Self Love on a Saturday Afternoon

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It was a Saturday afternoon when I arrived home from college. I was tired, hungry and horny. First I changed into my nightgown with no undies and then settled down at my computer for some fun. I logged onto and started reading the lesbian/bisexual stories. I would never consider myself lesbian or bisexual, but I would definitely maybe try it, but I have never seen anyone that I would try it with.

As I started reading the story I reached up my shirt and lifted my breasts out of my bra and started to rub my soft nipples. I lifted each breast to my mouth and licked them and sucked each one, taking my time, running my tongue around each nipple getting them rock hard. Wishing there was a girl with nice tits to suck on mine while I sucked on hers. My 34D breasts are pretty hard now. I start to pinch and pull at them until I would feel pain which turned me on even more.

While I am doing this I feel a familiar feeling down between my creamy thighs which is my aching pussy awaiting attention. As I leave poker oyna my breasts to fulfill my pussy’s aching wish, I trail down my soft firm tummy to my wet bush. First I start tracing along the outside of my love box on its lips. getting myself even wetter. Pretending its a strong hard man with a huge cock waiting to enter my love hole. I take my fingers to my mouth and suck, savoring my honey. As I put my fingers back to my pussy I can feel my clit protruding through its hood, waiting to me stroked to cum.

As I sit here in my chair I realize I am really horny and I need somewhere more comfortable to pleasure myself so I move to my bedroom. As I lay down on my bed naked I grab some of my scented raspberry body lotion and pour some into my hand.

First I start at my breasts where I massage ever so firmly to get myself even more aroused and ready for my cumming. Grabbing each nipple, pretending its my lovers lips and pinching and groping.

I pour yet more cream into my palms and work them down on my tummy canlı poker oyna and then turn over and start rubbing it on my ass, around my crack and lubing my hole. I have never tried anything with my ass, like trying to come by penetration back there but it gets me aroused as I rubbed the cream by and a lil in my small pink asshole back there.

I then turn back over and from in my bed side drawer pull out my big dildo.

I put my lips around the dildo, sucking and pretending its my lovers huge cock which I’m about to take into me, letting them make love to me deep, making me all wet and bothered. Saying their name over and over again, wanting them to make love to my hot lil honey hole. As I let my spit cover the fake cock I put some lotion over it, lubing it up ready to enter me.

I put the dildo down and put some cream on my pussy. Whoah! My clit it really hard now waiting for its playtime.

I put the dildo near my opening, tracing around, getting use to its size.

I am really wet internet casino now so I try to ease the dildo in. Its 1/4 in and still going. Soon I have half of it in.

With my right hand I start probing my awaiting love box and with my left I rub my left breast and clit, alternating spots. I keep on probing that bad boy in me. Wanting it, needing it, loving it. Soon its 3/4 in and I’m really going at it, talking to myself.

“Yes, make love to me, fuck me, cum in me.”

My left hand is paying attention to my clit now. Rubbing it hard. I am feeling my pussy muscles contract around the fake cock and those familiar feelings are now happening above my bush.

With that I cum. I cum hard, around that big fat cock. Hearing wet squishy sounds of my hungry pussy eating that plastic toy of mine.

“Yesssss! Oh Yessssss!”

And I cum.

After resting a couple seconds after my orgasm I let go of the dildo and let it slide out of me and fall onto my bed. I lift it to my mouth and feel it with my tongue. Its warm. And with that I put it to my mouth and lick it. Then I start to suck it and taste my honey.

I lay there, weak and helpless, dreaming of how nice it would be if that was a real fat cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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