Iffy Lube

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I guess I just picked a bad day to try to get my oil changed. I mean hell, who knew that all the oil change stops in town would be closed on Sunday. Damn, I needed an oil change and since my car was already running a quart low it was the perfect time. Unfortunately, with all the shops closed I was faced with a choice, run the car for another week at a quart low, something my dad screamed at me so many times about as I was growing up ruining his cars, or add a quart only to have it trashed when they changed oil.

I decided not to make an immediate decision. I would pass the local discount store on my way home, so I deferred the choice until I reached the store. While I admit, I’m not normally that anal of a person to get hyped up over running my car a quart low on oil, but something I learned ruining cars through my life, keep the car lubed properly and it will treat you right.

Pausing at a red light, I eased my car forward to peek around the front bumper of a large truck right next to me. The coast looked clear, so I pulled out and turned right only to spot a car in the distance closing on me incredibly fast. Immediately flooring my car, it accelerated much slower than it needed to and I braced myself to be rear-ended. Fortunately, at the last second, the car whipped around me and blasted past with the driver flipping me the finger.

Oh just dandy, he’s doing ninety in a thirty five zone and flips me off like I’m the butt-fucker or something. Where are the cops when you need them? Hell, I do forty in a thirty five and get pulled over and this ass wipe’s nearly doing triple the speed limit and just cruises on.

Squinting my eyes trying to see what he does at the next intersection I am distracted by some fancy flags fluttering in the wind next to a large “Grand Opening” sign. Looking over next to the “Grand Opening” sign I spotted a smaller temporary sign saying in large letters Iffy Lube. Underneath, in smaller letters it said, “The best lube job in town, no ifs, ands, or butts.”

I clicked on my blinker and slowed to make the turn, wondering a bit at the extra T on the word “buts,” but figured it was nothing to get my ass in a crack about. Once pulling onto the driveway an attractive but slightly chubby young lady waved me around to the back of the building. Pulling around slowly, I saw her again at the back of the building directing me towards one open drive in bay. She had me stop güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri short of the opening and came over to the window.

“Howdy,” she said with a big smile, “you’re our first customer ever. You need a good lube job?” she asked, reaching for her pen which was hooked over the opening in her shirt. I couldn’t help but notice the healthy looking cleavage in the low cut blouse.

Glancing back up at her face I was enthralled how soft and flawless her skin looked. She had very prominent cheekbones that were softened by chubby, but unblemished cheeks. Looking at her, all I wanted to do was reach up and run my fingers across her perfect skin. Finally getting a hold of myself, I answered her, “Yeah, need an oil change.”

“Seeing as you’re our first customer I can offer you our Autograph Series Lube service including the oil change, complete fluid level check out and a little surprise in the end.”

“How much is it?”

“Well, the Autograph Series Lube service is $45.99, but the surprise in the end is free, since you are the first customer. Normally the surprise would cost you fifty dollars.”

“Wow, sounds like I’m a lucky guy today,” I said.

“You have no idea,” she replied enthusiastically. “If I could have your keys I’ll pull it in for you, or would you prefer to put it in yourself.”

“Well, I guess I could slip it in if you guide me,” I said.

“Mmm,” she moaned closing her eyes, “that’s the best way I think.” She then walked into the bay and signaled me to pull forward, directing me as my car straddled the opening in the floor. After motioning me to stop she came over to the car door and opened it for me. “You can sit over there,” she said, pointing to a chair right in the bay. She then moved over to my car and opened the hood.

I settled into my chair as she moved over to a stairway and headed down. She worked under the car for a few minutes as I looked around. While the wall was lined with a wide assortment of oil and other fluids for the cars, I also noticed a number of hoses hanging down from the structure above. These were labeled with an assortment of titles that confused me a bit. There was “Hot Lube,” “Warming Lube,” “Cherry Scented,” “Desensitizing,” and “Natural Scent.” Wondering what was the benefit of Cherry Scented oil in my car, I watched as she climbed back up the stairs and grabbed five quarts of oil off the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shelves.

She walked past me smiling broadly and leaned over the side of my car to empty one of the oil containers into my car. Glancing up, I watched as her short skirt hiked further and further up, exposing more and more of her ass. Either she had no panties or was wearing a thong because all I could see was more of her beautiful skin.

I felt my cock getting hard as I gazed at her ass, with skin just as soft looking and unblemished as her face had been. Letting my mind wander I pictured my cock sliding over that beautiful ass. She remained bent like that as she switched containers of oil, all the while leaving herself exposed to me.

“You need to make a choice,” I heard her say. Glancing over at her face I realized she had been watching me gazing at her ass for some time now.

“Excuse me,” I said, wondering what choice she was talking about.

“The lubes, pick any one and lube up that rod of yours. This is the end that you get the surprise from,” she said wiggling her ass playfully. “So pick a lube.”

Standing up, I couldn’t hide the bulge in my pants my erection was making but glancing up at her I saw she was nodding approvingly. I kicked off my shoes and then pulled off my pants and jockey shorts. Moving over closer to her I reached up and grabbed the Warming Lube and squeezed the nozzle letting the greasy liquid ooze out onto my erection.

“Give me a little dab there on my asshole,” she said, bending over a bit further and moving back closer to me. I moved the nozzle up between her picturesque cheeks and squeezed a dab over her tight hole. Moving forward, I held my cock and pushed it up to her hole when she said, “That’s right, now push it in slowly, but firmly.”

Following her instructions, I leaned to her, pushing until I felt her open to me, then I slowly eased my cock into her. Slowly I moved into her, feeling her tightness squeezing me, filling me with incredible sensations.

“Okay keep pushing now until you hit… yeah that’s it there. Now, just like before, push in slowly, but firmly. It will resist you a bit, but keep pushing.”

Sure enough, I pushed but it resisted. Reaching forward, I took hold of the milky white skin of her ass and pulled her back to me as I thrust in. It held firm for a moment then suddenly relaxed, letting güvenilir bahis şirketleri the head of my cock slide past the tight sphincter. The sensation was intense as my cock was pinched in an incredible softness.

Slowly I backed out of her and then pushed into her again, this time entering her without the resistance. I began moving faster, letting her tight ass slide over my cock, filling me with such pleasure I felt a bit dizzy. Hearing her moan, I glanced down between her legs and saw her fingers moving over her clit in unison with my thrusts.

Seeing that, I began thrusting faster and faster, watching her ass jiggle as our bodies slapped together and my balls bouncing up against her pussy lips. She then moaned loudly saying, “Yes, yes, I’m coming.”

Slowing down my thrusts, I could feel her ass tighten some with each pulsation that rolled though her pussy. Stopping for a moment and let just the contractions inside her ass stimulate my cock until they slowly faded. I then began thrusting again, listening as our bodies came together and then pulled apart.

By now we both were sweating profusely, so as we slapped together, it was wet and loud, which turned me on even more. In just moments I could feel the pressure build inside me and then, slamming my cock deep into her ass, I came filling that tight canal with my hot, sticky white cum.

Holding her ass with my hands, I kept my back arched trying to keep my cock buried deep, but slowly I went soft and in moments I felt her contracting as I was pinched out of her. I immediately fell onto my knees and began kissing her ass cheeks, running my tongue along her soft skin, tasting the salty sweat that glistened over her soft mounds.

In a few moments she pulled away and turned to me, reaching down and helping me up. She embraced me, her large breasts pressing against my chest as she kissed me, her tongue running over my lips and then toying with my tongue as I opened my mouth. When we separated she asked, “Well did you like the surprise in the end?”

“Like the sign said, ‘The best in town, no ifs, ands, or butts’ with two tees on but,” I said, pulling on my pants. I then grabbed my shoes and pulled them on as she turned back to my car.

She reached up and closed the hood and said, “Be sure and come back soon, three thousand miles or three months whatever comes first.” She handed me the keys and said, “If you don’t mind me guiding me once more, I’ll help you pull out of here and let you get on your way.”

Taking the keys I climbed into my car thinking, “You and guide me anywhere.” Following her directions, I pulled out of the bay and turned out onto the street realizing I’ll never look at a lube job the same way again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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