A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 13

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Bahamas, Day 12 – Wednesday

Keira was the first to wake up the next morning. Jessica and I continued to sleep the morning away while Keira covered the fire with sand, making sure the embers would go out. She cleaned up the campsite, picking up all the beer cans and tossing them into the cooler, then carrying the cooler to the boat. Once the site was clean except for the towel and blanket, Jessica and I began to wake.

“Good morning, lovers!” Keira exclaimed, sitting down next to us.

“Good morning, Keira,” I said, looking around and realizing she had cleaned up, “Thanks for picking up everything.”

“You are welcome. Now, I would really like some breakfast. Shall we?”

Jessica then spoke, “Yes, please!”

We rounded up the blanket and towel and went to the boat. I pushed the boat off the beach, hopped in, and off we went, heading back to Nassau. Jessica and I sat at the bow, cuddling next to each other while Keira captained the boat, guiding us back to town. After an hour or so of cruising across the open ocean, we reached the dock at Keira’s scuba shop, secured the boat to the dock, and headed up the beach, stopping at the American-style restaurant we dined at a few days ago.

“Man, I wish I could live on that island,” Jessica told Keira while taking a sip of her coffee.

“Me too,” I followed, “It’s so magical there.”

“I am so happy I brought you two there. It is a beautiful spot. I have never seen anyone else there, which is nice, but kind of a shame. It is too beautiful not to share with the world.” Keira said.

We sat at the diner, eating our breakfast and drinking our coffee while reminiscing on the previous day’s activities. I couldn’t help but get hard yet again at the memories accrued.

“Mmm… Coffee…” Jessica says, taking a large gulp of her brew.

“Oh, I know, right?” Keira responded. “Need caffeine.”

“So what would you ladies like to do today?” I asked.

“I would like to go shopping,” Keira said, “I could use some more clothes.”

“Ooh. That sounds great,” Jessica said.

“Let’s go for it, then,” I said.

We finished up breakfast, grabbing cups of coffee to go, and headed to the hotel room. While there, Keira, Jessica and I showered together and changed clothes. I dressed into a pair of khaki shorts and a polo shirt, Jessica slipping into her black bikini with a pair of khaki shorts and a white button-down top, and Keira slipping into Jessica’s pink bikini with a wrap. Once dressed, we left the hotel and went down to the shopping area of Nassau.

The ladies wanted to wander in and out of a few curio shops, admiring the local artwork and trades. I followed the two of them as they walked next to each other, hand in hand. Keira kept releasing Jessica’s hand to slide her own over Jessica’s ass, while Jessica kept doing the same to Keira. The two of them kept fondling each other, store after store, until Keira couldn’t take it anymore. We walked into a lingerie shop, my mind jumping to what I desire, that being taking them both into a changing room and fucking their brains out. Jessica was thinking similarly, and after her and Keira grabbed a couple pieces they wanted to try on, the two of them went into a changing room together, leaving the curtain slightly ajar. I sat down in the waiting area, positioning myself so I could see through the gap in the curtain.

Keira was the first to change, slipping into a dark red pair of panties with matching bra. Keira stood by the curtain opening, showing her body off to me. I then noticed Jessica’s hand pass into view, sliding up Keira’s side, hooking the waistband of her panties, and sliding them to the floor. I could see Keira’s bare ass through the gap, with Jessica’s hand sliding over it. I then saw Jessica’s hand slide to the front, slipping between Keira’s legs. Keira’s face lit up; her mouth opened. Keira took a deep breath. Jessica then pulled her hand out, and Keira took a step back, out of my view.

It was Jessica’s turn to put on a show. She stood up and took one step forward, allowing me view of her perfect body, her private parts covered in a pair of black and nude lace-cut panties and a matching bra, highlighting her curves and natural beauty. Jessica stood in front of the curtain opening, swaying her hips back and forth, sliding her hands up and down her body. Jessica spun around, shaking her ass at me, slipped her hands behind her back, and unclasped her bra, dropping it to the ground. Keira then stood within view, placed her hand on Jessica’s shoulder, and pushed, causing Jessica to bend over from the waist. Keira then slid her hand down Jessica’s back and under her panties, sliding a finger between her legs. Keira then removed her hand and slid her finger to her mouth, getting a taste of Jessica’s sweetness.

I was sitting in the chair, completely fixated on the show in front of me, my cock pressing hard against my shorts. I wanted to join them so badly, but at the same time I was enjoying the show too much to interrupt. I illegal bahis just hoped that no one else could see. And if they could, they wouldn’t be so rude as to interrupt.

Jessica stood back up, then hooked her thumbs into her panties and slid them down, shaking her ass side to side while she did. She then bent over and placed her hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them so I could get a full view. What happened next took me by surprise.

Keira moved into view, moving down to her knees behind Jessica. Keira then leaned in, pressing her lips to Keira’s pussy, sticking her tongue out and licking her pussy. Jessica fought the feeling to moan, covering her mouth to help aid. I thought I was about to blow my load right there, but I managed to hold back. Instead, I stood up and walked over to the dressing room, looking around to make sure no one else was looking, and slipped inside, joining the ladies.

Jessica stood up upon my entry, leaned into me, and whispered into my ear. “Getting a little hot and bothered over there?” She asked.

I grabbed Jessica’s hand and moved it to my crotch, pressing her fingers into the outline of my cock. “You have no idea.”

Keira approached me from behind, slid her hand around my waist, and unbuttoned my shorts. She then slid her hands down, taking my shorts and boxers with them. My cock sprung out, landing in Jessica’s hand. Jessica then began stroking my cock, tenderly sliding her fingers up and down my shaft.

“Oh, fuck,” I whispered, “Better not go too fast. I won’t last.”

On that one comment, both Keira and Jessica moved in front of me and dropped to their knees. Jessica took me into her mouth, sliding my cock all the way in. Keira slid her hand up the inside of my thigh, grabbing my balls with her fingers. Jessica slid my cock out, then angled it so Keira could get her taste. Keira slid my cock into her mouth, sliding all the way down, and used her tongue to press into my shaft. She then removed her mouth from me, and it was now Jessica’s turn, the two of them took turns deep throating my cock while Keira continued to massage my balls. I could feel my orgasm coming in like a tidal wave, ready to come crashing down on the two of them.

“Here it comes,” I whispered to them, unable to fight it anymore.

Jessica was up next, so she slid her mouth around my cock and pressed down, sliding me all the way in. once I hit the back of her throat, I lost control, unloading my sperm. By body jerked uncontrollably, my chest moving forward, causing me to place my hand on the wall for support. Once the last pulse passed through my body, Jessica pulled my cock from her mouth and stood up, moving over and pressing her lips to Keira’s. I could see a bit of my cum slip past Jessica’s tongue and into Keira’s mouth, Keira rejoicing in the act of sharing. Keira took a gulp, swallowing my seed.

“Mmm. Delicious,” Keira said.

“I know, right?” Jessica responded, “Every time. It tastes so good.”

“Yeah, it does,” Keira said, looking over to me. She began to fuck me with her eyes, moving them up and down my body, reveling in the sight before her. I followed suit, my eyes slipping down from her luscious lips, over her perky tits, down her perfectly toned stomach, landing on her smooth pussy.

“Damn, you two. Get a room,” Jessica said.

I snapped back to reality, pulling my boxers and shorts back up. Jessica and Keira followed suit, sliding out of the lingerie they were trying on and returning to their own clothes. Once the three of us had situated ourselves, we left the changing room cautiously, making sure not to pull any attention. Once we were safe, the ladies picked out some lingerie they liked and went to the counter to purchase them. We stepped out of the store and into the shop next door, a small art gallery featuring local artwork. I continued to walk behind the two of them, watching their hips sway back and forth as they walked. Keira pulled Jessica in close, placing her hand on Jessica’s hip. Jessica did the same, and I stared at them both.

“Better not be drooling back there,” Keira said, turning her face to look at me, “wouldn’t want to get these works of art wet.”

I knew exactly what she was implying.

We wandered through the gallery, enjoying the beautiful photography, hand-painted portraits, and other individual pieces. Jessica fell in love with one painting, a watercolor piece of landscape depicting a beautiful, sunny beach looking out towards a bay with a sailboat moored in the middle.

“This one reminds me of the other day. On the island. With the four of us.” Jessica said.

I walked up to the counter and spoke to the owner of the gallery. After purchasing the piece, the owner wrapped it up in bubble wrap and slipped it into a bag. I received the package and the three of us walked out of the gallery.

“So, what’s next?” Keira asked.

“I’m kind of hungry,” Jessica said.

“Let’s go get lunch, then, shall we?” I said.

We stopped by a restaurant overlooking illegal bahis siteleri the main street, taking a curved booth looking out the window. We ordered our drinks, me a refreshing beer, Keira and Jessica both ordering a mojito. Once the drinks were delivered, we ordered a couple appetizers and sat in the booth, talking about what we should do next. I had an idea pop into my head, and since I had a woman on either side of me, I carried out the idea. I moved my hands into the laps of Jessica and Keira, sliding my fingers between their legs. Jessica closed her legs around my hand, my movement unexpected. Keira, on the other hand, opened her legs wider, allowing me to slip my hand farther up her thigh. I moved the hand between Jessica’s legs higher, reaching to the buttons on her shorts. I undid the button and slid my hand between her body and panties, my fingers moving down to her pussy. I could feel her heat as I approached, and as I made contact, I could feel her wetness.

“Mmm. So not nice.” Jessica whispered into my ear. “Don’t stop.”

I slipped my middle finger inside Jessica, while at the same time slid my other hand under Keira’s bikini, pressing a finger inside her. I fingered both beautiful women right there at the booth, the potential for being caught very high. I continued my work even while our appetizers were delivered, the waiter giving no clue that he saw anything going on. Both women were getting very pent up, but they were keeping their composure very well.

Jessica took a sip from her mojito, her breathing getting heavier and heavier. Keira followed suit, so I sped up my motions, bringing them both to the edge. I leaned to Jessica, placing a kiss on her cheek. This caused Jessica to reach her peak, her pussy tightening on my finger. Jessica closed her eyes and opened her mouth, took in a deep breath, and exhaled sharply. I slowed my pace on Jessica and turned my focus to Keira. Doing the same motion, I leaned into Keira and placed a kiss on her cheek. Just like Jessica, Keira began to climax, her pussy clamping down on my finger. Keira leaned forward, placing her arms and head down on the table, unable to hide her orgasm from her face. Once her waves had passed, I slid my fingers from under Keira’s and Jessica’s clothes and reached out to take a drink of my beer. The three of us sat there for a bit longer, indulging on the delicious appetizers and drinks, and once we had our fill, we paid the tab and left the restaurant, both women with a big smile on their faces. We walked down the main street towards the hotel, Jessica on my right side and Keira on my left, their arms wrapped around my waist.

We reached the hotel, and as we walked down the hallway towards the room, Keira sped up quickly, then paused in front of Jessica and me. She then pulled her bikini top over her head, exposing her breasts. She then slid her fingers into her bikini bottoms, sliding them past her waist and down to the floor. Keira picked her clothes up and jogged to the room, standing by the door until I could unlock it.

Jessica and I reached the room and, as I reached to unlock the door, Jessica placed her hand on top of mine, signaling me to wait a moment. I looked to the left and right to make sure no one was looking, then back to the women. Jessica moved directly in front of Keira and pressed one hand to Keira’s breast and the other between her legs. Jessica began petting Keira’s pussy right there in the hallway, pinching her nipple to give extra pleasure.

I moved myself behind Jessica and slipped my hands around her waist, sliding them down to pet her pussy. I slipped one finger inside Jessica, then two, and started using my thumb on her clit. This caused Jessica to increase her pace on Keira, and very quickly both women were squirming under touch. Suddenly, we heard some voices down the hall, so I quickly unlocked the room and we went inside.

Before the door had shut, Jessica and Keira had moved to the bed and started making out. Keira was working on pulling Jessica’s shorts and bikini off while Jessica undid her top and slid it over her head. Once both women were completely naked, they laid back down on the bed and wrapped their bodies around each other, coiling up in a loving embrace.

I moved to the kitchenette and poured myself a drink, happy watching the scene in front of me. Once I had a drink in hand, I sat down in the chair next to the bed and watched, both women’s bodies writhing under the other’s.

Keira, being the adventurous one, was the first to change it up. She sat up, pushed Jessica to her back, and tossed a leg over her head, lowering her pussy to Jessica’s mouth. Jessica stuck out her tongue, fucking Keira’s pussy, while Keira slid her hands up her body, massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. Keira was just about to cum on Jessica’s face when Jessica made the next move.

Jessica pushed Keira off her face and onto her back, Keira pouting from her denial. Jessica threw her own leg on top of Keira, this time facing backwards canlı bahis siteleri so the two of them could play with each other at the same time. The two of them sixty-nined while I watched, my cock bulging from my pants. I undid the button on my shorts, slid the zipper down, and slid them down my legs, my cock pointing in the air. I began stroking my cock to the scene in front of me, reveling in the sexual acts before me.

Keira was the first to come, her orgasm flowing through her. Jessica was next, as Keira wanted to pay her back for the pleasure she received. Both women came two more times each, feeding on each other’s energy. Once each woman had their fill, they collapsed on the bed. Jessica motioned for me to join them, moving so I could lay down between the pair. I laid down on my back, then Jessica and Keira leaned on their side, throwing one leg each over mine. Jessica slid her hand up my stomach, resting it on my chest. Keira moved her hand to my stomach, but instead of sliding it up, went down, wrapping her fingers around my shaft.

I breathed in sharply, Keira’s hand feeling amazing on my cock. I rotated my head to Jessica, landing my lips on hers. Jessica accepted my kiss, pressing into me, curling her body into mine. I could taste Keira’s pussy juice on Jessica’s lips.

Jessica then slid her hand from my chest and down to my cock, replacing Keira’s hand, stroking my shaft. Keira moved her hand up my body, sliding her fingers across my stomach and pausing at my chest. She moved her fingers to my nipples, pinching them slightly. This sent me deeper into pleasure, my orgasm coming one step closer to escaping.

I turned my head to kiss Keira. Keira pressed her lips into mine, spreading Jessica’s pussy juice to me. I licked Keira’s lips, removing Jessica’s juices, lapping up her taste. This pushed me up one more notch, my orgasm reaching new heights. Jessica picked up on my squirming and slowed her hand down to make sure I wouldn’t come yet.

“No cumming yet, baby,” Jessica said, “I want a huge load tonight.”

“Your wish is my command, milady.” I told her.

“But I want cum now!” Keira exclaimed, disappointed that she would have to wait.

“Now, now. Good things come to those who wait.” Jessica replied.

Keira crossed her arms in protest but let out a little smile. Her gig was up.

It was now approaching evening, so we decided to head out to the beach and wander down the coastline until we found something calling our names. While enjoying the sights and sounds of the beach life, Keira received a text from Rey. Rey had finished her shift at work and was wondering what we were doing that evening.

“What do you guys want to do?” Keira asked us.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind a foursome with her again. She’s so hot.” Jessica replied.

“You know I’m okay with that,” I said, “Let’s head to the store and stock up on drinks.”

Keira replied to Rey’s message, telling her to come over to the hotel. We then walked to the mini-mart and stocked up on drinks and snacks. Once we had all we needed for the night, we headed back to the hotel. We arrived in the hotel’s lobby, and upon walking in, Rey scurried over to embrace us all in a hug. We exchanged hugs and kisses, then walked down the sidewalk to the room, slipping inside.

“I have missed you guys!” Rey exclaimed, “I have been so fucking horny all week! I have been replaying our time together over and over in my head, driving me fucking crazy.”

“Well, Keira and I have already cum four times today. I think it’s time you catch up.” Jessica told Rey, pulling her in close and planting a kiss on her lips.

“I’m up for the challenge.” Rey replied, kissing Jessica back, “Is that pussy on your breath?”

“It’s mine. That was fun.” Keira interrupted.

“Now I’m really jealous!” Rey exclaimed.

“Well, let’s lose the jealousy.” Jessica said, pushing Rey onto the bed, pulling her jeans down her legs and off.

Keira climbed on the bed next to Rey and grabbed the bottom of Rey’s shirt, pulling it up and over Rey’s head. Keira then reached behind Rey and unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts from their cotton prison. Rey reached up, grabbed Keira’s bikini, and pulled it over her head. Once removed, Rey pulled Keira down to the bed, Keira’s breasts pressing into Rey’s face. Jessica slid Rey’s panties off, spread her legs, and slid her tongue along the inside of Rey’s thigh, sliding all the way up to her slit.

“Oh, I’ve been wanting this all week,” Rey said while sucking on Keira’s nipple, “Oh, Jessica. That feels so good.”

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat down in my now second favorite chair, enjoying the lesbian threesome unfolding before my eyes. I watched as my woman worked her tongue magic on Rey’s pussy, licking her clit, then down to her pussy lips, then back to her clit. Jessica then slid one finger inside Rey, then two, then three. Rey began moaning in pleasure, her first orgasm of the night approaching. Keira sent Rey over the edge by leaning down and pressing her lips to Rey’s nipples, slipping one inside her mouth and nibbling lightly with her teeth. Rey started convulsing, her pussy clamping down on Jessica’s fingers, her arms wrapped around Keira, pulling her into her chest.

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