Never Too Old To Learn Ch. 02

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Brett Walker has recently become a shock jock on an AM talk radio station, working late nights. His producer, Jennifer Anderson has had a sheltered sex life through a loveless marriage. Working so closely with the 27-year-old stud and needing to meet with him daily at his home, the mature 48 year old woman begins to take an interest in his nocturnal sexual pursuits of younger women, eventually obsessing about the size of his penis.

You really should read Part 1 to see how their relationship bridges the 19-year difference to yield a morning of very satisfying sex. But what’s next for this odd couple? Where will they go from here? Can Brett be content with a woman with little sexual experience almost two decades older than him and is a young stud really what Jennifer needs in her life right now?

Chapter Seven

The morning after their initial sexual coupling, Jennifer couldn’t wait to drive to Brett’s house. Nervously, she turned the key in his front door at 10.01am, praying that she would not find him in bed with some bimbo that he had picked up at one of the clubs. She didn’t have to look far to find him. She peeped in his bedroom door and there he was, seemingly asleep, on his back on his bed, totally stark naked, no sheet to cover him.

She tiptoed into the room and crept up to the side of the bed, gazing down at his buffed body, totally exposed for her inspection. His cock was a fair bit larger than flaccid, it was possibly about one-third erect. Jennifer kicked off her shoes, unclasped her skirt and let it fall, she lifted her sweater up over her head, revealing just a bra and panties … that is, if the only man in the room had been awake to see. She had dressed more simply today, ignoring the seductive black lingerie of yesterday.

She slipped onto the bed and lifted one leg across his legs to sit straddling him, her arse across his ankles. She dipped her head down and her lips parted to let her tongue slide forward to lick his semi dormant cock shaft. She felt it respond quickly under the wet strokes of her tongue. When it had stiffened sufficiently, she closed her mouth over the rounded tip and sucked all of his large cock-head inside her mouth.

Jennifer heard him stirring, an expressive moan indicating his enjoyment of her enthusiastic blow job, a procedure she had not attempted for many years. Judging by the stiffness of his rising hard-on and the sounds of his pleasure, she had not lost her technique. The more his shaft grew, the harder it was to keep his entire growing knob within her mouth. Her tongue helped out by continuing to swipe its wet flat surface across the eye in his tip.

Eager to feel the hard size of him probing her insides again, Jennifer reluctantly let his hard-on slip from between her lips. Brett, who she thought was still asleep, reacted with an expressive, “No … don’t stop now!”

Despite his hips humping up to re-find her lips, Jennifer had lifted up and quickly slipped her panties off, re-straddling him further up on the bed. She raised her whole body until her other lips … the wet lips of her pubis hovered high above his hips, just out of reach of his impressive 9 inches. She looked down on her young lover, delighted to see that he was now fully awake and alert. Her head dropped so she could look down between their bodies, her shoulder-length red hair falling across his face, obstructing his own view. She manoeuvred her abdomen around until her vaginal lips were gently caressing the tip of his cock. She was already moist enough.

“Yes, do it Jen … oh please do it!”

“You want it all, don’t you?” she teased as she allowed the weight of her body to descend over his rampant, stiffened cock, standing vertically up from his body. The size of his rounded tip forced her lips to spread wide and she felt the massive object just nudging inside her wet entrance. His hands reached out to grip her hips firmly and he assisted the impaling by pushing upward with his own hips. About two inches of his thick cock was swallowed up inside her.

Brett looked up into her face above him, her head now raised again. Her look was triumphant, like she was achieving something that might have been said couldn’t be done. “What do you want, Jen?” he asked her, watching her facial reactions changing as more and more of his solid cock spread her passage wide to take him. Her face showed joy, delight, occasional discomfort, carnal pleasure and even shock – that a man’s penis could grow this big and this thick.

Jennifer’s hands were planted flat on either side of his head, her breasts hung above his chest and her hips wriggled around, forcing her body to lower more and more down over his rampant upright hard-on.

She couldn’t see how far in his hard cock had gone, but when her body had accepted about 5 inches, she gasped, “Have I got it all yet?”

Brett raised his head and stared down between their bodies, “Nope, fair bit to go in yet!”

Her face revealed her canlı bahis exasperation, “Damn, I thought I must have it all by now … I feel so full of you.”

“Do you want to roll over for me to be on top, I can drive it into you that way.”

“No,” she almost shouted, “No, we did that yesterday. I want to try it this way, for me and for you.”

“You sure are becoming adventurous, Jen. So listen, why don’t you start fucking with what you’ve got inside you. I mean, lift up and down on me and it will start getting easier. Then when you’ve got a rhythm going, you can drop a bit further down over it on each stroke and gradually you’ll get more and more of me inside you until you’ve got it all.”

She looked down at the face of the young man who until yesterday had been simply a workmate. He looked so young and she felt so mature and yet in bed the roles were reversed. He spoke to her with such maturity and experience in the ways of sexual pleasure.

Jennifer did as he suggested, lifting her whole lower body up off his high shaft until only the bulbous rounded head remained gripped by her inner lips, then letting the weight of her body coupled with some downward hip movement, push her tight passage back down over him. Again, Brett watched her face, seeing the rapidly changing emotions as his thick hard-on ploughed through her tender cunt lining.

It was exhilarating for them both, even though her pace was extraordinarily slow to begin. Brett had been right – of course – and gradually his cock plunged in deeper each time she lowered her body over his upright shaft. Each extra bit of territory gained drew an expressive whimper from Jennifer until finally each lift and plunge was pushing his 9 inches fully in and almost out of her needy body. Her pace quickened, and with it, Jennifer felt the pulsing start within.

Yesterday, she had experienced multiple orgasms because, she believed, of Brett’s youthful experience at sex. But today, he was content to lie dormant while she did all of the work, yet still she felt the build-up of an orgasm. She was truly amazed that her body could react in this way. She had never fully understood the workings of her body when it came to orgasms, they hadn’t happened often enough in her life for her to analyse them. But here she was, on the verge again – for the second day.

The feel of her body reacting orgasmically spurred her on to experiment more. She would pause to momentarily hold his hard cock fully inside her while she milked his shaft with the muscles around her cunt. That drew some loud grunts from the young man beneath her … the young man who was providing this wondrous tool, on which she was having so much fun playing.

The pulsing became a throbbing and she sensed that a release was not far away. She quickened the pace and that simple move sent her over the top, the lower half of her body spasming and jerking from a powerful climax. All movement ceased, other than the twitching of her cunt around his invading cock, until she came down from her peak. Her arms had collapsed under her weight and her body had fallen down on his, hugging herself to him.

Slowly, she lifted up again on trembling arms and squinted down on Brett through hooded eyes. “We’re not done yet,” he told her, pushing his hips upward, letting her feel the solid mass of him still implanted deep inside her body.

“Umm!” she mumbled dreamily, then opening her eyes wider, she asked, “What’s next?”

“You’re the one calling the shots babe, you’re on top. I’m just telling you it’s not over, just because you’ve cum once. We’ve got a long way to go. Do you want me to take over now?”

“No, no! It’s my turn today.” Her voice brightened, “Do you want some more of the same?”

“That would be good,” he smiled, looking up at her. “Go ahead!”

Jennifer lifted her body up again and the fucking ritual resumed. She would get to have yet another powerful orgasm without forcing her young lover to release his cum into her. She even almost made it to a third before abruptly she felt powerful jets of his cum spurting up into the vital parts of her reproductive system. She allowed her body to slump again down over his body and, still joined, they slumbered that way for an hour or two.

As promised, this whole day became one long sexual journey, something that Jennifer had never experienced with any man. When she awoke first from their sleep, she lifted herself off his firm, buffed body and collapsed alongside him. Brett still slept so Jennifer had time to check out every inch of him, her eyes following her fingers as she touched his nose, his mouth, his hair, his ears, his neck, his chest hair, his nipples that she tried to make erect with her lips and fingers. She went lower and checked out his navel, then her fingers caressed his balls and finally his penis, wet and messy with the remnants of her juices and his cum.

He woke when he felt her playing with and fondling his cock. bahis siteleri “What are you doing?” his voice startled her.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Just a minute or two, there’s no way I can sleep through a woman handling my cock. Are you trying to get it up again? If so, you’re on the right track.”

She removed her hand and brought her face back up alongside his. “No, I was just admiring your body, marvelling at how you have been blessed with such a wonderful penis … its size is truly remarkable.”

“I am not unique, Jen … there are others, I dare say some bigger than this.”

“I can’t imagine what that would feel like. This is big enough for me, thanks Brett.”

They were hungry, so they both adjourned to the kitchen downstairs, remaining naked. None of the neighbouring houses looked in on Brett’s property, so they were even able to go out and lay on the pool deck to eat lunch without wearing any clothes. They talked for awhile, getting to know each other even better than they had through their work together. She proudly told him of her sons and what they were achieving in their studies.

Brett told her briefly of his family, brothers who lived interstate, and he said his father is a farmer. “He keeps talking about coming to visit me. If he does, we would have to curtail these morning sessions for a few days.” Jennifer looked extremely dejected. “He’ll only be here for a week and I’m sure you’ll like him, Jen.”

“Oh I bet I will, if he’s your dad. I’m just disappointed that we will have to stop this while he’s here.”

“I can’t believe this, Jen. You are turning into a fanatical sexual being. You’re a worry.”

“I know and I’m sorry. Only yesterday, I told you that I was not going to make any long term sexual demands on you. There is too big an age difference for this to become a long-term relationship. I realise that this is just a short-term thing so I intend to make the most of it while it is happening. Don’t feel that you’re committed to me in any way, Brett. You can go back to your young bimbo’s any time you want.”

“Let’s not talk about them, Jen … how about we go take a shower?”

“Wow, that’s sure changing the subject. Okay, if that’s what you want.”

“Well, you want more sex don’t you?”

She grinned at him, “Of course!”

“Well, a warm soapy shower will get us both clean and should lead to something rather nice.”

It did of course. They showered together for ages, washing each other several times over. Jennifer lathered up Brett’s cock and worked her hands on and around it until it was good and stiff again, but she began to get a bit worried that he seemed to be obsessed with her arse. His soapy fingers had delved down between her arse cheeks while his other hand in the middle of her back held her pressed up against his body, his stiffened cock squashed between their bellies. But those fingers didn’t just delve, they probed at her anus quite intimately, one even pressuring her tight sphincter to allow the digit up inside her arse.

“Don’t Brett, please,” she pleaded softly against the roar of the water cascading down from the shower.

“Don’t you like that, Jen?”

“Not really, I’ve never seen it as a sexual place. It’s too dirty for that.”

“It can be very sexual for hetero couples. That’s why we have showers, honey … I was just trying to make you clean for my tongue.”

“Oh God no, you can’t put your lovely tongue there.”

“I can you know … and I want to. Just trust me, Jen.”

“I’m trying to trust you, I want to – really … but there’s a lot of things I’ve never done sexually. I do want to learn, it’s just that I suspect that some of the things you might want to do to me will be hard for me to come to grips with.”

“How about you just place yourself in my hands, Jen … nothing I will do will hurt you. It might just be different. So try it, you could actually like it.”

They finished their shower, Brett took a fresh fluffy towel and dried Jennifer thoroughly. “Now, let’s take you back to bed.”

Brett laid her naked body out flat on the bed and began to make love to her, very slowly. He kissed and licked her lips and her ears, he bit her neck – playfully while moving onto her breasts. He ravaged her nipples for nearly a half-hour. Just when she thought she would go out of her mind from arousal and desire, his mouth moved down past her navel, over her bare tummy and then rummaged around her pubic region.

His tongue work on her labia lips opened her up so that he could see all the moistened pinkish areas lewdly exposed to his gaze. His lips and tongue worked her clitoral bud up into a frenzy, finally giving her the pleasure relief she had craved for more than half-an-hour.

As she lay satiated and exhausted from the workout, she felt Brett pushing her legs far back so that her knees crunched up over her breasts. Her body was doubled back, her feet dangling beside her head. One bahis şirketleri of his hands held her in this awkward position while the fingers of his other hand began to trace a sensual path over the tender tautened skin of her stretched open arse cheeks.

She felt his feather-like touch sensually tracing around her exposed anal ring. Jennifer was embarrassed because she knew that not only was he touching her in this previously taboo place, but his face was so close to her lower body that he would be able to see inside her tiny anal ring. ‘Oh God, did that shower clean it enough?’ she thought. ‘Oh, this is so embarrassing!’

She could now feel him breathing on the smooth cheeks of her arse. Jennifer felt uncomfortable with his exploration. “What are you doing, Brett?” she asked, wishing he would move away from there.

“I’ve told you before, even before we were having sex, that you have the greatest arse. I reckon it’s the best there is.”

“Thank you, that’s very nice of you … but you don’t have to get so close to it, do you?”

“I’d like to be inside it, that’s what I’d really like.”

Jennifer jumped when she felt something soft and wet sweeping up between her spread arse cheeks, running right over the top of her puckered anus. “Oh, what’s that?”

He did it again. This time, she realised that it was Brett’s tongue, hot and wet, swiping her arse. She wanted to be disgusted at the very thought of his mouth being there, but strangely it felt sensual.

“What do you think it is?”

He did it again, this time stopping the stiffened tip of his tongue at her anal opening. She shrieked in alarm, her anus clenching in reaction.

“I’ve worked out what it is … it’s your tongue. But you shouldn’t put it there, you could get germs.”

“That’s why I cleaned you so thoroughly … with soap and my finger. Your arse is spotless right now.”

Jennifer jumped again when she felt his stiffened tongue actually pushing at her tiny opening. “Oh no Brett, don’t do that.”

He withdrew so he could answer her, “Don’t you like it?”

Even as she drew breath to answer him, she felt the stiffened tip of his tongue again push at her sphincter. “Yes!” she admitted, “it does feel nice … but still you shouldn’t do it!” His tongue managed to get past her sphincter and swirled around just inside her anus. “Oh my God,” she murmured, failing to keep her emotions silent.

Brett replaced his tongue with his fingertip and he pushed it swiftly to the first knuckle. “I wish it was my cock. I would love to put my cock up your arse and fuck you until you cried out ‘enough’. That’s what I’d like most.”

Her lower body squirmed around on the bed, responding to the feelings her arse was drawing from his persistent and probing finger. “You’d be much too big for it to go in there.”

“Yes, I expected you’d say that … and I did promise you I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I could open you up a bit … if it was alright with you.”

“What do you mean by that? What does ‘open you up a bit’ mean?”

“We could use a butt plug, have you heard of them before?”

“It might surprise you, but I have. I read an article in one of the women’s magazines … the writer was encouraging women to try anal sex and it described how a butt plug worn for a day or so could stretch the anus enough for the man’s penis to get in without too much pain.”

“Hey, that’s good, Jen … so what do you think?”

“I don’t think the writer had your penis in mind when she wrote the article.”

His finger maintained its work, diddling her anal insides, occasionally triggering little pulses within her lower body. “I have a butt plug, Jen … would you try it for me?”

“Just like that. You just happen to have a butt plug in the house, ready to shove up inside me. That’s pretty convenient. So how long have you had it? You didn’t buy it with me in mind, did you? Did you have anybody in mind when you bought it, Brett?

“Hold on, Jen, so many questions. I’ve had it for quite a while, and I didn’t buy it for anyone in particular. A couple of years ago, I just got this thing about fucking a woman in the arse, so I bought the butt plug knowing that my size was always going to be a problem. I swear, Jen, I’ve never used it on anyone. Can I put it in you and you wear it for the next few hours … maybe even leave it in overnight if it’s not too uncomfortable?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think I’m ever going to be into it, Brett. I don’t want to give you a false hope that I might let you have my arse.”

He pulled his finger out and she felt his tongue back there, right at her puckered anal opening. It did feel quite good to her and she vocalised that, “Umm!”

“See, you’re liking it, Jen … its all the nerve endings there. The arse is really quite sensitive.”

She let out a long sigh, “Okay Brett, go get the damned thing. I can see you’re not going to give up until you’ve shoved it up my arse.”

He laughed, “I love it when you talk dirty to me, Jen. Say ‘shove it up my arse’ for me again, will you Jen?”

She reached out and with a closed fist punched him on the arm that was holding her legs up beside her head.

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