Jennifer’s Twisted Fate

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Disclaimer: This story was written strictly for pleasure only. I own the character’s and they are of my own creation. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance the character’s have to real life people are strictly coincidental.


Jennifer had the most intense and bizarre sexual experience happen to her when her husband was away on business. He was a salesman for a fast-paced software company which meant that he often traveled to go to trade shows or meet potential customers and investors.

It was very late at night and she had just finished a personal session with her favorite vibrator when she swore she heard footsteps in the hallway outside of the bedroom. “Jeff? Is that you?” She called out, frowning. Her husband normally told her when he was returning from an engagement early and the last text she got was over an hour ago saying good night. It couldn’t possibly be him, right?

Jennifer was naturally scantily clad in a silk nightgown that barely went down past her thighs. She would later curse herself for her attire that night, though it was her favorite nightgown that she owned to date.

She moved toward the door and screamed with shock as a large man wearing a black ski mask appeared in front of her. He pushed her backward and she stumbled and fell back, landing on her ass on the floor. She recovered quickly and scrambled onto the bed, unfortunately having no means of protection like a gun or knife in the room. Another decision she would later regret.

Four more men appeared beside the other man. They were dressed head to toe in black. Black pants, black long-sleeved shirts, black ski-masks, and black boots. They were of average build and every one of them was tall muscular. Their eyes didn’t look familiar at all to her and she didn’t recognize any of them whatsoever.

Jennifer was so scared that she was shaking, and she barely recognized her own voice as she spoke. “What do you want? Is it money? I can take you to the safe with all the jewelry and money we keep in the house!”

The one that had pushed her into the room spoke up and his voice was deep and gravelly. “Money, among other things.”

Jennifer paled as she saw the man lick his lips as he spoke. She noticed then that they were all staring at her with a lusty look in their eyes and she gasped audibly as she saw the one that spoke to her was hard and aching in his jeans. She could see the large bulge that had formed under his pants and the sight frightened her.

“Oh, no. Please. Anything but that! I’ll give you anything. Just not that. I have a husband, he’s going to be home any moment! He’ll call the cops on you and arrest you all! He is a very powerful man.” Jennifer thought that maybe her lies would be convincing enough to get them to leave. No one wants to go to jail, right?

“Honey, we don’t care about any of that. You’ll take us to the safe.” He paused for dramatic effect. “After we’ve had our fill of you.”

Jennifer was more scared than ever. “Please, no, please. You can’t!” But she knew it was useless. There were five of them and one of her. And they looked to be extremely strong, capable men. She had no idea what was in store, but she didn’t want to resign herself to her fate just yet.

The first man, we will call him Sean, moved so fast that she barely had time to scream before he was upon her. The others, Jim, Gary, Josh, and Chris, were helping Sean out by holding her still as she struggled uselessly.

It wasn’t long before her nightgown was raised high above her tits and she let out a gasp of shock as Gary and Chris began to suck on her nipples and breasts, biting, nipping, lapping, as her back arched and she continued to struggle against their advances.

Her nipples were always a sensitive subject for her during foreplay so having the two men’s rough lips manipulating them in such harsh ways was unwillingly turning her on. “No, please, no! Oh, God.” She was so embarrassed and ashamed, as her nipples got steely hard from the men stimulating them. Seeing her react like that, just caused them to further their efforts, and she moaned and groaned as they both kept relentlessly sucking and slurping on her hard nips, occasionally giving them a sharp nibble that made her gasp loudly.

“Fuck, this bitch is loving this,” Chris said, with a throaty growl.

“I am not! Don’t put words in my mouth! Bastards!” She shouted, attempting to push Chris’s head away from her breast. He angrily grabbed her hand and trapped it behind her on the bed, effectively pinning it as he went back to happily suckling and feasting on her tit flesh.

“Oh, God. Please, stop, please!” She begged. She could feel her pussy absolutely throbbing from all the sensations these men were giving her tits. It was so much pleasure that her brain went to overload and she knew if they kept this up, she could cum just from having her breasts sucked on.

They did stop, just for a moment, but it was a brief reprieve as they easily canlı bahis removed her nightgown. She tried to struggle to stop them from getting it off, but they were too strong for her.

“Holy fuck, this bitch is so wet!” Said Sean, amazed at how dripping she was between the legs. He could clearly see the fluid there, and the sight aroused him more than anything.

Jennifer was blushing as the men ogled her pussy, which, to her shame, was indeed slick and hot. She was too modest to admit to them that she had masturbated before they showed up, knowing they would just get off even more if she said that.

“Please, I beg of you, don’t do this, please,” she pleaded, trying to scoot back on the bed to curl up into a defensive ball.

Of course they immediately grabbed at her and she squealed as she felt herself being held down while Sean inspected her pussy more closely than she wanted him to. She could feel his fingers probing her most sensitive place, and she bit her lip as his middle finger easily slid into her and began to wriggle around. He was soon fucking her with the long, thick digit. Not long after his thumb began to lightly stroke her clit in small circles, and she saw stars as her world exploded and she had an involuntary orgasm on his thick finger.

“Oh, Goooooood,” she moaned out, rolling her hips as the sudden release took her by force.

“Holy shit! What a fucking slut! She’s cumming all over my finger!” Sean exclaimed, and all of the other guys laughed with delight as they saw her hips gyrating to the movement of Sean’s soaked digit.

As she was calming down she found herself flipped over so she was on all fours, with her ass vulnerable and exposed to the aroused men. Jim and Josh who hadn’t had much of the action were now squeezing and groping her sensitive tit flesh, pinching and rolling the nipples between their fingers to get her juices flowing again as she prepared for what was next.

Her eyes shot wide open as she felt Sean spreading her juices over her puckered star of her anus. “What are you doing?! Not there, please, not there! I’ve never been fucked in the ass!”

This just made all of the cruel men in the room laugh harder. She hated the fact that she was an anal virgin and how that naturally got them even more hyped up for what was to come.

“Oh, that just makes this even that more satisfying, baby,” said Sean, with that confident and seductive tone in his voice.

She squealed as his middle finger that was just in her cunt began to push on her puckered star. With all the pussy juice it didn’t’ take long for him to get a finger inside of her. Just that tiny penetration hurt but it was soon replaced with something else she was unfamiliar with, a slight tingling as his digit frigged her ass.

He soon had two fingers inside of her and was stretching her, preparing her for what was to come. His fingers weren’t hurting her, but she knew the moment his cock penetrated her, she was going to be in for a world of hurt.

“Please, stop, please!” She begged, unbelieving that this was actually happening. She felt so powerless and defenseless, for there was nothing she could do to stop these men from using her for their pleasure. And sadly they knew it from the beginning.

“I don’t think so, bitch. It’s going to hurt at first, but you’ll soon be begging all of us to have a turn at your tight ass,” Sean bragged, again so cocky and confident. She had to wonder if this is what they did for a living, breaking into random houses and fucking housewives wherever and however they pleased. She shuddered at the thought and quickly pushed it out of her mind. At this point she was just preparing for the inevitable.

Once Sean felt she was stretched enough, he thoroughly lubricated his cock with her juices and placed his large member against her ass. She screamed into the bed as the fat, purple head began to penetrate her poor virgin anus. The pain was intense and as the head finally popped in, she screamed some more and begged for him to take it out.

But Sean ignored her pleas and wails of pain. In fact, they seemed to excite him and the men watching even more, if anything. Her tight little hole clenched around his protruding rod as he forced more and more of his length into her, stretching her tight little hole. Despite her resistance, his manhood found its way through her defenses, forcing its way through her squeezing hole inch by painful inch until he was soon buried balls deep in her stretched ass.

Jennifer begged for him to take it out as her assaulted sphincter contracted and sent constant pain throughout her body. She felt him withdraw until just the tip was inside and then slam forward with a strong push, causing her to screams to grow in strength as the cruel man behind her began to fuck her tight, squeezing ass.

“Oh, fuck, she is so fucking tight!” Sean exclaimed, giving Jennifer’s ass cheek a nice hard slap as he banged into her overstuffed, abused chute.

The burning friction was almost unbearable and she screamed and bahis siteleri cried as Sean continued his assault on her raw bum. All of this just seemed to excite the other men more. They now had all removed their pants and she could see their thick, throbbing erections dripping precum as they jerked them at the sight of the erotic scene before them.

Jennifer could do nothing but scream and cry as she was getting that hard, brutal ass fucking from the leader of these sadistic men. She had no choice but to bend over and take it as her bum felt like it was on fire from the violent fucking it was getting. The man behind her was mercilessly pounding into her innards now, thrusting his cock with deep, brutal strokes. He was like a machine, showing no signs of stopping or impending release.

“Please, stop, please, oh, God, you’re killing me!” She screamed, knowing it was useless, but unable to stop herself, as the pain just seemed to intensify the more the ordeal went on.

She could feel Sean’s balls slapping against her wet pussy as he bottomed out inside of her tight clenching bowels with each powerful lunge forward. Despite this, she was feeling no pleasure whatsoever at the continued maltreatment.

The large man behind her started grunting loudly as he plowed into her inflamed anus with wild abandon. His groans of pleasure grew louder and louder until he suddenly thrust into her as deep as he could and she screamed as she felt his hot, sticky seed spill into her irritated bum. Surprisingly, the feel of that molten lava coating her insides was soothing the intense pain that she was enduring in this moment.

She collapsed forward on the bed, panting heavily. Tears streamed down her cheeks as Sean continued to pump into her with short little thrusts as her tight little hole unwillingly milked his shaft for all the cum he could give her., seeking relief from the pain he was inflicting upon her He was breathing hard as he slowly started to withdraw his shrinking cock from her gaping star. Soon enough she felt the bed shift as he moved off of it, his shaft coated with his own cum and some of the juices from her poor violated innards.

She thought that she might get a little rest but the bed once again shifted as Jim got onto it behind her and aimed his thick rod at her wide open asshole.

“No, please, no, I can’t take anymore!” Jennifer screamed, attempting to crawl away. Her movements were quickly thwarted by the other men, who grabbed at her and held her in place until she went still. Only when they were sure she had once again resigned to her fate did they loosen their grip.

Jim was impatient by the time she stopped struggling, and she wailed loudly as he thrust his big meat as deep into her back door it could go, once again painfully stretching her sphincter open. She started to get pushed forward as yet another of the unknown men began to bang away at her tender butt.

But this time it was different. This time the enormous phallus violating her ass was able to easily slide in and out of her tight chute due to the excessive amount of hot sticky seed that Sean had just unloaded deep inside of her. Lucky for her it was now providing the necessary lubrication to make the process of her getting ass fucked like a piece of meat easier going forward.

That was when everything changed. That was when the savage treatment started to make her pussy tingle with gratification each time Jim’s heavy balls slapped against the bundle of nerves that was her clit with each barbaric pump into her stretched butthole. She soon found that the pain and pleasure began to blend together until they became united as one.

She could not believe that she was getting aroused from being fucked by these merciless brutes in the ass. She was supposed to be the victim here! But the way Jim’s fat sacs were slapping against her womanhood with each violent thrust was becoming too enjoyable to ignore. And she knew there were three other men in the room that were going to take turns with her post-virgin butt.

Jim placed his hand on the back of Jennifer’s neck and shoved her face down into the bed to gain more leverage to start slamming into her ass with more force. She squealed into the covers as Jim grunted like an animal as he rammed her butt with as much power as he could roundup.

Jennifer was nearing an orgasm when suddenly Jim’s pace sped up and his large manhood started throbbing and spurting globs of cum into her bowels. He continued to pump until, like the previous man, his pulsing ramrod was milked of all the spunk it had to give. She was shocked when Jim continued to ram into her with savage force and that along with the feel of him gushing his heavy load deep into her forbidden hole was what sent her over the edge.

Jennifer screamed as her pussy throbbed and her feminine juices gushed out of her quim, soaking Jim’s cock, balls, and thighs. Her whole body trembled as she came, even as Jim continuously pounded into her until he could finally take no more and withdrew from her now bahis şirketleri gaping anus.

There was so much sperm that she could feel some of it running out of her ass and down to her pulsing sex as she recovered from one of the most intense orgasms of her life. But of course that relief only lasted seconds before yet another huge cock was lodging itself as deep as possible into her cavernous chute.

The man behind Jennifer fucked her fast and furious before another flood of cum was once again unleashed into her clenching butthole. Her bum was so loose by then it was open and agape. She could do nothing but lay there in a daze, feeling completely empty without the familiar feeling of a cock wedged deep into her bowels. There was so much lube from all of their deposited spunk that she knew every hung stud that fucked her going forward would have no trouble at all penetrating her as deeply as they possibly could.

She took a look around and saw that Sean and Jim were hard again and stroking their long, thick cocks, She licked her lips and panted hard as she saw the look in their eyes. She knew that they knew that she had gotten off on having her poor, abused butthole violated by these barbarians. She didn’t know them from adam, and had never seen any of them in her life. And yet here they were, fucking her refused hole and doing it with such skill that she was actually getting off on every little second of it.

The man beside her suddenly flipped her over so she was on her back. Without warning he mounted her, pushing his hard shaft into her abused butt. She just laid there as her ass was getting pounded again and again. She had lost count of how many of them had sodomized her now. Her bum was throbbing and it felt like a lot of cum was leaking out of her now as she was once again roughly ass-fucked by the stranger above her.

The man leaning over her groaned loudly as he came, filling her butt up with another healthy dose of spunk. He pulled out and another man, Sean this time, got on top of her and slid his cock into her raw ass. The hard thrusting resumed and she once again felt a huge release building. She tightly squeezed his thrusting pole as it hammered deep into her innards.

“Oh, God, oh God,” she moaned out, her ass squeezing and taking every violent thrust invitingly. The muscles in her butt were clenching and milking Sean’s pumping dick, begging for him to unload burrowed balls deep in her wide tunnel. The faster he thrust, the more wild she became, bucking and bowing to meet his frantic movements as they writhed and moaned together on the bed.

The men snickered and stroked their erections at the wild display before them. “Holy shit, she’s a fucking ass slut for our cocks now!” One exclaimed, and she felt her face flush hot as she knew it was true. She was completely under their control, and loving every second of the hard ass fucking she was now receiving. And she wanted all of them to have her butthole as many times as they wanted, again and again.

Sean couldn’t keep up the quick and furious pace for long and she heard the telltale signs that he was going to empty himself in her hungry bum for the second time this night. She squeezed his ramrod every time he thrust as deep as he could go and her moans and groans matched his as they neared their mutual release.

“Oh, God, yes, fuck my ass! I want your cum! I want your spunk in my filthy ass!” Jennifer screamed, her hands going to Sean’s arms, fingers digging in as he drilled into her gaping asshole with every amount of violent strength he could muster.

“Oh, fuck!” he growled out, his fuck meat pulsing and becoming steely hard in her anus as he shoved deep into her and filled her butt full of more his hot baby making batter. The feel of that molten cum filling her ass up full had her crying out in pure ecstasy as she had another of her mind blowing orgasms. She wailed as her pussy once again gushed out her feminine juices as she squirted all over Sean’s dick.

Never in her life had her husband made her squirt like that. The part of her that cared that these were total strangers using her for their pleasure and gain was long forgotten. The moment Sean pulled out of her ass she was begging for more dick to stuff up her gaping star.

Every man had their turn at her butt at least two or three more times. One after the other, they furiously fucked her asshole with every ounce of energy that they had left in them. And every time she she was brought to orgasm and drained their cocks dry with her squeezing, milking butthole.

It went on and on for what seemed like hours before every man was finally spent. Then and only then did they leave without taking anything from the house. After awhile of just laying there in exhausted bliss she gathered enough strength to take a shower to clean all of their sticky cum from her ass. Afterward, she collapsed on the bed she shared with her loving husband on a nightly basis and slept like the dead.

She woke up the next morning to find a note beside the bed that read “Thank you for last night. Maybe we will do it again some time.” She smiled as she read the note, the pain of her poor abused ass making her remember every little detail about the most wild and intense sex of her life.

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