Lubed Ass

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I was balls-deep inside her cunny fucking her doggystyle. Her pussy held on tight to my hard cock as I shoved it repeatedly inside her from behind. Her pink cunt lips opened like flower petals to accept my pole.

Her 5 ft. body shook helplessly when I drove my shaft in her.

It was amazing how such a slightly built female frame could take my 9 inc. long and 4 inc. wide boner. But she kept backing and grinding her tiny pussy to my thick cock. She groaned out her pleasure every time I plunged her insides.

The view was great watching my my pole prodding her hungry dripping pussy. She was showing signs of cumming so I increased my tempo leading her to giggling moans.

She groaned as I thrusted inside her warm and damp cunt furiously. She used her cunt walls to tighten her hold every time I plunged inside her wet cunny at that maddening speed. She knew how to use her vaginal wall to clamp on my thick dick. She knew how to use her body to keep up with my 6 feet 4 inches tall figure as I drew in and out a couple of times a second.

What she didn’t know is that I planned to fuck her ass tonight. I want to introduce her to pain and pleasures of backdoor sex. She was an ass virgin, she admitted to me, a few güvenilir bahis months ago. I’ve been experiencing wet dreams of the moment my long shaft would pierce her anus for the first time since I got into her pants. I widened her as cheeks to lustful look at the tantalizing view of her pink creased anus.

Unable to resist he rubbed his finger on the creased anus.

She moaned.

I knew, I hadn’t planned on cumming in her wet slit. I want to unload my load deep inside her bowels.

I licked my finger and pushed inside her puckered ass. She stiffened at the uncomfotable feeling of having her poophole invaded.

I paused giving her time to get used to my finger while I fucked her tight dripping pussy hard and fast with my hard cock.

She moaned loudly and relaxed a bit.

I pushed the remaining inch of my finger in her ass and started pumping. I used her love juice to lube a second finger and pushed it too in her ass. She was so damn tight I couldn’t wait to push my cock in her sweet butthole. I started pushing those two digits in and out as I fucked her holes simulteneously.

She squealed meekly allowing me to play with her holes.

Recognizing signs of her climax, I picked the pace and fucked her furiously heighting her impending türkçe bahis release.

‘I’m cuummminng,’

she shouted her pleasure as she came around my still hard cock with my fingers stretching her ass.

I took it as a sign to embark on her asshole. I pulled my fingers out and held her ass cheeks on either sides.

I pulled my hard-on out of her dripping tight cunt and positined it on the entrance of her back door.

She was still delirious on the cumming high heavens that she didn’t realize my intention. I was sleek with her love juice I needed no lube.

I pushed my cock and the head went right in. Her untried anus was so fucking tight I couldn’t wait to sink my pole even deeper.

Finally realizing what I intended she lifted her head from the pillow, ‘Nooo,’ she cried.

I ignored her and pushed deeper stretching her bumhole. My hands held a strong grip on her hips she barely moved from my grip.

She stiffened in discomfort.

‘Relax.’ I urged. ‘I wont hurt you. I promise.’

She relaxed and I pushed all my thick length to hilt.

‘Ooooooh,’She cried in pain.

I gave her a moment to adjust to my pole in her ass before I started moving slowly. Her body relaxed arching her body sensually. I grabbed her ample güvenilir bahis siteleri c-cup tits and played with her pointy nipples. Her cries of pain turned into grunts of pleasure.

I had her back on my chest while I bit her neck to brand her with my mark.

She responded by backing on my had pole every time I withdrew. My ball kept slapping her cheeks whenever I pushed in.

In no time I was pounding her ass like there was no tomorrow. In and out… In and out… I fucked her ass. A sound of pleasure came from deep in her throat as I fucked her ass harder. I was delirious with lust thrusting in and out of her butthole like a crazed animal. I was done playing a gentle lover.

I started playing with her clit maximizing her pleasure. I thrusted in and out, in and out over and over…

I sensed her enthusiams as I pumped her hole away like a madman. Right then I had one hand fisting her damp cunt while the other pulled hard at her nipples.

Suddenly she convulsed shouting her second climax her ass gripping hard my erection as she came apart in my arms. Her cum dripped the mattress while I continued boning her raw ass for another minute or two until I couldn’t take it anylonger. Cum boiled in my balls as I ripped her butthole in blurring movements.

Then I grunted as I painted her rectum with my cum. I pinched her clit and she cummed around my fist with my limb organ inside her anus.I hadn’t cum that hard in my entire life.

That was the start of our new sex-life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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