Homecoming Meal Ch. 02

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Cassie and Jenny almost ran home, both of them still highly aroused after their steamy encounter in the restaurant.

“I can’t believe you gave that waitress your phone number, suppose she phones?” Cassie remarked as they neared their house.

“Did you see how turned on we made her, I bet she will finish work, go home and finger herself thinking about us.” Jenny replied, adding “Besides if she did join us it would be fun!” and with that she turned down the path that lead to the front door.

As soon as the door had closed behind them Cassie grabbed Jenny by the arm, spun her around and kissed her, gently at first, but then with more and more vigour, her tongue forcing into its way into Jenny’s eager mouth, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths as they stumbled through the hall and into the living room. Finally they broke away from each other.

“God Jenny, you wouldn’t believe how much I love you.” Cassie said gazing lustfully into the eyes of Jenny.

“And you wouldn’t believe how much I have missed you these past few weeks, every evening has ended up with me lying in bed fucking myself, wishing I could be with you. I even had to buy some more batteries for my vibrator. I even ended up buying some more toys for us to share, I think you’ll like what I got.”

“Jenny, I need you now, please fuck me.”

Jenny slowly slipped the straps of Cassie’s dress off her shoulders and gently pulled it down exposing her lacy bra, Cassie’s hard nipples straining against the lacy material. Jenny reached forward and smoothed her hands over Cassie’s sensitive breasts. She leant forward and nuzzled her neck, whilst she deftly released the clasp of the bra. She slid the bra over Cassie’s arms allowing it to fall on the floor.

Cassie slid the dress over her hips and stepped out of it; she stepped away from Jenny and teasingly slid her hand into her panties and ran her fingers over her hairless mound. She ran a finger up her wet slit and then brought her hand up to her mouth and seductively licked her wetness from her fingers. She turned and headed up the stairs to their bedroom.

Jenny followed closely behind admiring her girlfriend’s pert buttocks, they both entered their bedroom. Cassie turned round and ripped open Jenny’s blouse sending buttons flying. Without attempting to undo her bra she pulled the cups down allowing Jenny’s breasts to tumble out. Cassie then took one of Jenny’s hardening nipples in her mouth and gently started to bite it. She alternated between Jenny’s nipples sometimes biting, sometimes sucking.

Cassie now tugged Jenny’s skirt down over her legs and forced her hand into her dampening panties, cupping Jenny’s hot mound.

“Do you want me to taste you? Do you want my tongue in your wet pussy? Do you want me to tongue fuck your hot wet cunt?” Cassie asked

The coarse language turned Jenny on even more and she responded. “Fuck me Cas, I want your tongue in my cunt, I want you to suck my clit, I want to come with your fingers deep inside me and your tongue lapping at my clit.”

With that Cassie pushed Jenny onto the bed, her legs hanging over the end of the bed. Cassie then knelt on the floor between Jenny’s legs and slid her hands up her inner thighs, from her knees up to her pussy. She güvenilir bahis rubbed a hand over the front of Jenny’s dampening panties before sliding a finger underneath the sheer material. She moved the material to one side giving access to Jenny’s pussy. She took a deep breath and then slowly ran her tongue up Jenny’s hot pussy. Jenny moaned and arched her back encouraging Cassie to carry on. She placed the fingers of each hand either side of Jenny’s slit and spread her wet lips then ran her tongue along the warm and very wet slit up to Jenny’s engorged clit, nuzzling and biting it before starting again, but more forcefully her nose buried deep in Jenny’s wetness. The fingers of one hand now started to massage Jenny’s pussy lips and then slowly inserted two fingers into her wet hole, pushing them deep inside all the while sucking, licking and biting Jenny’s highly sensitised clit. Jenny was pushing her mound into Cassie’s mouth wanting her to fuck her harder, she could feel her orgasm start and started gasping.

“I’m going to cum.” She gasped “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming nowwwwwwww!”

And with that she flooded Cassie’s mouth with her hot cum. Cassie continued licking and gulping every last drop from Jenny’s sopping cunt. She then stood up and leaning over Jenny, she kissed her allowing Jenny to taste her own cum on Cassie’s face.

Cassie then flopped down on the bed.

“What are you going to do about the ache between my thighs?” Cassie asked, her hand sliding down between her thighs.

“Why don’t we have a shower first and then I’ll show you what I bought us” Jenny replied.

They both stood up and removed the last few items of clothing before heading into the bathroom. Just as they entered the phone started to ring.

“You’re not going to answer that are you?” Cassie asked as Jenny headed back into the bedroom

“I won’t be a minute, you start the shower I’ll join you in a minute.”

Cassie started the shower and stepped in the water cascading over her long hair, she applied some shower gel to her hands and started massaging into her body, starting on her breasts and then moving down over her flat stomach and onto her smooth pussy, her hands moving quicker and quicker as she massaged the gel into her mound and with that the shower door opened and in stepped Jenny.

“We’ve got a visitor coming round.”


“That waitress, she said she couldn’t concentrate so she told the manager that she didn’t feel too good and she was going home. She said that after we left she had to go and finish herself off. We’ve got about half an hour, she’s going to get changed first.”

“Shit, I can’t believe what you’ve done.”

Jenny took the shower head from the holder and started to rinse the lather off Cassie’s breasts.

“Oh that’s good” she said leaning back against the shower wall. “Lower, rinse my pussy.”

Jenny put the changed the shower to a pulsed jet and lowered the head down over Cassie’s wanton body and then aimed it between her spread legs.”

“Fuck!” Jenny squealed “that’s good, oh my god that’s good, fuck Jenny”

Cassie’s hands moved down to her pussy and opened herself up allowing the jet of water to play on her clit.

“Oh fucking hell, I’m going to türkçe bahis cum, I’m going to cum.”

Her orgasm surged through her, her legs becoming like jelly as she slid down the wall of the cubicle, Jenny maintaining the aim of the jet of water on Cassie’s juicy cunt.

“Oh god, I’m coming again, finger me as well, I want something inside me, please Jen finger fuck my wet cunt.”

Jenny knelt on the floor of the cubicle still aiming the jet of water at Cassie and slowly, a bit to slowly for Cassie’s liking pushed first one finger and then two deep inside her warm wet hole just as another orgasm surged through her. Jenny could feel Cassie’s pussy spasm as she came, her pussy clamping onto her fingers as she pumped them in and out. Finally she removed them and offered one finger to Cassie to lick clean whilst she licked the other.

“Oh fucking hell Jen, I feel so spent.”

They dried themselves off and went back into the bedroom and lay giggling on the bed.

“Now what about these new toys you’ve bought?” Quizzed Cassie

Jenny reached under the bed and pulled out a double ended dildo and smiled “Fancy a fuck?”

“Jenny!” Cassie said shocked.

There door bell rang at that moment. Jenny quickly put on her dressing gown and went down to answer the door. Meanwhile Cassie put on a pair of jogging bottoms and a T shirt, her breasts straining through the material, her nipples clearly visible. She then went downstairs.

“This is Sarah.” Jenny said introducing the waitress they had ‘entertained’ earlier.

“Hi, Sarah, I’m Cassie.”

“Hi, look I’m sorry about earlier, I couldn’t help but listen, I’ve never been so turned on. I’ve never felt attracted to women before but listening to you to, god I’ve never felt like that before. I can’t believe that I plucked up the courage to ring let alone come around.”

“Hey, believe me it was a turn on when we caught you rubbing yourself.”

Sarah went bright red. “I got so wet listening; I ended up in the same cubicle, masturbating, and thinking about what you were doing in here. I can’t remember cumming so hard before!”

“Anyway,” Jenny said “would you like a drink?”

“Sure. Thank you.”

Jenny poured three glasses of wine and they all sat down on the sofa with Sarah in the middle.

They had a couple of glasses of wine each just making small talk, then jenny put her hand on Sarah’s thigh and asked if she wanted to stay for some fun.

“I don’t know, I don’t know if I’m ready.”

“You don’t have to, you can just watch if you like, no pressure.” Jenny replied standing up and taking Cassie’s hand walked upstairs. Sarah followed.

Cassie and Jenny both lay together on the bed and started kissing, gently at first, then with more urgency both of them stroking each other’s bodies, hands roaming every part of their bodies, removing the scant clothing that they were originally wearing until both were naked, kissing passionately.

Sarah sat watching, becoming aroused.

Jenny picked up the double ended dildo, and looking directly into Cassie’s eyes, she ran one end along the length of her slit. She started rubbing it harder and harder along her wet gash until she pushed it deep inside her. She then edged towards Cassie their güvenilir bahis siteleri legs intertwining and ever so gently Jenny fed the other end of the dildo into Cassie’s waiting wet cunt. They both then started grinding together, feeling the plastic cock penetrating them. As they forced themselves onto the dildo their wet pussies met. They were grinding together, their wetness spreading between their thighs.

Sarah was mesmerised by the scene before her, watching these two beautiful fuck each other. As she watched her hands started toying with her own body, gently fondling her breasts through the material of her blouse and bra, then moving down over her stomach, she briefly rubbed her pussy through her skirt before her hands continued down to the hem of her skirt. She then ran her hands up underneath her skirt feeling her stocking clad thighs, then her smooth silky skin above her stocking tops and then the damp material of her thong. The material cutting into her wet slit. Watching the two writhing bodies before her she removed her skirt and blouse, sitting there, her fingers running up and down her moist slit.

Both Cassie and Jenny were watching Sarah intently watching her fingers playing with herself. Both of them grinding themselves together their juices mingling together as their mounds met with each thrust. Both of them started to grind harder and harder, their breathing becoming shorter and shorter as they neared orgasm.

Sarah’s fingers were becoming a blur as she fingered her moist slit harder and harder. Her fingers easily sliding in and out of her wet gash, as she watched her two new friends fuck each other. She then ran her fingers around her body, over her damp thighs onto her sexy stocking tops back up over her slim waist up to her heaving breasts, her fingers then going up to her mouth, sucking and tasting her juices.

As jenny and Cassie started to cum both started to rub at each other’s pussies spreading their juices over each other’s mounds. Both Cassie and Jenny were intently watching Sarah finger herself, her juices clearly visible between her thighs, her wetness starting to run down her thighs as she furiously fingered her wet cunt.

Jenny started to come first, her pussy convulsing, her cum running down between her thighs, this brought Cassie over the edge and she also started to cum. Her fingers frantically rubbing her hard wet clit as she came hard, juice pouring out of her.

After they had both finished cumming, Jenny removed the dildo from her wet pussy and then pulled the other end slowly from Cassie. The toy was wet with their juices.

Sarah moved over to the bed and ran her finger s up and down Cassie’s already wet pussy.

“Please can I taste you?” Sarah said pleadingly and then without waiting for an answer she slowly started to kiss her wet pussy, the more she kissed the more purposeful it became until she was practically fucking her pussy with her tongue.

Cassie then turned on Jenny manoeuvring herself into a position where she could get her tongue into Jenny’s slit.

Jenny then moved herself so she could taste Sarah. Her face forced between her stocking clad thighs tasting this other woman.

It didn’t take long before Cassie started to cum, her juice spilling into Sarah’s eager mouth, this set a chain reaction going, all three girls coming together, their cum staining the bed sheets.

After they had finished writhing together they all cuddled together, Cassie and Jenny and their new friend Sarah.

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