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I first met “Wolf” three years ago at small downtown nightclub, where up-and-coming Rockabilly sensation, “Hee-Haw Hunnies”, was playing. That’s not his real name, of course. His driver’s license says “Keith Hendricks”, but all of his friends call him by his very descriptive nickname. Rick, a mutual friend, introduced us.

I smiled at him, when he kissed my hand, and offered to buy me a RootBeer. My hand looked like a child’s next to his, and he nearly melted me with his piercing blue eyes. Dressed all in blue; jeans, tee-shirt, denim jacket, and even his sneakers, he loomed over me like a giant. But not threatening. Not at all. He’s a real Teddy-bear; big, hairy, and gentle. Sipping our RootBeers, we talked and laughed together, and got to know each other. I knew that we would be great friends.

The “Hunnies” went into a slow-dance number, and Wolf guided me out to the dance-floor. He held me close, as we swayed to the music. He ran his fingers through my long blonde hair, and I felt a tingle down below. His hands caressed my back through my white cotton blouse, and came teasingly close to my black spandex-clad butt. I didn’t discourage him, but he kept his hands respectfully above my waist. That is, until I kissed him. It took some effort, but I managed to reach his lips. Our tongues did their own little dance, and I moaned into his mouth, as he finally put a hand on my ass. Now, I felt more than just a tingle down below, and I pressed myself against him like a slut in heat.

But he never made me feel cheap. He was still the model of a gentleman, as he walked me to my car after the show. I wanted to take him home and fuck him that night, but I was too shy to just invite him. I’m no Mae West. We did exchange phone numbers, and he asked if I was free for dinner the next night. Which I was.

Dinner was great, though service was slow, and afterwards Wolf took me to a local art gallery, where a local photographer’s work was being shown. It was all very “arty” of course, but more so, it was sexy. Full of very erotic nudes, in very erotic situations. As a result, our conversation was charged with sexual energy. Wolf invited me to his apartment to see some of his own work. ‘Yeah, right!’ you might be thinking, and that thought crossed my mind, too. But Wolf really was an artist, and he showed me his photography, his drawings, and a couple of paintings. It was really nice stuff, but I thought he’d never get around to fucking me!

While he put away his portfolio, I took a seat on his bed. He came over to me, and took my hand. Sitting down next to me, he put his arm around me, and pulled me in close for a soft kiss on my lips. And I kissed him back. Passionately!

I don’t really know how people decide, mutually, that they are going to fuck, but that is what we had done, apparently. Without his saying a word, I knew he wanted to fuck me. And he knew I wanted to fuck him, though I’d never said so. At least not with words. Maybe one of us is psychic, or we’re both just good at guessing, but together we began undressing each other.

Soon, his black tee-shirt and jeans were piled on the floor, with my red slacks and blue crop-top shirt, leaving us both in our undies. Wolf wore red illegal bahis plaid boxers, and I wore a pair of high-cut silk burgundy panties, with a delicate lace border, and a matching brazier. We explored each other’s bodies with hands, and mouths; kissing, caressing, licking, nibbling. My body came to life under his amorous attentions, and soon I was panting. Sighing. A low growl escaped from his throat, as he gently nipped at my neck with his teeth, and I soaked my panties.

Feeling his hardness against my thigh, I wrapped my arms around him, trying to get closer, and he unhooked my bra with a flick of his fingers. He sat up in the bed, and pulled me up onto his lap. My legs snaked around his waist of their own accord, and I pressed the moistened front of my silk panties against the steely hardness under his boxers. My eyes closed, I felt his mouth on my ultra-sensitive breasts, and an electric shock rushed to my loins, creating a tingle in my clit. I hugged his head to my bosom, when he began chewing on my nipples, and then raked my nails down his back. Moans filled the room. Mine. His. Ours.

Pushing him onto his back, I kissed him hard on the mouth, grinding my panty-clad pussy over his boxer-covered rod. I climbed off of him, and grabbed the waistband of his shorts. Tugging and pulling, nearly ripping them, I got them off, and tossed them onto the floor with the rest of our clothes. His cock twitched as I kissed it, and he ran his fingers through my hair. Lowering my head, I slowly enveloped his manhood into my mouth, and sucked hard. I pulled my head back, and flicked my tongue along the length of his shaft, while Wolf tugged gently on my blonde tresses.

Wolf praised my cocksucking aptitude with moans and groans of ecstasy, and I ground my crotch into his knee. Reaching for me, he gently pulled my hips towards his head. He meant to reciprocate, and I had no intention of stopping him. As I swung one leg over his head, he pulled my saturated panties aside, and kissed my pussy. He kissed it just like he had kissed my mouth, earlier. Tiny pecks, first, and then longer kisses. Then his tongue slipped between my cunt-lips, and he deepened the kiss. Mmm, it felt delightful!

He moaned into my pussy, and thrust his thick, hard penis in and out of my mouth. I felt his tongue flick over my clit, and between my nether-lips. His hands were all over my buttocks; he rubbed them gently, kneaded them roughly, and spanked them playfully. Slipping a hand between my buttocks, he tickled the outer edge of my asshole with one finger. No one had ever done that to me before, and it felt nice. Then he did something else that no one had ever done to me before: he ran his tongue from my hard clit, slowly down my wet slit, and to my asshole! He flicked his tongue over the outer rim for mere moments, and then went back to eating my cunt. I couldn’t believe that someone would do that! It was harder still, to believe how much I enjoyed it! God, I wanted him to do it again!

Soon, his body was tensing, and I tasted his salty pre-cum. I thought he’d climax, but instead he pulled out of my mouth. He kept licking my cunt, though, and a second or two later, he guided my head back to his cock. He repeated this illegal bahis siteleri two more times before I washed his face with my love-honey, as my first orgasm of the evening ripped through my body.

Tasting my own juices on his lips and beard, as I kissed and licked his face, I exclaimed, “Wow! How do you do that?”

“Do what?” he asked innocently.

“I thought you were going to cum, but you just… stopped!”

“Oh, that,” he smiled. “When I get close, I just sit still for a minute. I can last a lot longer that way, and it’s as close as I’ll ever come to being multi-orgasmic.” With that, he pulled me close again. He helped me out of my panties, and slipped his fingers into the delicate folds of flesh of my vulva. I was still wet, and ready for more! Would he lick my asshole again? I certainly hoped so!

Standing beside the bed, Wolf pulled me close to him. He coaxed my legs apart, and placed my ankles on either shoulder. Kissing my toes, he touched the tip of his cock to my hard love-nub, and then rubbed it all over my pussy. As I gasped and panted, he slipped his dick inside me. Teasingly, he inched his manhood into me, and pulled out. Oh, it was wonderfully frustrating, and every time he entered me again, it was like taking a step up the stairway to Heaven.

Each time he pushed his cock in, he gave me a little bit more, and by the time he had the entire length buried in my cunt, I was crying out his name loudly! I wanted him to fuck me harder! He held my legs together, and continued to fuck me at a tortuously slow pace, and he smiled a wicked smile. I’d see that smile many more times in the future, and it still makes my pussy quiver. Finally, I took matters into my own hands, and I began bucking, and pushing hard against him. With a moan, he began fucking me with wanton abandon, matching the rhythm that I pounded out with my body. Groaning loudly, his body tensed, and he pulled his cock out of me, catching his breath. He rubbed my clit with his fingers, as he recovered from his near-climax, and then started to fuck me again. I held his hand over my clit, and he fucked me hard. It wasn’t long before my body, wracked with pure unadulterated pleasure, climaxed again! My juices flowed over Wolf’s cock, like a country stream, and he kept on fucking me!

Soon, he groaned again, and shuddered violently. I thought sure he would cum this time, but he pulled out of me again. He got down on his knees, and began kissing mine. Breathing hard, he left a trail of kisses up and down each leg. He ran his lips and tongue over the entire front of my naked body, paying lots of attention to my erogenous zones. I told him with nonsense syllables where they were when he reached them. He was a good listener. After he’d covered every inch of my front, I thought he’d go back to fucking me, but instead, he turned me over onto my tummy. My back got the same treatment as my front, and he covered my shoulders, my legs, arms, and fleshy derrière with kisses; every inch of me. And I mean every inch!

I was granted the silent wish I’d made earlier. Parting my buttocks, he slipped his tongue into the crack of my ass, running it from one end to the other. Gently caressing my butt, he canlı bahis siteleri rimmed my anus with his tongue again, and I felt it all over my body! My moans bounced off of the walls, and I thought I rattled the windows, I swear! He slipped his hands between my legs, and rubbed my clit, while tonguing my asshole. I was getting closer and closer to my third orgasm, but before I got there, he stopped. He helped me up onto all fours, and stepped up behind me, to fuck me doggy-style.

Oh, it felt good to have his cock in my pussy again, and when he slipped his fingertip about a quarter of an inch into my asshole, I nearly screamed with pleasure! And Wolf, for the third time that night, did something that no one had ever done before.

Leaning forward, he whispered huskily in my ear, “Would you like to have my cock in your ass, lover?” In all of my twenty-four years, to that day, I’d never heard these words, let alone considered answering in the affirmative!

I tried to speak, but all that came from my lips were more sighs and moans. I tried nodding, and that worked just fine. He kissed my ear, and I turned my head to him for an over-the-shoulder kiss, as he slowly slipped his cock out of my cunt. Keeping one hand on my ass, he reached into a drawer in his nightstand, and pulled out a bottle of water-based lubricant. He coated his cock with it, and applied, I think, a ton of the stuff to my asshole. The coolness of the liquid made me jump, but he warmed it with his hands.

Panic crept up on me, as Wolf slipped his cock-head into my anus. Expecting pain, I tensed up, and Wolf stopped. He applied more lubricant to my ass, and gently massaged my back. As I relaxed, he slowly pushed his cock into me again. Just the tip. He wasn’t teasing me this time. Instead, he was allowing me to get used to his cock in my back door. And it didn’t take long. Soon, he was fucking my ass slowly and gently. Oh, if only I’d given my cherry to this man, instead of that Brad guy, I might have had more than pain to remember my first time by.

Gradually building up confidence, I started to speed things up a bit, and I backed up against his hips, and soon I was slamming back, and Wolf impaled my ass again and again with his thick cock. Burying my face in a pillow, I rubbed my own clit, as he held on to my hips, and fucked me madly! Oh, I’d never felt anything like it!

My climax was getting closer and closer, and I felt Wolf shudder and tense behind me. He started to withdraw, but I hissed at him, “No, don’t stop! Please, don’t stop! Fuck me!” I don’t think I’ve ever talked like that, before. Another first.

Pushing his cock back into my asshole, he pumped hard and fast, and I screamed! Starting at my anus, my orgasm rushed to my clit, then shot through my body like a dying star. I felt separated from myself, yet I was aware of every part my flesh. My pussy flowed like a river this time, and an instant later, Wolf filled my rectum with a warm jet of creamy white liquid.

I came back to myself after a long, sensual shower with Wolf. He lovingly washed and dried me, and put me to bed. Snuggling nude under the covers, we spent the night together, and talked late into the night. I told him how, when he’d licked my ass, I’d silently hoped for him to do it again. “Sweetheart,” he said to me, “if you want something from me, you need only ask.”

“That’s not very easy for me,” I said.

“We’ll work on that, together,” he answered, holding me close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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