Learning to Love Anal Sex

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*A little bit of an introduction-

When my Dom and I first met on-line, he was very curious and interested to know about why and how I enjoyed certain things related to sex (especially kinky sex acts). As we both enjoy many of the reciprocal pleasures that anal sex has to offer, this explanation is one of mine (and his) favorites.

When I first became sexually active, I was kind of “scared” of the back entry- Which I guess can be quite natural and realistic. I always had lots and lots and lots of sexy fun, but I wasn’t into anything anal.

But that was only until I met a man who really came to know me and brought me to the BDSM scene. All that changed! It changed for the more pleasurable better!!!

By this point, I had let a few guys put their dick up my ass but I never really gained a ton of pleasure/excitement from it. It did sometimes turn me on, because it turned them on.

Well, my new master began teaching me about the real fun of anal training. He would command me to put my fingers up my ass- At first, just that.

Then, he would tell me to put my fingers in my ass while he finger-fucked my pussy. I would of course, cum very, very hard. (So yummy!)

He canlı bahis then introduced the toys. He brought the small butt-plugs and the really long dildos. Sometimes, he would shove them into me and try to figure out how much I could take in. At other times, I would be forced to stuff things up my ass myself. It got to be so pleasing to me, that I started (and still continue) to put things up my ass even when I masturbate.

I have been whipped and spanked with plugs and balls in my ass.

One time, my master had me tied with my arms behind my back, my knees bent, my ankles bound, my eyes blindfolded, and he sat me up on a stool. He put a very long dildo up my ass and he fucked me up my pussy with his cock from behind. I came and came and shrieked and dripped all over everything!

Then there were scenarios when even out in public, he would just walk up behind me, (because many times I was ordered not to wear any panties) and he would just shove his cock straight up my ass.

When I am being fucked up the ass, the sensations are thrilling. It can be messy, but even that becomes part of the erotic experience. It can be about just letting yourself go and letting everything out- figuratively, bahis siteleri and literally.

The build-up is fun.

Getting the pussy so wet is nice, as it lets the juices run down into the ass crack and hole. Now, my body really knows what it wants. I can feel and I know the dooer can see my ass pucker and gape as it awaits its reward.

A light brushing or poke across the anus brings on an inner tickle. And once a hard fucking has started, the waves of pleasure just roll and roll and roll. . .

I really like how it feels when a guy’s cum drips out of my ass, and I can smear it all around my ass cheeks and thighs.

When I am masturbating, I utilize all sorts of fun items to put up my ass. I have used the handle of a wooden spoon. ..

I stick it as far as it will go right up my tight, little ass-hole. I’ll let it just stay there awhile, while I tug on and pinch my tits. As I feel my nipples getting really hard and perky, I’ll lick my fingers and cover them in my spit.

Using my right hand, I’ll smear and smudge that spit all over my breast and really get my nipple tickling. At the same time as I am doing that, my left hand is also covered in my saliva, bahis şirketleri and I’m just very delicately tapping at and rubbing my clit. I’m just teasing myself, without any vaginal penetration.

I’ll feel the contracting begin. My ass will tighten around the handle of the spoon. Juices will just pour out of my cunt and drip down over my ass. I’ll do this until my orgasm is about to really burst forth.

Then, I’ll move one of my hands down to the handle of the spoon and give it a few shakes, shoves, and jerks. . .

When I anticipate both a pussy and ass orgasm coming, I’ll pull out the spoon quickly and just feel the gushes! At other times, I’ll leave the spoon in and relish the squeezing and tightening of each orgasmic spasm.

I’ve used beer bottles, hair-brush handles, and even the long end of a toothbrush handle as well as many other more “normal” forms of buggery items.

Let’s not forget about the goodness of a good ass rimming. . .

A female tongue is so very lovely in the ass. Giving and receiving at the same time is the best! I have and believe I would do the same things to a male ass if given the proper motivation to do so. Sometimes, I want to. Sometimes, I have been ordered to. . .

Another fun way to be really buggered, is to be spanked and flogged while its happening.

Oh, Sir! There are sooooo many fun anal scenes, and I am always sooooo ready to be an anal whore!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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