Pamela’s Plan Ch. 01

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Pamela, Billy’s kid sister was about to turn eighteen and already she was the biggest tease in the world, to make matters worst she had chosen Billy to be the subject of her torturous teasing. Pam was a beautiful girl with the body of a men’s magazine model and the face of a Greek goddess, she knew it and she used her looks to get anything she desired from whom ever she chose; it was Billy’s turn as she had decided that she wanted him to be her first. Pam had always had a crush on her brother and as long as she could remember she had dreamt of him making love to her and taking her maidenhood.

Billy was not a bad looking boy but he was extremely shy to it came to women, he had only gone out in two dates and nothing really came out of any of them. To make matters worst both girls had made fun of him at school and everybody thought he was a dork; having Pam as a sister didn’t help him at all, she had a very outgoing personality and everybody liked her, dating was no problem to her and she had dates almost every weekend. But Pam’s mind was set on having herself to her brother and she never let anyone into her pants, no matter how hot she was or how much she wanted to feel what making love felt like; she was saving herself for Billy.

As her eighteen birthday got closer she began to conceive a plan on how to get her brother in bed; Pam realized that the only way to go about it was to get him as horny as she could until he couldn’t take it anymore so he would comply to her wishes, and the only way to achieve it was to tease him as much as she could until he gave in. With her plan all set she waited patiently for her birthday to arrive, in the mean time she prepared herself to be as sexy and attractive as she could be for her brother. Pam went to a beauty parlor to get her legs waxed along with a trimming job on her pussy; she wanted it to look as inviting as possible, she wanted to have her pussy bare except for a small heart shaped patch on the top.

The woman at the parlor did such an excellent job that when Pam saw her shaven pussy, she got so aroused that she could actually see her cunt lips swell and she felt the moistness in her pussy. If she had been home she would have fingered herself for sure, but she bit the bullet and waited for her brother to the honors. After that she went to buy some lingerie for the occasion; a black lace with embroidery in the front thong and a matching bra which made her breasts seem bigger, a black garter belt and black stockings; she looked incredible in her new attire as her ivory skin contrasted with her black outfit. Then she bought a black cocktail dress with enough cleavage to make any man turn his head; a pair of high heels completed her outfit.

From the day of her birthday party Pam started teasing her brother; she would leave her bedroom door open when she changed clothes knowing Billy could see her from across the hall, she wore only a short t-shirt and the most revealing panties she had when they were alone in the house, bending over pretending to pick up something every time she saw Billy was behind her, giving him a great view of her butt. When they were in the kitchen Pam would rub her tits on Billy’s back as she passed behind him; she even asked him compromising questions about her body, if he thought her tits where to small or her butt to wide while she lifted the t-shirt exposing to Billy either her naked breasts or her thong clad butt. With her plan starting to develop she just had to wait for the perfect timing and it came when their parents announced that there was a family emergency and that they had to leave in two days to go visit their sick relative; it couldn’t have been more perfect, now it was time to work harder on Billy.

Billy was falling into Pam’s game as she made him hornier every day; it was hard for him to conceal his erect dick from Pam every time she teased him, he even had to ran to his room a few times to jerk off because she got him so hot that he couldn’t take it anymore. Of course Billy wondered what was going on with Pam, was she doing it on purpose or had she just simply lost her mind; it didn’t matter, he got to watch her sister’s naked body all the time and he loved it; it was a once in a lifetime experience for him, the closer he had ever been to a naked woman was his nudie magazines and the internet.

The day before their parents left, Billy overheard a conversation between Pam and one of her girlfriends while they were at her room. He listened closely as Pam told Carrie about her plan and what she had been doing to him; at first he was stunned by the fact that his sister wanted to sleep with him, but then his shock turned into lust as he remembered how many times he had stroked his dick thinking of her and wishing that someday he could screw her, so he decided to go along with Pam’s plan and then he was going to try to get Carrie involved. He had always liked her and she was also a very attractive girl; she had been in the cheerleading squad since junior high and she had a magnificent body. As he pictured both of them naked with him on a bed he felt his dick growing tuzla eve gelen escort to its fullest, that was all he needed to make him grab a bottle of baby oil and go jerk off picturing his sister and Carrie banging him.

That day when Carrie left to go home Pam continued to tease Billy, again lifting her shirt she asked him about her tits; but this time instead of blushing and turning his head away, he told Pam that in order to give her an honest answer he would have to take a closer look. Billy got his face as close as he could leaving only a small distance between Pam’s tits and his face, then he stared intently at his sister’s tits pretending he was trying to determine if one was bigger than the other; after five minutes he moved back and as seriously as he could he announced the results, he told Pam that in fact they seemed the same size and even told her that he thought they were extremely beautiful and that any man would be happy to touch them. Pam unsure on what to say just saw her brother walking away leaving her with her tits exposed right in the middle of the living room.

That night as they were getting ready to go to bed, Pam left her bedroom door open as she had been doing for the last week; as she was changing into her pajamas she felt Billy’s eyes glued to her body, she felt relieved that he was still looking and she knew he was still trapped in her little game. Before she put her pajamas on Pam decided to make the final attack on her brother, she was going to put on a show for him. Carefully she pretended to close her door leaving it slightly open so Billy could still see inside, she turned the lights out leaving only the dresser lamp on which illuminated her room enough for anyone to have a perfect view from the outside; then dressed only in a pair of pink cotton panties she placed herself on the bed and started massaging her tits making her nipples hard in no time, then she caressed her legs with one hand as the other was still toying with her nipples. Billy aware of what was going on quickly turned the lights in his room off and sat o a chair which was perfectly placed and allowed him an unobstructed view into Pam’s room, he was amazed by his sister’s movements as she tugged on her breasts while she moved her hips in a very inciting way.

Pam was really getting turned on by her own gentle touch, she could feel her panties getting wet as her pussy tingled with desire; Billy had already taken his dick in his hand and was slowly stroking it in rhythm with Pam’s actions, he almost blew off when Pam placed her hand over her crotch and pressed on it firmly. Out of the corner of her eye Pam saw what Billy was doing while he was submerged in the shadows of the night, she smiled to herself knowing to well that she finally had him and it was time to leave him hanging; abruptly she stopped playing with herself, grabbed her pajama top and put it on, then she turned the light out and she went under the covers leaving her brother with his dick on his hand and horny as hell. Billy almost died when she ended the show but the he realized it was just part of her plan to seduce him; he too went to bed without getting himself off because he wanted to save all his sperm for his sister.

After their parents left the next morning Pam wanted to tease Billy a bit more; she went to sunbathe in the back yard by the pool wearing the smallest bikini she had, the top barely covered her tits and the bottom was so small that it crept between her butt cheeks and showed perfectly the outline of her recently shaved slit. Pretending to be bored she asked Billy to join her, after a while she asked him to rub some suntan lotion on her back; nervously he applied the oil over her soft skin as gently as he could manage, he wanted to rip the bikini off and to jump on top of her to give her what she wanted, but he kept his cool knowing she was going to give herself to him willingly. When he was done doing her backside Pam rolled over on her back and asked him to continue with her front; Billy was more than happy and had huge erection that Pam could clearly see, without missing a beat he rubbed lotion all over her flat belly and thighs. All this friction was having the same effect on both of them as Pam felt she couldn’t wait any longer to fuck her brother, and Billy felt his dick was going to explode from all the sexual tension he had been put thru all week. Regaining her senses Pam just stood up rapidly and jumped into the pool to cool off, Billy on the other hand left her there and went inside to watch TV fighting to keep the bulge in his shorts away from Pam’s sight.

The rest of the day was uneventful as both of them kept to themselves avoiding each other; when Pam was in the kitchen Billy was in his room, when Billy was watching TV Pam went outside. The tension could have been cut with a knife; Billy patiently waited for Pam’s next move and Pam still unaware that Billy was on to her plans kept on counting the hours until it was dinner time, she had previously told Billy she was cooking dinner for both of them, she even asked him to dress properly tuzla otele gelen escort for dinner because it was the first time she cooked she wanted it to be special. He complied with her wishes knowing to well it was part of her plan, he even suggested having cocktails before dinner. Pam thought it was a nice gesture from his part and agreed to meet him for drinks before they ate.

As scheduled they met at the pool-house for drinks and Billy was marveled with the way Pam looked; she looked ravishing in her new black dress which seemed it had been designed specially for her, her legs looked longer in high heels and every curve in them was enhanced by her black stockings. Walking seductively towards Billy, Pam gave him a little peck on the lips; acting innocently bill asked what was the kiss for and Pam with a mischievous smile told him that it was just for him being there and for being so nice to her. They both had a couple of margaritas and were feeling very relaxed until Pam announced that it was time for dinner; besides her great looks she was an accomplished cook as well, dinner was exquisite and bill told her so making her blush and allowing her another chance to kiss her brother. Pressing her napkin slightly on her red lips to wipe any food from them, she gave Billy a warm smile as she stood and walked his way; when she reached where he was sitting she sat on his lap, threw her arms around his neck and planted the warmest most loving kiss she could muster. Billy held on to her wrapping his arms around Pam’s small waist and kissed her back letting her tongue slip into his mouth to find his own; the kiss seemed endless as neither of them wanted to part from each other, when it was over Pam didn’t even attempted to move from where she was sitting and staring strain into Billy’s eyes she said, thank you that was wonderful.

Billy trying to get the upper hand on his sister acted scared and remorseful, pushing her off his lap and telling her it was wrong for them to kiss. Pam tried to comfort him saying it was fine with her and that she loved him very much, that she saw nothing wrong with them kissing each other; she thought she had lost him and was desperately to convince him nothing was wrong, that she even liked the way he kissed her with so much love. Billy wouldn’t obliged forcing her to press him further; Pam not knowing what to do asked him if he hadn’t liked the kiss, he said he did but that didn’t made it right, he even pretended to apologize for taking advantage of her knowing she had been drinking earlier.

Pam just stood without saying a word looking down at his brother, she thought she was going to be traumatized for life; but being a quick thinker she went up to Billy and held him in his arms telling him not to worry and that she was indeed fine with what just happened, the second Billy felt his sister embrace he hugged her tight against his body caressing her back and rocking her in his arms. When Pam thought he had finally calmed down she asked him if he was alright; Billy now in control of the situation said he was fine and asked her if she meant what she said about nothing being wrong with to loving siblings kissing, she just stared into his eyes and lowered her head to kiss him again; but before she did she warned him and told him that if after she kissed him he still felt is was wrong she would never do it again.

As their lips touched and melted into each other Pam let her tongue slide once again into Billy’s mouth searching for his; he felt the electricity running from her lips to his and he let her kiss him more fervently as she was going for it all, toying with his tongue as she traced his lips with it and letting him set the pace. Pam pressed harder on his lips as she felt his hands roaming all over her spine while she played with his hair with her hands; she never thought kissing her brother could feel the way it did, it wasn’t only lust she felt but immense love as well as their kiss continued to increase its intensity. Pam felt something pressing on her butt and realized it was Billy’s semi erect cock, it felt huge and it wasn’t even completely hard; Billy also felt his growing member pressing against Pam’s hard butt and he didn’t care anymore, she wanted to seduce him and he was going to let her do it without any complaints.

At last they broke the kiss and they just stared into each others eyes; Pam still feeling his now totally hard dick in her butt asked him if he still felt it was wrong, he answered by kissing her again while placing one of his hands right on her butt. Pam felt so overwhelmed by his response that she began to move her butt back and forth over Billy’s lap making him moan into her mouth; she felt her moist pussy dripping with desire as she kissed her brother back, she wanted to feel him inside her but knew she had to wait so her plan could have a perfect ending. Parting from him she asked Billy to carry her to their parents bedroom where she had a surprise for him. When the door to the bedroom opened, a golden glow shone in it; a hundred candles were lit inside making tuzla sınırsız escort the room warm and the perfect setting for them to consummate their love. Billy couldn’t speak as he was in awe from all the effort Pam put into it; making him feel closer to his sister than he ever did.

Putting Pam back down on the floor they stood facing each other in the middle of the room, the way the light flickered made Pam look even more beautiful to Billy as she had ever looked. Billy took Pam by the hips and pulled her closer to him; leaving nothing between them he felt her breasts pressing against his chest and Pam felt his throbbing cock pulsing into her belly, nothing was said as they kissed more passionately this time. Moving his hands from Pam’s hips Billy started roaming her back side until they rested on her butt, squeezing both cheeks at the same time as he pressed harder into her body; Pam felt her knees weakening as her arousal grew stronger, her panties soaked with her honey sticking into her crotch and her nipples standing hard pushing with force against his chest.

Pam pushed Billy into the bed from where watched amazed as Pam slowly took the dress off revealing jet another surprise to him; words couldn’t describe what Billy felt when he realized what Pam was wearing under the dress, the matching black lingerie plus the garter and stockings were a sight of pure beauty. Billy couldn’t take his eyes from her as Pam spun on her toes giving him a full view of her curvaceous body; her swollen tits screamed to be freed while her ass bounced right in front of his face, he wanted badly to touch her so her warmth could embrace him. Billy took Pam’s hand and pulled her towards him, letting her body rest over his caressing the soft skin of her back as they kissed; it was pure innocent love what both of them felt towards each other, nothing could compare to the sensations they were experimenting.

Gently Billy rolled Pam on her back without breaking the kiss and slowly he moved his mouth from her lips to her left ear; her breath was scarce as Billy nibbled on her earlobe and moved downward to reach the nape of her neck where he kissed her so tenderly that it made Pam sigh, he felt content by her response and kept on traveling his way down her neck. Pam almost screamed when Billy’s hand grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it lovingly; meanwhile Pam was pulling on Billy’s shirt trying to take it off, sensing her futile efforts he helped her achieve her goal and took it off himself along with his pants. His newly naked torso felt his sister’s delicate skin rubbing against him as her placed his hand on her other boob and pinched her hard nipple between his fingers, making Pam scream in delight; never had she ever felt so much pleasure coming from her nipples and she felt the beginning of her climb to the top of her excitement.

Side by side they stayed as Billy exposed her breasts to his eyes as he carefully unhooked the front clasp of Pam’s bra; he had seen her glorious tits before when she showed them to him, but this time they seemed different, bigger than before as the swelled with lust and heaved with anticipation. Moving a bit lower, Billy’s face came to rest between Pam’s round boobs as he licked the narrow space between them; her skin tasted glorious as he ran his tongue over the underside of her right tit ending its journey right on top of her jutting tit, sucking her erect nipple into his mouth sending Pam into the depths of her first orgasm. That was all it took to make her explode with so much force that she felt like she was going to pass out; her legs trembled and her pussy let out so much honey that she felt like she had pissed on herself, as her climax continued while Billy kept on sucking on her pointy nipple. Without missing a beat Billy switched nipples and sucked on it the same way he had done to the other one, triggering another orgasm in Pam; more intense than her first and longer in duration, causing her to moan and scream in pure delight.

After Pam calmed down a bit Billy worked his way down to where the rim of Pam’s panties was; he could smell her intense aroma as he got closer to her crotch, sliding his hands under the waistband and pulling them off in one fluid motion, finally exposing Pam completely to his lustful eyes. Pam’s bare slit was drenched and her pussy lips inflamed, allowing Billy an unobstructed view of her engorged clit; Pam’s entire pussy was the first one Billy had ever seen in real life and he thought it was beautiful as he got his face closer to it, almost touching it with his mouth and blowing cool air over it. Pam was in the throes of cumming again so she grabbed Billy’s head and tried to push it closer to her drenched pussy; but her brother wanted to tease her a bit more and pushed back, leaving just the tip of his tongue in touch with Pam’s swollen labia. Calmly her traced the length of her slit savoring every drop of her love juice as he played again with her tits. Preparing his final attack on her sensitive button he ran his tongue all the way from the bottom of her pussy, almost touching her butt hole; all the way up to her clit where he traced circles around it, avoiding direct contact with it, making her scream with anticipation one more time. At last he took her clit between his lips sucking and flicking his tongue over it sending shock after shock of pure bliss up Pam’s spine until her newly reached orgasm subsided.

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