He Made Me Ch. 04

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Jeri is 18 and wants to become a famous pornstar, she wants to be the erotic fantasy of thousands of people and she’s willing to do anything to achieve her goals. However, she soon realizes that she needs help and when it comes in the form of Michelangelo, “Mikey”, a much older, unattractive and yet well endowed man, who claims that he can mold her into a star, she accepts it against all reason, embarking herself on a quest to transform into a (erotic) dream version of herself, Jules Sperme, a girl with a tattoo of a giant octopus spreading its tentacles from her asshole, where its mouth is depicted, to her buttocks, lower back and thighs.

Can dreams coexist with reality though?

Fetishes and WARNING:

Piercings, SMOKING, ASS TO MOUTH, dirty old man/young girl, cmnf, exhibitionism, tattoos.

Author’s note:

This story is not meant to give a realistic or accurate portrait of the internal workings of the sex industry. It is set in the real world, though, so don’t jump to conclusions in the first part of this chapter. What the characters claim about medical issues is their opinion, not mine, and so it is not meant as medical advice.

My first language is not English, so please let me know if I did unspeakable things to Grammar.


He made me

4. A hungry beast awakens

I wasn’t alone. A foreign presence in my bedroom. I woke up with this single thought, an awareness that bloomed into a complex combination of fear, confusion, determination and… Longing? Why would I–

There! A solid shiver, a slithering presence… Something in my bed, something alive. I opened my eyes in the deep darkness of the night, in vain, for there was no ray of light for my pupils to catch. A tingle between my buttocks. This thing that had invaded my intimacy was not to be seen, but felt!

So I made a deep breath, summoned my courage and I reached with my hands under the sheets. Every surface I touched was wet and warm. Had I peed myself out of fear? No, I would’ve noticed! Besides, the odor… This was not piss, this smelled like vagina! It seemed that I was covered in someone’s vagina’s juices! No, wait, my own juices: I had never sniffed any other girl’s and I definitely recognized this scent!

Gasp! A shiver between my buttocks again, running from my back to my anus. I sent my hands to cautiously investigate, feeling around my thighs. My skin was wet too. Did I really cover the bed with my lust? Why would I feel so excited in such a frightful moment? No, I could’ve never produced all of this slick slime. I had to check: for some reason I could not tell by myself whether I was turned on or not, as if my body knew something I didn’t. My labia… My fingers explored them, feeling on their tips my bulging clit, rubbing it. Oh, I was turned on indeed!

Wait! What was I doing? Stay on course Jeri!

So, trembling a little because soon I would have to engage the intruder, I went further down, brushing against my inner labia. So close, ready to catch the thing that had found refuge in my intimacy…

Bump! There was something squishy, warm and pulsating penetrating me in the ass! Scared to death, I rolled in the bed, threw away the sheets and reached with both hands, catching a tube of flesh, rubbery to the touch and covered in what seemed shallow lumps, frantically trying to wriggle away from my grasp.


No, wait, I had found its tip, but it was in the wrong end, flinging in the air, and therefore… The thing wasn’t trying to penetrate me, it was coming from inside me!

Frozen by the shock of this revelation I let it go, my hands now limp on the mattress. That’s when, in a wave of pleasure, I felt my asshole stretch. The thing had felt my surrender and it was pushing and struggling to come out! Such a strange feeling… Like numbness in the rest of my body, or perhaps it was so powerful that every other sensation just paled in comparison. It felt awesome and all my desire to fight quickly disappeared, replaced by a complicit resignation.

Wider and wider the door grew, allowing more tentacles to come out, their suckers rubbing against my anus’ ring, sending jolts of pleasure through my whole body each time they snapped out of me. My legs, as if controlled by the beast sprawling with its limbs outside of me, spontaneously spread wide in its aid. It was reaching around, a tentacle caressing my thighs, another snaking its way over my crotch towards me, its suckers individually bumping on my clit as it slithered, building up further arousal.

Gasp! Another tentacle was out, but it quickly went inside me again, burrowing in my wet and welcoming pussy.

As more of them where now coiling tight around my legs to keep them well apart, one was snaking between my breasts, moving towards my neck. In ecstatic madness I opened mouth, knowing it wanted my wetness and warmth. So, as it caressed my lips I began to suck it in. It tasted illegal bahis like me and yet I could now feel it exuding sex on its own, for I was milking it like a hungry baby. How could this be? A part of me had known the answer from the very beginning, the same part that felt longing instead of fear…

The beast was me. It was what I had kept secretly hidden between my legs, waiting, getting hungrier by the day, needing to get out…

A sucker latched on my clit, sucking it hard while the tentacle in my pussy was mercilessly fucking me, bigger than any cock that had ever been there before.

I came hard in a scream and I woke up in my bed, for real this time. My orgasm seemed to never end, assaulting me with new waves of pleasure all the time, until my very confused mind realized that I had been sleeping with an egg vibrator stuck inside of me and swimming in a ton of lube! Fucking Mikey, he must have noticed that I had fallen asleep with it and programmed the app to activate it in the middle of the night! So I took it out and panted my way to calmness.

I knew that it had been the wettest dream I had ever had, but at that moment reality was a frail concept for my mind, so I had to turn the light on and check my intimate parts. Yes, there it was, the tentacle on my hip, but it was tattooed on me, together with those sprawling on my ass and lower back. I caressed it lovingly. Three days had passed since Patrick had changed forever my appearance with his art. He didn’t know, but his ink had seeped much deeper than my skin, painting in my mind the powerful and unforgettable image of my octopus as the embodiment of my lust.

I never regretted my choice as I feared, after all. Actually I was looking forward to the day he would finish the part on my thighs and, most importantly, when he would tattoo in correspondence of my anus the mouth of the giant octopus now dwelling my body forever.

I think that it was the “forever” part that had freed me of any doubt, paradoxically. Somehow, that day had created a fork in my life with two paths: boring, forgotten Jeri, and pornstar Jules Sperme. As soon as the tattooing gun had scraped my body, I had chosen the latter and now I was Jules, a girl who would never regret her raunchy tattoo and who was actually planning to get another on her neck, even harder, if not impossible, to hide.

As I was trying to train myself to do whenever I woke up from my sleep, I lit up a cigarette. For a while I watched the cloud of smoke curling up in the air above my forehead, lit by the dim light of the sky just before dawn, musing about the dream. I couldn’t help but think about the sensation of the tentacles in my ass. No, not just a sensation: a need. I needed to feel like that again, to be penetrated anally for real. Hopefully by someone’s dick, though!

Still, how could I be sure that I would get what my dream had promised? How could my mind know how something it had never experienced would feel? Sure, stuff had passed from there for all my life and I had to admit it did feel good sometimes, even if definitely not erotic, so technically my subconscious had some clues what it might be like…

I stirred and fidgeted with my pillow, unable to sleep. Anal sex was not just a need, it had been an obsession of mine for a while: I loved anal porn and I always tried to imagine what it really felt like to have a big cock up your asshole, trying to decipher it from the actresses’ faces, just ending up frustrated by the awareness that they could be just pretending. However, I had never acted on this curiosity. Perhaps it was because I never had a chance to. Growing up in a very conservative and, let’s just admit it, boring environment, I could never even talk about it to boyfriends or other girls, for fear that they would consider me a pervert.

That was Jeri, though. As Jules, I did know a man with answers and the capability of finally quenching this thirst of mine. So, since it was going to be a sleepless morning anyway and he had definitely brought this on himself, I got up and headed to Mikey’s room.

He was sleeping on his side, sort of hugging one of his pillows. He could be cute, I had to admit it. Anyhow, I crawled on his bed, completely naked as I got used to being all the time I spent in his house, and I lay beside him. Careful not to wake him up, I moved my hand towards his crotch until my fingertips barely touched his balls and shaft. His member recognized my presence and awoke before he did. Feeling a bit like a snake charmer, I focused on caressing his glans, which obediently followed my fingers as his penis swelled.

“Good morning, motherfucker!” I hissed, grabbing all of a sudden his dick and squeezing hard, with a satisfied smirk in my face.

“Wha–” he groaned, opening his eyes, as I started to jack him off. “Oh, I see you got my surprise!”

“Yeah, and now, because of you, the beast has awakened!” I replied, getting on my knees and showing him my back, where illegal bahis siteleri the script ‘Feed the beast!’ was tattooed in big fancy letters along one of the tentacles. In the whole process, my hand never left his dick.


“So, now you need to show me how to stick this,” I said, turning back to face him, squeezing his cock, “into my ass!”

“As much as I would really love to right now, you are getting ahead of yourself, girl!” he chuckled, snaking his hand to my pussy and massaging it with his fingers. There was still some lube left, mixed with my juices. “Anal sex is like normal sex: first you need to learn how to masturbate.”

“How complicated can it be?” I complained, gasping a little as his stubby fingers began their forays between my labia.

“The taboo makes everybody absolutely ignorant about it and there are subtleties for which you are not prepared yet. So, you are going in exploration with your fingers first.”

I knew that a slow approach was the prudent thing to do, remembering how he had warned me about having a bad first experience and ruining it for good, but I felt so impatient!

“Do you trust me Jules?” he whispered, pushing my head closer to his face with his right hand, whereas the left was picking up speed in my pussy.


“Now, why don’t you show me some gratitude for my patience?” he growled, sticking one of his fingers inside me.

“Yes, Mikey,” I moaned.

Obediently, I straddled him and pushed his member where his finger had been. Fucking him on top, supporting myself on his big belly as he played with my pierced nipples, had become a routine for me now, to the point that I had begun to see it as a milking of his cock, but it never felt boring. I loved being an obedient whore to my pimp-looking mentor, who was now turning on a camera to film me, as he had started doing all the time recently, to get me used to being recorded.

So I massaged his big dick with my pelvic muscles, slowly swinging my ass back and forth, giving a flick to my clit every once in a while, until I felt close to cumming for the second time that morning. Then, picking up the pace, I fucked him hard until he squirted his semen in me, prompting my own orgasm.

“Ah, I really needed that! Come here,” he groaned, hugging me as he rolled back to his side. “On your knees, let me see it!”

I did as he said, another part of the routine. He cupped his hand under my crotch and collected the cum that trickled out of it. Knowing what was coming next, I lay down and opened my mouth, looking directly at him, as I passed my pierced tongue on my lips with a naughty smile. Grinning, he smeared his jizz on them and all over my face. After I licked his hand clean, I scooped from my cheeks what I could with my fingers, pushing it into my mouth and swallowed, knowing that the rest of it would dry on my face, engulfing my nose with its lewd smell.

“That’s Jules Sperme for you!” I whispered with pride. Then, with a sigh, I lay beside him, put his arm around my waist and fell into a peaceful and content sleep.

I was awakened in a much gentler fashion a couple of hours later, by the smell of eggs and bacon. Taking just a peep into the world with one eye, I saw a tray lying on the floor beside the bed. Breakfast in bed! For being an older creep who was taking advantage of a reckless and ambitious teenager, I had to admit that he was super nice!

“Thanks,” I mumbled, fetching my cigarettes.

“From now on you need to watch your diet!” he boomed with his deep voice from the other side of the bed, where he was sitting.

“You know, Mikey, if you weren’t such a fatso, your words about a diet would carry much more weight, just like you do!” I replied caustic, lighting up: I was in perfect goddamn shape!

I felt him move a little, producing vibrations on the mattress, and I rolled over to face him:

“Wanted to spank your insubordinate slut?” I teased him with a rebellious grin, caressing my firm buttock in front of his eyes. “But ya can’t! Remember? Fresh tattoo!”

“For now,” he groaned. “Anyhow, the diet is not meant to make you lose weight! You need a regular intake of fibers to keep your bowels clean, if you want to be fucked regularly where no man has gone before!”

“Oh… Oops, sorry!” I honestly apologized, crawling to him and hugging his short neck. “And to show you how sorry I am, I’m going to let you be the first bold explorer of my ass!”

“Ah, the wonders I’m going to find there!”

“Don’t get lost, though, I don’t want to become a fun anecdote for the guys at the emergency room!”

We laughed together and then Mikey added more seriously:

“Alright, now you have breakfast and then go clean your bum very thoroughly.”

“I’ll even use your bidet, like ‘civilized people’!” I added with mock enthusiasm, quoting him from the day he explained to me how to use his fancy fixtures.

“Precisely! I sent you a few canlı bahis siteleri vocal messages: they are instructions. This is something that you should do by yourself, because it is very intimate: you are going to really get to know a part of yourself, your anus, for the first time. In the meantime, I’ll take care of some business and do some shopping!”

He walked to the door, but I got up and stopped him there:

“Thanks for all the things you do for me,” I whispered meaningfully, just before giving him a peck on the mouth.

“It’s very rewarding!” he chuckled, going out.

After that, I had breakfast, I did my bathroom routine, which now included taking care of the my freshly tattooed skin, and finally I listened to the first message. My phone vibrated trying to reproduce with the loudspeaker Mikey’s deep voice instructing me about how to clean my ass. The inside part of the job, a couple of douches with warm water, wasn’t as terrible as I feared: the second enema was encouragingly indistinguishable from clean water already. For the outside I used the bidet, fancying myself a chic European.

“Now, fetch the coconut oil from the cabinet where I keep the sex stuff, a towel and the portable mirror. Then go to the bed and sit on the towel.”

I loved that he had recorded the messages: it felt like he was there guiding me, without being intrusive.

“Now try to rest on the side, on one elbow, open your legs a little and put the mirror behind them, so that it shows your asshole.”

It took a few attempts, because the damn mirror kept shifting on its foldable pedestal whenever I did on the bed. Also, in order to be in the right position with the head too, I had to amass a few pillows against the wall and prop myself against them, but at last, it was there! The first thing that I noticed was how dark the skin around my hole was. What happened next was uncanny:

“Yes, it’s different from what you see in porn, because all talent whitens their assholes. You won’t need it of course, because it’s going to be tattooed anyway.”

I stopped the future-predicting recording and looked at my butthole for a while. It seemed so tight, to the point of having little wrinkles, way different from the gaping holes that my heroes had. This wouldn’t be easy, I realized then, but that wouldn’t stop me! Besides, by butt-hole was also oddly cute and that was a good omen: it would look good on camera!

“Now choose one hand for your vag and one for your ass: they mustn’t swap.”

Right for the new territory, left for the old one.

“Put the lube on both. I want you to finger yourself before doing anything with your butt.”

Being a proud slut, my libido was far from being depleted by my morning escapades, so it didn’t take long for me to get aroused, which put me in a very “can do” mood.

“Alright, now relax, take deep breaths and observe your hole… Deep soothing breaths…”

At first, I thought that this was one of those silly breathing exercises like the ones I did in my first and last yoga session, but then something weird happened. It was subtle, but my asshole opened up a little when I inhaled! Then, as if it could help push the air in the right direction out of my lungs, it contracted when I exhaled.

“You see? It breathes too and it does it with you. You are linked and if you remember this connection, you’ll be able to help each other in your adventures.”

The dream of the previous night, as often dreams do the day after you have them, bled into reality: whenever I looked at that mirror, I saw a creature, my octopus, not a part of my body. It breathed too… It was alive. From that day on, this idea would never leave me.

“Hey, buddy!” I whispered, caressing it a little with my lubed finger, while the other played with my clit piercing, which, by the way, had really made me more sensitive.

My beast contracted again in response, as if I scared it.

“Now you want to do circular motions…” Mikey was saying, but I wasn’t paying attention anymore.

It was like approaching a cat. You had to try a few things, study the best approach and let it study you a little. My octopus didn’t like circles much, but it did like straight strokes through its diameter, with one or better more fingers. The direction wasn’t important, apparently: all were rewarded by subtle but fascinatingly new waves of pleasure.

Ouch! I scratched it a little with a nail and it suddenly retreated.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry!” I apologized. “Here, look what I got you!”

My offer of more lube helped me make peace and be bolder. I experimented with crescent-shaped movements, swirling caresses and more intense and focused rubbing. My octopus also reacted to what I was doing to my pussy, allowing me to experiment with combinations of movements with both my hands. Mikey, as usual, had been right. I really had to learn a lot and it was so refreshing! Like learning to have sex again! I also tried not to exaggerate with the clit stimulation, to fully appreciate this new path to bliss: one does not put much salt on a delicate meal.

“…feel more comfortable, you can try two hands too, but make sure you wash them thoroughly,” Mikey was saying.

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