Last Days

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Note: As usual, lots of anal and elements/attitudes of free use though it’s not set in either the Free Use world or the Sim. This time, it gets quite rough though with elements of masochism and mentions of blood at the very end though that’s not the focus. Still, skip if that’s not your thing.


I found a subreddit and got really interested in the idea of tough military chicks taking it in the ass, so this is the product of that.

So this was it. This was how it was gonna end. The group of desperate souls I ended up with had a few half empty magazines between the lot of them and hardly any food or water. And to make matters worse, we were completely surrounded by those things. All in all, we were totally and completely fucked.

It just all went to shit so fast. One moment I’m at work just trying to pay my bills. The next, the worlds burning down around me and I’m hiding for my life in a department store.

The one good piece of news was the soldier with us. The bad news was her rifle had hardly any ammo. Yup. Totally fucked.

We kept hoping more soldiers would show up and deal with these things. But as the days went by, that hope faded more and more. The security shutters might have kept us safe from being torn apart, but it didn’t stop us from slowly starving or dehydrating.

I glanced over at Parker, our resident badass for the umpteenth time. She was Parker to me, just Parker since she never told us her first name. I didn’t know much about the military but the markings she had made me think she wasn’t just an ordinary grunt but some kind of Special Forces type. Looking over at her was sorta just a habit now. At first, I looked to her to get us out of here. I mean, she did try a few times, almost worked once too, but it always ended badly; with someone dying or getting hurt and us having to run back inside.

Now, I just looked over at her because she sorta calmed me down. I mean, I look outside and I just get reminded I’m probably gonna die one way or another. I look at the rest of the group and it’s just hopeless, panicking desperation. But with Parker? Well, she was pretty resigned to dying as well, but at least she kept her cool about it. It helped me keep my shit together too. Plus, she was just pretty. Though ‘pretty’ was a massive, painfully intense understatement. She was actually so hot I thought she was like a booth babe or some cosplayer at first. That was until I saw her drill holes between eye sockets with pinpoint accuracy one after another. Good God what I wouldn’t give for some more ammo to give her.

We’d already run out of water and the only thing we had left was beer. Too bad it was fucking non-alcoholic beer. I felt like burning the store down just for carrying the stuff and forcing me to die drinking it. Still, it was better than nothing and it was almost fitting to go out with a bottle in hand. If only it weren’t fucking non-alcoholic.

I went over to Parker and handed her one of the useless fucking drinks. She gave the bottle in my hand a weary look before sighing and taking it.

“I know,” I said.

I’d been keeping close to Parker ever since we got trapped in here. I liked to think I didn’t annoy her as much as the rest of the panicking civilians did so she tolerated me following her around. We found some seats to plop our asses down in and drank the last things we had.

We drank mostly in silence but I eventually broke it to ask “You got any regrets?”

“Too many to count, Jacobs,” she said wearily. “How about you?”

“Plenty. Heh, even got a recent one that stings something fierce too.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

I gave her an embarrassed smile. “Right before everything went to shit, I was having a night out in town. Me and my roommate managed to bring these two girls back home with us. The one I was with? God she was wild, up for anything. It made me want to push my luck. Since I’d never done it before, I asked if she did butt stuff.”

Parker gave me a wry smile and laughed. It was musical. It didn’t suit her fatal demeanor at all. It was nice to listen to. “So what’d she say?”

I grinned back. “Like I said, she was wild and up for anything. Too bad my fucking roommate fucked things up with her friend. I hear a scream and the next minute her friend blows into my room, tells me they’re leaving and practically pulls the girl off me.” Remembering that infinitely frustrating night I closed my eyes and groaned. “Came this fucking close to finally putting it in a girls ass. And now I’m gonna die before I get another chance.”

I didn’t know what I expected from Parker but silence wasn’t it. I didn’t really talk like this to women but didn’t think it would bother her since she was military and probably dealt with her fair share of guy talk. I may have been wrong though because Parker was quiet for a long time after my story. She just seemed to be looking at me considering.

Eventually though, she just shrugged. “Alright, I’m game,” she said.

“What?” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I asked confused.

“Smooth. You know, you could’ve just asked. No need for a story, it’s not like being rejected matters much at this point.”

Realizing what she meant I stuttered. “Fuck, no, no, really, I didn’t mean it like that. It really did happen like that and I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just complaining was all.”

Parker spends another moment considering me with a blank expression. “Huh. Alright I believe you,” she said simply. “So you wanna try anal with me then?”

“What?” I said dumbly.

She shrugged again. “Look, we’re all probably gonna die. It really puts things into perspective. So you wanna do anal? Fuck it, I’m down. You’ve never done it, I’ve never done it and we’re not gonna get another chance. So let’s fucking do it and cross one thing off the list.”

I was stunned by the reply. “Are you serious?”

“100% mate. You wanna do my ass or not? I don’t care either way.”

I swallowed hard. “Uh, yeah. Yeah I do.”

“Cool. Get undressed then.”

“What, right here? Shouldn’t we-”

“Find a room? Yeah, not exactly much in the way of privacy. Honestly, who fucking cares if everyone sees us, nothing fucking matters anymore man, don’t you get it?”

The fatalistic attitude might’ve worried me if I wasn’t so excited and horny at the idea of sticking it in her ass. So instead of asking if she was alright, I just went along with it and started getting undressed like she said. Besides, we were in fairly far off corner of the store and no one really had a reason to go looking for us. Maybe if we were quiet, we could get away with fucking without anyone knowing.

When I pulled my pants down, Parker got a good look at the massive tent I was pitching. “Huh. You’re eager.”

“Yeah, sorry. I really was looking forward to trying anal with that girl. If it weren’t for the whole imminent death thing, this would be a dream come true.”

“Well aren’t you sweet,” she said. Parker continued to eye my crotch. “Huh. That’s actually a pretty big dick.”

Being a bit over eight inches long and rather thick, it was a pretty apt summary.

“Thanks.” I can’t help but smile. “Hey, pretty sure we’re both supposed to undress for this to work.”

Parker certainly wasn’t shy. As soon as the sentence left my mouth, she shucked off her military fatigues and pulled off the undershirt. The hard, athletic body underneath was every bit as sculpted and perfect as her face was. Seriously, what was a girl like this doing in the military?

Her pants followed suit immediately after and just like that Parker was buck naked in front of me.

“Wow,” I said almost in a daze. “You’ve got an amazing body.”

“Thanks. So how do you want to do this?”

Here was the hottest girl I’d ever seen in my life casually asking me how I wanted to do her ass. Seriously, this might actually be worth dying for.

Looking around, I thought furiously about how to make things perfect. Seeing a furniture display area with stools, I knew exactly what I wanted.

“See those stools over there? Do you think you could sit your ass off the end of one?”

Parker shrugged and went over to one of the stools. The lack of enthusiasm on her part was a little disappointing, but the fact she was going through with this at all more than made up for that.

Swallowing hard I followed behind. Parker did like I asked and sat with the back of her ass hanging over the edge of the swivel stool.

“Like this?” she asked, looking over her shoulder.

She wasn’t arching her back or trying to look sexy at all. But it didn’t matter, it was still literally the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. Her just sitting there, waiting for me to bugger her without a care was just too damn good.

“Yeah, that’s perfect.”


A veritable flood of precum was leaking out the tip of my cock. I figured who needed lube when there was this much. Grabbing my cock with one hand I started smearing the natural lubricant into her backside and grabbed a handful of her tits with the other.

Parker chuffed loudly when she felt my hand wrap around her tit. “You know, it’s funny. Back in training, one of the other SF candidates got a little frisky, decided to cop a feel. I broke his wrist for it. Now? I don’t even give a fuck you’re gonna assfuck me in public… Shit, I wonder if Clark made it out.”

I didn’t get the feeling she was talking to me so much as she was talking at me. So I just kept fondling her tit and getting her back entrance wetter. I had planned on just pushing in when she was slick enough, but thinking about what she said, I thought maybe I shouldn’t push my luck too far.

“Hey, so my cocks basically leaking precum like faucet so I think this should be fine. But if you want, I can use more spit or even try look around for some real lube.” I desperately hoped she didn’t go for güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the latter suggestion.

“Nah, it’s cool man. Just stick it in whenever, I can take it.”

I swallowed hard. I don’t think she realized how hot what she just said was.

I started applying pressure and found even with all the precum, her ass refused to let me in, she was just too tight. After sliding off her several times, I said “I think you’re gonna have to cooperate.”

“That’s what I’m doing aren’t I?”

“No I mean, when I try pushing in, you have to push out with your ass. You’re too tight and I can’t get in without a little help.”

Parker looked over her shoulder and squinted at me suspiciously. “That sounds like you know what you’re doing. I thought you’ve never done anal with a chick before.”

I gulped. Parker was pretty devoid of emotion but I didn’t want to see how far that went. I explained “Really, I am. But I’m also a dude and I’ve seen a lot of porn. It’s something I heard before.”

“Uh huh. Alright, try it again.”

This time, Parker did push out and with a sudden thrust, I slipped inside her ferociously tight asshole. Having watched a bit too much porn, I didn’t take it slow like I should’ve and continued pushing in, feeding her ass more and more of my cock without letting her adjust to it going in.

Parker sucked in a sharp breath of air when I popped in and groaned as I kept shoving myself into her. “Fuck. So this is anal huh? How the fuck do those porn chicks manage it, Christ. Feel like I’m being split in half.”

I realized I was hurting her when she said that and paused. But then I realized she hadn’t actually told me to stop. Duh. Right. She was military. She was tougher than she looked and wouldn’t back down from a little pain. I could take advantage of the tough girl thing she had going so I started pushing in again.

I still felt like she was talking at me rather than to me, but replied nevertheless. “They usually stretch beforehand and they aren’t anal virgins. You’re kinda diving into the deep end here.”

“That right?”

“Yeah,” I said, feeding her another couple inches.

“Fuck. How far in are you?”

“About two thirds. You want me to stop for a second?”

“Nah. Fuck it, it’s just pain.”

“You’re the boss,” I said, a smile creeping onto my face. She was just too good to be true.

I slowly inched my cock in, savoring the feel and heat of her anal walls tightly wrapping around me as I broke new ground in her. It wasn’t too long before I was finally balls deep and resting against her ass cheeks. Looking down I saw her asshole looked stretched dangerously taut around my cock. It looked obscene seeing something so big in a hole so small, it looked wrong, it looked perfect. I sighed in pleasure. Yup, this was worth dying for.

“God this feels so good,” I sighed out.

“You like anal then huh? Good for you. Me, I don’t quite see the appeal,” Parker ground out.

I gulped nervously. “Does that mean you want to stop?”

“Shit, I’m not evil. I’m not gonna blueball you that bad Jacobs. You can fuck me until you cum.”

“That won’t take long,” I said relieved.

“That good huh?”

“God, you’ve got no idea.”

“Well, I’m glad one of us can snag a little happiness before the end.”

“This is more than a little,” I said. I felt a little bad she wasn’t enjoying this as much as I was and asked her to see if there was anything at all she might like about it. “How’s it feel for you?”

“Argh, like I’ve got a massive cock tearing me a new one. Shit, what do you think it feels like?”

“Sorry. There’s really nothing at all you like about it?”

“This ain’t a porno Jacobs. I’ve never had anything in there before so it’s not like I’m gonna just cum from being assfucked now am I?” she said.

I was about to ask if she was sure she wanted to keep going when she continued. “Though, maybe there’s one good thing… I feel really full… It’s not all that bad a feeling.”

It was a small admission, but I still grinned like a madman hearing her admit there was something she liked about being sodomized.

Catching my expression, Parker rolled her eyes. “Fucking dudes. How about you show your appreciation and eat me out when you’re done, I still can’t get off to this shit.”

I happily agreed. “I can do that.”

I went back to stroking my cock into her while squeezing her tits with both hands. Other than the occasional grunting, she didn’t react much and let me have my way with her ass and tits. I kept thinking about how lucky I was as I plowed into Parkers virgin tight ass. I’d never been with anyone as hot as Parker before this but now I was getting a chance to basically treat her like a fucktoy, it was like a dream come true.

The fact she basically gave me free reign combined with the fact she never complained made me slowly but surely get rougher and rougher with her. All the stuff güvenilir bahis şirketleri I’d seen in porn suddenly popped into my head and I figured now was a good a time as any to try it all out on someone.

I started off by just taking out my cock and dipping the tip back in repeatedly. I liked the reaction it got out of Parker. Every time I left her ass she’d relax a little. Then when I followed it up by shoving the tip back in she’d tense up and groan.

I escalated to longer and longer strokes in and out. When Parker still didn’t try to stop me, I graduated to pulling it out and just slamming the whole eight inches back inside her in one go. Every merciless, sudden insertions drew a litany of curses from Parker. She was gripping the edge of the countertop with white knuckles and groaning constantly but never once complained despite the discomfort she was obviously going through. Seriously, being with tough girls was the best, they just took it.

Soon enough, I was basically treating her asshole like a sex toy, completely unconcerned with her own pleasure. Parker took the pounding like a champ. She just grit her teeth through it all.

The constant beating I was giving her ass was taking a toll and I noticed her asshole wouldn’t immediately close when I pulled my cock out. The more I suddenly slammed my cock in without warning, the longer it took for her asshole to wink close. It didn’t take too long before I was leaving Parkers asshole gaping every time I pulled out.

“God that looks so fucking hot,” I whisper unintentionally.

“What’s that?” Parker asked.

“Your ass, I’m starting to make it gape. Fuck, I’ve always wanted to do this.”

“Unh, well now you have. So what’s it look like?”

“Why don’t I just show you?”

Taking out my phone and opening the camera app, I snapped a few quick shots and passed it over to Parker.

Parkers brows raised. “Shit. You really did a number on me… Fuck, I can’t believe my asshole looks like that now. Heh, so much for being an anal virgin.”

“You, uh, don’t seem to mind much.”

Parker shrugged. “Like it matters some guy puts it in my ass now. None of it matters anymore Jacobs.”

Maybe I was taking advantage of someone who was a little vulnerable, maybe I shouldn’t have even considered it, but at that moment, none of that mattered. The way she said it made me want to try pushing things further.

I sank back into Parkers welcoming asshole and let my cock marinate there for a long while before making my next move. Pulling out finally, I grabbed Parkers shoulder and spun her around. She seemed confused at what I was doing, even as I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down. My cock was practically in front of her face by the time she realized what I wanted. She cringed slightly at the realization and didn’t move any closer.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to try,” I said, prodding her along.

Parker spent a second thinking it over before she shrugged. “Fuck it, why not.”

She opened her mouth and wrapped her mouth around the cock that’d just been up her asshole. If there was any hesitation still there, I couldn’t tell. After a few seconds of sucking me off, I pulled away from her and spun her around again to get more of her ass.

I rammed myself back inside her asshole as deep as I could and stayed inside for long moments before pulling out and going back to her mouth. It was already invitingly open when I spun her around this time and I easily buried myself in her throat. I reveled in making her taste her own ass and treating her like a whore. It turned me on like nothing else seeing her go along so easily with all the degrading shit I was making her do without a care.

I lost track of time as I spun her around, endlessly going back and forth between her asshole and mouth in a sodomistic frenzy. The way Parker took it all in stride drove me wild and just encouraged me to try more and more things. I started pulling her hair back so I could spit on her face as she was going ass to mouth. I would push Parker’s face down on my cock, forcing it into the back of her throat and making her gag and hold her down there until she was out of air and slapping my thighs desperately before I let her up.

But nothing I did got anything more than a slightly annoyed glance from Parker. If I had tried even a tenth of what I did with her before everything went to shit, I think she might’ve broken more than my wrist, if she was feeling kind. Now though, she let me get away with every humiliation I could think of.

It was all too much. I finally felt my balls tightening and urgently went back to bottoming out roughly in Parkers asshole for all it was worth. Using her asshole to milk the cum out of my balls, I pulled Parker into me and shot what felt like the biggest load I’d ever had into her ass. The orgasm rolled on impossibly long, feeling almost endless as I pumped spurt after spurt after spurt into her.

I continued hugging Parker into me, holding comforting handfuls of her tits as I slowly came down from the orgasm and grew soft.

I was about to pull out when I realized it would be a wasted opportunity. Parker was letting me get away with anything I wanted to try, so I figured I should try one more thing I’d fantasized about.

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