Learning From Tammy Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of the story of my relationship with Tammy. If you haven’t read the previous chapter, then you may wish to do so to become familiar wit the characters in the story. I hope you enjoy the story.

Tammy – Chapter 2 – Getting to know her

That Sunday we made slow sensual love to each other for most of the afternoon. At one point I pleasured her with the one-hour orgasm. Just touching her, kissing her, teasing her, and caressing her softly for about 45-minutes until she couldn’t stand it any longer, the hour culminating for Tammy in an explosion of multiple orgasms that left her drained and cooing softly as she dozed in and out of consciousness. Of course we came up for air and a glass of wine from time to time, but during the course of this 24 hour period – from Saturday evening until late Sunday afternoon – Tammy climaxed 11 times and I had 5 as well. It was all pretty incredible – especially in what I learned about myself, and my sexual desires.

Finding my way around her kitchen, I managed to whip up some chicken with sautéed sugar-snap peas for dinner while Tammy dozed, and we watched the Soprano’s after we ate. Late Sunday evening I headed home because I only had my “date” clothes from Saturday night and I had to be at work the next morning. Tammy was off as the hair salon is closed on Monday – her day for laundry and bills, as she says.

Arriving at the office on Monday the job greeted me with a client problem down in Iowa. I had to drive down to Dubuque for a meeting on Tuesday morning. I called Tammy and begged off dinner for Tuesday evening, as it would be late by the time I got home. Dubuque is about a 5-hour drive straight down US 52. In season, there is more corn than you can imagine, but this time of year, the plants are about 2 feet high. The meeting went well, the client was satisfied with our proposal, and an expensive lunch was added to my expense account. Then there was the drive home, back up US 52.

I got home about 10 past 8 in the evening. I called Tammy after I finished the chicken sandwich and salad I picked up at the Wendy’s drive-thru in Woodbury. We talked about the day, and Tammy reminded me that she was going out on Saturday night with Ronnie and the girls from the salon. Ronnie is getting married in two-weeks, and Tammy is throwing her a Bachelorette Party. I asked how they were getting around for the party; Tammy told me one of the girls was driving them in her mini-van.

Right away I offered to get them a limousine to take them around on Saturday night. Tammy asked why and I told her flat out that I didn’t want them driving drunk and risking getting themselves, or someone else, hurt. Sensing my concern, Tammy accepted my offer without putting up a fuss.

After talking dirty to each other on the phone for a little while, we hung up with the promise to get together for dinner at my house Wednesday evening. I gave Tammy directions, and she offered to bring some wine. It was a date.

First thing Wednesday morning I called around to find a limousine service that could haul the ladies around on Saturday night. It was short notice, but I managed to find one that would do it for less than an arm and a leg. The large white stretch limo was going to pick them up at the salon, take them anywhere they wanted to go, and take each one home safely at the end of the night. All day I kept watching the clock. It seemed to be moving in slow motion. I worked on three different client letters and finished several proposals, ordered the limo, and it wasn’t even lunchtime yet. I snuck out of work 30 minutes early to stop at the grocery to get the fixings for a nice dinner, and the florist on the way home to pick-up a bunch of flowers. I grabbed some nice looking white and yellow Daisies, with some Baby’s Breath thrown in.

Back at home; I started on a nice sauté of chicken breast, pounded thin and cut into strips, and some shrimp. I mixed that with a little bit of onion and mushrooms, sliced thin, and set it aside while I went in the bedroom to get ready. I showered, paying close attention to my cock and balls, and my asshole. I used the shower massage hose on the jet setting to make sure everything back there was rinsed clean. I put on a sexy pair of underwear – black jockey boxer-style cotton briefs – the only non-white pair of underwear I owned, two little spots of Aramis cologne (one on each shoulder right where it meets my neck), a nice button-down shirt and a comfortable pair of slacks.

By now it was it was getting on toward 20 minutes past 6, and I knew that Tammy would be arriving any minute, so I went back to my cooking. I prepared the cream sauce for my main-dish and put the pasta water on to boil. While taking time to occasionally stir the sauce, I made a nice tossed salad for the two of us. At 6:30 PM there was a knock at the door – it was Tammy. I greeted her with a big kiss. She had been giving someone a perm this afternoon – I could smell it on her clothes.

“I brought a change of clothes with me, do I have time for a quick shower before dinner?” she güvenilir bahis asked as she handed me a bottle of Chardonnay. “Of course,” I responded and led her to the master bath and pulled out a couple of towels for her. “Thanks sweetie,” she said. “You look hot tonight. I like your butt in those slacks” she said as she shut the bathroom door.

As she showered, I turned down the boiling water for the pasta and put the cream sauce on a low simmer. Once I heard the blow dryer going, I turned up the heat on the water for the pasta, and dropped in the Penne Regate. I pulled the cork and poured the wine, and then set out the salads. At this point I almost forgot to put the French bread in the oven, which had been pre-heating for some time. While the bread warmed and the pasta cooked, I added the sautéed chicken-shrimp combination to the cream sauce. While stirring the sauce, Tammy sneaked up behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks, one in each hand. “Something smells really good in here,” she remarked. “And the food smells pretty good, too. You’re gonna make somebody a good husband someday.” Tammy slipped her hands around my waist and pressed her body up next to my back.

I took a break from my stirring to turn around and give her a tender kiss. “Somebody else smells pretty good, too,” I said. “That’s not my shampoo you used.”

“No I brought a little bottle of my own with me, I like the way it smells, fresh – but not too much perfume.”

Tammy looked terrific, wearing a dark blue silk button down blouse and a pair of black jeans.

“Smells like something’s starting to burn,” she said.

“Damn, the bread,” as I dashed across the kitchen to the oven. “Just in time, a little crispy on the edges, but not too bad,” I said.

Going over to the fridge, I pulled out the small bouquet of flowers and offered them to Tammy. “Aw, Greg, flowers for me,” she asked? “Do you have a vase we can put them in? We can put them on the table.” I offered the only thing I owned resembling a vase, which was a tall, tapered, 24 ounce beer glass I’d gotten somewhere on the east coast years ago. Tammy hugged me, “The flowers are a real nice treat, sweetie, but I’m not really a flowers and candy girl. I don’t hate flowers, but don’t waste money on them either.”

Tammy wandered off into the living room as I drained the pasta in a colander, put some on each plate and ladled some of the creamy chicken and shrimp mixture over it. As we sat down to eat, it was obvious that I had impressed Tammy with my kitchen skills, and the way I kept my home. “You have a nice place here, Greg,” she said, “and the dinner looks wonderful.” We enjoyed a great dinner, even if I do say so myself, and had some great conversation about our day’s activities. After dinner, I gave Tammy a key to my house, along with the alarm code. “Tammy, I travel pretty regularly for my job, so I thought it would be good for someone to have a key in case of an emergency.” She protested at first, but eventually accepted the key.

Tammy helped me load the dishwasher, and then we took our glasses and the rest of the wine into the family room. I put on some soft jazz on the stereo and turned on the fireplace – natural gas fireplaces offer instant ambiance. I sat on the love seat and Tammy sat on my lap. We sipped our wine and made-out for hours like teenagers. Tammy wouldn’t let me do more than caress her breast through her bra. Every time I tried to reach under her bra cup she’d push my hand away and tell me not yet. The same was true when I tried to rub her pussy through her jeans. Of course, with all this caressing and kissing going on, my cock was getting pretty hard and it was pretty well apparent through my slacks. Tammy kept teasing me and rubbing my cock through my pants. My dick felt bigger than it had ever been. I was about ready to cum in my pants, but she sensed this and stopped rubbing my bulge and went about teasing my nipples instead. My head is spinning and I’m about to explode, when Tammy announces, “Would you look at the time? Dinner was wonderful, but I should go now. You have to go to work tomorrow and I need to do a few things, both before and after work tomorrow, to get ready for Ronnie’s party on Saturday night. But let’s have dinner on Friday night. I’ll call you at work tomorrow, OK?”

“Oh, man,” I groaned, “well the big noise you’ll hear walking out to your car will be my orgasm as I masturbate as soon as you close the door.”

“Are you all hot and bothered,” she cooed? “Can’t wait until Friday night?” She started rubbing my nipples again, this time with her hands inside my shirt. She unbuttoned my shirt; “Well we can’t leave you all hot and bothered now can we?”

Tammy started sucking on my nipples, driving me crazy. All the while she’s un-hooking my belt and pants, and unzipping my fly. Tammy slowly started kissing her way down my chest and stomach to my hard cock. She was stroking it while she’s kissing me. Squeezing the shaft so the head got really big, slowly she lowered her mouth on to my cock. Licking the tip and sliding it in and out of her türkçe bahis mouth; after all this teasing, my head was spinning, so I knew I wouldn’t last very long. In just a matter of a minute or two, I was panting like a rabid dog as I neared climax. Tammy kept up the pleasure, her head bobbing up and down on my cock. As she reached under my ball sack and massaged the area between my balls and my ass, with a loud groan, I exploded in her mouth. Tammy swallowed most of my cum, but a little bit leaked out of her mouth and down her chin. She milked me dry as I twitched from the intense sensitivity of her licking and sucking the head, sparking all the nerve ending in the tip of my cock. She wiped her chin, and then leaned over as she stood up and gave me a kiss, pushing some of the left over cum from her mouth into mine, I could taste my sex in her mouth. “I’ll call you tomorrow,” she said as she headed toward the door. “I love you,” I weakly called after her. “I love you, too,” she called back as she closed the front door behind her.

Thursday was just a normal day at the office. Tammy didn’t call though; it must have been a busy day at the salon. On my way home I stopped at Kohl’s to see if they had anything in the way of men’s underwear that a woman would find sexy. They had various colored briefs, so I picked out a pair of blue, green, and black. Interestingly, I found a pair that had a bit of elastic sewed into the seat that fit right into the crack of a man’s ass, so the underwear conformed to the ass cheeks. They only had gray in these, but I picked up a pair anyway hoping to impress Tammy since she says I have a nice ass.

Later Thursday evening, Tammy called and invited me to her place for dinner Friday evening. “Nothing special,” she said. “But don’t come before 7:00 PM though, as I need time to get ready.” We chatted for a bit, then Tammy had to run because she wanted to wrap Ronnie’s gift, and not wait until the last minute.

Friday seemed to fly by at the office. A late afternoon call confirmed that I needed to drive down to Madison, Wisconsin, Sunday afternoon for a 10:00 meeting on Monday morning. Hoping that I could talk Tammy into going, I made a reservation at the Comfort Inn Suites. I reserved a room with a large Jacuzzi tub and a King bed. All day I had been thinking about frozen strawberry margaritas, so after work, I stopped at the liquor store and picked up the fixings to make some over at Tammy’s. I went home to shower and get ready for dinner at Tammy’s place.

I chose a light blue button-down shirt made of brushed cotton – which feels like silk to the touch – and a pair of tan chinos. I also chose the new gray underwear that I’d gotten at Kohl’s. After my shower, I dried off well, put on a few drops of Aramis, and got dressed. The new pair of underwear was quite an experience. They conformed to my ass cheeks as I figured they would, with the elastic fitting nicely into the crack of my ass – it actually felt as if the elastic strip was spreading my cheeks just a bit as well. With the chinos and the shirt on, looking over my shoulder in the mirror, I had to admit that my ass looked good too. I was starting to feel my dick stir and I got a warm feeling in my belly as I actually looked forward to Tammy noticing my butt. Plus, I had a yearning for her to fuck my ass with her strap-on dick. I’m not at all attracted to men, but I had to admit that having her girlie cock buried in my ass felt really nice. The excitement from the previous weekend was washing over me as I drove to Tammy’s, leaving me with a feeling of being lovingly dominated by this beautiful woman. What gave her pleasure was my pleasure as well, especially since I believed that she’d never hurt me, and she would make sure I was satisfied.

I arrived at Tammy’s about 5 minutes past 7; I could see her in the living room from the front door as she motioned to me to come in. I slipped off my shoes as I came in the door and headed up the short stairs to the upper level. Tammy had gone back into the kitchen; I came in and set the liquor on the counter. The food smelled great, Tammy was making chicken and beef fajitas with Mexican rice on the side. Is this woman a mind reader, I wondered? Do we have that much chemistry that she knew to bring white wine to my house for a chicken & shrimp dinner and I brought margarita fixings to her house not knowing she’s making Mexican food?

I gave Tammy a deep kiss hello. “Still appreciating that blow job from the other night, are we,” she asked with a smile? “I’m sorry I couldn’t stay and make love the other night. But as I told you last week, I need to feel comfortable, and that usually means my place. Eventually, that will change if we stay together.”

“No need to apologize,” I said. “Besides, you had shopping to do for Ronnie’s party. Where’s your blender? Do you want a strawberry margarita?”

Handing me the blender as if she anticipated my request, “Sure, I’d love one.” I filled the blender with crushed ice from the freezer door as Tammy got out a couple of glasses. “Boy, you really have a nice ass. güvenilir bahis siteleri But you look different tonight, are you wearing underwear,” she asked? Without waiting for me to reply, she came over and started rubbing her hands on my ass. “Ooooo, feels like someone’s got sexy underwear on,” she teased. “Are they new,” she continued teasing, “or are you really a gigolo?”

“Are you a mind reader,” I asked?

“Me, what about you, you’re the one who shows up with margarita fixings the same night I’m making Mexican Food.”

“Well, all day I’ve been thinking about how neat it would be having a margarita.”

“And I’ve been thinking about fajitas all day,” she fired back, “so it must be telepathy.”

“Must be,” I said.

“So then, you know that all day I’ve dreaming of tapping that ass of yours tonight. I went to the sex shop over in Prescott yesterday to pick up a gag gift for Ronnie; but while I was there I picked up a special couple of things for you as well.” I started getting that warm feeling inside my belly again. The sizzle got louder as Tammy added the onions and peppers to the beef and chicken already in the pan. I finished making the margaritas and set them on the dinning room table. I got the fajita skins out of the oven as Tammy put the fajita fixings on the table. I put the rice in a bowl and she put the meat on a plate, we arrived at the dinning room table together. Before we sat down, Tammy called me over to her. As she put her arms around me she whispered, “Let me feel that ass of yours again.” I pressed up against her as she pulled me closer. “I can see your getting aroused already. We ought to eat before it gets cold,” she said.

As we ate, we made small talk, but I couldn’t get it off my mind that she had something special planned tonight – that she bought special sex toys to use on me. She wouldn’t tell me what they were, but she kept teasing me about how much I would enjoy it.

After dinner, I started to carry my dishes into the kitchen; Tammy grabbed my hand. “Leave that, sweetie, I need your face in that place,” she cooed, leading me into the living room. We started making out, and it was obvious that she was already wet, her panties were soaked through and her jeans were moist. I could smell her sex as we kissed. It didn’t take long until we were both naked and frolicking around on the sofa. Soon Tammy settled into a comfortable position leaning back into the corner of the sofa. I slid onto the floor between her legs and started kissing her mouth. Our tongues probed and intertwined in each other’s mouth. I gently started pinching her nipples, which were fully erect. “Harder,” she murmured without breaking our kiss. “Harder!” I pinched and squeezed and rubbed her breasts. I broke our kiss and started kissing my down her neck and her chest. While fondling her right breast I took her left nipple into my mouth. I rolled her nipple around with my tongue and gently bit it. She moaned, “yeah baby, do that.” After playing with her left nipple for a minute or two, I slowly started kissing my way to her right breast. As I teased her right nipple, I slid two fingers of my right hand into her pussy. Tammy let out a long moan as I did so. I didn’t start thrusting though, but instead started rubbing her G-spot, inside her vagina behind the area of her clitoris. As I bit and teased her nipples I let my thumb occasionally flick across her swollen clitoris. Each time brought a twitch and a moan of pleasure. Slowly and gently I kissed my way down her stomach past her trim bush and to the inside of her thigh. Lifting her right foot in my left hand I kissed my way down to her foot.

Still massaging her G-spot with my right hand I started kissing the toes of her right foot. Slowly I took her big toe in my mouth and starting sucking it. I’d draw it in and gently push it out, much the way Tammy did when she sucked my dick Wednesday night. This was having the desired effect and Tammy started moaning and breathing real heavy. I increased the tempo on both her big toe and her G-spot. Her moans became louder and louder as I continued pleasuring her. “Please baby, I’m right there, make me cum. Don’t make me wait, I want it now!” As she begged I put my thumb on the base of her enormous clit and started massaging. It only took a second or so and she was gone. She grabbed a handful of my hair, arched her back as she tried to shove her entire foot in my mouth. Her orgasm was so intense she started to scream as her body stiffened up. After what seemed like minutes, she let go of my hair and her foot fell away from my mouth. Her body twitched as I slid my fingers out of her pussy. “Oh, my God,” was all she kept repeating.

I snuggled against her resting my head against her belly. I could hear her breathing and her heart beat returning to normal. At that point I figured she needed to climax again, so I kissed her belly and, over her weak protests, slipped her beautiful clitoris in my mouth. I’m still amazed at how big it is. Almost immediately Tammy grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her bush. I kept licking her clit, rolling it around on my tongue, sucking it in and out as though it were a small penis. “Oooh, Godddd,” she cried out she arched her back as another orgasm ripped through her body. “Stop, stop,” she’s yelling, “or I’m gonna pee.”

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