A Handyman’s Memoir Ch. 34

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The Intracoastal Waterway is a marvelous thing. It uses barrier islands, natural rivers, and man-made canals to form a saltwater highway 3000 miles long on the East coast of the United States. It’s much safer than being offshore, and the villages and cities along the way cater to boaters, many of whom make the trip twice a year — heading south in the fall and north in the spring.

My first time heading south after buying my boat ‘Connie’ in Virginia was a bit nerve-racking. I was new to the cruising life, and handling a heavy 40 foot wooden boat was a learning experience. I gradually got the hang of everything, but I was already in Florida by the time I felt relaxed about things and could really start to enjoy myself. So I was looking forward to heading up towards New York State again, following the spring sun and the blooming flowers as they spread north with the warm breezes, sampling the many delights of the Intracoastal along the way.

One of those ‘delights’ found me in South Carolina. I was on my own, having left Becka in Fort Lauderdale two weeks before, and I was getting a small repair made at an old shipyard used by the local fishing fleet. The mechanic had just finished and left and I was touching up some trim paint on Connie’s wheelhouse when I heard children’s voices. A group of 15 or 20 kids, first or second graders I’d guess, were getting off a bus and heading for the big steel hulled fishing trawler docked directly behind me, accompanied by two teachers. One was cute and looked like she was fresh out of college, and the other was in her forties and very conservative looking — short nondescript hair, a below the knee dress that looked like something my mother would wear, and ‘schoolmarm’ shoes with a chunky heel.

“Hi kids, how ya doin’ today?” I said as the group passed, the kids all looking at me with a delightful sense of fascination. Some of them yelled “Hi!” and waved, and the young teacher at the front of the group said hello with a smile as she tried to herd the flowing mob of humanity towards the fishing boat. As she got there and the captain of the boat greeted her, the last of the group passed me with the older teacher bringing up the rear.

“That’s a lovely boat,” she said, lagging behind slightly. “Is it an old trawler?”

“Yeah, it was a fishing boat in the Northwest that somebody converted,” I said.

She had completely stopped for a moment, and the kids snaked their way away from her. I couldn’t tell if she was more fascinated by my boat or the deep tan on my bare chest.

“Stop by after school and I’ll give you the tour,” I said as she hustled away to catch up with them. She glanced back with a little smile, and her speed-walking pace made her dress shimmy from side to side over her wiggling ass.

The group walked up a long ramp onto the fishing güvenilir bahis boat, and I could hear the happy kids as the captain showed them around and explained the operation of the big boat and all its gear. After about an hour they all filed off down the ramp, yelling “Bye!” to the captain as they left. A few of them said “Bye” to me as they passed by, and at the end of the long line the older teacher smiled at me silently as she walked by, slowing down just enough to be noticeable.

“I may be out in the anchorage later,” I said, pointing to a small group of boats anchored fairly close to the docks, “but I’ll keep an eye out for ya.”

She gave me a surprised look, like she didn’t think I was serious, and then a little wave as she herded a few strays back towards their school bus. The kid’s voices faded, and once again seagulls and the faint hum of machinery took over the soundscape.

I finished up my painting and the yard boss came by with my bill. I happily paid him for the good work, moved Connie out into the anchorage, and made myself a late lunch. After I ate I started another small painting job — I wanted Connie to look shipshape when I got back home in May. I was engrossed in my work when I heard a dinghy with a small outboard motor approaching, and I was surprised to see the older teacher onboard, still dressed in her school clothes.

“Got a visitor for ya,” the dinghy operator said.

He pulled up along side my dinghy which was tied to my boarding ladder.

“Nice boat ya got here,” he said. “I’m on ‘Summer Breeze’ right over there. Stop by for a cocktail if you want.”

“Thanks, I may do that,” I said as I helped the teacher steady herself on my ladder. She had to pull her dress up quite high to get her legs over the side as she climbed aboard, and she blushed heavily.

“I hope you don’t mind me showing up like this,” she said with a delightful southern drawl. “That nice man was on his way out and offered me a ride.”

“Are you kidding? You just made my day,” I said. “I’m sorry I didn’t make myself presentable. I guess I thought you wouldn’t come back. I’m Steve by the way.”

“Hi Steve,” she said, smiling as her blush slowly faded. “I’m Leanne. I’m kinda surprised I’m here myself.”

She was breathing a little heavy, and having trouble making eye contact, just glancing at me occasionally with big shy eyes that were clearly nervous.

“How ’bout that tour you promised me,” she said, trying to break through her nervousness. “I just love old wooden boats. This one’s so beautiful.”

“Yeah, she is pretty. Almost as pretty as you. I’d love to show her to you.”

Leanne blushed again, and her eyes made a quick trip over my body, freezing for a brief moment on my bare chest before drifting down to the deck again, and my bare feet.

“So türkçe bahis I saw New York on the back… are you from New York City?” She asked, looking me in the eye this time.

“No, upstate. I live on the canal, sorta out in the country.”

“Oh, that sounds nice,” she said. “It’s funny, whenever we think of New York we always think of the city. Sometimes I forget there’s a state attached to it up there.”

“Upstate’s beautiful. Lots of lakes and rivers and mountains. You should come visit sometime,” I said.

Leanne blushed again. She certainly was an easy blusher. Or very nervous. Or both. It was then that I noticed a wedding ring on her finger, and the nervousness made more sense. She saw me when I looked at it.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell?” she said quietly, and she bit her bottom lip and exhaled loudly.

I took her hand and showed her around the deck, and we went in the wheelhouse. She was fascinated by the chart table with it’s old fashioned plotting tools and the big chart of the area she was from. I pulled out a chart book and showed her New York’s canal system and where I was from, and told her about where I’d been. She seemed very envious of my free lifestyle. We went down the steps and I showed her the galley and the sitting area, what boat people call the ‘saloon’.

“Is this where you sleep?” she asked softly in her intoxicating southern drawl.

I took her hand again and we went up on deck and down the companionway to the forward cabin. Sunlight was streaming in through the port lights and even though it was messy the bed looked very inviting. Leanne looked at the small watch on her wrist.

“I’ve got a couple hours to kill,” she said, looking up at me through big eyes and biting her lip again.

“I love killin’ time,” I said, and I took her in my arms and kissed her.

As she shed her clothes she transformed from conservative schoolmarm to beautiful woman. All I had on was a pair of shorts, so I left them for her to unfasten, which she seemed to enjoy, down on her knees in front of me. When my cock sprang free her eyes got even bigger and she swallowed hard.

“My goodness gracious!” she said, and she looked up at me with a surprised look before she took it in her hands. “Where in heavens name did you hide this thing in those little old shorts?”

She stuck her tongue out and licked the tip, and the schoolmarm completely vanished from my memory — this was a sexual woman. She let me slide into her mouth and within moments she was voracious, giving me a most wonderful blow-job.

“Has anyone ever told you give off a powerful aura,” she said, stroking my slippery shaft with both hands. “When I saw you this morning I had the most powerful ‘I need to fuck that man’ feeling I’ve ever had in my life. I normally don’t do this kind of thing you güvenilir bahis siteleri know.”

She plunged her mouth back on me, and I couldn’t resist holding her head and fucking her face, which she loved. I came hard and she stroked me as I moaned, splattering her chin and her neck and chest as she looked up at me with a wicked little smile. It dripped down, funneling between her nice little tits, her nipples standing proudly erect.

I grabbed yesterday’s t-shirt, wiped her clean, laid her down on the edge of the bed, and dove in for a good lick of her somewhat hairy pussy. It had a sexy natural look, and she tasted wonderful — salty-sweet and syrupy-smooth. She just about jumped out of her skin when she felt my mouth on her — she was fired up and ready to go. And go she did, cumming easily and powerfully, with beautiful whimpering moans and a tense, twitching body.

The sights, sounds and tastes had me rock hard again, and before she could come down from the heights I plunged into her.

“Oh yes! . . . yes! . . . yes!” she said, looking at me with an open mouth and the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen.

“You OK?” I asked, feeling like I was stretching her tight pussy to the extreme.

“Yeah baby!” she said quietly. “Do it! Do it!”

I plunged in deeper and her eyes rolled and she hissed through clenched teeth, grabbing at the rumpled sheets with white knuckled fists.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me! God damn it fuck me!!” she said through her clenched teeth.

I did as she desired. Deep, powerful thrusts — raw sexual energy at its best. The speed picked up and her body was rocking, meeting my every thrust with enthusiasm.

“HARDER BABY! HARDER!!” she cried, and I slammed into her with everything I had. She matched my maximum intensity with her own, and our sweat covered bodies melded into one writhing, throbbing mass as we came, her orgasm hitting first and carrying mine along with it, long and powerful, consuming every bit of energy she fed into it.

“My goodness gracious!” she said quietly in my ear as I caught my breath on top of her, her southern charm making me smile.

“Up north we’d say ‘holy shit that was awesome!'” I said with a little laugh. “You sure you don’t normally do this kinda thing? ‘Cause you’re damn good at it.”

“With a pecker like that every girl’s good at it,” she said, and we both laughed.

We ‘killed’ the rest of her two hours, fucking every which way and ending in a nice gentle sixty-nine.

“I’ll be thinking about you forever,” she said as we got dressed.

“I’ll be passing through twice a year,” I said.

She looked thoughtful and let it sink in for a moment.

“I don’t know, that’s kinda like an affair isn’t it?”

“Twice a year? Not really… well… maybe I guess,” I said.

She thought again for a long minute.

“Leave a message at the elementary school for Leanne that Connie’s in town. Don’t be disappointed if I don’t show up. But… maybe…” she said with a sexy little smile. “With a pecker like that, what girl could say no?”

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