Housebound Ch. 02

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Ch. 02: Jen and Amber

Fucking club.

Jen had been really enjoying herself, even on only one dose of molly, downing water and dancing with everybody and getting ushered into the VIP section to do it some more. Then the lights had come down around two in the morning, and just when she’d been about to pout, they’d brought out blindfolds for the girls.

It had been hot. It had been SO hot. Just rolling and dancing and touching and the thump of the bass in her body, and then someone was taking her arm and twisting it behind her back and dragging her off before she had any idea what was happening. She’d tried to say that this wasn’t fun anymore, that she wanted to stop, but then he’d stuffed a gag in her mouth and she found herself hoisted into some kind of vehicle and tied in an incredibly uncomfortable position.

And then she’d had a slippery little vibrator pushed into her pussy, and felt a painful electric shock snap right against her clit.

It was at this point, squealing in surprise and pain, that Jen had decided the whole affair wasn’t on the up and up.

Not that she could have done much about it, rattling off to God knows where in this sicko’s van and being held taut and teased and shocked and kept constantly aroused; she could barely even think. Sometimes the electric snap would drive her right up to the edge of a painful orgasm; other times, when the vibe sped up, it would jerk her back away from the verge. It was maddening, and it was some time before she became aware of muffled whimpers and realized she wasn’t the only one in the van.

They’d stopped at last, and she’d heard her captor’s voice–was there really only one of him? She and the other girls were unhooked and carried out like rag dolls; she’d tried to struggle as soon as he tossed her over his shoulder, and got a painful smack on her pussy and a doubly intense shock in return.

When the blindfold came off at last, Jen found herself on her side, lying on a pile of pillows and facing one of the other girls. This one had her hair in dark red curls, with a pink flush high in her pale cheeks, under a spray of freckles. Her eyes were a flashing hazel, and she looked as angry as Jen was confused.

She was also half-undressed, white blouse unbuttoned and plaid skirt pushed up to reveal a pair of white cotton panties beneath. The faint red impressions on her sides seemed to indicate that she had been wearing a bra before having it cut off or removed (her breasts were as small and firm, Jen noticed, as her own; maybe an A or a small B cup). She was shoeless, but white elastic stockings rose up to her thighs. She was gagged too, and though her voice was muffled, Jen could guess what kinds of obscenities she was trying to yell through it as their captor clipped a thick metal collar tight around her neck.

He finished, straightened, and winked at Jen. She stared in disbelief. This guy was maybe three years older than she was, with brown hair and glasses and a winning smile. güvenilir bahis She’d expected a monster, some leering brute with paws for hands; instead she was staring at an Emile Hirsch lookalike.

“Jen, meet Amber,” he said, walking around the pile to gently lift her head and snap another collar around her own neck. “Amber, Jen. I’m going to leave you two to get acquainted while your new friends and I conduct a little business, okay?” He tugged something back behind her head, and Jen groaned in relief and worked her jaw as the gag was pulled away. “Don’t hurt yourselves trying to escape. The windows don’t open and the door locks from the outside.”

He pulled off Amber’s gag, and she immediately turned to sink her teeth into his leg; Jen was startled at how fast she moved, but even more startled as he seemed to turn her movement into something else entirely. One moment she was twisting on her side, the next she was on her stomach, yelping as he delivered four loud smacks to her ass. “I told you not to hurt yourself,” he chided. “Back soon.” He stood, tossing Amber back onto the pillows, and the door clicked shut.

Jen scrambled to her feet and went for the door, her legs still weak from their hours of strain in the van; though her wrists were still laced behind her, she could turn around and try the handle. Unfortunately he’d been telling the truth, and it didn’t budge.

It looked like the day was dawning outside, though she couldn’t see much more than trees and a sloping hill. They had to be out of the city, then–but where? They could be hours into the rural areas in any direction. Jen stumbled back to the pillows and collapsed, just in time to receive yet another shock to her aching clit.

She didn’t even realize she’d was groaning with pain and frustration until Amber mumbled, “I bet you want that thing off.”

Jen’s eyes flew open. “Oh, FUCK yes,” she said. “Do you think you can reach it if you turn around? I’d do anything–“

“Anything?” said Amber, not moving, her eyes still glittering and intent.

Jen opened her mouth, then shut it.

“You don’t understand,” said Amber, her voice trembling a little. “He picked me up first. I was in that fucking van all night, Jen, and this little goddamn vibe has kept me wet and I don’t want to let myself respond to him but JESUS, I need to come so bad I can’t think. So… okay?”

“Wh-what do you want me to do?” asked Jen, a sinking feeling in her stomach.

Amber used her shoulders to push herself up onto her knees, walking on them over to the side of the pillow-pile where Jen lay. “It’s very, very simple,” she breathed.

“Amber,” said Jen with mounting dismay, “look, I… I’m not a lesbian or anything, so…”

“You think I am?” growled Amber. She twisted and then she was straddling the other girl, pinning her on her back. Jen could smell Amber’s pussy, see the battery pack taped to her leg and its slender wire snaking up under the edge of her soaked panties. “I don’t care türkçe bahis what you are, Jen, I just need your tongue. NOW.”

Jen found her next protest quite effectively stifled.

Amber didn’t seem to care whether or not her panties were still in the way; the fabric was thin and wet enough that Jen could feel the outline of her lips right through the fabric. Resigned, and a little afraid of suffocation, she nuzzled upward with her nose and pressed her tongue against where she thought Amber’s clit would be.

Amber’s reaction was immediate: she rolled her hips hard, pressing down hard against Jen’s mouth and letting out a long, stuttering groan of relief. Jen wrinkled her nose a bit, but she had to admit that the taste wasn’t nearly as intense as having a cock in her mouth. Even if Amber didn’t seem to know how to do this gently.

Jen had thought Amber’s cheeks were flushed before, but now they were nearly as red as her hair: her mouth was hanging open and her eyes clenched shut as she ground the wet, rough cotton harder and harder against Jen’s tongue. Jen actually stopped needing to do much at all, just pushing out her tongue and lips and letting the panting girl bounce herself against them. “Oh God,” Amber managed, “oh fuck!” Then she was frozen for a long few seconds, mouth wide open and silent, face twisted and legs trembling as she came.

“Fuck,” she repeated, “fuck, Jen, sorry, fffuck, please pull it out, please, please!”

Jen took the cord of the vibrator gingerly between her teeth and tugged, eventually working it out of Amber’s sopping pussy. There was a yelp from the other girl as it slid out and made contact with her clit for a moment, then Jen had it out of her panties and managed to click the power button off with her tongue.

Amber rolled off, still gasping, unable to hold herself up anymore. Jen rolled over on her side as well, blushing and humiliated–as if being taken and tormented like this wasn’t bad enough, now one of her fellow victims had practically raped her! She tried to wipe her face on one of the pillows, and then found herself biting down to muffle a sob of pain as the device clipped onto her delivered yet another crackling shock.

“Oh shit, Jen, I’m sorry, I know I promised,” said Amber, getting up on her knees and moving awkwardly toward her. “Here, roll onto your back–” Jen gratefully complied, and after a few awkward moments (as Amber worked with her hands behind her back), she felt her own egg slide out and something detach with a quiet sucking “pop” from her labia.

Jen just lay on her back for a few minutes, savoring the relief from the constant stimulation and pain, trying not to feel crestfallen that Amber hadn’t offered to take care of her frustration as well. That’s just what this bastard wants, she thought. Get the girls worked up and wet, lock them in together and watch them turn into horny lesbians. Get real! She felt proud of herself, for a moment, for having resisted.

Then she felt Amber’s güvenilir bahis siteleri teeth taking the side of her thong and gently tugging downward, and said nothing, and realized that maybe he was right after all.

Amber was much gentler as a giver than she had been as a taker: she pushed a couple of the pillows up into a mound and wordlessly encouraged Jen to move herself up onto them, then knelt down and took an experimental taste. Jen was obscurely glad she’d just gotten a full wax down there. She hadn’t been teased as long, and her clit was still aching from all the shocks; she expected, a little vengefully, that Amber would have to work for a while to get her off.

Then she looked down at the auburn ringlets tumbling over her thighs, at the freckles and pink cheeks of the girl who was nervously lapping away at her sopping pussy, and came almost immediately.

She only realized she’d been crying out and wrapping her legs tight around Amber’s head when she came back down. Gingerly, more embarrassed than ever, the two girls separated and collapsed onto the pillows. Jen wondered if she should stand up, prepare herself for when their captor inevitably came back, but what was there to do? The pillows were the only furniture in the room, and she wasn’t about to try breaking a window with her head.

“Um, Jen–“

“I’m not doing that again,” she found herself snapping at the other girl, coldly.

“I’m sorry.” Amber glanced over at her, hesitant and regretful. “I wouldn’t have made you if I hadn’t been–look, I swear. And I made it up to you, right?”

Jen said nothing. Not a lesbian, my ass.

After an awkward pause, Amber tried again. “So where did he get you?”

“The VIP room at Rust,” sighed Jen. “I thought it was just a stupid game at first. You look like he picked you up at a Catholic school.”

Amber’s cheeks flared again. Jen wondered if she ever stopped blushing. “No! I’m twenty-two. The outfit is–I’m a dancer. I was getting fitted for my costume for this music video, and he just grabbed me out of the changing trailer.”

“You were filming? Where?”

“This warehouse studio down by 92nd and Alder.”

“That’s all the way across town from me,” said Jen, frowning. “So this wasn’t just a spur-of-the-moment thing–he had a route planned out.”

“Really?” said Amber dryly. “I guessed as much from the custom-built creep van.”

Jen blushed herself a little, and scowled. Silence returned.

“So, an Asian girl in an Asian dress and a redhead in a schoolgirl outfit,” said Amber after a while. “I didn’t see the others–think they’re fetish stereotypes too?”

Jen had to laugh a little at that. She turned over and found Amber looking at her, smiling a little, still apologetic. She found herself imagining how many guys had been mollified all too easily after a tantrum by that face.

“I’m hapa, actually,” she said. “My dad’s from Korea.”

“My family’s Jewish,” sighed Amber, “so of course my parents gave me a name straight out of Bodices of the Moorlands, on top of the freckles and hair.”

Jen laughed again, but the moment passed quickly. As the sun rose higher outside the windows, the girls drifted into an aching, exhausted sleep.

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