It Didn’t Work Out Ch. 06

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This is the sixth of twelve chapters. This one picks up immediately after the fifth chapter. It would be difficult to follow if you haven’t read the previous chapters. Just to be upfront although all the sex in this is lesbian, the overall story is about a triangle and Don is present throughout this one. Once again, I want to thank my editor Terry for his valuable help! I hope you enjoy the story.

As the doorbell rang, Bridget shook herself to come back into the present. She was so glad that it was finally Christmas Eve and she would get the chance to spend it with the two people she cared about the most. With one last look at herself in the mirror, she went out to the foyer. Don was busy in the kitchen getting all the drink options ready. He smiled at her as she passed by. In part, he wanted to give Bridget just a little bit of privacy when she greeted Sian. But he too was anxious about spending Christmas together. He was close to realizing his fantasy, but it was also the first time that he would be spending time with Sian since she became an intimate part of Bridget’s life. He knew how he would react when they were doing something erotic but he was less sure of how he would feel when it was more their feelings that were being shown. Maybe he would still find it exciting, but there was a part of him who worried that he might feel jealous. He hoped not. If he reacted poorly, he might ruin his chances to see them together.

Once the door was open, he could hear the happy sound of his wife’s voice as Bridget welcomed Sian. There was a richness in it that conveyed her feelings. He stopped moving so that he could hear better, but they were no longer talking. Their voices were replaced by soft sounds that indicated that they were greeting each other in a different way now. Don resisted moving around so that he could see. Despite his wishes, he held to his decision to let them have this moment. It didn’t last long at all. The brief quiet was replaced again by happy chatter. Don could hear them approaching.

As they rounded the corner into the kitchen, Don smiled at them. “Merry Christmas, Sian! Thank you for spending Christmas with us!” he said. Moving over to Sian, they exchanged a brief hug that left each of them feeling only slightly awkward. They both moved quickly past it.

“Thanks Don! And a very Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for the invitation. I can’t think of another place that I would rather spend it,” Sian said with a slight glance at Bridget. Lifting her hand with a bag full of presents, she asked where she could put them. As Bridget led her into the living room to see the tree, Don admired the view of both of them. Sian already had her coat off and had on a nice pants suit that was cut just right on her with black pants and a red top. It showed off her athletic form but had a hint of androgyny. On her own, Sian looked slightly feminine but that mostly went away when walking next to Bridget in her dress. They seemed to complement each other, Don thought as he mixed himself some eggnog with slightly more brandy than he usually used.

When Bridget and Sian came back in, Don took their drink orders. Each one was like his with just a touch more alcohol than normal. He figured they all could use a little extra lubrication to relieve the slight apprehension they all felt. And it helped. It didn’t take long before all of them felt more comfortable. Conversation became easier and soon they were laughing and enjoying each other.

Of all of them, Bridget took the longest to relax. When she was with Don, he was used to being her sole focus. The same thing was true for Sian. Bridget felt the need tonight to be balanced in the attention she was paying them. She didn’t want either one of them to feel neglected. Slowly over time, she found a rhythm to balancing out her attention between Don and Sian. It wasn’t methodically even, but over time if she touched or got close to one then Bridget made an effort to connect with the other. It seemed to work since both Don and Sian seemed to be getting along and happy.

It was a little harder than she expected, Bridget mused. Her time with Sian was usually filled with loving gestures and touches while her life with Don was much more mundane. It wasn’t just recently, Bridget realized. The type of routine physical and emotional connections that reinforced a relationship had been slowly disappearing from their lives well before Don had brought up all the fantasies. Now as Bridget tried to balance it out to give Don the same attention as Sian, it felt odd to her and somewhat forced. She tried to push the disturbing thought out of her mind for the night and mostly succeeded.

Even though both Sian and Don offered to help as dinner was getting closer to being ready, Bridget insisted that they let her do it. To fill the time Don asked Sian to help him pick out a wine for dinner and discovered that she shared his taste in big bold reds. While Bridget was finishing up in poker oyna the kitchen, he showed her what they had and Sian picked out one of his favorite cabernets.

“I love this one,” he said. “Even though it was a limited run, I was able to get a really good deal on half a case. We save them for special occasions.” His smile was genuine as he looked at her. “I think this is very special occasion and it is nice that you are the one with whom we are sharing it!”

As Sian smiled back, she couldn’t help feeling a little twinge. “I wish he wasn’t so likeable,” she thought. She still thought he was thoughtless and mistaken in risking his relationship, but he was nice and obviously was trying to make Bridget happy. She would feel better in what Bridget and she were doing if he was more of a jerk. She gave a little mental sigh but all she said was, “I’m just glad I can be part of it.”

While Bridget finished with the preparations, Don asked Sian about the championship game. Like any good athlete, Sian loved to talk sports. After talking about the game for a bit, they started talking about football and found another common interest. Before they knew it, Bridget was calling them to the table.

As Bridget approached her chair, Don and Sian took one step towards her before freezing. Both of them had the habit in a formal setting of pulling out Bridget’s chair for her. Realizing what both of them were planning on doing, Bridget had to stifle a tiny laugh. She didn’t want to embarrass them. She took a step toward Don and gave him a kiss on the cheek and then did the same thing to Sian.

“How about you two do it together?” she said with a soft smile. Don and Sian exchanged slightly sheepish smiles of their own before nodding. Together they pulled out Bridget’s chair and then scooted it in as Bridget sat down. “Thank you both,” Bridget said in warm tone.

Don poured the wine before joining Sian and Bridget at the table. As he sat down, he said “Everything looks wonderful, Honey. The prime rib is just the right rareness!” Sian immediately agreed. It seemed that their taste in meat was another common one between them.

Before they started to eat, Bridget raised her glass. “I just want to say thank you to both of you. I know this is, well, odd, but it means so much to me that I can be with you both tonight and tomorrow. It makes me very happy,” she said with eyes that were bright with emotion. They all took a sip as she finished.

“Well since we are toasting,” Don began. “I would like to just say that having you here, Sian, makes this Christmas even merrier.” Looking at Don with a smile, Sian gave him a little nod. They all took another sip of wine.

“Lest you think me rude, I would like to make a little toast too. Actually I would like to make two,” Sian said. Holding her glass high, she looked to Don. “I just want to again say thanks to Don. You have let me spend Christmas with Bridget. That’s really all the present I need.” As she took a drink, Sian shared a look with Don. It was warm and friendly and she felt like he understood how much it meant to her. Then Sian looked over at Bridget. “And to you Bridge, I just want to tell you how wonderful you have made me feel the past few weeks; and how wonderful you make me feel tonight.” When Sian drank this time, it was a larger one to emphasize her point. She was pleased to see Bridget doing the same.

As they ate, Don and Sian both paused repeatedly to tell Bridget how good the food was. Once again Bridget proved her talents as a cook. While Don had eaten ample proof of that, this was one of the few times that Bridget had cooked a nice meal for her. On the nights that they got together, they most frequently went out. Sian kept asking her what was in the various dishes. Bridget’s cheeks glowed with happiness. She had put in a lot of hours and greatly wanted to impress and please Sian. Don’s praise too felt good. Like other aspects of their relationship, her cooking was sometimes unacknowledged. Rather than trying to compete with Sian by praise, instead Bridget just had the feeling that he was appreciating it more after being reminded by Sian. It felt all the more sincere.

When they were finished eating, Don and Sian told Bridget to just relax while they cleaned up. Bridget still followed them into the kitchen and watched them as they worked together. She enjoyed how they joked and interacted. They seemed to have found a companionable coexistence. It made her feel a bit relieved.

After a few minutes, Bridget could see that they would be done shortly. She went to the refrigerator and got out the bottle of champagne that had been chilling there. Taking it into the living room, she opened it there and filled three glasses. Walking over to the Christmas tree, she crouched down and looked under it. It didn’t take her long to find the two packages that she wanted. Straightening up, she put them on two chairs and then took a seat on the couch to wait for them.

Don and Sian canlı poker oyna were laughing when they came into the living room. Don smiled as he saw the presents waiting. He went to the tree and found one of his own. He went to Bridget and gave her a light kiss before handing it to her. Going over to the chairs, he looked first at one of them and then picked up the other one and sat down.

“That one is yours, Sian,” Bridget told her. “My family always had a tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. Don and I have done the same thing and I wanted to include you this year.”

Don nodded and then added, “When we open them, you will know why they did it this way.” His grin got bigger as he looked over at Bridget’s present.

“You go first, Sian,” said Bridget. “It will be a little more of a surprise that way.”

They watched as Sian turned her present over and carefully slit the tape with her nails and undid the present. Laughing with delight, she pulled it out from the paper. “It is pajamas!” she said as she continued to laugh. Sian held them up for Don to see. It was a camisole with long pajama bottoms made of a very soft black material with some equally soft white lace. The top would bare her shoulders and her cleavage but otherwise would cover her body. Sian could tell they would be comfortable and not too tight and clingy.

“Thank you, Bridge!” she said as she moved over to give Bridget a kiss that lingered for a few moments.

The two women then turned their attention to Don as he opened his up. He didn’t bother with trying to preserve the paper. He just ripped it off as quickly as possible. He laughed harder than Sian when he saw what Bridget had gotten him. “Hugh Hefner pajamas!” he proudly proclaimed as he held up the silk pj’s. Both women began laughing too. Bridget was glad that he seemed genuinely pleased with them. She wanted his good mood to continue.

When Bridget started to open her present, she felt a tiny twinge of nervousness. She wasn’t sure what Don had picked out for her but she remembered what he had chosen for her night with Sian. She had a strong suspicion that this one would be even racier. She pulled away the paper and looked in at it. She gave Don a little mock glare before pulling it out. It was a semi-transparent red lace babydoll nightie and matching panties. The top tied together at her breast with a big bow and but was otherwise split.

“Nice choice, Don!” Sian said with a chuckle that Don quickly joined. “I am hoping the tradition is that we have to wear these tonight.”

“It is,” said Bridget with a fake long suffering sigh. In reality, she was excited at the prospect. Before tonight if Don had done this, it would have felt like another push to try and get her to go quicker than she wanted. Tonight was different. It wasn’t hard for Bridget to know why. “I’ve already made the decision,” she thought. “This isn’t pushing. Don’s just helping me please Sian. He wants her to really desire me.”

She moved over to Don and gave him a little peck on the lips. “Thank you, Don. It is beautiful. I am glad you got it.” Then she turned to Sian and held the top in front of her. “So you like it too, Sian?”

Even though Sian felt a little awkward with Don there, she smiled and nodded. “You will look very beautiful and sexy, Bridge. Of course you always look beautiful and sexy so it will just be a bonus.” That put a big smile on Bridget’s face and she went over to give Sian a kiss too. Unlike the one with Don, this one was long and drawn out. Bridget sat down in Sian’s lap and put her arms around Sian’s neck. She still had the nightie in one hand as they kissed.

Don could see how both their tongue and throats moved as they got more and more into the kiss. His cock went from the semi-hardness of most of the evening to full rock hard in seconds. His presence didn’t seem to put them off slightly. As the kiss finally ended, Bridget stayed sitting in Sian’s lap with her arm over Sian’s shoulder and leaning her head against Sian’s. Neither Bridget nor Sian looked at Don for a few moments and then Bridget gave him a shy glance.

“You two look good together,” Don said. He was a little at a loss for words and couldn’t figure out anything else to say. It sounded even lamer after he said it. Neither one of them knew how to react to that. The uncomfortable silence that followed wasn’t that long; it just seemed that way.

Finally Bridget stood up and looked at them both. “Why don’t we all change into our pajamas and then come back out here. Don, could you please make sure all the blinds are closed?” Reaching out a hand to Sian, Bridget gave a tug to bring Sian to her feet. Each of them held their new nightclothes in their free hand as Bridget led Sian to the guest bathroom. “I thought you might like a private place to change, my darling Sian,” she said. “I’d join you but that would spoil the chance for a grand entrance.” Bridget giggled as she gave Sian a quick kiss before retreated internet casino to her own bathroom.

Even with having to check all the blinds, Don was still the first person back out in the living room. Bridget had locked herself in the master bathroom so he just changed in the bedroom. He went back to the same chair that Bridget put his pajamas. It wasn’t too long before Sian came back as well. Instead of going back to the chair, she sat down in the couch next to where Bridget had been. After looking once towards the bedroom, Sian looked coolly at Don for a few seconds before focusing her attention on the shining Christmas tree. Both of them sat there in silence. It wasn’t particularly awkward. They both just were waiting on Bridget and words weren’t necessary.

After what seemed like much longer than it really was they heard the door to the bedroom opening. Both of their heads swiveled over to look. They had anticipated seeing Bridget in her new nightie but instead she was wearing a white silk robe over it. Little edges of red peeking out from under the robe were proof that she was wearing it. The robe was mid-thigh length and every step showed a little more of her leg. Bridget had taken the time to brush her hair until it was just right and redone her makeup into a somewhat sultrier look. Her eye shadow was darker with more noticeable eye liner and her lipstick had deepened several shades. Neither Sian nor Don could take their eyes off her. She looked very sexy.

It surprised Don just a little bit when she came over to him first. Bridget sat down on his lap and put one arm around him. He did the same thing. Bridget gave him a little kiss on the cheek. She could feel his erection pressing against her hip.

“Merry Christmas, Sweetie,” Bridget said very softly to him. “You are going to get your biggest present tonight. I want Sian to make love to me.” He made a little sound at the back of his throat that prompted Bridget to smile a little. “Thank you for being patient and letting me do this the only way I could. I love you for that. We have some ground rules for tonight, okay?” She waited until he nodded. “This is between Sian and me. You can watch. You can play with yourself. You can’t touch me and you can’t touch Sian.”

Bridget paused and looked over at Sian for a moment. They exchanged a smile. Then putting her lips right next to his ear Bridget spoke again. “I’m 100% lesbian tonight, Don.” He groaned and Bridget felt his cock twitch. “One final rule, you need to be quiet. No talking to us and no talking to yourself. We don’t want to know you are there. This is about my lesbian lover making love to her virgin lesbian girlfriend.” She felt it twitch again. “Do you agree to these ground rules or shall we leave you out here?”

Don could tell that these were the only two options that Bridget would allow. It didn’t matter. He would have agreed to practically anything. “I agree,” he croaked. His throat was very dry. Bridget gave him another kiss on the cheek, patted his knee and then got up.

Walking over to the champagne glasses, Bridget handed them out. She took her own and sat down on the end of the couch away from Sian. Both Don and Sian were a little surprised at that. It soon became apparent why Bridget had done it. As she looked at Sian, Bridget curled one leg under her and then moved her other foot close to her body, raising the knee up. Her white robe slide open to up to the belted waist. The red panties of her nightie were exposed, completely to Sian but only partially to Don who was at an angle to her. Bridget had a very sexy smile on as she lifted her glass to her lips. Sian lifted hers and they drank at the same time.

Don drank when they did but it didn’t matter to them. He could tell that neither one was paying the slightest attention to him. Their awareness was only of each other.

As Bridget shifted, the belt of her robe loosened. Each time she moved a little, her robe fell slightly more open. Sian’s eyes were flicking up and down as she watched the little red bow in the front of Bridget’s nightie slowly become visible. Sian stretched out one of her legs on the couch, her foot touching Bridget as she moved. She loved how Bridget’s eyes fluttered closed. When her leg was fully extended, her foot wasn’t quite down to Bridget’s panties. There was still a little space between them. From the way her body tensed, Bridget clearly expected that Sian would touch her there. When it wasn’t forthcoming, her eyes opened to look at Sian. They reflected the lust that Bridget was feeling. She waited a moment longer and then Bridget arched her back enough to inch her hips forward.

“Ahhh,” Bridget hissed as she pressed herself against Sian’s foot. A little quiver ran down her body. Once she felt Sian against her, Bridget didn’t move any further. She sipped her champagne a little more while her eyes stayed locked on Sian’s. Even though she knew it was coming, she was startled when Sian flexed her foot. Sian waited until Bridget was taking another sip of champagne and smiled to see a little dribble trickled down Bridget’s chin. A tiny drop dangled off her chin for a moment and then fell down onto Bridget’s chest.

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