his less that average size, (barely six inches), had played a no small part in there being no second date. He had had a three-month affair with one of the elderly residents, but she had been pleased with anything she could get, then, since she had left, the only means of release had been his own right hand.

The problem that Lou had was that he had a very high sex drive, something that was more a curse than a blessing, especially when you didn’t have anyone to fuck, (like the old woman), masturbate with (one of his dates had loved for the two of them to masturbate together), or, even better, have masturbate you.

Lou’s regimen of having sex or masturbating himself at least twice a day hadn’t diminished since he’d been a teenager; the only thing that had changed was the person who was making him come or his state of arousal. If anything, as far as he was concerned, he could stand harder for longer how than he could have done in his ‘teens. And then, six months ago, he had seen an advert for a penis enlarger.

When it had arrived, Lou lost no time in trying it out. First he had to select the correct sized rubber ring so that the whole tube nestled firmly on the base of his penis. The enlarger came supplied with three rubber rings of various inside diameters, the user fitting the best fitting ring for the thickness of the root of his penis at that time. Lou was pleased to see that he needed the ‘B’ size ring, and not the ‘A’, which, to his eye looked as though it had been made with people who had a problem far more serious than his.

With his flaccid (although quickly stirring) manhood inside the implements plastic tubing, he hesitantly took the fitted rubber ball and squeezed it. He was shocked, as the more air he extracted from the tube the more alive and harder his erection became. In a short time he was standing hard, so hard that he felt that his solid erection was about to burst through its outer skin. Measuring his erection on the ruler printed on the side of the transparent tubing, he read off six and one quarter inches…

The instructions that came with the enlarger said it should be used once a day, and recommended not to masturbate or have sex for at least one hour after use. But Lou had other ideas. He built himself a programme of using the enlarger before he went to work in the morning, and again before he went to sleep at night. That invariably meant that he as hard as hell when he walked out of the house in the morning with his arousal juice sticking the knob of his hard erection to his underpants. But then there was always the sweet ecstasy of slowly peeling the head of his firmly glued manhood free when he needed to go to the toilet. The only time he allowed himself release came after his nightly exercise, this was invariably followed by vigorous masturbation (with or without the use of oils). This was invariably done in front of his wardrobe mirror; his face hidden by the mirror’s frame, as he fantasised that he was prying on someone else jacking off.

Within three months he found that he had to exchange the rubber ring for the ‘D’ size, the root of his erection having grown in diameter to support the now healthier eight and a half inches he sported. Lou was surprised by just how much his overall diameter had grown as well. And that was not the only change. Now he found he stood far harder than he had before, in fact harder than he had ever thought possible. Now, when he did ejaculate in front of his wardrobe mirror he found that now he could stand a good two feet away and the steaming sperm jetting out of his throbbing muscle would easily reach the reflective glass. Then there was the amount he came, and, although he had no way of comparing ‘before’ and ‘after’, he was sure that he was coming far more now than he ever had.

More than once he had soaped himself down in the shower, his erection standing like something carved out of solid wood, and he had tried to imagine just what it would feel like to have something that length and thickness sliding inside him…

Then Lou read one of those bothersome ‘pop-up’ adverts while he had been viewing his favourite porno site on the Internet, the one showing page after page of nude men posing with full erections. It had been advertising for ‘New talent to work in the film industry. Must have no problems performing sex in front of a camera. Exclusive rates! Send photo of both slack and erected states to: Alpha-Beta Films. Plc. Answer by return e-mail.’

More out of interest than any hope of a reply, Lou, using the camcorder on his computer, did what the advert requested.

The fixbet reply came far sooner that he had thought, just two hours later in fact. It stated that they were more than impressed with what they had seen, and invited him to Newcastle the following week for an interview. Lou was shocked by the swiftness of the reply, and for the first time wondered just what he was getting himself into by even thinking of replying to such an advert…

He would have no problem with being photographed or filmed masturbating or with someone going down on him as long as he was being paid enough for it. It was when he thought about the fucking bits that he began to wonder. What was the going rate for having sex with a woman on camera, or, even more interesting, what if they asked him to fuck her up the ass? Having never had anal sex, it would be a first for Lou, but having fantasised about it often enough he was sure he could handle it if the money was right. At the end of the day Lou decided that the best way to justify anything he did was to tell himself that he was only doing it for the money.

In the meantime Lou kept up with his twice-daily exercises, and blocked his mind as to what the hell he was getting into. Lou’s manager was shocked when Lou requested two days off out of his accumulated holiday pay. Shocked, because having never taken a holiday since he started in the factory, Lou had accumulated more that two months holiday or holiday pay…

To travel return by bus from Tees-side to Newcastle was a pleasant surprise, being both cheap and quick. A not so pleasant surprise was being asked to line up nude with the other nineteen ‘contestants’.

Having found the offices of ‘Alpha-Beta Films, Plc.’ close to Newcastle bus station, Lou was kept waiting barely five minutes before being invited into a large office and told to strip of, his self-consciousness showing of the tightness of his balls to his scrotum.

Being third or fourth in line, Lou allowed his eyes to wander over the opposition as each of them was photographed in their ‘slack’ state. He wasn’t the biggest man there, there was one who’s mother must have had an interest in donkeys, but he was, width for length, the best built.

‘All right, let’s see them all hard! As quickly as you can please, we’ve another fifty to see after you lot!’

With that each of them tried to get himself hard as quickly as possible. Lou took rather longer than the others, embarrassed at masturbating himself for the first time in front of an audience, but the effort was worth it, his erection standing as hard as it could inside its skin. Then they were told just to stand there and not touch themselves as they were photographed and measured. Now more relaxed, Lou’s balls were hanging loose by the time his turn came, his erection throbbing and looking for action, whereas at least five of the erections in the line were wilting slightly through lack of stimulation. These were duly noted by the man with the clipboard…

‘Now, what I want is for you all to start jacking yourselves off. You can come when you want to. Don’t worry about the floor…’

Lou realised that the only way he would be able to toss off in front of a room full of men was to close his eyes and imagine that they weren’t there. Three of the men didn’t even try, walking out of the room in embarrassment, their erections wilting as they went. The man with the clipboard just crossed off their names and concentrated on those that were left.

Behind his closed eyes Lou saw himself in front of his wardrobe mirror, his enlarger pumping his erection harder and harder, and his free hand rolling each of his nipples as hard as he could. Within a short time his right hand had gone from a slowly sliding up and down the skin of his erection skin to a quicker, more intense pumping motion.

Soon his free hand was rolling over his bulging helmet head, massaging his plentiful pre-cum all over his erection and balls. Lou tried to last as long as he could, but when he switched the image behind his eyes for the eighteen year old that had masturbated herself in front of him on the Internet last night, his ejaculation came with a speed that shocked even him.

As he felt himself starting to cum, Lou switched both his hands to his nipples and rolled both of them as hard as he could. The reaction to Lou’s unconscious, savage rolling was a squirt of sperm out of Lou’s throbbing erection that left the clipboard man gaping. By the time his imaginary female tantaliser had screamed in orgasm for the third and last time, Lou’s balls were both hard into his scrotum, their contents splattered in a long, steaming stream in front of him.

When he finally opened his eyes Lou saw that he had been the last one to ejaculate, all the others were stood behind the clipboard man, their erections wilted or wilting between their legs.

‘Right, gentlemen. Pay attention. That’s what I’m looking for. When you’re as big as he is and last as long as him can, and cum fixbet giriş as much as he can, come back to see me. You’, he said, indicating Lou with his clipboard, ‘get yourself dressed and meet me in my office. We have some business to discuss…’

Lou stood there for a few seconds, his erection still as hard as ever, and felt the eyes of each of his opponent’s flash barbs of hatred and disgust as they were let away by two well-built uniformed guards.

‘Don’t worry about it.’ one of the guards said, ‘they’re only jealous. Mind you,’ he said, flashing a glance at Lou’s still rigid erection, ‘so am I.’ For the first time Lou felt as though he was someone special…

‘OK, this is the deal.’ The now seated clipboard man was straight to the point as Lou walked into his office. ‘You get paid £350 a day for each day that you work. On top of that you get paid £50 each time that you come, so the more times that you can come in a day the more you get paid.

‘You start when we start and you finish when we finish. You have to be available to work day or night; sometimes I can tell you in advance, sometimes not. The only time that we use condoms is if you’re fucking someone’s ass.

‘We use male and female actors, so get used to kissing and fucking men as well as woman, although I can’t see many of the men who work for me taking what you’ve got up the ass. You come onto the set as clean as you can be, preferably showered, especially your ass. If you need to go here we have baby wipes in the toilets. Being told to go down on someone just after they’ve had a shit is not the best way to start the day. Now, any questions?’

Lou was in a daze during the bus ride home, his mind reviewing again and again the day that he’d just been through. Now the decision was his, go with the glib, fast-talking clipboard man or stay in the secure, steady wage-earning job at the factory. Lou’s masturbation that night took ages, teasing himself by stopping his hand each time that he felt himself about to come. Well-oiled with baby lotion, his member stood as hard as iron, throbbing in excited anticipation each time it was about to come only to be denied by Lou’s iron resolve to see just how long he could stay hard and masturbate without finishing.

When he did finally allow himself to come he had been hard at it for over forty-five minutes, splattering both mirrors and his bedside chair with his white, translucent sperm that seemed to pump on and on, glistening and steaming in the light from his night-light…

The next day he shocked his bosses by applying for the two months holiday. Entitled to either time off or money in lieu, Lou took the time, knowing full well that the amount he had in his bank account was more than enough to get him through the next two months. The next thing was his diet. If he was expected to either fuck or come maybe three or more times in a day he was going to need plenty of red meat and carbohydrates…

His first call for work came the next day. Lou was told to go to the industrial area of Stockton, to a warehouse that had been empty for ages. Thinking that the whole thing was a hoax, Lou asked the taxi driver to wait. It was only when someone answered his knock that he paid off the driver and walked into the fantasy world of porno movies.

What had once been a warehouse for soft goods distribution been transformed into sets depicting several themes, from a cheap bordello to the bedroom of Lois the X1V. He was taken to the set director, a woman with a perfect face and figure with a voice and attitude that would cut carbon steel. She eyed Lou over with disdain.

‘Right. So you’re the stud for today. I sure as hell hope that you’re better than the last three, ‘though you’re far older than I’d have chosen. The rules are simple. You fuck when I tell you to fuck, and come when I tell you to come. The two things that you don’t do are bullshit me with reasons why you can’t do what I tell you to do or try to hit on me. I’ve heard it all before. I came up from lying on my back being fucked by wannabe studs like you to directing the shit I’m expected to work with. Now, go and get changed and be here ready for action and smelling nice in ten minutes.’

As Lou wiped himself clean with the baby wipes in the broom cupboard that passed as a changing room, he seriously began to think that he had made a bad career move.

‘What the hell’, he thought, ‘I’ll spend two months enjoying myself and getting paid for it. Then, if things get too bad I’ve always got the factory…’ Little did he know that in the next two days he’d know exactly where his future lay.

When he walked back onto the set nude he realised how cold it was, the industrial heaters doing little to warm the area. The female director eyed him over again.

‘Thank God that you’re far bigger and better built than the others. Don’t worry about the cold, by the time that you’ve finished you’ll be sweating and asking me to turn down the heat.’

The set had been dressed out as a bedroom in a wealthy house, with long windows draped in silk that looked out over a backdrop of a massive garden. The bed was a huge four-poster with canopy and curtains of silk, as were the black bed sheets under which was laid a young woman almost as black as the sheet covering her. Her long, jet-black hair was splayed over the pillows, her nipples hard and erect forming little tents of the material at the top of her large breasts.

‘Right, this is the story.’ The boss woman interrupted the flow of Lou’s vivid imagination, his member already stirring and balls twitching. ‘She’s the boss’s wife and you’re her driver. She fancies you and has invited you to her bedroom. You know that she was screwing the head gardener, but this is your first time, so you want to make an impression without being over the top.

‘I have a script for this, but I think its crap so want to see what you can do by yourself. So, just go over there and be yourself and do what you’d usually do with a good-looking woman who’s your boss. Let’s see you’ve got what it takes to work in this business.’

With that Mrs. Director gave him a slap across the buttocks with her clipboard and Lou was on his way.

Lou was surprised at the heat given off by the arc lights as he approached the huge bed, his member starting to stir again as it felt the heat.

The woman lay as though asleep, and Lou thought what he would do if he really were in those circumstances. Blocking out the loud whispers of the director lady to the cameramen and the noise over his head as they adjusted the lights, Lou slid under the top sheet at the end of the bed.

Gently sliding his arms under the woman’s knees, he raised them higher and higher as he slid up the bed. The woman groaned as though waking from a deep sleep, and then gave a louder groan as Lou’s flickering tongue came into contact with her shaven lips.

Suddenly, the woman pulled the sheet up off Lou’s body and they were both in the glare of the hot lights and could hear clearly the whispered directions of the director woman. Lou blocked the fact that other people were watching him enjoy himself as he felt the heat of the lamps on his back and buttocks.

Lou’s tongue soon found the black woman’s massive, erect clitoris. Her clit stood like an erect little finger below a small triangle of wiry, pubic hair the thick aromatic smell of her juices wafting up towards Lou’s face.

Without warning the black woman wriggled around on the bed until her head was between Lou’s legs. With a practised hand, she grabbed Lou’s solid bar of meat and pulled him lower, the whole of his erection disappearing deep inside her throat. Lou was shocked as he felt his helmet head reach the back of her throat, and then the back of her throat opened and the head of his erection slid deep inside her gullet.

Having proved what she could take, with a vacuum suck she slowly extricated herself off Lou’s now freely dribbling erection. Switching her attention to Lou’s balls, the woman suddenly shrieked with pleasure as Lou rolled her clitoris and the tops of her shaven lips between his teeth.

Using one hand to pump Lou’s erection and squirt his pre-cum all over her belly, the woman again pulled him lower, but much lower than before as her flickering tongue sought out his puckered anus. Lou raised his head in shock to find himself staring into a camera lens as he felt the woman’s tongue first licked his ass all over and then poked it further and further open with the wet muscles tip.

Ignoring the camera, Lou allowed his face to wreath in pleasure as he felt for the first time being slowly opened further and further by the woman’s tongue. Then, realising that he was allowing the woman to take charge, Lou reasserted his dominance. Turning back around on the bed, Lou once again found himself staring into a camera lens…

By this time his erection had took on a life of it’s own, pulsating and fighting to get out of its restrictive skin as he sucked and nibbled at the vivid red clitoris, and Lou saw that her juices had run down as far as her puckered pink rose of an anus. Lou began to hope that maybe, jut maybe, he’d get a chance to slide his length into that crimped, well-lubricated hole before the day was over.

Within no time the woman’s black hair was thrashing around like a wild thing as she tossed her head from side to side, groaning out loud, oblivious to the lights and cameras.

Without warning, Lou climbed up onto his knees taking the woman’s legs high into the air, and glanced down to check that his erection pointing straight at the woman’s saturated vaginal lips. Lunging his hips forward, in one thrust he buried his full length as deep inside the woman far as it would go, at the same time coming, once again, face to face with a camera lens and a gaping cameraman.

For a second Lou was stunned as he saw an upside-down image of himself in the convex lens, and then he felt the walls of the woman’s vagina start to tighten and ripple, squeezing his full length as tight as she could. Realising that the woman was on the verge of an orgasm, Lou did what he did best, give the woman a good hard fuck.

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