Victor’s New Slave Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Victor Enjoys Slave’s Ass

The morning sun shown through her window, never could Slave remember waking more happily in her life. She opened her windows to the soft breeze and was treated to sound of birds singing their morning songs.

Humming she walked over to the wardrobe, opened the doors, and looked inside. Victor certainly liked color. Bright reds, blues and greens jumped out at her. As she looked through her choices, her intent was to find a dress that fit her mood, happy. The soft floral dress seemed to jump out at her. Smiling she noticed it was made of delicate thin chiffon in two layers over a delicate pattern of violets. Liking what she saw, she placed the dress in front of her and looked into the mirror; the floral was very petite and cheerful. The halter top would do much to accent her nice pert breasts, and the short flimsy skirt was exactly how she felt. Perfect she said to herself. She scanned the wardrobe further in search of panties and shoes. Finding none, she decided that Victor must want it this way.

With dress in hand, Slave walked naked to the bathroom. Doing her morning rituals seemed somewhat lighter today. She happily went through the tasks of readying her self for a day with Victor. Slipping the summer frock over her head assured her that it was indeed the right choice. When she spun around it showed off her nice tight bottom and cleanly shaven mons.

Unwilling to wait for the bell she skipped down the steps.

The kitchen was bright and this made Slave even happier. Cheerfully she began to hum a happy tune as she bent over to empty the dishwasher.

Unnoticed by Slave, Victor entered the kitchen. Leaning against the doorframe, he watched Slave as she worked. Seeing her in this position with her ass only partially covered by her dress Victors cock grew, forcing its way through his robe and out in the open. Victor decided to stay where he was and just watch.

Clumsily, Slave almost dropped the marble rolling pin; she bent deeply as she caught it right before it hit the ground. With a sigh of relief, she brought it upwards, the handle of the pin sliding between her legs. As the coolness hit her pussy, it caused her cunt to awaken. With out any conscience effort, Slave spread her legs a bit further apart and enjoyed the sensation of the cool marble on her pussy and clit.

Slave slipped the rolling pin out from between her legs and looked at it. Smiling she decided that the 6 inches would indeed fit up her tight pussy, and as always, she was beginning to get quite horny.

So, with determination, Slave inserted the smooth handle and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the coolness felt inside her hot pussy. It took no time at all before she was ramming the handle in and out. Then, almost as if by freak accident, she remembered that she was not allowed to cum. slowly, she pulled the pin out of her tight pussy and put the handle to her lips to taste. Then, setting the pin on the counter, so that she could wash it after she finished with the dishes, she returned to her task at hand.

As she bent to retrieve the last few dishes from the dishwasher, Slave was in a world of her own. She felt very aroused as her mind replayed the events that had gone on earlier. A cool draft skimmed over her wet slips and made her shudder and a feeling of need emanated from her cunny. Her hand reached there to touch, just a quick rub she told herself.

Victor stood in the doorway, watching this show. Amazed that she had control to stop before she came, he smiled. Then, looking from cock to ass and back to hard member again, he moved toward Slave, his penis swinging heavy between his muscular thighs.

Walking behind Slave, his cock was the first to greet her. At first Slave jumped, startled because she did not know that Victor was there, but as she felt his cock there, she moaned a sweet morning. Slowly Victor’s cock rubbed against her ass, parting the cheeks, gently rubbing her little brown hole.

Slave’s ass tingled, as she was not one to really like a man to penetrate her ass, she was intrigued as to why her body would react so.

Victor put his hand on her back; he liked her in this position and wanted to be sure that she would stay there. Then he stepped back, intrigued at the way she responded, he cupped her mounds. Victor wetted his index finger with her juices and started to stroke the moisture bit by bit to her tight little hole with tiny circular movements he let the rose bud become accustomed to contact.

As she began to enjoy the contact, it became more obvious to Victor that his hard member would soon have to find entrance to this hole as well. When he felt her relax, he gently pushed his finger inside the forbidden entrance. Only a small protest was heard from Slave as she remained in her bent over position, allowing the invasion to continue.

Victor pulled the finger out and then placed a second digit next to it and pushed both fingers into Slaves pliant body. The fingers went in to poker oyna the second knuckle; Victor began to slowly finger fuck her arse.

Slave felt a delightful heat begin to grow in her arse and spread through her body, letting out a moan of submission and compliance, she silently encouraged Victor to do more. Victor stretched over body and reached for the small bottle of oil. He poured oil onto the small of Slaves back watching with delight as the oil slithered down her crack and onto his fingers.

He pulled his oil covered finger from Slaves now gapping arse and coated his erection with oil. Slowly and gently he began to rock himself against her ass. Wait he thought lets not rush this, and slowed.

Slave began to rock back, but Victor just held her firmly. “Stay still Slave’ you are mine to do as I please.”

Victor’s cock slid gently up and down between her ass cheeks. This morning he was going to fuck her ass like he had never fucked one before. Smiling at the awareness of her willing ass and the desire that it held for his waiting member, he was pleased that it was his choice. The pressure felt good against Slave and soon she was holding on to the counter for support.

Victor took her by the hand grabbing the rolling pin and oil as he walked. Bringing her to the small kitchen worktable, he nudged her to bend over. Almost as if she had no will of her own, Slave bent at the waist, as her chest met with the coolness of the table, she jumped a bit. She knew that Victor was about to please her and it is with this thought that she was able to take a deep breath and relax.

“Good, now Slave spread your legs.” Victor lifted her dress exposing her entire backside. He watched as her ass twitched. He could tell that she wanted something but he knew he wanted to cum hard in her cute little butt.

Taking the olive oil from the worktable, Victor let more dribble on her buns. Slave could feel the cool oil as it slid down her crack and onto her pussy.

Victor enjoyed the play of the light on the oil; he soon realized that he probably put too much on. Rubbing is cock over her ass he began to smear the oil over her bottom. His cock was now very hard and he dipped it quickly into her waiting pussy and was rewarded with a very load whimper from Slave.

Again Slave moaned, “Sir, this feels so wonderful, may I please be allowed to cum freely this morning?”

Victor stepped back and immediately Slave knew the answer and that she should not have asked. She felt empty as she no longer felt his touch. Slowly, Victor sternly said, “Slave, you are never to cum unless I or someone else gives you permission. I ought to punish you for this but I will let it pass, THIS time.” Victor’s manhood grew further as he glanced at the table. Here was his Slave, her bright summer skirt pulled up over her ass and her entire backside covered in oil, waiting for his cock to invade any hole he chose. Slave could feel his eyes as he looked at her. This made her all the hotter; her pussy was vibrating with anticipation. She could feel the oil on her ass and knew that he would soon have his way with her, however he pleased. This sent a shutter of anticipation through her body and a buzzing of pleasure that touched her all over, making her pussy drip.

As Victor stood back watching, he saw Slave twitch. Knowing that she liked this brought him some pleasure. He trailed his finger down her ass and pushed it in her waiting pussy. Feeling the oil on his finger and how easily his finger slid deep within her well, Victor smiled.

Slave moaned with pleasure as she felt his cock at the rim of her ass. When her ass began to move back to meet his cock, he slapped her ass, not hard, but with conviction and said, “You are my Slave to do with as I please, it is not your pleasure that we seek but mine. I want you to remain perfectly still and do not move. Do you understand?”

Removing his cock, Slave could only plead, “Yes Sir, I am your Slave to do as you please. It is your pleasure that I seek, do you not like my ass?”

Slap, this time harder, and as Slave was unprepared for this, she let a moan escape her. Slap, even harder “ouch, Sir that hurts me.”

“You have forgotten yesterdays lesson I see.” And with this Victor grabbed a nearby wooden spoon and slapped Slave’s bum. He had not meant for it to be quite so hard, for it caused her ass to turn a very vibrant red. And when she moaned his cock vibrated. He wanted to see all of her ass this red and was pleased that he would be able to give her other globe a matching red mark. “Slave” he warned, “you know I don’t want to do this, but you must learn to take your punishment quietly.” And with that he hit her other cheek as hard as the first. She was silent this time, but Victor was rewarded with a matching red set of ass cheeks and his cock strained with effort to meet the reddened ass.

With his cock at the rim of her ass, it pleased him to hear her whimper. Teasing her ass, he pushed it in just a bit. Then canlı poker oyna he let his cock slide down to her pussy and pushed in with ease into her wet cunt. With rapid succession Victor plunged in and out. Grabbing the rolling pin from the side of the table he slid it along her crack, putting pressure at the rim of her beautiful ass. Unable to allow the long rolling pin to enter her ass as he was penetrating her cunt, he stopped and stepped back pushing the rolling pin deeper into her ass. Slave just moaned with pleasure.

“Slave, you seem to be enjoying this greatly, you are not going to cum now are you?”

“Oh no Sir, I love how you are violating my backside with the rolling pin, but I hope to never cum with out your permission. However, it feels so wonderful.” Slave said in gasps as her ass moved to meet his pressure.

“Slave I do not care whether you have pleasure by what I do or not,” Victor lied. “If you continue to move, I will have to stop. Do you want that Slave?”

“Oh no Sir, I wish you to continue. Please find pleasure with my ass,” Slave said as she stopped all movement to the best of her ability.

“Open your ass for me Slave; I want to put this rolling pin deeper in your ass.”

Slave reached behind her and spread her tender cheeks. She knew it would burn her ass to be violated so, but she wanted to please Victor and her pain seemed to be of little concern.

Wiggling the tip of the handle against the small opening, Slave began to feel shivers run up her spine. And when Victor removed the pressure, Slave moved back to have it again. This time Victor took his cock and rammed it deep in Slaves pussy. Coming out again, he rubbed his cock on her hard clit and was pleased with the moan that escaped her mouth. “Slave,” Victor said at the same time that he administered a blow to her ass. “I am spanking your ass red so that you do not find pleasure in this. I do not want you to cum until I say. You are to remain perfectly still.” Victor was totally taken back by the pleasure that this brought him, the control that he had over her made his cock so rigid that it begged for release.

But wanting the sensation to last, Victor pressed the rolling pin into her back door and applied more oil; he was pleasantly surprised with the ease that it went in.

Slave felt how smoothly it entered her and soon the coolness of the marble handle cooled her hot ass hole as he fucked her faster. Her ass responded to the smoothness of the rolling pin as it rubbed steadily and deeper into her hole, stretching it more. Taking the pin, Victor moved it in a circular motion, stretching the tight walls of her ass.

Slave could take no more and pleaded for the burning to stop. “Oh Sir, I understand that it is not my pleasure that we seek but I do not believe that it is my pain you are after either.”

Victor held the rolling pin in place as fingered her pussy, feeling the tightness that was added from the rolling pin which was lodged tightly in her bum.

With little warning, Victor pulled his hand out of her pussy and it pleased him greatly to hear her displeasure. Moving around the table, Victor stood in front of her, lifted her chin, and pushed his hard cock deep into her mouth. Slave almost gagged at the sudden violation to her throat.

“Slave, I want you to get my cock all wet. I want it wet enough to slide in easily to you tight little ass.” he said as he slapped his cock against her face.

Slave eagerly licked at his cock, the taste of the oil that remained and the new flavor of his pre-cum was enough to make Slave grab for his cock with her lips, trying to once again get his cock in her mouth.

When Victor finally let her have his cock in her mouth, he once again rammed it deep, and this time she was prepared and welcomed his cock with vigor. At the same time, Victor began to pound the rolling pin deeper up her ass. She could feel where the handle stopped as the base of the pin hit her ass. She almost wondered if he were trying to get the entire girth of the rolling pin in her ass. She hoped not, but knew that as his Slave it was not her choice.

After some time, he removed the utensil from her ass and inserted his finger in its place. Slowly he added another finger as he continued to fuck her face. Pulling up with his fingers, he could feel it stretch. And as his cock was getting sucked, her ass was being prepped for fucking. Victor thought that he was in heaven.

He knew that this pleased Slave as well and that in turn made Victor eager to continue. So as Slave’s mouth attacked his cock with an intense desire, Victor rocked his finger in and out of her ass and was quite pleased as he felt it open more for him. “Well Slave, it looks as if you have opened for me. Prepare yourself for I am now about to fuck your little brown hole so intensely that you will be screaming.” Victor removed his cock from her mouth and walked once again behind Slaves ass.

Victor spoke softly, with a heady voice; “Spread internet casino those lovely cheeks for me.” As he reached in his robe pocket he grabbed the small vibrator from inside. Slave obediently separated her cheeks, knowing what hole he would be entering. He placed his very hard and very wet cock at the opening. Pressing hard, he could feel it stretching to accept him. With the head all the way in, Victor stopped. Not wanting to force entrance, he waited until he felt her relax. Then reaching under her, he placed the small vibrator in her pussy. Grabbing a handful of her hair he held her still as he pushed in with a constant force.

As he went in deeper, he felt the walls close in on him. The feeling of the vibrator as it went through the thin walls to her ass brought Victor great pleasure as he waited for her to accept him. But this time instead of pushing in deeper, Victor removed his cock completely. He was pleased when he saw her ass; the little brown hole was no longer little and had opened very nicely. This time, with one hand on her ass and the other pulling back on her hair, Victor entered with a slow steady movement, not stopping this time until his balls met with her pussy.

Slave could feel the cock deep within, and while she felt the burn, she also felt the warming of his patience. She let out a soft sigh as the burn slowly turned to pleasure.

Holding in place, Victor again waited for Slave to relax. While waiting, he reached around and put a finger on her clit. He could feel her vibrating and wondered if she would be able to hold back the orgasm. Removing his wet finger, he brought it up to her ass and massaged around the rim.

“You want to feel my cock pound into your ass, don’t you Slave.”

“Oh yes Sir, please use my ass to bring you pleasure,” came her response.

Slowly, Victor began to rock in and out of her ass but the desire became to strong and Victor began to pump her ass hard. “Slave, I want to be deeper in your ass. Spread those red ass cheeks further for me.”

With a strong desire to please Victor, Slave separated them as wide as she could. Victor was immediately rewarded with the feeling of his cock going deeper in her ass. This sensation almost brought Victor off, so he slowed down in an attempt to make this last a while longer and watched her reaction. He was pleased to watch her bum as it was lifted slightly to meet him. Never realizing how tantalizing it was to watch a woman respond, he deciding right then that he would never again ask her to not react.

When Victor pulled his cock out of her hole, he looked down at her wiggling ass he noticed that her ass had spread for him. It was clear that she wanted his cock to be put back in as much as Victor wanted to have his cock there. He reached under her and turned the vibrator up and Slave screamed, “Sir, I am going to cum.”

Pulling the vibrator out of Slave’s pussy, Victor allowed her some time to settle down. “Slave, you know that this would be a bad thing, do you need further punishment?”

“No Sir,” she said hesitantly, but felt the need to be sure he knew what she was thinking, she continued, “but I fear that if I am not allowed to cum then you will have to. For I will surely cum soon, with or without your permission. You must do what you think is best.”

Victor took the vibrating dildo and placed it oh her back. “Slave is this the problem? Is this making you cum? Or is this your problem?” he asked as he rammed his ass deep into her ass. This time there were no hesitations. Victor’s cock slid deeply inside her waiting ass with an ease that made him moan with pleasure.

Slave only screamed with delight as his cock buried deep within her.

Pushing down on her back Victor began to fuck her in earnest, pumping into her as so hard that she screamed. With all the motion, the vibrator slid off of Slave’s back and onto the table resting next to the olive oil and the rolling pin. For some reason, seeing this make Victor smile and to increase his tempo on her ass.

Slave felt the sensation of the coolness of the table against the heat of her ass and knew she was close. “Sir, I am very close.”

“Cum” was all he said, the magic word that had come to mean so much to her in such a short time. Her inside convulsed with such force that it milked his prick, causing him to cum along with her. The sensation rocked Victor, and he knew that it also pleased Slave. He sent a silent thank you to Mark for telling him of this place to buy such a delight.

When his cock was totally spent, and her ass and pussy had stopped vibrating, Victor slowly pulled out. Quietly, almost in a whisper, Victor said, “Slave, go and get a cloth from the drawer, I want you to wash off my cock.”

Slave went over to the drawer and got a cloth, she then rinsed it under the warm water. Leaving it warm she walked to Victor, knelt in front of him. Very carefully she started to wash his cock and balls clean. When she looked in his eyes, she noticed that Victor had the vibrator in his hand and an evil grin on his face.

“Slave, bend over. I want you to feel this in your pussy for an hour. And remember you are not to cum. I believe that this will help you learn how to control your orgasms.”

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