It’s Freaking Hot!

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It’s freaking hot! Summers in Central California have days on end of record or near record heat and today was pushing 113 degrees in the shade.

I’d left work a few minutes early because I couldn’t take the heat any longer. I drove home dreaming of that cold beer chilling in the fridge and the few moments I was going have to drink it before my wife Kay made her way home.

Kay and I have been happily married for more than 30 years. We’ve recently become empty nesters and are learning to appreciate our new found freedom. We’re really starting to enjoy spontaneous weekend trips, camping, relaxing, and being together, just the two of us. And as a bonus, our sex life has kicked back in and we have sex pretty much whenever and wherever in the house we want.

Kay is in her early 50s, very intelligent, short, big breasted with curves that can only be described as voluptuous. Her beautiful straight black hair and pale skin reveal her Irish heritage. I’m in my mid-fifties and I’m a big guy in every way, gray haired, comfortable, as I like to describe myself.

I’d finally made it to my driveway and headed into the air conditioned house. Kay scared the hell out of me as I walked in. Apparently she had gotten off work early and beat me home. “Hi Babe, you made it through the day huh?” she said as I walked into the kitchen to give her a kiss.

“Hey, I didn’t expect you home so early,” I said, as she leaned over the kitchen bar for her kiss. I noticed Kay had a funny look on her face as she told me she’d pour me a beer if I wanted to have a quick shower and cool off.

I showered and put on a clean pair of cargo shorts and a light t-shirt. During the summer, I sleep nude so I usually don’t wear underwear when staying around the house in the evenings.

“Hey honey, what are we doing for dinner?” I yell out. Walking into the family room, I see Kay sitting on the couch dressed in a white t-shirt and the kaki cotton skirt that just drives me wild. I love that skirt because it shows off her lovely legs that frankly, I never get to see enough of. She almost never wears it as it’s a tad short. but still sexy. Kay has her legs held tightly together and a serious frown on her face. That’s not usually a good sign and I’m thinking she must really have something serious we need to discuss. Walking further into the room, I spot an open shipping box on the floor next to her and suddenly it hits me, and I now realize what’s going on.

“Uh oh,” I say, feeling a little embarrassed, kind of like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “I forgot to tell you I made a little order from The Pleasure Trove in West Hollywood. I really wasn’t expecting it to be delivered this soon. What do you think?” I ask, holding my breath.

“Well,” Kay starts, “you know… we don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on those kind of things, but… I think I’m going to like it.” And with that she spreads her legs a little and a huge bulge pops up under her skirt like she’s just gotten a huge hard-on. She’d had something trapped between her legs, and I bet I know what it is!

I almost leapt over the coffee table so I could grab hold of the boner she was now sporting beneath her skirt. I took it in my hand and stroked it up and down, still covered in her skirt material. I lowered my face to hers and softly kissed her lips. I could feel the excitement illegal bahis and anticipation rise in both of us. Kay parted her legs wider as I stroked the firm cock she wore under her skirt.

The base of the dildo must have been putting pressure on her sensitive sex as I noticed her getting a little more aroused with each stroke. Our kisses became deeper, our tongues fighting for control of the other’s mouth. She began squirming on the couch and grinding the cock into my fist. Kay softly moaned into my mouth. I kissed down her chin and along her jaw. With my free hand I lifted the t-shirt and unhooked the front clasp of her bra and freed her heavy breasts. Now I began gently massaging circles around first one, then the other breast, slowly working my way to her nipples. I offered my thumb and first finger, which she sucked into her mouth for lubrication. Then, with the wet fingers, I pinched and rolled her distended nipples as she moaned with lust.

She was almost panting when she whispered, “Get down there and suck my cock. I want to see you sucking on my big cock!” This was totally out of character for Kay as she was always a little bit of a submissive during sex, and not usually one to give orders.

I got down on my knees in front of her and slowly raised her skirt. Kay scooted a little closer to the edge of the cushion and spread her legs wide to allow me better access. As I lifted her skirt up, I could see the gleaming blue silicone dildo securely fastened to the new leather harness. Kay’s pussy was visible and clearly she was extremely aroused. Her wetness was smeared all over her pussy from contact with the base of the dildo. I flipped her skirt up onto her belly, and breathed in Kay’s intoxicating, musky aroma. The dildo was pointing straight up as I took it in my right hand and slid two fingers into Kay’s wet pussy with my left. She moaned softly and I looked right into her eyes as I sucked the head of the dildo into my mouth.

I sawed the two fingers in and out of Kay’s soaked pussy. Slowly at first, then faster as her breathing increased, fucking her as I sucked her cock further into my mouth. Her eyelids were heavy and half closed with lust and her moaning grew loud as she ground her hips into my hand.

“Oh fuck. ” She moaned in a low, raspy voice. Her pussy was clenching and releasing at each stroke. I sucked hard on the dildo and pushed and pulled on it in an effort to emulate some of the rough blow jobs Kay had done to me. The smooth flat base of the dildo was brutally rubbing against her clit and her pussy juice ran freely. Suddenly Kay bucked, spreading her legs as far as they would go, toes curled, and she let out a guttural grunting. “Oh god, oh fuck, yes, yes!” Her orgasm came quickly and overtook her as her pussy spasmed around my fingers, her juices flowing out from deep in her core.

I took my mouth off the dildo and slid my fingers from her sopping hole and made a valiant attempt at lapping up as much of her wetness as I could, but there was just too much. I offered her my soaked fingers, she grabbed my hand and licked her own fluids from it.

I sat there on the floor with my head on her leg, marveling at the rig she had on. The dildo’s size was to say the least, intimidating. It was purple, 7 inches long and 1 1/4 in diameter, firm and smooth as glass. The harness was black nylon and rugged looking illegal bahis siteleri as if it were some kind of mountain climbing gear. Definitely made for lots of fucking. Although Kay has occasional fucked me in the ass before, this is the first time I’ve invested some real money into equipment in the hopes that pegging will become a regular part of our lovemaking.

Eventually, Kay’s breathing slowed and she showed signs of recovering. She looked down at me and said in a hoarse whisper, “Ok Chuck, that cock is not going to fuck itself, get that new jar of lube out of the box,” I reached over and rummaged through the box and found the extra thick lube I’d ordered. I was just about to scoop out some of the clear jelly, when Kay stopped me. “Wait,” she said, “Go get me one of our gloves,” Oh my god, the thought of what she was going to do to me now just about pushed me over the edge right there and then. I hopped up and trotted off to our bedroom as Kay shouted, “And you better be naked when you come back!” I grabbed a latex glove from our toy drawer, dropped my shorts and ran back to the family room, my fully erect dick bobbing up and down.

Kay had removed her skirt and t-shirt. “Hands and knees on the couch,” she barked. Following orders, I was soon in position, head resting on the arm of our couch and my ass in the air. I felt the cool lube being applied to my rectum by Kay’s now gloved hand. She slathered on quite a bit and rubbed it around my pucker hole. I groaned with pleasure as I felt the pressure of her well lubed finger probe the opening, then slide into my ass. I focused on relaxing my sphincter muscle as Kay slowly began to thrust her finger in and out. It felt so amazing as she finger fucked my ass, and I was moaning uncontrollably. Her other hand took hold of my engorged dick and stroked it up and down until I warned her I wouldn’t last long if she didn’t stop.

Kay lay back on the couch, and slid down, her ass nearly off the edge. “Straddle me,” she whispered in a faint, lust filled voice. I did as I was told and threw my leg over her waist, my cock now resting in the valley between her big tits. Kay took hold of the dildo, moving it into position as I lowered my ass on to it.

I felt the head at my opening and froze. It felt huge, and I started to have some second thoughts, but in that instant Kay thrust her hips up and the dildo slid in, penetrating my tight anal ring as I let out a loud “Oohhh!” It felt fantastic as I inched farther down the smooth shaft, my asshole was being stretched farther than it ever had. After a few minutes, I’d managed to take it all and bottomed out against the base. Shifting my weight forward, I slid the dildo out until I felt the head tug against my sphincter. Then back down, impaling myself on it again, once, twice three times, now faster as I got used to riding the strap on.

Kay’s eyes were wild with excitement as I fucked myself up and down on her cock. “That’s it baby, fuck my cock, show me how much you like that dick in your ass,”

Then, without warning it hit me. An intense orgasm rocked my body. Not a cum mind you, I didn’t cum, but rather a huge prostate orgasm that started in my center and radiated throughout my body. It felt as if my whole body was quivering, my eyes shut tight, able only to make primitive grunting noises as waves of pleasure swept through canlı bahis siteleri me. It didn’t last long… but it was amazing!

I’m not sure how much time had passed before I realized Kay was still bucking her hips, the dildo sliding in and out of me. “Oh good boy,” Kay said. “I want to see that again. Get back on your hands and knees.” I lifted myself off the shiny cock and took position on the couch, my head buried in the corner of the cushions, my chest low and my right knee barely on the edge. Kay moved in behind me, one foot on the floor, the other knee resting on the couch. Another dab of lube was applied to my now gaping hole and, with one slow and steady thrust she slid her cock back in me.

She rocked her hips back and forth, fucking me hard and driving the silicone dildo to its hilt. “Oh my god, Oh shit baby,” I cried out as she worked me over, pulling out until just the head was in then ramming its full length back. After just a few strokes, another orgasm overtook me. My body trembled, and every muscle tightened, my ass clenched tightly around the silicone cock. It was exhilarating and draining at the same time. Then, it left me as quickly as it came. I was a mess. Totally frustrated that I hadn’t cum yet, my cock strained and was harder than I ever remember, “I can’t take much more baby,” I whimpered, ” I have to cum, I really need to cum,” as I awkwardly reached down and stroked my hanging cock.

Hearing the frustration in my voice, Kay told me to roll over and she slowly backed away. The dildo slid out easily as I was well lubed and stretched. We were both covered in sweat, lube and lust as I moved to the floor, on my back, legs in the air. Kay got on her knees, dildo bobbing at my entrance. “Fuck me Kay, fuck me hard,” I begged as she took hold of my legs behind the knees and spread me open to her. I took hold of my dick and pumped violently as the slick dildo again penetrated me, the small ridge on the head deliciously massaging directly on my prostate.

“You gonna cum for me? I want you to cum hard for me baby,” she said as she thrust in and out, increasing her speed.

With the hard pounding from Kay, and me jerking my cock like there was no tomorrow, in a short time I could feel the pressure of a huge orgasm building. “Oh… oh… I’m cumming, I’m cu…” and with a deep growl, every muscle tensed and my cock shot cum like a fire hose up to my chin. Rope after rope of hot jiz landed on my chest. The white hot pleasure was intense and long lasting and for a second, I was completely out of it. Kay stopped and kept still as I struggled to regain my strength then laid her chest on mine, covering her boobs in my cum. She slowly slid the dildo out of my ass and moved up to find my mouth with hers and we kissed deeply, passionately.

“Oh wow!” Kay exclaimed. “That was the hottest, nastiest sex we’ve ever had, whew!” She rubbed her big tits all around my chest smearing cum all over us.

“So,… did I do good?” I said, referring to my purchase.

“You did good,… really good. Now get in the shower and I’ll come help you wash that sexy ass of yours!”

Authors Note: This a work of fiction. Any similarity to any persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

The author would like to thank his best friend and love of his life, K; for her many years of patience, love, encouragement and unwavering support. Yours is a love that knows no bounds!

Also, thanks to CambriaRose for your fantastic editing.

And thanks to AVL. For stories so well written they spur mortal men to attempt to emulate them.

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