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As a note: The names I picked in this story were randomly thought of as I wrote it, and don’t match anyone in real life or anyone in any other stories, including my own.

Also, thank you SO MUCH to people who commented on and rated my last story! It made me really happy to read all the positive comments and see my story get what ended up being a 4.43 I think! I’m really glad people here enjoy my writing, and hope this one is even more well-liked!


“Now remember, this assignment will be due next Friday, mkay?” Said Ms. Lebranon, the English teacher. Over the next four days the class had to write an essay on the foreign policies and economical restoration plans of both the current political parties, as the elections were quickly coming up and she wanted her students to be prepared with the knowledge of what both parties were doing, even though most of the class of Seniors weren’t eligible to vote in this election, some would be able to, and definitely all of them would be able to vote in the next one.

“Oh crap…” Alice muttered. Politics didn’t sit well with her; she was the type of girl that had forsaken much of a social life in order to focus on school her whole life, thus maintaining a 3.9 GPA so far in High School. She would have a 4.0, but last semester, her PE grade was dropped to an A- due to her step count in class not meeting expectations sometimes… Which is absolutely stupid in her opinion! Gosh, they shouldn’t force people to be able to run 3000 steps in an hour already, which she usually managed to do, but some days she just couldn’t bring herself to complete the last few hundred steps.

The point is though, she was smart. She accepted the fact that she was special and most of her peers in school were just stupid and immature a while ago, and didn’t go out of her way to talk to any of them.

This assignment though… She had no idea how she was going to do it. She knew next to nothing about politics, as they’d always slipped past her and she didn’t know where to get a trusted source of information… It’s completely unfair to throw an assignment like this on an English class!

She’d find a way though, since it counted as a test grade(For some reason… Alice had no idea why this was justified, but she couldn’t change it.)

She kind of wished she had a friend that was politically inclined… But the only one she could think of that usually had the answer to political questions was Sarah, and she absolutely would not resort to talking to that idiot. Sarah was a rude, dumb girl who only managed to pull a 3.0 GPA yet still acted superior to her, usually grinning snarkily whenever she answered a question right before Alice. She couldn’t believe the nerve of her! She probably couldn’t pull all A’s to save her life….

The only thing she could think of that Sarah had on her would probably be looks… But who cares about that! So what if she had smooth, creamy white skin, and those god forsaken beautiful green eyes! She didn’t need the shiny brunette shoulder-length hair of the other girl anyways… Or the smooth creamy skin… yea, she was fine with not having all that.

It’s not as if she was ugly by any means though… she considered her slightly shorter curly blonde hair to be just fine. She wished her eyes were a bit more unique though… She had standard blue eyes that didn’t really stand out when she looked at people like some blue eyes could, but something she did pride herself on was having the same general body structure as Sarah. Not like she’d compared them or anything. They both had pretty fit stomachs and smooth skin, though Sarah’s butt was a bit bigger in the good way. It wasn’t large or protruding in any way, it just stuck out a bit more, more defined if you will. Hers was just flat…

Oh! And those damned breasts! God, she wished she could pull off a D cup, but sadly she had yet to grow past a C. Time was getting short on the growth of a whole cup though, as both her and Sarah were 18, and almost finished developing.

Anyways, she didn’t need help from someone like her. Absolutely not. She’s rather just take an F on the assignment!

“Alright, class is dismissed for the day. Remember to start on your essays!” Ms. Lebranon said as the bell rang and students started packing up and filing out the door.

Sighing, Alice slung her bag around her arm and walked out of the classroom. English was 6th period, so people were all heading out of the school, or to the parking lot for buses and pick-ups. She was someone who walked to school. Something she loathed very much… Not because she was forced to walk a half hour, no, that was fine, but because of a certain… detestable brunette… that walked the same path. To the same neighborhood too. She tried to avoid Sarah but usually the girl ended up talking to her for some reason. Usually to flaunt her knowledge(Which she didn’t have!) about whatever.

As predicted, as soon as she passed the school’s entrance, Sarah walked up beside her. Sadly.

“Hey Alice, you ready for this essay? güvenilir bahis I personally think it’s going to be one of the easiest ones of the entire year, myself! I love assignments like this.” Sarah smiled, her eyes shining with happiness at the easy A. She couldn’t help but notice how pretty she looked when she was smiling….

Shaking her head, she dispelled that thought quickly. “For you maybe. This assignment sucks, why would an English class have this! It doesn’t make sense…” Alice responded.

“Well I think it’s just Ms. Lebranon’s personal preference that she gives this assignment, not a curriculum thing. I think it’s pretty relevant anyways. Just because it’s English class doesn’t mean it’s only literature, it’s also cultural stuff too.”

“I still don’t like it… I suck at this stuff.”

“Well, I could help you out with some information if you want. I know a lot about the subject, so I can definitely spare some for you, Alice,” Sarah looked down at her feet, feeling a bit unsure of herself suddenly.

“Why? What would you gain by helping me?” Alice stared at her suspiciously. Even though she didn’t want her help… she realized she didn’t have too many options at this point. Nobody in her friend group(Small as it was) wasted time on things like political discussions or research.

“Why do I have to gain anything to help you?” Sarah asked her quietly.

“Well.. why else would you help someone?”

“To be nice?”

Scoff. “Since when are you nice?” Alice retorted.

“Alice…. Why do you hate me? You’re always so cold to me now, when did I do anything mean to you? I’ve always been nice…” Sarah had a hurt, saddened expression.

“I… Well, you…. just do!” Alice said, unsure of the answer herself. Her and Sarah used to be best friends in her mind; they did everything together. That ended going into Freshman year rather abruptly. She didn’t know why or when it happened, just that it did. She sort of felt sad about it as she remembered all the sleepovers they used to have together, and all the long talks on the phone, all the holding each other for comfort after sad news, all the memories….

She shook herself out of that. “I don’t know.” She simply said.

“I’m sorry Alice… I’m sorry for whatever I did to make you hate me!” Sarah whispered and sniffed.

“I… I don’t hate you…” Alice said. “I guess… Can you help me on this assignment?” Alice asked gently, and while that statement was still… a bit pretentious in a way, it was a start.

“Yes, I’d be glad to.” Sarah said, still a bit somber sounding, but she clutched Alice’s hand in her own tightly. “Why don’t you come over today… okay?” Sarah asked Alice lightly. She hadn’t realized how far her and Alice really had grown apart over time. It made her sad to think that Alice really didn’t like her… Especially when… no, she couldn’t think about that.

“That… Sounds good.” Alice said, deciding to just not go home first in that case. It’s not like her parents cared.

“Okay,” Sarah said. They walked quietly, somewhat awkwardly the rest of the way to their neighborhood, before going to Sarah’s house. Her parents worked until like 8 PM every night, so like usual, they weren’t home yet.

Going into Sarah’s room, they plopped down their backpacks on the floor.

“You can use my laptop to write it.” Sarah said as she started her desktop up, handing her laptop to Alice. This was the first time she’d been over in 4 years almost.

“Thanks.” Alice said, feeling a bit weird. She’d been here so many times, talking to Sarah… It was kind of an eerie feeling to be back after so long.

“Well, to start off with, I kind of do want something in return now…” Sarah said suddenly, her face was bright red at these words already. She winced at her boldness, but she had to ask this.

“Okay…. What is it?” Alice asked warily.

“Well…” Sarah wasn’t sure how to put it into words. She started unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them down her legs. She considered sitting on her bed that was right behind her for this, but decided to just remain standing, in case she had to get up to run after Alice asking her to please not go…

“What the hell are you doing?” Alice asked, looking at the sight of her old friend stripping weirdly, yet unable to look away for some reason. After her jeans slipped off, she stood there in her shirt, and her silky white thong that she wore today.

“I… Well, Alice, I’m just gonna say it, and please don’t run away from me, but… I love you, and I… w-w-want you to p…pleasure me…” Her voice stuttered at the end, and she averted her eyes to the side, her face blushing madly.

Alice was shocked. She’d never done anything sexually in her life, and the girl she disliked for the past 4 years wanted her to… pleasure her? She didn’t even know how! She was mostly shocked at the fact that Sarah loved her though, like, what? Really?

“You… Love me?” Alice asked, grasping what she said. “And… you want me…?” Alice whispered. türkçe bahis Nobody had ever expressed desire for her before, and it felt good to know someone finally wanted her… And it made her feel a sudden surge of regret and disgust at her behavior lately.

“Oh God… Sarah I’m so sorry for treating you badly over the past few years!” Alice said with tears in her eyes as she lunged forward and wrapped Sarah in a tight hug.

Sarah’s eyes teared up too, but in happiness rather than sadness. “It’s okay, Alice!” She returned the gesture by wrapping her arms around the blonde girl that was sobbing in her arms. “I’ve loved you for so long.. It feels nice to be able to get that out now.” Sarah murmured into Alice’s hair as she stroked it lovingly.

“Nobody has ever said that to me before…” Alice whispered, sobs wracking her body still.

“I love you, I love you, I love you! And I always will!” Sarah said happily, tears running down her face as she smiled wider than when she grinned at Alice when she bested her in class in competition.

“Thank you Sarah… You have no idea how much that means to me.” Alice said as her hands traveled down Sarah’s back, remembering the request that started this episode. As her hands got to Sarah’s firm butt, she started slipping the silky panties down her smooth legs, lowering herself down Sarah’s body as her hands traveled, until she finally slipped them off. She got a good look at the prize underneath, which was absolutely gushing with moisture.

‘I did that…’ Alice thought happily as she brought her hands back up to caress Sarah’s smooth, bare thighs gently, before pulling herself back up to look at Sarah’s intense expression of want– No, need.

“Kiss me.” Alice ordered, waiting to be given the first kiss of her life. She’d been waiting for the right person for a while now.. and now they were found.

As ordered, Sarah quickly brought her lips to Alice’s, her eyes closing in bliss as she placed her lips over the ones of the girl she’d loved since they were a lot younger.

Sarah’s hands slipped underneath Alice’s shirt, running along her smooth back gently. She pushed her tongue against Alice’s lips gently, and they parted, allowing her inside to explore her mouth.

This was what she’d been wanting for so long, and it was unreal now that it was finally happening. Sarah opened her eyes, seeing Alice’s still open and trained on her, as well as noting that Alice’s cheeks were bright red.

No matter how much Alice declined it, Sarah had always told her that her blue eyes were absolutely beautiful and perfect. She felt like she could get lost in them for hours, looking into the depths of them…

Her hands grew more urgent. They tugged up on Alice’s shirt, wanting it off. Soon they had to break the kiss so Sarah could tug it over Alice’s arms and shoulders, fully removing it and leaving the blonde in her black bra.

“Mmm…” Sarah groaned at the sight of her love being bared to her in such a way. She unclasped the bra as Alice stood there and let her, revealing her pale B-cup breasts to the brunette beauty. At the exposure to the air, her nipples peaked under Sarah’s gaze, and Alice felt rather underdressed, even though Sarah had no pants on.

“Alice…” Sarah moaned as she brought her hands up to grab at the breasts in front of her, pinching the nipples likely, before lowering her face to the right nipple. She was about to latch her mouth onto it, but Alice pushed her backwards onto her bed suddenly, detaching herself from the other girl.

“Alice…? I’m sorry, did I go too far..?” Sarah asked worriedly. Alice didn’t respond, she just wrapped her arms around Sarah’s bare legs, pulling her to the edge of the bed slowly.

She sank to her knees, and Sarah’s heartbeat rapidly increased as she realized what the cute blonde was doing.

“Oh god…” She let out as she felt Alice’s breath landing on her bare pussy in pants. The sight of a shirtless Alice staring at her vagina was one of the most erotic things she’d seen in her entire life. She let out a mewl as Alice gently touched the shiny surface with her tongue, testing the waters so to speak.

“This… Actually tastes really good!” Alice said, diving her tongue back in for more of the nectar flowing from Sarah’s pussy.

“Ahhh!” Sarah cried out as pleasure assaulted all of her body somehow, with the core of it being at her nether regions.

“It feels so good! Lick my pussy Alice! Lick my wet cunt!” Sarah cried out as she brought her hands to rest on Alice’s head, pushing her further into her womanhood.

“You like that?” Alice said sultrily, feeling a sense of power as the brunette writhed beneath her.

“I love that!” She replied as Alice’s tongue penetrated further into her vagina than anything else other than her fingers had gone. The sensation of her fingers compared to Alice’s tongue didn’t compare in the slightest, however, as she felt so full of pleasure that she was going to burst!

Alice’s arms pulled on Sarah’s legs, bringing güvenilir bahis siteleri the prone girl closer to her in her quest to reach deeper into the silky cavern her tongue was probing.

“Oh GOD! Alice!” Sarah screamed as her hips thrust against Alice’s face. It was insane, but she already felt like she was going to orgasm, and she could tell it’d be the best one of her entire life so far. The first one with anyone else.

“I’m… Cumming…” Sarah squeaked as she felt an intensely wonderful pressure building up in her body.

“Alice! Alice! Oh god, Alice!!!” She moaned as her sticky fluids rushed to the surface, coating Alice’s tongue and lips with her sweet, sweet nectar. Alice eagerly sucked it all down, continuing to lick the other girl for all she was worth.

“W-What! What is this feeling? Oh… OH!” Sarah cried as more of her fluids came up… and more… and more… and then even more. Alice kept licking diligently, sometimes breaking off to suck on the stiff nub above her hole.

“Six… you made me cum… six times…” Sarah said in a worn out voice. Alice smirked, lifting herself up and crawling on top of Sarah, pulling her shirt up as she went, exposing her smooth stomach and breasts as she got to the top, where Sarah lifted her arms lazily as Alice slipped the shirt off, and soon after, the silky white bra that matched her previous panties. Now the panting girl was fully nude as she wrapped her arms around Alice’s bare back and crushed the girl to her– their breasts pressing together in a fitting way.

“I… Absolutely love you.” Sarah said, gazing straight into Alice’s eyes.

“I… Erm… I love you too Sarah, I just… I don’t know why I didn’t realize that’s what my feelings meant when I stopped talking to you… I’m sorry, I’ve never felt this before… I’ve never had a person before you to love, even my family doesn’t care…” Alice said vulnerably, and Sarah silenced her with a kiss.

“Now you do.” Sarah said as they broke away. A naughty look entered her eyes as she slid her hands down Alice’s back, getting to her waist and undoing her belt. She slipped down the now loose-fitting jeans and panties, grabbing them both on the trip down. Alice helped her by sliding them down with her legs until they were off, leaving them both equally naked at last.

“You know… It’s your turn now Alice. I’m going to give your pussy so much love that you’ll be screaming my name in no time,” Sarah said with a smirk as she groped Alice’s firm butt in both of her hands.

“Ohhh will I..?” Alice asked dreamily.

“Yes.. You will.” Sarah said as she slipped her right hand between them, reaching for Alice’s tight virgin pussy lips.

“If you keep that up, I definitely will…” Alice sighed in pleasure as Sarah’s fingers explored her naughtiest of places, slipping inside of her and slowly going further into her.

Sarah suddenly removed her fingers and gripped Alice by the waist, reversing their positions so she was on top.

“I actually have the perfect thing for this…” Sarah smiled as she got off the bed and onto her hands and knees, looking underneath it.

“Sarahhhhh…” Alice whined as she scooted to the edge of the bed to see what the other girl was doing. She saw the position the other girl was in and smirked, loving the view as well as the possibilities. She lifted her hand and lightly smacked Sarah’s raised butt, causing the other girl to shiver in excitement.

“Oh? You like that don’t you?” Alice said as she brought back her hand and smacked the other cheek.

“Oh Alice…” Sarah moaned, and stayed on the ground even though she found what she was looking for.

Grabbing it, she took the box in her hand but simply turned around and pressed her chest into the ground, spreading her arms out as she raised her butt higher, wiggling it enticingly. She didn’t know it would excite her so much when Alice spanked her, but God did it… Her mind got clouded by lust as she set aside her mission momentarily.

Smack… Smack… Slap… “Punish me… Mistress Alice… Punish me like the naughty girl I’ve been!” Sarah moaned as Alice got off the bed and on her knees to better be in position to spank her.

“Yes… You’ve been a very bad girl, and you need a spanking to remind you of your place!” Alice said as she roughly slapped the brunette’s smooth ass, squeezing it each time her hand connected. She loved the feeling of being completely dominant and in control, while from the look of it, Sarah loved the opposite, so she was more than willing to comply.

“Who do you love” Alice asked as she smacked the other girl again, causing her torso to lurch forward, her large-ish tits pres

“You, Mistress Alice!” She mewled, loving the current role-play. Her mind was fully overtaken by lust at this point. Alice decided to step it up, and she flipped the girl over onto her back, so she could see the entirety of Sarah’s tight body.

Sarah’s expression was one of intense lust, as well as love and desire, and she could visibly see the wetness.

For the first time, she noticed the lengthy box Sarah was holding. She spread Sarahs legs apart wide, and pressed herself into that space, lining their sexes up together and rubbing herself against the other girl slowly.

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