Original Angels Ch. 18

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Saturday With Angels and the Guys

While I was basking in the sun at our nudist club with several gorgeous ladies at my side, two of their husbands were back in Sedona, preparing to come and join us…

Joe got up to answer the door when the bell rang. As he swung it open, he was greeted.

‘Joe? I’m Tom. Nice to meet you.’

‘C’mon in Tom. I’m just about ready. I was trying to figure out what you’re supposed to pack to go to a nudist park. Have you ever been to one before?’

‘No.’ Tom replied. ‘This is a first for me too. You’ve got the directions, right?’

‘Yeah. Rhonda left them for me here. Trish said it should take us about an hour and a half to get there.’

‘Well let’s get going. I’m kind of anxious to see what it’s like being outside with everyone naked.’

‘OK, let’s get out of here.’

They walked out the door and climbed into Tom’s Expedition. It was clean and shiny and looked new.

‘Nice car Tom. Did you just get it?’

‘I’ve had it for about three months now. I’m very happy with it. So tell me, have you met this Trish girl?’

‘Oh yeah. We’ve been to her house. Well, I guess it’s Rob’s house, but they’re getting married in a couple of months. Haven’t you met her?’

‘I think I met her just once at a parent night at school. Our daughter Amy is in her daughter Teri’s class. Teri has spent the night at our house before, but Dawn always handles those events. But I remember Trish as being very attractive, kind of slight, and friendly.’

‘Yeah that’s her. Very friendly! She’s an amazing girl. Things haven’t been the same in our house since we met her.’

How’s that?’

‘Well we went over to their house last week for a cook out. My wife has known Trish for a long time. She goes to her hair salon. So anyway, we go for a swim and before you know it, we’re all swimming naked in the pool!’

‘Was your daughter there too?’

‘Yeah! Now my daughter is not naive, and I know that she must know something about boys and sex, but I’ve never talked to her about it! I leave that up to Rhonda. And I haven’t seen my daughter without clothes since she was a little kid. So this was an eye opener in itself!’

‘Wow, I can imagine. So how did you handle it?’

‘Well Trish had volunteered to trim her daughter Tracy’s pubic hair, and Tammi wanted her to do hers too. You see, she does that for my wife at her salon every week or whatever. So Trish sets up a towel and all of her razors and stuff right there on the pool deck. And then she proceeds to do the work, right there in front of us all!’

‘You’re kidding!’ Tom couldn’t believe his ears.

‘No! Here I am staring at this hot young teen age girl who comes over to hang with my daughter at our house. She’s got her legs spread wide open, and her mother is shaving her cunt! I couldn’t believe it myself.’

‘That’s incredible!’

‘So then she does the same thing to my Tammi and the whole time Tammi is just watching me watching her. She had a look on her face like she wanted to fuck me. And she was asking me if I liked what I was seeing.’

‘So what did you say?’ Tom asked incredulously.

‘What could I say? I told her, yes, I thought she was beautiful.’

‘And then what?’

‘Well when Trish finished up with Tammi, she gave her a big wet kiss on her pussy and Tammi came right there in front of me!’

‘No Shit! I don’t believe this!’

‘Well, when they were finished, Trish asked me if I wanted to be shaved too.’


‘Yeah. Rob is totally shaved, and here I had just watched her do our teen aged daughters and I was getting kind of excited… So I told her she could if I would get the same treatment after she was done. I figured it was worth a blow job.’

‘So you did it?’

‘Yeah, she shaved my cock and my nuts and then she sucked me like an angel. All in front of my wife and daughter!’

‘Oh my god, Joe! And this was the first time you had ever met this girl?’

‘I swear to God!’

‘So what do you expect this weekend is all about?’

‘Well I can tell you that since that day, things have been a whole lot better around my house. I can walk around without any clothes, and my wife and daughter do the same. We can talk about anything, including sex and there’s no shame, no hiding. It’s amazing.’

‘So has Tammi had sex yet?’

‘Well if you count oral sex as sex, yes she has. She’s sucked my cock and I’ve had oral sex with her too!’

‘Get out of here! You ate your own daughter’s pussy?’

‘Yeah, but only after she gave me a blow job.’ Joe smiled as he thought about that very first time.

‘Joe, that’s incest! You could get thrown in jail!’

‘You’re right Tom. I’ve thought about that too. But you know, it all happened so innocently, and it was what we all wanted. Nobody forced anybody. It was a natural expression of the love that we feel within our family anyway. But it wouldn’t have happened if Trish hadn’t started it.’

‘So do you think that’s what’s gonna happen with my kid too?’

‘Well if she’s been hanging around with Trish’s daughter, she probably already has fixbet gotten a better sex education than we ever had at their age. Trish has been teaching her girls and Tammi as well when she sleeps over with Tracy.’

‘Yeah that’s true. Dawn told me about when Teri came over last weekend while I was away. She said they had a real girl type slumber party. Talked about boys and sex and even masturbated together! Come to think of it, that was the same night that you were over at their house!’

‘Yeah I guess it was, because Teri wasn’t there. I haven’t met her yet.’

‘Oh this is going to be some weekend… So Joe, what’s it like having sex with your own daughter?’

‘Well, once you get past the guilt, it’s incredible. I mean where else are you going to ever get to taste pussy that young in your life? And with your wife’s approval! And you know, I thought about this a lot, and it makes sense. Don’t you want your daughter to learn about sex and love in a clean loving environment, with the people who care about her the most? Or would you rather that she get her education in the back seat of a car with some pimply faced guy who only knows what his hormones are telling him?

Tom thought about it for a minute. ‘You know that does make sense. But Amy is still pretty young. I just don’t know if I can do it.’

‘Tom, you don’t have to worry about having sex with your daughter today or tomorrow. But if you can create a climate in your home that makes it possible, an atmosphere where there aren’t any hang ups or secrets about sex and love, then when the time is right it can happen naturally. I was absolutely floored when my own daughter told me that she wanted me to be the first man she had sex with. She wanted to suck my dick before she ever touches another guy. It can’t get much better than that Tom! That’s when you know that your daughter loves you…for real.’

‘And you say it’s all because of this girl Trish. She really must be a special lady.’

‘Oh she is! Wait till you get to know her. And Rob too. I haven’t got the whole scoop on him yet. He’s younger than we are. I bet he’s still in his twenties. But he’s got a really nice home on the west side of town. I guess he’s pretty well off, financially. He doesn’t work that I know of. But he’s really good with the girls. He’s polite and kind. Everybody loves him. And he’s hooked up with one of the most together and eligible divorcees in town! It looks like a good deal for them all!’

Back at the pool side, I was wakened by the sound of Trish’s cell phone ringing next to me. She flipped it open and answered…

‘Hi, this is Trish. Oh, you guys are here? That’s great! Just follow the signs to cabin eighteen. I’ll meet you there in three minutes.’

She flipped the phone off and turned to us all. ‘Tom and Joe are here. I’ll go get them and bring them back here.’

She put the phone back in her bag and got up from the lounger. We watched as she skipped away to fetch our newest arrivals. I noticed plenty of other eyes on her, from the other people around the pool. Trish just naturally attracts attention.

In the car, Joe directed Tom as they followed the road to the cabin compound and the cabin eighteen area.

“Hey! There she is.’ Joe said, pointing at Trish who was waving at the car.

Tom spotted Trish and his dick jumped inside his shorts. ‘Oh yeah! She’s the one I met. But she sure looks better now! This is going to be fun!’

He pulled the car into the open parking space and they got out. Trish stood by Joe’s door as he got out and gave him a friendly kiss on the lips. Tom walked around the front of the truck and Trish turned to greet him.

‘Hi Tom! It’s great to see you again.’ She leaned forward and gave him a similar kiss on the lips. He responded somewhat awkwardly, not knowing whether to hug her or not in her naked state.

‘Grab your stuff.’ She said, ‘I’ll take you inside. Joe, you and Rhonda have cabin nineteen, right there.’ She pointed to the door. ‘And Tom, you and Dawn and Amy are here in cabin twenty. Come with me.’

She led him up the steps and walked inside as if it was her own place. She pointed at the bedroom and said, ‘I’m so glad you’re here. You can put your stuff in the bedroom and if you’re comfortable enough, just go ahead and get undressed. Since it’s your first time here, you can keep your shorts on, or wear a towel if it makes you feel better.’

Tom was relieved by Trish’s offer to make him most comfortable, but he realized that he would probably stand out more in the crowd, if he chose not to undress, than if he did. So he quickly disrobed and returned to the living area. Trish eyed him and approached him and gave him another hug and kiss.

‘Mmm Tom. I know we’re going to have lots of fun this weekend. I’ve been looking forward to it every minute since Dawn suggested it last night. The only rule you need to know as that we don’t show any public displays of affection on the park grounds, but inside the cabins, we can do as we please. Sound OK to you?’

Tom returned Trish’s hug and lightly placed his hand on her bare ass. ‘That fixbet giriş sounds fine to me. Right now I think I could just spend the whole time inside with you.’ He was flirting rather blatantly, but Trish rolled with it.

‘Well, we don’t want the rest of the gang to get worried about us, so let’s go do the greeting thing, and then we can see where the night takes us.’

She winked at Tom and together they walked out the door. Joe was just walking their way as they stepped off the porch.

‘OK guys. This way to the pool.’ Trish walked between them holding their hands as they wound their way along the path to the swimming pool. As they approached the deck, I noticed them right away. The others were aware of them too and it was my guess that we all had the same obvious thought in our minds as we watched them approach.

‘Tom has a huge dick!’

It was dangling halfway down his thigh and must have been at least nine inches long. And it was soft! I silently wondered to myself how big and long it would grow to when he was excited. The others were all staring in the same amazement.

I stood up and offered my hand to Joe and then Tom. ‘Hey! Glad you guys could get here!’

Dawn got up and kissed Tom on the cheek. ‘Hi honey. How was the drive? Isn’t this place beautiful?’

Tom looked around. ‘It’s no wonder they call this place paradise.’ He said.

Joe nodded in agreement. Rhonda was giving him a gentle hug and kiss and encouraging him to take a seat. Tracy and Tammi also greeted and introduced themselves to the men. Tom and Joe took an extra few moments to admire their young bodies.

‘Where’s Amy and Teri?’ Tom inquired.

‘Oh, they’re around.’ I replied. ‘They’ll be back here soon, I’m sure.’

As if on queue, the two girls came walking up to us and greeted Tom warmly. They were introduced to Joe as well, but it was apparent that Teri was focused on Tom’s huge cock. She kept looking at it in amazement.

We had barely gotten settled again, when Trish reminded me that I should probably go and get the grill started to cook supper. Tom offered to help and Teri said that she and Amy would give us a hand too. I suspected that Teri just wanted to keep her eye on the monster between Tom’s legs. So we all gathered our things and walked back to the cabins.

Trish had bought steaks and shrimp for me to barbeque on the grill. I lit the fire and then we all went inside to prepare the cabin for dinner. We had disposable plates and utensils and pre-made salads so the preparation was easy. This allowed us to relax and I observed the interaction between Tom and his daughter and Teri as they experienced being naked together for the first time.

Amy and Teri were pretty much at ease, having been here all day and interacting with other strangers at the park. Tom, on the other hand, was still a little awkward.

‘Daddy, wait till you see everything they have here.’ Amy began, ‘There’s horses and hiking and a beach and volleyball. We played croquet this afternoon with some guys. There’s a softball field. And there’s a dance tonight at the social hall!’

She was truly impressed and loved telling her dad all about it.

“Rob, will you dance with me tonight?’ Teri asked.

‘Of course I will sweetheart.’ I answered.

‘Yeah dad, will you dance with me too?’ Amy asked.

Teri giggled. ‘And then we can cut in and trade partners.’ She was looking at Tom’s dick again. I silently questioned her motives.

Tom was sitting on the sofa and Teri sat in the chair facing him. She casually opened her legs and drew her knees up to her chin. She knew she was exposing herself to him and he tried not to stare, but it was natural to face her and look as they talked. Amy was seated next to her dad and enjoyed watching her friend tease him so.

She touched Tom’s shoulder and said, ‘Daddy, isn’t it nice to be able to be here without our clothes? I love being naked outside and I wish we could be like this at home. Do you think mom would mind if we didn’t have to get dressed all the time at our house? Teri says that she doesn’t have to wear clothes at her house.’

Tom looked at me. I nodded in a way that told him it was true.

‘Well honey, I don’t see why we can’t. We need to ask mom though, because it should be a family decision. But I agree, it does feel good and I would like it too. But you know, a lot of other people might not understand or approve.’

‘But Daddy, if we only do it at home, then what does it matter about other people?’

‘You’ve got a good point honey. We just have to be discreet and keep it to ourselves. Do you think you could do that?’

‘Sure Daddy. Why not?’

‘Well then, all we have to do is get your mother to agree.’

‘Yippee!’ cried Amy, knowing that Dawn would be certain to agree.

We were all smiling at the revelation that Tom and his family were making the transition into a nude lifestyle when Trish and the whole gang came walking up the steps. Some of the crowd headed off for bathroom breaks while the rest of us naturally congregated in the kitchen area. Since it was small and crowded, Trish suggested that I take the meat and shrimp outside and start cooking. I did as she said and in just a few more minutes, we were all filling our plates and consuming a wonderful picnic dinner together.

After supper, we managed to get the place cleaned up pretty quickly and after freshening up ourselves, we all wandered over to the dance hall for the Saturday night dance. Trish had requested a table for the ten of us and it was all set, right next to the dance floor. There was a DJ playing cds and he also had a karaoke machine. I danced with Trish at first, but then we all got into switching partners and dancing with each other and soon it was obvious that we were all one big happy family. Some of the other attendees were watching us, but most kept to themselves. The DJ was encouraging people to come up and sing and we were all pleasantly surprised when Dawn accepted his offer. She sang a couple of Shania Twain songs and performed them really well! Her voice and pitch were flawless and she was really getting into it. She had a wireless mike, so she was moving around the crowd and really playing it up. Her smile was infectious and everyone was caught up with her show. They applauded and cheered for more, so after a short rest, she stood up and did a couple more country numbers by Reba McIntire.

We all were so excited to discover a real talent among us. But after a while Tracy announced that she and Tammi were going to go back to Tammi’s cabin and watch a movie. Teri asked if she and Amy could come too, and it was decided that they would go together and then that Tracy would spend the night with Tammi and that Teri and Amy would sleep over at Amy’s cabin.

Once the six of us adults were left alone, Trish suggested that we go back to our cabin for some fun and games. There were no objections so we wandered back and settled in to our living room.

After fixing drinks, Trish told us that she had an idea for a fun evening and hoped that everyone would agree.

‘Here’s the game.’ She said. ‘We all seem to be having a good time together and I know that we all enjoy the idea of a little sex play too. Right?’

Everyone nodded in agreement.

‘And we all fancy ourselves as being pretty good at pleasing our partners in bed. I think it’s safe to say that we all enjoy oral sex, both giving and receiving…’

She looked around and everyone nodded.

‘So I thought we could have a little fun. We have three rooms here, so we can each take a room and go there with our partners. Just to make sure that the ladies cum first, I think we should do it like this.’

She held up a little bag that she had brought with her. Inside she pulled out some old pantyhose and some blindfolds.

‘Each of us will go with our partners into a room. The guys will then tie up each of the girls with the pantyhose, and then put a blindfold on them. Then you guys can get together again and, without telling us, you can switch partners. Then it is up to you to give pleasure to us ladies in any way that you see fit, short of fucking. Do you think you can do that?’

I looked at Tom and Joe and we all grinned. Then I eyed the ladies and they were making eyes at us all.

‘Yeah sure! Oh yes.’ We all answered.

‘Then of course, if you guys do a good job, we can reverse the roles and we’ll tie you up and do the same thing…all without telling who is doing it to each other. Sound like fun?’

We all nodded and smiled sexy smiles at one another in anticipation of the possibilities. I stood up and grabbed two pair of hose and a blindfold from the bag. Trish gave Tom and Joe each a blindfold and two more pair of pantyhose.

‘OK. See you later girls.’ Trish said as I led her into our bedroom.

Once inside the room, I had her lay on the bed spread eagled. I tied her hands to the bedposts and put the blindfold over her eyes. I kissed her mouth and we let the deep french kiss last for a couple of minutes before I finally got up off the bed and took one last look at her. Her legs were open wide and the gold ring on her clit was shining in the dim light. I left the lights on as I walked back out to the kitchen. Joe was just finishing tying Rhonda up on a blanket on the floor. Her hands were bound to the legs of the sofa and she wore a pink blindfold. Tom came walking out of the other bedroom with a mischievous smile on his face.

I quietly mouthed and pointed to my room. ‘Who wants Trish?’ I asked silently. I looked at the two guys and Tom raised his hand first, so I nodded to him. That meant that Joe would take Dawn in the other room and I was left with Rhonda. Coincidentally, they both left the bedroom doors open, so that we could all hear any sounds that were coming from the other rooms.

I knelt down on the floor at Rhonda’s feet. I lightly touched her toes and then softly massaged her left foot. I moved my hands over her foot and up her ankle and her calf. I felt her relaxing with my touch. Then I repeated the same process on her right foot and leg. All the while I was gazing at her gorgeous gash and her hips and torso as her breathing went from soft sighs to a heavier and more anxious heaving. As I moved my hands up her thighs, she raised her hips to encourage me and I could see her pussy beginning to swell and become moist.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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