I was a Celebrity Sex Slave

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This is a “WINTER HOLIDAYS 2019” submission. Please be kind enough to favor the story if you enjoyed it and give it a fair vote. Thank you.

All sex described or alluded to, is between persons 20 years old or older. If graphic descriptions of sexual encounters are not your thing, please leave the party now.

CELEBRITY SEX SLAVE ( As told to Erectus123)

“You can call me Mary

You can call me Billy

or any other name that’s silly”

I wrote that when I was 11 years old in my kid’s diary. Maybe that was the first time I felt uncomfortable in my crinoline gown. As the weeks and months brought me closer to puberty I was surprised to find hair growing on my back and between my legs. I thought I was on my way to being a woman but I felt clumsy and boyish. My brother, noticing my hairy back, started calling me “Monkey.” And if that wasn’t enough to fuel my depression, while other girls were all of a sudden were growing breasts and becoming interested in boys, I was still flat chested and had no interest in the opposite sex. My teenage triumphs were as a Little League Girl’s Baseball Pitcher and I was on the All-State Champion’s Girl’s BaseballTeam in High School.

Fast forward to my 20th birthday, had anything changed? Well, I was casually into Yoga, my tits had finally turned into small torpedoes, and my body hair had disappeared for the most part, except between my legs and underarms. I dated rarely, with the exception of Gustav Romero, a ex-college pal. No male was very interested in me. Quite frankly I wasn’t very interested in them either. Yep, somehow in the most horrid way, Gustav managed to steal my virginity. I was quite drunk and I have never been sure if it was him or his best friend, or maybe both. I woke up in the morning with a giant hangover in a motel bed filled with red virgin’s blood and other stuff. I don’t want to talk about it. That was the end of that. I had to Uber home alone.

We can discuss those details another time. Just to give you an idea, my only other college sex experence was later that same year with an older professor, Dr. Annabel Jennings’s. She taught Psycology 101 and was suspected on campus of being a lesbian. She must have been 50 years old, but with the exception of some facial dermatitis and a dark mole on her cheek, she was quite attractive. She looked like a one time playmate with big boobs, a large curvy ass and very kissable lips. I’d seen various members of the staff flirting with her, so there was no question she was attractive to the men. The only hint I had to her sexual preference were a few comments scrawled on the girl’s bathroom wall with an accompanying drawing of what turned out to be “Freddy.”

When she asked me to assist her is redoing her filing system and transferring old Microsoft computer files to her new Mac, I thought that would be interesting. The process took quite a number of hours. I worked on it over the Christmas Holiday. She offered to let me stay at her place if we ran late. Over the next few days I was able to read a number of short stories she’d published in online sex journals. Some stories were so sexy my panties got wet while reading them. With the exception of that, she remained very distant and professional. I guess she was just biding her time.

Then after the third night, she became very touchy feely. She opened an expensive bottle of Dom and it went right to my head. That was when she suggested that I sleep in her room that night. I knew something was going to happen. An hour later we were naked in her large bed and she was snorkel diving between my legs.

I had thought lesbial sex was all tongue and fingers but after she greased me up with spit and “Ramrod lube” she introduced a large flesh colored thick doubleheaded dildo into our play session. I wasn’t one to complain and I let her have her way. I was sore for a week afterwards and could be seen walking to class like a penguin. But I had my first real orgasm with a woman. Even with the unexpected pain it was worth it. Although I should give credit to “Freddy”, her indomitable dildo. I thought we would end up as lovers but a week later she was on to seducing Harriet Foster, who was our class president and looked like a cheerleader.

As if my encounter with “Freddy” wasn’t enough, a month later I was taken advantage of by a Taxi driver I’d met at the sports bar off campus. He insisted he would accompany me home after I’d had too much to drink. I sat up front with him. I don’t remember much of the encounter, except that his fingers were quite large and he was hung like “Freddy.” I must have passed out at some point and when I came too he had my red panties on his head like a hat and was singing some songs in a language I could not understand. As you can see, sex with men wasn’t a thing of beauty for me. I felt used and abused by every man or men who’d laid hands on me and laid me as well. Frankly I was sore both physically and mentally. The only good sex I’d had up to that point was with Ms. Jennings and she’d abandoned me. Maybe the lesbian way was the right poker oyna way, my way?

My parents picked my 21st birthday to announce they were getting divorced. It was a week before Christmas, not my idea of a Christmas gift. Notwithstanding, they had decorated the house together in the traditional manner. You would have thought everything was fine. The Mom announced that she had decided to enter a religious order in Norway, of all places. Dad obviously had already hooked up with Shanea, a 25 year old airline stewardess from Ghana, a stunningly beautiful black girl whom I felt attracted to as well. Once Mom left, Shanea moved in. now she was visibly pregnant and five months later she gave birth.

Of course I was too reserved to do anything except babysit for Samuel and Hagar, the two twins born of their affair that began in an airplane toilet somewhere over the international date line. Once Bruhatta, Shanea’s mother arrived, a few months later, my baby sitting days were over. My Dad told me it was time to finish up college and find a husband, advice I had no intention of following. I had given up my room for the nursery and was now sleeping on the living room couch. This arrangement seemed to displease Dad’s new Mother-in-law. She would wake me up at six o’clock in broken English, tell me she had to clean the room and then she’d roll out a prayer rug, point it at Mecca, and chant religious prayers in a loud voice. I guess it was tough on her as well.

Having finished my second year of college I decided to take a break. I got a job working for a legal firm. It was interesting work with plenty of overtime. They valued my organization skills and high speed typing. I was writing and rewriting legal pleadings and got quite good at it. After the first month, which was the probationary period, they offered me a salary boost and I was able to move out of my Dad”s place.

Now I was able to afford a small apartment near the westside firm. I felt very accomplished. I avoided men, although I got plenty of invitations to play and some unwanted ass pinches from married lawyers at the firm. That was the same year that Linda Baumbecker came to the morning show on Channel 9 in Los Angeles. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I was completing my first year with “Bagel and Danovitch” that November. Now that It was the Christmas season, the office was sparsely decorated with Christmas and Hanukkah items, I think that’s what it’s called. I’d purchased numerous Christmas ornaments and had decorated my own living room. I was sitting there like a lonely Santa when Baumbecker came on the television. She was dressed in a skin tight red outfit. I guess it was some sort of “Santa’s Elf costume” but she sure was showing plenty of cleavage. I knew it was crazy, but she’d became a magnet for my suppressed libido. Was it love at first sight? Don’t be ridiculous, maybe? Was it an obsession? I couldn’t even explain it to myself, or anyone else.

I got a healthy first year bonus that month and went out and bought a 8k flatscreen TV so I could see Baumbecker in more detail. I would stand right next to the big screen with a magnifying glass, ready to spot if there was a tiny pimple growing on her forehead, probably caused by too much makeup. I was taping the morning show, replaying it at bedtime and turning on my vibrator to get a good night’s sleep. Masturbation wasn’t anything new for me, but now I was mechanized. My pussy had become a big fan.

Now, please don’t call me a stalker, but I scoured every TV show and supermarket scandal sheet to find out all I could about Linda. Believe me there wasn’t much out there. She didn’t seem to date, wasn’t married, had no kids. Finally I found something to work with. One morning she appeared with a group of homeless dogs available for adoption. One puppy got me jealous as it kept licking her hand. She mentioned in passing, in her news segment, that she had a small dog. She said she took the dog on Sunday mornings, to the Silver Lake Dog Park.

I started to frequent the park on Sunday mornings. It was a large piece of sloping grassless land overlooking the old reservoir. The unleashed dogs would run free, creating a dust cloud as they ran around and played nicely with one and other. I was surprised how much fun they all seemed to be having and no dog was biting another. I had borrowed a neighbor’s dog with the idea I could use Poochie as a device, to meet and greet the Baumbecker.

So there I was, dressed as sharp as a thumb tack in a black leather jacket and silk scarf, with tight slacks that my ass didn’t quite fill out. I’m not Rhiana, I wish my ass was. I was walking Poochy, my neighbor’s white cotton ball of a dog. I kept Poochy on her lead, while I stood near the wire fenced entrance on the lookout for Baumbecker.

There was a commotion off to my left, two big dogs barking at each other. I turned momentarily and that was the last thing I remembered, just before Baumbecker collided with me. It seems her dog was off leash, as is the practice in a run-free dog park. Her dog was evidently canlı poker oyna running towards Poochy, and she was chasing her down the slope when she crashed into me. I was out cold.

Moments later I awoke, cradled in Baumbecker’s arms.

“Are you Ok, please tell me you are?”

I was out of it, “Am I dead? Are you an angel?”

“No, you are alive. Please forgive me. I collided with you chasing after my dog. Are you ok?”

I tried to raise my arm but something wasn’t working.

“My arm, is it broken?”

“I don’t think so but you have one hell of a good bruise.”

That was when I realized she had taken off my jacket.

“Can you help me up?”


So there I was in the arms of the woman I’d fixated on. She walked me to her car, a stylish white Mercedes convertible with just enough room to fit the two dogs behind us. She drove to the Whole Food store nearby, that has its own coffee shop. The dogs were busy sniffing each other. I sat there in the parking lot, window open. Baum, as she insisted I call her, went inside and got me a coffee and a chocolate muffin.

“Let’s get you to the hospital for an x-ray?”

“Oh no, they charge a fortune. I’m sure I’ll be ok, in a week or two.”

I burned my tongue drinking the coffee.

“Wow, this is hot.”

“I didn’t know if you used milk or not, sorry. I can go in and get some milk or soy to cool it off.”

“No, it’s ok, I’ll just drink it slowly.”

That was when I realized Baum was holding my hand, quite tightly.

“Is there someone to look after you at home? I mean, are you married?”

“Oh no, I have a neighbor, Gail, who can help if I need it.”

“Excuse me if I ask, but are you gay or straight?”

I looked into her big blue eye thinking I could drown in there,

“I’m whatever you want me to be,” I said, and then the pain came on like a tsunami and I passed out again.

I remember her coaching me to take a Tylenol with some water and somehow getting me into my apartment. I was mortified by the mess but she didn’t seem to mind. She even said she liked my decor. I fell asleep once she got me into bed. When I awoke several hours later, there she was, like an angel, ordering food for us both.We had a leisurely lunch, pizza and salad.

“I have to get going, I have a show to do at 6pm. Oh you probably don’t know, I work in local TV.”

“I do know, I watch you every morning, you are terrific.”

“Thanks, ok.” She handed me a business card. “Now here is my cell phone number. If you need anything just call.”

And she leaned over and kissed me, not on the cheek but fully on my lips and she nibbled a little on my lower lip before releasing me.

“God damn your lips are so kissable,” she said, before rushing off to the studio, leaving me in pain but also in seventh heaven.

The next morning, I was feeling better, although my arm still didn’t work. I couldn’t raise it much above my waist. Gail had come into the apartment to get Poochie last night and she helped straighten up the place. Gail is a fem lesbian and I’m not butch enough to be of interest, but she treats me more like a sister.

In the afternoon, around 3 pm, I was awakened by a call, it was Baumbecker.

“Hi sweetie. Are you feeling better?”

“I think so, but my arm still hurts.”

“I could send over a masseuse?”

“No, I don’t want anyone’s hands on me except yours.”

“Got it. Ok, show time is minutes away, I’m bringing over dinner, I’ll see you later.”

“Ok, bye.”

I took another painkiller and slept off and on for most of the time. I had dozed off when Baum showed up around 7:30. I heard the bell and answered, opened the door while half asleep, nude under a white bathrobe.

When she came in I realized that she was at least 4 inches taller than me. While most TV people are not tall, she was. She looked very fit and strong. She was carrying two of those big paper bags from the Whole Food store. She’d brought a bunch of different items, everything from soup to nuts. We ate, conversed and then afterwards I took a few moments to freshen up, tooth brush, perfume , etc. I was feeling better but also very horny. I hadn’t used my vibrator in several days and my pussy was in need of attention.

I returned to her presence as quickly as possible, having rinsed my mouth as well as my puss. I lay down, half reclining on the divan. She came closer and kissed me tenderly on my forehead, then on my lips, a long kiss that left me drooling. She laid down next to me. She took off her cashmere sweater. She was wearing a pink Wacoal bra with little yellow embroidered flowers. Her breasts looked full.

We hugged and kissed. I reached behind and unhooked her bra. I nestled my face between her two milky lobes. They were quite erect and firm, though cool to the touch. I realized they were probably implants, but Baum was a TV star, what would you expect?

I caressed both her magnificent breasts, then moved my head to capture her right nipple in my mouth. She opened internet casino my bathrobe, pushed me back gently and began to suck my left breast. I laid back enjoying her tongue that never stopped twisting and rotating around her target. Then it was my turn. I returned the favor, trying to press her beautiful breasts close to each other so I could suck her two nipples at once. When I realized that wasn’t possible I began to alternate and sucked them back and forth, sliding from one nipple to the other on a bridge of saliva.

She let me enjoy myself and then took off my robe. I pulled down her panties and knelt in front of her, playing with her sex. She pushed into a reclining position, of course I wasn’t wearing panties, and she busied herself licking between my legs. First, just her surprisingly long tongue and then her fingers. I spread my legs as she began to insert her fingers inside my vagina. Between her saliva and my own natural lube I was very wet. The liquids even rolled down between my legs wetting my butt hole.“

I reached out for her, she was so beautiful in the nude, like a statue of a Goddess. Even her sex was gorgeous. I played with her beautiful pussy, she was hot and wet, my fingers were soaked.

“Oh my God, you must like me. You are so wet,” I said, as I embraced her.

“What’s not to like or lick,” she replied. We both acted like young girls.

I continued to finger her wet pussy and then I pulled my hand back and showed her how wet it was. I licked each wet finger and she giggled.

“God, you taste divine”.

I put my fingers back inside her and played with her swollen clit. she moaned and reached out and put her hand between my legs. She smiled and said, “oh, oh, so wet, you too.”

It was like a fun game. We continued getting each other off. Then she spread her legs wider as if an invitation and I dove into that space with my tongue licking her until I got her clit right between my lips as I kept tonguing. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head harder against her pussy. That was when I was sure I was pleasing her.

I sensed she was near her climax. That was what I was going for. Treat a woman to a good orgasm and she’ll be yours forever, I thought. I began to suck harder and she let out a scream as she came as I held her clit tightly between my lips flicking my tongue as if it was a tiny penis..

I looked at her. Her eyes were tightly closed. Then she opened them and was as if sunlight filled the room.

“Oh my God, that feels so good, I came so hard.”

I could not respond as had moved lower to continue licking her.

“Did you cum?” She moaned again.

Finally I raised up and began sucking her breasts. The alveoli were responding nicely, the little bumps became more pronounced as I sucked harder.

Wait, wait, I want to do you now. She pushed me gently and reached for her fancy Louie Vuitton purse.

“Get on your hands and knees.”


“Because I’m going to fuck you.”

She slipped into a corset device with a large black dildo at the front.

“Is that what you want?” I said.

“Don’t you?”

“I want whatever you want,” I responded and I assumed the position.

I stayed there as she moved closer. I was on the rug and the fiber texture was hurting my knees. I could feel her reach between my legs and apply a cold jelly of some sort, her fingers went into me and I could feel her belly against my ass and then that large nefarious rubber cock started its ponderous entrance. I wondered stupidly if I’d feel rubber balls as she thrust.

“Go slow honey, just go slow.”

She eased up and then little by little as she penetrated my vagina I expanded to accommodate her rubber cock, a half an inch at a time. I could feel she was now deep inside. My pussy was swelled to it max.

“I’m almost all the way in, give me a sec,” she said.

I bucked back as she pressed forward and oh my God I thought she was going to split me in two. And then I felt the hard rubber balls under the dildo and that made me smile.

Her arms were tight around my waist and then holding both my breasts, my nipples pressed between tightly held fingers

She then surprised me by withdrawing,

“It’s ok, don’t go.”

“Oh I’m not going anywhere,” she said, as her long tongue split my ass into two separate orbs.

She rimmed me for the longest time. It felt exquisite and she stopped and then once more her arms were around my waist and that monster black cock was on its way back inside me. This time faster than before and with no hesitation. I could hear the wet balls smacking into my thighs.

Oh God, I thought. Now I am really fucked.

Was I right? Had it been a man, he would have eventually cum and soaked my innards and gone flaccid. But this cock was now a permanent resident inside my vagina and there was no sign of her stopping as it rasped me clean.

I grabbed a sofa pillow and pushed it under my knees.

She kept at it, I don’t know where she got the energy. I came several times screaming and crying out, reduced to tears before she finally withdrew, slapping me hard on the ass as I fell flat, I rolled over on my back and she pounced on me like a tigress and started licking my vag. I was in heaven.

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