Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 05

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From Chapter 4: “AhhhhOhhhh”, Lorna groans helplessly, jerking as the oily knob of her partner’s massive anal intruder butts-against the ball of soft, slushy ball of shit at the entrance of her lower intestine. The stink of anal sex fills the room; the fact that she can smell the rich, earthy aroma of her own inner bowels ignites a series of erotic tremors within the hapless housewife. With each hard, deep, powerful thrust, Lorna can feel each and every one of the molded veins decorating the rubber butt-buster’s surface rasp against the sensitive inner sleeve of her besieged anal tract. The howl of pleasure that escapes he suffering blonde is loud and guttural, almost animal.

The dildo-strapped female trucker’s hips loop in wide circles, as if she’s wearing a Hula Hoop about her waist. The huge-titted blonde’s eyes roll back in her head as Lulu’s assault quickens even more. The poor Sunday School teacher’s fundament is (as yet) no match for Lulu’s savage style of buggery, and the sobbing whimper that women are very close now to climax, Lorna sweating and grunting like a sow and Lulu is sweating profusely as the first cum overtakes them at almost the same instant; each successive one increases in intensity until neither woman is able to suppress twin howls of delight and raw lust as the final explosion takes them over the edge.

CHAPTER FIVE An agreement has been reached between the husbands of the two kidnap victims and the kidnappers. The process has been a long and tedious one, as, in keeping with the female truckers’ instructions, the funds had to be gathered and a suitable place to make the exchange had to be negotiated without the FBI or local police being involved. The two women, Donna as is only natural, both women miss their family and friends, but can they honestly, realistically return to their former lives after the sexual awakening they’ve undergone? A better question may be: Do they WANT TO?


Lou Fitzbaugh their wives are also best friends and they live within a block of one another. Bill was the first to “stray”; his first affair was a petite and flirty Oriental administrative assistant at his office; after a year the little bitch had demanded a hefty raise and on top of that, a move into the executive suite, else, she would provide “glossies” of Bill fornicating in her delicately-rounded little rump to Mrs. Durnigan and the board of directors.

He’d had no choice but to confide in his best bud, Lou, and as usual, old Louie came through. The crisis is averted, and after that, the two men find their jollies with paid professionals, women whose profession was “sex on the hoof” : anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Seems that Lou has a taste for the “strange” as well…over the years, their tastes have become increasingly more kinky: orgies, threesomes, anal, golden showers, even she males…this despite they are each married to two of the most beautiful, desirable, luscious women a man could want.

Both men are used to being in control, no matter what the situation. canlı bahis Now, all they can do is wait, powerless to do anything but drown their worry and guilt in drink & vow to be better husbands and fathers if they can get their wives back, unharmed. Donna

Donna has been informed that Lulu will be arriving within the next two hours, and that this afternoon and evening will be their last together before she and Lorna are delivered to their husbands at 12:36 pm the next day. She knows exactly what to expect when the Cajun woman arrives: a hard, deep, unforgettable anal reaming. With that in mind, she takes a hot bubble bath, using “JLo” bath beads and body wash, following-up with an enema, before choosing her lingerie from the large collection the lady truckers have provided the two women. It occurs to the dark-haired beauty that she is preparing for the encounter the same way as she did for her husband before her kidnapping. Footsteps in the hall…the “clack, clop” of boots coming toward her room…Donna climbs onto the bed and waits there, on hands and knees, as the footfalls stop outside her door and the door knob turns. The familiar scent of lilac, then the door closes and the footsteps are behind her… LULU… She senses, more than sees, Lulu crouch behind her. The hem of her peignoir is whisked up over her hips and long, sure, familiar fingers knead the plump cheeks of her bottom briefly before those full globes are parted and the touch of a rasping tongue on the skin where her buttocks begin their deep split cause her to gasp and wriggle pleasurably. Her blood starts to bubble as Lulu’s experienced oral digit licks hungrily at her anus. It’s been three days, and the female trucker is STARVING…

Once her butt crack and brownie are slicked with her spittle and the latter winks open and closed, Lulu stands and shucks down her jeans; together, she and Donna strip-off the denims and the rest of her duds, and now it is DONNA’s TURN…no prompting is necessary as she seats herself on the edge of the bed and takes the bogus erection in her mouth. Licking it like a lollipop, she stares up into Lulu’s eyes as her tongue works over the pretend dick as if it is a tasty summer sausage, one of the REALLY BIG ONES…

The determined brunette again takes the rubber dork into her mouth and bobs her face up and down, and for a few moments more the pseudo dick shunts back and forth along the length of her tongue. The minute tremors in the muscles of Lulu’s strong thighs and the quickening of her breath motivate Donna to close her lips tightly around the base of the flanged head, her cheeks hollowing as she sucks.

Lulu enjoys a blow job as next as the next woman, but as sweet as Donna’s mouth is, it’s her ASS that the horny Louisianan craves…She orders Donna onto all fours and takes up her familiar position behind her. The horny wife and mother can feel the massive bulbous head of the other woman’s “cock” pressing against her asshole. With one massive stroke, Lulu plunges into her. “Aaaaahhhh!”, Donna bahis siteleri wails, as her raw, sore anal tract is violently assaulted yet again. The thick shaft bores relentlessly through the elastic, buttery walls of her rectum, and Donna is sure she can feel each of the dozens of molded veins along its surface. She relaxes her ass as much as she can and Lulu pushes deeper. The familiar feeling of having her ass filled, the nasty, forbidden aspect of it, fills the Sunday School teacher with raw lust.

Lulu’s thrusting hips increase their pace, bit by bit. Donna is so loose now that the economy-sized dong meets no resistance as it shafts easily in and out. As she fucks the busty beauty’s ass, the vibrations on her clit and the part of the dick inside her own pussy are sending the butt-busting trucker to the sky and through the clouds…

Lorna Majik’s warm tongue licks and laves the full length of the panting blonde’s butt crack, knowing lips and teeth nibble and nip at her sore, sensitive anal ring, applying gentle, then more insistent suction as the black woman warms to her task. This is another act Lorna found depraved and certainly had never participated in before, but now takes extreme pleasure in. Part of this is a newly-developed desire to please her captors, much as she once did everything possible to please her Lou. The thoughts of Lou, her family and friends, seem so much like distant memories now, especially THIS MINUTE, with the black woman behind her devouring her sore, battered sphincter as if it is some sort of exotic fruit. A last, loving lick, and Majik reluctantly abandons her task to move around in front of the kneeling former church treasurer, and presents her big black dick to the blonde woman’s already open mouth.

Lorna eagerly clamps her lips around the fat stem of rubber cock-meat jutting from her captor/lover’s groin, and she begins to suck, her mouth moving up and down while her head twists a little with each motion in a corkscrew fashion. The horny blonde takes a deep breath, then re-applies her lips around it and quickly plunges the whole of the massive dick into her mouth, taking in as much as she can before her gag reflect is triggered. A few more minutes of this, and Lorna eagerly moves onto her hands and knees, knowing the time has come to give her black Mistress what is HERS, what has been hers since the day of the kidnapping; she gives it willingly, without protests or pleas, the bottom-hole that has been so thoroughly and relentlessly fucked by both women through fear and intimidation, is offered to Majik from a not quite equal, but totally willing, partner… Grinning wickedly in anticipation, the ebony trucker applies a generous amount of Astro-Glide to her gargantuan latex erection before placing one hand on the small of her partner’s back, and, with an ease borne of many years of practice, she worms the colossal, fat pseudo weapon against her bountifully-endowed partner’s anus. Lorna takes a deep breath, and on the next push the pliant rim of her dainty anus yields bahis şirketleri and allows the flanged rubber cock-tip to pop inside. Her pucker stretches around its girth, and she whimpers while struggling to open herself to the rude invasion of the massive rubber rodger burrowing its way into her anal tract. Her newly shaved twat churns out juice even as her eyes water with the effort required to take the super-sized appendage.

Lorna joggles her hips about juicily, and the female kidnapper is delighted at the woman’s progress from prim and proper suburban housewife to wanton lesbian anal slut.

Majik is suitably impressed. “Ummm; you sexy bitch. You sure are a hot one”

The pace is steady, but slow. “U OK, baby?” Majik asks once, pausing with the tip of her apple-tipped cock-tip just inside Lorna’s widely- stretched rim.

“I’m F-F-Fine”, Lorna squeaks, and so Majik shrugs and slides right back in, burying her out-sized length to the hilt.

“Oooh! That’s so big!” Lorna groans.


The Cajun woman pumps her strong hips again, pausing just long enough to adjust her position, before back-tracking nearly all the way out, then back in again. No longer slow or gentle, she ploughs into the wriggling brunette, hard. “Oh, FUCK! Oh GAWD!” Donna bawls, jerking about, gasping and whining as Lulu continues to slam into her, filling her to the brim with the solid, un-bending length of her cock.

In the weeks prior, Donna could honestly call the sex between herself and her captors rape, now, as she twists her hips to and fro, riding the giant rubber stalk like an equestrian rider, she is no longer a victim, but an active PARTICIPANT. Lulu is aware of this as well; taking the women by force was an undeniable rush, but the way this bitch is serving herself up to her, willingly, is just as much a “pip”…

A change of position: Lulu lies prone, with Donna above her. Drawing the sexy kidnap victim forward she pulls down the thin, silken bra cups containing the other woman’s “monster mams” and thumbs the protuberant nipples until they French kiss; the force of Lulu’s passion bending Donna’s head back while her fat tongue slides straight into his outrageously-endowed captive/lover’s mouth to lick the insides of her cheeks. They suck each others tongues and swallow each others saliva, both of them feeling slightly dizzy and breathless when they relax their embrace.

Donna can only hope that she doesn’t burn up with desire. Lulu’s kissing and biting of her raging-hard nipples, and the machine-like, repeated probing of her splayed-open backdoor, are driving her the limits of her endurance, and her SANITY! A pronounced shudder ripples through the prone female trucker, and Donna seizes the opportunity: she quickens her motions up and down the long pole, knowing she was putting pressure on the little nubbin scrubbing against Lulu’s clit. Harder and harder, faster and faster the two women rut, until the beginnings of a deep anal cum stir in the recesses of the huge-titted brunette’s entrails. Seconds later, she knows she’s ready to spend, and suddenly its there, tearing at her insides, fanned and stoked by the still powerful, continuous of the seemingly-tireless Lulu.

Chapter 6-The Last Farewell

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