Husband’s Mistake Ch. 02

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Once when we were lying in bed, relaxing after love making session, Adnan moving his hand on my hips, “You have a muscular butt, Saeeda,” he said.

“Thanks, I think,” I replied. he slid a finger into the upper part of my ass crack. “Tell me Saeeda, is your ass is virgin? I bet it is.”

“It is,” I said, “but don’t go there.”

“Let me do it, I bet you’d like it.”

“I bet I wouldn’t. Don’t go there, Adnan, Women have their own hole for pleasures.” I told him.

In my heart I also wanted it once in life, as I’ve never had anal. But as an Indian woman I feel shame doing this.

“Your ass is perfect for anal, Saeeda, and I hope we will enjoy it too much.”

I know it better that Adnan obsessed with it; My ass was his favorite part of my body. He practically beg for it. He lick and kiss my ass during foreplay, hoping that I would say yes. I loved his tongue and I even love his finger penetrating me, while giving me oral. But sticking his penis in? I always said it’s a sin.”

He looked at me with pleading eyes, and said me, “Saeeda, I know you want it, but you can’t want to do this with someone you don’t know. You’re safe for me and I’m safe for you.” Now that it was out there, I was gaining momentum with his speech. “I want to have this. Let’s try it one time and see what happens.” he concluded his argument and had a satisfied look on my face. Like I already was wanting what he wanted.

“yes Adnan I wants it but as Indian woman I cannot do it, because, it is a sin and it is dirty, women have the hole for it” I replied.

“No it is not sin, who says? and I don’t think i is dirty, I am dying for your ass, plz d it for me, Saeeda, I love it”

I wanted to refuse, but I don’t wanted to see him upset, So I agreed to try sometime, but without any promise.

I looked at him and he he had an iron hard erection. He wanted to have annal sex with me now.

I smiled lasciviously at him and said, “do you want it now.”

“yes, I want it now Saeeda, plz”

“OK, “do it now, Adnan! But i haven’t tried it, and heard that it is painful, so plz be Gentle” I groaned.

“Don’t worry, I will manage it,”

“Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass?” I asked coyly.

“Yes many times,” he told me laughingly.

“You’re great rascal,”

“Yes, I love anal sex, We will need to use some cream to get you slick. If at any time you feel scared or are worried, we can always stop,” he told me.

“I want to try it for you,” I agreed hesitantly.

“Good, let me get some lotion,” I replied as I reached for, my handbag.

I took out a bottle of hand lotion and handed it to him.

He güvenilir bahis rolled me on my stomach.First he kissed all over my ass chicks and then, He buried his face in my ass crack. I squeezed, knowing how obsessed he was. He held himself there, pushing hard until he couldn’t breathe. He eased up, just enough to inhale my musky odor.

He dove in again, pulling my cheeks wider. Licking and kissing. I remembered how i felt, with his warm mouth hovered above it, his hot tongue gliding slowly between my globes. When he reached my nether regions, I wanted to beg for more as I lifted my hips higher in remembrance. His tongue swirled my rim and then penetrated as far as it could. I gasped and pushed back towards him. I loved it when he played with my ass. I thought I was going to leap off the bed when his tongue touched my nether hole first time. However I loved it and he continued with the anal foreplay. “You certainly know how to get a girl all hot and bothered,” I rasped.

He continued his licking and penetrating with his tongue, sometimes stretching down to my cunt, teasing me briefly, but today it was about my ass. Nothing was going to stop him from getting it.

“I’m going to get some lotion,” He told me as he moved off the bed.

He got the body lotion and used it to lubricate my anus, Adnan slowly started working to lubricate. I kept squirming around and he whispered to me to play with myself. He pulled. He had my pussy juice and his finger was very slick as it entered my rectum. He used his index finger to stretch me a little and then switched to his middle finger. After several minutes of using his fingers, he introduced his thumb to my ass and it was a snug fit. Still I was determined to go through with it and did not protest. I felt she was ready for the real thing and I knelt behind her. I imagined his penis there instead.

“Do you feel any pain?” Adnan asked.

“No,” I whispered.

Keeping one finger inside me, he started to massage my clit. He used two fingers trying to make me feel good. I started to moan as he continued to massage my clit.

I turned my head and searched for his mouth to kiss him. We kissed passionately for a couple of seconds.

He felt I was ready for the real thing and he knelt behind me.

He applied and ample amount of lotion to his cock along with his saliva making it as slick as possible. He eased his cock into my ass and I grunted as the mushroom head cleared my sphincter. It was a painful experience, I thought, how could I accommodate it. “Oh, oh, wait,” I cried out.

“Should I stop?”

“No, just stay still for a minute. Let me get used to it,” I whispered türkçe bahis urgently.

He didn’t move with just the head of his cock in my ass. Few moments passed, I was in thrill, now I really want his cock in my ass hole, though it was painful, but also a pleasure, I was feeling sweet pain. I relaxed a little and felt more of his cock slide into my asshole. I grunted out loud as I felt fuller and a wave of pleasure passed through my body. Adnan kept feeding more and more of his cock into my ass. I was tense, relax and enjoy it.

“Oh Adnan, you feel so big, I feel so full,” I whispered, “But, it’s so good,”.Then I moved back a little and accepted more of his cock in my bottom. This continued for what seemed like an eternity and even then only about half of his cock was in my ass. That was enough for me though and he controlled the action. I moved my ass back and forth on his cock each time stopping when I felt full. now he started it slowly move out and in,, I felt his cock engulf in my ass hole.

Adnan wrapped his arms around me with his left hand finding my breasts and his right my cunt. As He fucked my ass, he tweaked my nipples and fingered my pussy. It was really a great pleasure I felt first time in my sexual life.

“Oh, of, uf, oh,oof ohhh unhh ohhh yes yes ohhhh Adnana yes, its pleasent!” I cried. I was an aphrodisiac and wanted to made him insatiable, and restless. I collapsed on the steps, my arms aching, my body trembling with lust and desire.

“Saeeda looking your beautiful ass as my cock slid in and out and that was enough to get me to cum.” Adnan said to me…

“your wish is my wish, but I like it, don’t say for me, you’re good,” I murmured, my face was radiant with pleasure.

“OK, I thought I am hurting you, but With ass like you to keep happy, I have to be,” he laughed and replied.

Adnan began to move faster, his hips swinging and rocking rapidly back and forth, yet controlled rhythm. His penis plunged deeply in and out of my anus and he swung his hips in tight circles as he thrust into so that he was entering my anus, spiraling downward. My body was rocking and lurching under his, jerking with his thrusts.

“Saeeda, lets we try it now other way,” he said,

“why not, I don’t know, tell me what to do?”

Adnan pulled out his cock softly from my ass hole and asked me to trun and lay down, so I did as he told. Now he knelt on the step below and pushed my legs high and wide, lifting my buttocks. I groaned, my body bent in half, his hands under my knees high above my head. So now I reached down and guided his cock to my asshole.

“Is it you wanted,” I asked.

“yes my sweet güvenilir bahis siteleri heart, exactly,”

Adnan groaned and slowly squeezed his cock-head into my anus. The breath rushed from my throat in a rattling gasp and my face twisted in an agony of lust. I back arched and clawed at his shoulders, my body doubled over. Adnan grunted as my anus convulsed frantically on his penis and held still.

Adnan played with my clit as he pounded my ass. my pussy and asshole were on fire as Adnan’s big cock reached the sensitive areas in my passage. I was on the brink of another huge orgasm as he methodically fucked me in my tight anus with his sizeable cock. I loved the feeling his big cock slide out of my ass and plunge back in as his ball slapped against my curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust.

Once again Adnan asked me to reposition, he I pulled out of his hard cock from my anus. Once again I rolled on my stomach, on my knees and raised my swollen ass for his cock.

He applied more lotion to his cock, and placed his cock into my anus. This time He eased his cock into my ass little roughly.

I started to play with my pussy as Adnan slowly started to fuck my ass. As we both got into a rhythm, he got going faster. we were both moaning loudly.

I let out a groan and said, “Fuck my ass with your fat cock! Bust my ass! Bust it! It’s all yours!”

Adnan would shove his cock as deep as he could and pull it out with each stroke harder than the previous one. And I was back to humping back against with each of increasingly his hard thrusts.

Adnan’s powerful thrusts and huge cock had left me weak, but I still hadn’t given up control.

“Saeeda, I’m going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?”

My own pussy started gushing out cum, dripping all down my thighs and legs.

“No, I want to feel it. I want you to cum in my ass,’ I replied excitedly.

“Here it comes then,” he announced as he ejaculated in my rectum.

I felt it was a good size load of Adnan, as we have started, so I cried out when I felt the warm sperms of Adnan flooded my rectum. “Oh, Adnan, you filled me, I can feel it,” I called out.

Adnan cock stayed hard in me and I could feel, may be Adanan also could feel my sphincter contracting and relaxing around his shaft. He waited for several minutes and then he eased his cock out of my ass and I felt while he watched as his seed trickled out and ran over my pussy down my inner thighs. I voluntarily contracted my sphincter and more semen oozed out of my anus.

Adnan caressed my buttocks until I flipped over.

“I feel like I have to poop,” I said.

“That’s natural after anal sex,” He told me.

Once when we were lying in bed, relaxing after a great love making session in cottage, Adnan stunned me by saying that his boss wants to meet me.

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