In The Depths of the Library

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Kayla sat beside Sarah on the campus lawn, facing down towards the empty amphitheater. The sun was beaming, providing enough heat to make the bright spring day feel unseasonably hot. It was three weeks since their night of intimacy. Things had been slightly awkward the next morning, but they’d quickly settled back in to their friendship. While they hadn’t repeated the event, they had both become more open with their masturbation. That is, Kayla had been more brazen with her night time masturbation and Sarah had usually joined in before she was finished.

“So did you want to come to Stereo-Wave with me?” Kayla asked, taking a sip from her takeout coffee cup.

“That music festival? I don’t know…I don’t really have the money at the moment. And I’ve got a heap of essays to get done.” Sarah sighed before continuing, “It’s like all the professors get together and plan when they give out essays to see if they can make us have a breakdown.”

“You always stress too much about those things. Anyway, just let me know if you change your mind.” Kayla took another sip, glancing over at Sarah and wondering whether she should ask her the question that had been burning in her mind and motivated some of her night time efforts.

Sarah narrowed her eyes. “What’s up with you lately? Is it…you know?”

Kayla smiled. “You mean the night we-“

“Kayla!” Sarah interrupted.

“Geez, calm down, Sarah. No, it’s not that. Look…you know that older guy you were seeing?”


“Yeah…you’re not still seeing him, right?”

“No! Like I said, it was just a one-time thing…he’s way too old.”

“Ahuh…well…what would you think if I hooked up with him? Just as a one-time thing.” She threw Sarah a wink.

“You want to…? Umm…sure. I guess. Why?” The question had caught her off guard. Not that she appeared to mind, just that she didn’t expect her friend to basically ask her if she could have sex with a guy she’d been with previously.

“I just haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head since that night. I kinda thought you might want to join us, you know?”

“What!? No!” Sarah exclaimed.

Kayla stifled a laugh, “So just him and me, huh?”

“Sure, just leave me out of this.”

“Hey, your loss. I’ll let you know how it goes.” Kayla patted her friend on the knee before they rose and started towards their morning class.


Tom used his pen to brush his greying fringe from his eyes, then tapped the end against the side of his forehead. He liked to think of himself as dashing, and believed he was good looking enough to be in a shaving commercial. Chiseled jaw line, piercing blue eyes, and brown hair that was slowly turning pepper grey. He didn’t think of himself as vain though, despite the fact that he most definitely was.

He sat in the large, quiet library, studying at one of the tables along the wall. The shelves, filled with research books, were bathed in the orange light of sunset. The other tables around him were empty, and the place was mostly devoid of students.

Seven months in to his three year Masters of Biomedical Research, and he was in a steady rhythm at college. Returning to studying at an age approaching 40 had been a big decision, but so many things had pointed to it being the right one to make. With his divorced finalized, he felt ready to focus on his career, and it helped that his company was offering support for his tuition. His boss had practically guaranteed to double his wage upon his completion of the course.

As a newly single male, the decision was also helped by the sheer number of hot young women he’d seen around campus on his initial tour, and he hadn’t been disappointed since his arrival either. It seemed like a procession of hot girls had come to him, all wanting to work through some daddy fantasy. He’d had more sex in the past half a year than he’d had in the previous eight with his wife. He did his best to avoid any complications though, making a habit of fucking them and moving on. It seems he was getting rather forgetful as he aged, as he always seemed to lose their phone numbers after he’d fucked them.

It was the sound of someone approaching that made him snap out of his reflection. He watched as a young blonde walked down one of the aisles of books, her eyes scanning the shelves for one in particular. That wasn’t what kept his attention though. It was the bouncing of her large chest as she walked, her breasts jiggling in her tight top with each step. Was she not wearing a bra?

The girl stopped, flicked one of her blonde pig tails over her shoulder, shot a quick glance down the end of the aisle in his direction, and then focused on the books in front of her. He was about to return back to his own studies, when he noticed her bend over to look at some books on the bottom shelf causing her short skirt to ride up and expose the creaminess of her thighs. She seemed to find what she was looking for, but pulled the book out and remained bent over as she read the back cover.

He craned his head and strained his eyes. Was bahis firmaları that the hint of an ass cheek he could make out peeking out from beneath her skirt?

She stood, gathering the book under her arm and started walking down the aisle in his direction. He casually kept his eyes on her, then stretched back in his chair to draw her attention to him. It worked, and he gave her his most charming smile. He liked to think of it as a roguish grin, something Roger Moore would have displayed as James Bond.

She smiled back, lowering her eyes slightly and fluttering her eyelashes, as she began moving directly for his table.

“Hi!” She said, “this chair taken?” Her voice bubbling over with perkiness.

“No, absolutely not. It’s all yours.” He offered, smirking internally, thinking to himself that the game was on.

She took her seat opposite him, setting out a notepad and a bottle of water, then hunched over and began reading the book she picked out. With her low cut top he had an unhindered view of her cleavage, and it was an impressive cleavage at that, definitely bigger than his ex-wife’s B cup. He dropped his eyes from her inviting cleavage down to the title of her book. ‘The Making of the Industrial Age’.

“Are you taking some kind of history class?” He enquired.

“Yeah, but it’s just an elective. Honestly…I’m not really doing that well in it. History is hard.”

Now there’s an opening, he thought, the classic tutorer that gets repaid with sex. “Hmm…maybe I could help you out? I’ve got a pretty good knowledge of history.”

“Yeah, I could totally do with the help! I guess you’ve probably lived your fair share of history too, right? My name’s Kayla by the way.” She said, fluttering her eyelashes and offering a delicate hand.

He took her hand gently, and returned, “Er…Tom.” He was beginning to wonder how such a ditzy blonde could even make it to university. That tutoring might be more work than the sex was worth.

“So at the moment we’re learning about Japan. Like…how it became an industrialized country in the build up to World War 2.”

Shit. What the hell did he know about Japan? He decided to wing it.

“Yes, well of course following the opening up of Japan by America there was rapid industrialization.” What was that guy’s name? Perry? Matthew Perry? Wasn’t he that actor in Friends?

“I know, right? The Meiji restoration is such an interesting time in Japanese history. Anyway, I really gotta get reading, have to finish up this essay by the end of the week.” She smiled and lowered her head down to continue reading, occasionally making notes on the notepad beside her.

Tom returned to his own reading, but couldn’t help sneaking glances at her chest, noting the unmistakable outlines of her nipples. He knew he wouldn’t be able to focus, not with the thoughts of her breasts filling his mind and most of his vision. She shifted, reaching down around her feet and he was treated with a deeper view of her generous cleavage. He stared at those milky white curves, like a lion at a lone impala.

When she straightened she glanced over at him, and he smiled at her. What did it matter to him if a girl caught him checking out her tits? She should be flattered.

That’s when he felt her bare foot begin to rub lightly up the inside of his calf. He looked up at her, but her eyes were focused on her book. Her sly grin was the only thing that betrayed her actions beneath the table. Seems like she was flattered all right. Guess he wouldn’t have to bother with the tutoring. He pretended to continue his own reading, wondering how far this slut would be willing to go in a public library.

She continued rubbing his leg, her foot gradually drifting higher up until she was stroking his inner thigh with the balls of her feet. As she moved higher he could feel his cock stiffen and begin to strain at the crotch of his jeans.

She looked up, directing that sly grin at him. “So is your reading…hard?”

God, she was going to make lame suggestive puns? It was a good thing she was coming on to him, as he’d have had to walk away from her otherwise. Even he had standards.

“I suppose you could say that.” If you were an idiot, he added internally.

She shifted her toes up to his crotch and found his bulging cock, then, curling her toes, she pressed them against it. He spread his thighs wider, giving her more freedom to stroke her foot up and down it. She massaged his crotch with her foot, maintaining her stare and studying him for signs of pleasure.

He did his best to keep the pleasure from his face, but pushed his crotch back against her foot. If he was honest, the whole scenario was like a fantasy come to life. Having a hot young woman waltz down towards you with her tits bouncing, sit down at your table and immediately start hitting on you was a sure fire way to get a man’s blood pumping. While he’d had more than his fair share of young pussy since coming to university, this was the most brazen a girl had been. Not to mention it was in a library. He briefly wondered kaçak iddaa whether this girl was the holy grail of women, a nymphomaniac.

With her eyes on his, she took her pen and dropped it beneath the table. “Oops!” She winked, then lowered her foot from his crotch and got down on the floor under the table. It was a brief moment that she was under the table and he wondered what she was planning, before her hand shot straight in between his thighs and grasped his manhood. He looked down, startlement turning to gratification as her fingers tightened around his shaft. She squeezed it, briefly feeling the thickness of his cock before her hand retracted. She got back up from under the table. “Found it!” she said, adding another wink.

OK, he’d had enough of the playful teasing. She’d had her fun and gotten him hard, now it was his turn to lead things to where he wanted it to go. He had to fuck this tease. His hormones were raging as a result of this big titted girl’s actions.

“So…did you want to come back to my apartment? I could help you with your history studies.”

“Oh I don’t know about going back to a stranger’s apartment…who knows what sort of things they might do to me, you know?”

Like fuck you all night long? What was she expecting? To tease him, get him hard and then just walk away?

She paused briefly to think, then continued, “I really should stay in the library and keep studying…but I am done with this book. Why don’t you come help me put it away?” He was initially confused by the return of that sly grin of hers, but then it dawned on him. She wanted to fool around in the library. This girl was definitely the holy grail of college girls.

“Hah, sure.” He couldn’t believe his luck, this hot young thing was throwing herself at him. She must really have a thing for older guys, he thought.

They both gathered their things and he followed her swaying ass between the rows of books. He didn’t bother trying to hide the bulge in his jeans, what was there to be ashamed of? She led the way back deeper into the library, and then down a flight of stairs into the basement stacks, her skirt swishing with every step. The place was practically deserted down there, and they walked past one empty aisle after another, before turning down one.

She stopped suddenly and turned to him with a smirk, eyeing up the lump at his crotch, “Good to know that an old guy like you can still get it up.” Her tone had changed suddenly from the ditzy young flirt to a more assured, confident seductress.

“Oh I have no problem with that.” He countered, reassessing the voluptuous blonde, “The question is: does a young, inexperienced girl like you know what to do with it?”

“Who said anything about inexperienced?” She stepped in to his arms and kissed his cheek lightly. She looked into his eyes through lowered lashes and he felt her move her hips against him, grinding against his bulge.

Leaning down, Tom breathed in her ear, “I’m sure there are things I can do for you that none of those college boys could pull off with their nervous fumbling.” And as he finished he took her earlobe between his lips, sucking on it. She let out a soft moan, and he knew she’d be like butter in his hands.

He nibbled lightly on her earlobe and began sliding his hand up under her top, slipping it over the bare skin of her taught stomach to cup one of her breasts. Since he’d seen her he’d been aching to fondle her chest, and she did nothing to stop him as he used his thumb to brush lightly against the underside of her nipple. Her body shivered in response and she wrapped her arms around him. Tom let his thumb slide back and forth over her nipple while he kissed down her neck.

It was almost like he was on his honeymoon with his ex-wife again the way the hormones coursed through his blood. His cock throbbed and the thoughts of fucking this young woman dominated his mind. He’d already forgotten they were in a library, as his hands worked her tits. It was a thrill to have this girl pressing herself against his body, to feel her perky young tits in his hand.

He moved his other hand under her top, pushing the material up to complete expose her bare chest. He used both hands to grope and tease her soft, smooth breasts. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back and with each passing of his thumb over her nipples she let out a sexy low gasp.

The two of them facing each other between the dusty shelves of books was a sight to behold. The handsome older man groping at the hot blonde’s exposed tits, her pink nipples stiff beneath his attentive fingers. Her face showed an uninhibited expression of the pleasure she was feeling, with her luscious lips parted in a soft ‘O’.

He used his fingertips to tease lightly on the sensitive underside of her nipples, flicking back and forth, lightly grazing across the areolas. Her nipples were hardened like buttons on her rounded breasts, and as he looked at them he had the deep urge to take one into his mouth. He gave in, leaning down to her chest to take one of her nipples between kaçak bahis his lips. First he kissed it, then he flicked his tongue up over it and curled around it.

Her response was an immediate low moan, which encourage him to keep licking. At first softly, grazing his tongue over it, but gradually licking it harder and pursing his lips on it. He even took it between his teeth and bit gently on it, causing another gasp to escape her lips.

She was like putty in his hands now; weak, young, horny putty. He smoothly pushed his now free hand up under her skirt and found round, bare ass cheeks, with the material of a thong between them. He bit down on her nipple again, this time harder, and pinched her other nipple between his fingers. As he did so, he cupped one of the soft round cheeks of her ass and gave it a firm squeeze. She responded by moaning again and arching her back, pushing her ass against his hand.

He took this movement as encouragement for further exploration and inched his fingers down between the cheeks, following the material of her thong. As his fingers moved over her asshole she moaned again, an extended ‘Yessss’.

He removed his mouth from her nipple, giving it one final flick of his tongue before he stood and whispered by her ear, “I’m going to make you so wet that it drips down your thighs and you beg me to fuck you right here.” She moaned in response and he delved his fingers deeper, finding the damp crotch of her thong. He pressed his fingers against her wetness and clamped his teeth down on her neck in a firm bite. She gasped a soft and drawn out sigh by his ear, clearly lost in the pleasure of his hands on her body.

He licked and sucked her neck while pinching and tugging on her nipple with one hand, while the other hand rubbed along her slit over her thong. As he found the bump of her aroused clit, her body shuddered against his. He hooked a finger in her thong and began dragging it down her thighs, peeling it away from her wet pussy.

She seemed to want it off just as much as he did and wiggled her hips to assist. The thong dropped from beneath her skirt down her creamy thighs, falling to the ground around her ankles before she kicked it off her feet and up the aisle of books. He smiled inwardly, certain that he’d have his chance to fuck this little slut right here in the library.

He quickly moved his hand back under her skit from the front, pushing it between her thighs and finding the slippery lips of her pussy. He used his fingers in long strokes from her wet opening up to the nub of her clit. He continued to emphasize each bump of her clit with a pinch on her hard nipple. She moaned at every pinch now, her breathing heavy by his ear while he worked her slit.

She pushed her hips forward against his fingers, and he found his fingertips pressing into the opening of her pussy. Her hole felt like it was gaping open, aching to accept his fingers. He pushed two fingers in deeply, but felt room for more and added a third.

A long, low, “Ohhh” released from her lips, and she stiffened in his arms. “Mmm. Finger me, Tom. God, if you make me cum right here I’ll suck your cock.”

He’d been expecting to feel her lips around his cock at some point anyway, but her offer spurred him to shove his fingers harder inside of her. She met his thrusts and pushed herself forward onto his hand. She was frantic already, grinding herself against his hand, and he felt her stiff clit against the palm of his hand. With each thrust of his fingers, and each push of her hips, she was not only taking his fingers into her pussy, but she was grinding her clit into his hand. This little slut knew how to enjoy herself.

Tom pushed her back up against the book shelves and leaned back down to her expose chest. If there was one thing he loved about fucking younger girls it was how perky their tits were. He lowered his mouth down to her tits again, flicking his tongue across her nipple while his fingers slammed into her pussy.

Each thrust was met with growing moans as he relentlessly pounded her pussy with three fingers. Her body was shuddering and her hip thrusts became short, sharp humps against his hand.

He could sense she was at the edge of cumming, and he wanted to throw her over it. He decided to try something that always sent his ex-wife into thrashing orgasms. He dropped his hand from her chest down around behind her, slipping it under her skirt and onto the cheeks of her ass. His fingers probed between them, finding her tight little anus, and pressed against it. Her response was another, deeper moan, and with that encouragement he pushed a finger against her asshole. He felt the opening relax and his finger was suddenly deep inside her warm ass.

Almost instantly, he felt both of her holes contracting, squeezing tight around his fingers as her orgasm overcame her. Her moans were probably audible to anyone nearby, but he wasn’t ashamed of being caught fingering a hot young blonde. He closed his lips around her nipple and began to suck as she came. He buried his finger in her asshole and continue thrusting his other hand against her pussy. He flattened his palm against her, letting her continue to grind on it while she came. His fingers were soaked with her juices, and he could feel it dripping down his hand.

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