A Long Day at Work Pt. 02

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That wasn’t the end of the night. Not even close. We ate something, not much, just split a salad. None of us wanted anything to slow down. Sure I was hungry, but when I walked down the stairs I had two gorgeous nude women pressed tight against me. In the kitchen Lexi spun and pushed herself against me with a long sucking kiss. Emmy’s hard nipples pressed against my back, and she kissed my neck while she ran her hands up and down my thighs. I reached behind me and squeezed the butt that I had been inside just moments before. My other hand squeezed my wife’s waist, and despite my earlier performance I began to respond.

So yeah, it was a quick meal, and we didn’t waste time heading back up the stairs. We took advantage of the couch, with Emmy on her knees facing backwards, her back arched, her face to the ceiling with her mouth agape. We took advantage of the table, Lexi perched on the edge, her legs wrapped around my hips, our foreheads pressed together, our breathing ragged. While I was paired with one woman the other had their way with either themselves or me. When I had Lexi on the table Emmy sidled up close to my side, grabbing my hand and pulling it to herself. I slipped two fingers into her and she did the work, rising up on her toes and gyrating her hips. Her breath was hot on my shoulder as she came again and again, and as I emptied myself into my wife I curled my fingers inside of Emmy and both women screamed.

The next morning I wake up up to a brand new sensation. My wife and I share everything except our sides of the bed. Mine’s closest to the bathroom, hers to the window. I know I rave about our sex, but honestly we’re not the best cuddlers. I sleep on my back, she on her stomach, and when it’s time to sleep that’s what we do.

Well today I’m in the middle of the bed, and while I’m on my back I Lexi is on her stomach right next to me, straight as an arrow. On the other side Emmy is snuggled against me, her breath light on my shoulder. One hand rests on my chest, the other on my hip. I take quick whiff of her tousled hair before I move my gaze to Lexi, her back rising and falling with every breath, her pert butt peeking out from the blankets covering her legs. God I don’t want to move.

God I want to have them again.

Emmy stirs, her hand pressing down on me. She jerks it away with a gasp, an incredibly cute one. She looks up at me, her hair falling across a blushing cheek.

“Hi,” I mouth. She gives me a soft smile then does the same back. She bites her lip and shifts her hip so the entirety of her butt is in my view.

And it is a view.

I pull my eyes away from it and back to her face. The smile is still there, but her eyes are uncertain. I kiss her on the forehead and turn to Lexi, running a hand along her back. She stirs, then sinks back into her pillow. I wait for it to hit, and her head jerks up and looks at us. She looks at us with parted lips, taking in the sight.

And giggles.

“Not just a great dream then?” She asks. “It definitely happened,” I respond. I pull her in for a deep kiss, morning mouth be damned.

Emmy pulls away from me, leans on one arm. She has a small smile on her face, unsure of where she fits in. Lexi and I break our kiss, and she winks at her best friend. “I need a shower. Are you guys hungry?”

I had barely eaten anything the night before, and the afternoon of exercise followed by a night of unbelievable sex had me famished. “Starving. I’ll get breakfast going while you guys get ready?” Lexi nods and jumps out of bed, struts naked to our bathroom. I drink in the sight of her toned back, taught butt, and long legs before turning to Emmy. “Like pancakes?” I ask.

She nods, still bashful. “I like crepes even better.”

“That is a perfect idea,” I say, kissing her on her cheek. She blushes, then turns and gets out of bed. She covers (or fails in an attempt to) her butt with her hands while she grabs her clothes and runs into the bathroom. Lexi and Emmy whisper, and I hear a giggle followed by the sound of running water. Could they be…?

I doubt it. Not wanting to push my luck, I get of bed, grab some sweats, and head down to the kitchen.

I’m surrounded by burned down candles. Thankfully Lexi had the presence of mind to blow them out before we crashed into bed last night, probably saving our house and our lives. I pull up a recipe for crepes, grab the ingredients, and toss a pan onto the stove. I’m about to pour the first of the batter into the pan when Lexi walks into the kitchen. Short shorts, thin shirt, wet hair and no bra, she is a vision. She kisses me.

“You’re the best,” she says. I kiss her again, rub her lower back, let one hand wander over the seat of her shorts. “Nothing compared to you,” I reply. She grins and reaches up for some glasses.

“Good morning for mimosas?” She asks, knowing my answer is always yes. I flip the first crepe – terribly, it’s been awhile, but hey there’s lots of batter – then turn away from the stove. “You got down here way before Emmy.”

“Yeah, I called first illegal bahis shower,” replies Lexi.

“I was wondering if you guys might share it.” Lexi laughs and raises an eyebrow. “Would you have enjoyed that?”

“Yes?” She raises both eyebrows now. “No.” She shakes her head and moves close, wraps her arms around my neck. “Didn’t get your fill last night?”

“Definitely,” I reply, my hands light on her waist. “I couldn’t imagine anything better.” She smiles and kisses me again. “But you still wanted to imagine us in the shower together?”

How could I not? The two lithe beauties, one long and brunette, the other short and blonde, pressed together in the confines of our shower, the water pouring over their bodies, their lips close, Lexi’s hands on Emmy’s ass while Emmy teases Lexi’s nipple with her teeth…

Lexi nipped my ear with her teeth. “Come back to me big guy.” I shake my head, feeling like my wife could see directly into my thoughts.

“Sorry. But seriously, is she okay? Are you guys?” Lexi steps back with an inquisitive look. “Why wouldn’t we be?”

“She seemed pretty shy this morning, and I just want to make sure eveything is good on the other side of things, especially between you two. The sex was amazing, the entire night blew my mind, but it’s not worth a friendship.”

Lexi hugs me tight. “I think she just felt a little out of place this morning, but she’s fine. I’ll bring it up at breakfast though, alright? Make sure everything’s good.” Speaking of breakfast…

I break our hug as a slight burning smell reaches my nostrils. I move for the spatula but it’s too late.

Ah well. Like I said, plenty of batter.

Emmy comes down soon after, hair wet and bare-faced, looking radiant. There is fresh fruit on the table and the crepes are ready, and the girls lather theirs with butter and preserves while I choose ham and eggs. I’m on my second before they’re halfway through their first, and gearing up for a third when Lexi breaks the silence.

“Alright,” she says, placing her fork down with finality. “Anyone think last night was anything less than amazing?” Me and Emmy exchange quick glances before shaking our heads. Lexi looks at me.

“I know you’ve always wanted anal. Was it everything you’d imagined?” I swallow my food and think back to Emmy cussing and gasping with me buried deep in her ass, begging for more and demanding I fuck her harder. I nod. Lexi grins and turns to Emmy.

“The roleplay? The sex? Was it good?” Emmy looks down at her plate with the cutest (whoah, second cutest) grin I’ve ever seen and nods. Lexi leans back into her chair and crosses her arms across her chest.

“I loved every second of it, myself. Emmy, my beloved husband cares so much for our friendship he wanted to make sure that it will survive this. What do you say to that?” Emmy takes a quick drink and looks at me.

“Seriously? That is so good to hear. Jack, in my own weird way I’ve always loved you because of how good you’ve always been to Lexi. And I think we’re friends, and I hope you do to. This won’t screw anything up between me and Lexi, and I really don’t want it to change things between us. Does that make sense?”

“Definitely. As long as everyone is cool, I’m good with it.” Everyone takes a few more bites, then Lexi whips her stare towards me. “You better be able to talk to her without thinking only about her butt though.”

I choke on my food, unsure of what to say. What butt was she talking about? The same one that paraded through my head all morning?

“Wouldn’t think of it.” Lexi grins and Emmy gives me a wink. We fill the air with small talk until breakfast is over, and Emmy volunteers to do the dishes. Lexi and I clean up the candles, and she sprays down a few spots on the couch left from last night. When the cleaning is done Emmy gathers her things.

“Thanks?” She says. She and Lexi giggle and hug. I stay leaned against the counter, and we share a smile.” See you soon.” I say, and Emmy leaves. Lexi walks over and leans against me. “I’m exhausted,” she says. I sigh.

“You have no idea how glad I am to hear you say that.” I pull her to the stairs. We fall into bed, I on my back and she on her stomach. “I have to ask,” I say, as the silent room does it’s work on us. “Hmm?”

“Will there be another time?” Lexi snuggles against me. “I honestly have no idea.”

Sometimes the days drag but the weeks fly. We were busy at work, busy with life, busy with each other. Emmy stays in our life pretty much the same amount as before, and to my great relief things seem to be the same. Maybe I look at her a bit different, maybe my eyes linger longer than they did before, but other than that things are normal. You always read how sex can make things complicated, change things, make everything different. It certainly didn’t seem to this time.

But as I said, life goes on. I get home from work early one day, eager to do something for Lexi. I gather some ingredients for dinner and text her, asking her when she’ll be home. I’m chopping vegetables when she illegal bahis siteleri replies. I frown. Working late? How late?

Not sure, but don’t wait on dinner for her.

I won’t. I’ll take it to her.

The plan was to cook that night, and I would love to say I hold myself to it but… there’s a great little Greek place on the way to Lexi’s office, and we both love Mediterranean. I place an order, run upstairs to reapply deodorant and spray some cologne, and I’m out the door. Drive to the restaurant, grab the food, run across the street and pick out some flowers. Lexi loves lilies (chiefly Stargazers) and I try to pick out the best looking of the bunch. I’m back in the car as the sun sets, the dark falling far too soon in the early winter months. Realize I forgot wine, hop back out and run into a corner convenience store that sells it cheap.

She surprised me weeks ago, incredibly so, after a rough day at work, and I’m hoping to do the same for her. I take the elevator to the eleventh floor, my mouth dry. In my mind she’s so happy to see me, so touched, so amazed, she rips my clothes off and we go at it on her desk. Perfectly plausible, right? We try to keep our sex life healthy for sure, but have yet to cross into getting busy in the business place, so to speak. So no, probably not the most realistic of outcomes, but what else is a guy supposed to think about during the whole 30 seconds he spends on an elevator?

I’m thinking a lot about Lexi in her work outfit now, the black tights underneath a pencil skirt, white shirt and cropped business jacket. She usually wears her hair in a bun, but tends to loosen it on late nights. I’m wondering where it will be, her ridiculously thick curly brunette hair, as I step off the elevator and code in to the door to her office set. There doesn’t seem to be many others sharing her late night work ethic. I’m about to knock on her door when I hear a familiar noise from within.

My heart drops. I press my ear against her office door to confirm.

It’s coming from inside. I lean against the door, aghast that it was this bad.

All expectation of sex gone from my mind, I burst through the door.

Lexi gasps and looks up at me, her eyes red-rimmed and her make-up a mess. To answer my earlier question, her hair was completely undone and flowing past her shoulders. We lock eyes, then I look up at the tv tucked into the upper corner of her office. I drop everything on her desk, rush around it and drop to my knees in front of her. She sobs and throws her arms around me, crying into my shoulder. I don’t say a word until she’s mostly done, sniffing into my dress shirt.

“Baby,” I whisper. “You’ve Got Mail? Was your day really that bad?” She laughs through a sob and looks up at the tv in time to see Tom Hanks hand tissues to a sniffling Meg Ryan. I take a cue from the master and grab Lexi a tissue from the box on her desk. She takes one and blows her nose.

“I’m sorry. I know this looks bad.”

“It’s okay,” I say. “But what happened? Why wouldn’t you come home?” Lexi sighs. “I was embarrassed. I didn’t tell you this, but a few weeks ago a position opened up that I really wanted. It wouldn’t be a huge pay increase, but it was going to be an opportunity, and something different, you know? I applied for it and thought I interviewed and thought everything went really well, but today they announced that the position had been filled by some dweeb out of state.” She wipes her eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me any of this?” I ask. A fresh flood of tears flow from here eyes. “Because I wanted to surprise you!” She sobs again into her tissue, and I pull her in for another hug. She cries for a few more minutes before sitting up.

“I just kept thinking about how much fun it would be to walk in and tell you all about my new job, how it was going to be a huge surprise, and then we’d go out to dinner and then I’d drag you home to the bedroom and we’d make a whole night of it,” she wipes her eyes again. I reach for the flowers and the bag of take-out.

“You being mine is all the reason I need to celebrate. Flowers and Mediterranean?” She does that laughing sob again then leans forward and gives me a quick kiss. “Sure.”

“Anytime Booboo Bear.” Lexi rolls her eyes and reaches for the food.

We’re mostly quiet while we eat, and some of the puffiness fades around Lexi’s eyes. We don’t have a wine opener, so I use my keys (look it up, it works) and I grab some Styrofoam cups from the break room. I see no lights on in any other offices on the floor.

“Who needs a fancy restaurant,” I say, stepping back into Lexi’s office and brandishing the cups with a flourish. She looks up from her make-up mirror and gives me a sheepish grin.

“I really look like a mess, huh?” I shake my head and pour us each a…cup of wine. “Not in the least. Pretty impressive mascara though.” She giggles. “Didn’t run a bit.”

“All done?” I ask, and she nods. I grab her tray and toss it into one of the communal trash cans out in the main room. When I come back into her office canlı bahis siteleri Lexi is leaned back in her chair, sipping her wine with eyes closed. I push the door shut behind me and lock it. I walk over to her and kneel on the ground in front of her.

“I am constantly amazed by you,” I saw as I slip off one of her heels and massage the bottom of her foot. She gives a soft moan. “Seriously. You always work hard, you give all of yourself in everything you do, and you are an amazing wife. I’m really sorry for your setback today, but I hope it won’t keep you down for too long. You have way too much going for you.”

She opens one eye and grins down at me. “Like my great husband?” I shake my head. “Nah, I was thinking more your legs.” She laughs and I kiss her calf, and run my fingers up to meet the flesh my lips just touched. “I have never seen a nicer pair.”

“It’s the stockings babe, don’t be fooled.” I chuckle as I kiss my way up to her knee. “I don’t think it is. I’ve seen them without the stockings, I know they hold up on their own.” My lips move past her knee, and I grab the leg I’m kissing with a soft touch and separate it from the one it’s crossed over.

“And what’s this?” Lexi asks. I run both hands up her thighs beneath her skirt. “Don’t worry, I locked the door.” She giggles. “At least let’s move behind my desk, Just in case,” she says, pulling away from my touch but grabbing one hand as she rolls her way to behind her desk, dragging me with her. I plunge forward and pull her knees apart, covering her thighs with kisses. She giggles again, then sighs and settles back into her chair. Lexi is wearing a pink cotton thong adorned with tiny white hearts, a playful contrast from her business-like black and white outerwear. I hone in on the pink fabric and run my tongue up the length of it, my touch soft as possible. Lexi sighs and pushes her hips forward as I grab her skirt and yank it up. Her pink thong is now completely exposed, a thin strip of her thigh between the pink of her underwear and the black of her stockings.

I groan at the sight then kiss the exposed flesh. Her fingers run lightly over my scalp, then grab my hair when I return my attention to my goal beneath her panties. I kiss and lick at the fabric as my hands grasp at her breasts beneath her shirt and bra, and she arches her back with an excited gasp. I bring a hand down and pull her panties aside with one finger, exposing her smooth, glistening lips. I smile at the sight, then give them the softest lick. She moans, and my well practiced ears pick up the sound and know what it means. Oh so gently I push that one finger into her while licking up to her clit, taking that nub between my lips and applying soft pressure. Her hips rise up from the chair and I curl my finger up until I find the rough spot of flesh, and then I do not hold back.I rub my finger inside of her while I suck on her clit, my free hand unbuttoning her shirt and pulling the cup of her bra aside to expose one breast. I tweak and tease the nipple there while her breathing picks up in intensity and her hips buck harder against me. I know it hasn’t been long, but I also know when she doesn’t need much. I move from her nipple to grabbing her entire breast and double down with my mouth and finger. Lexi tightens beneath my ministrations and grabs my head, shoving it between her legs. Her breath fully catches and her throat, ragged from crying, lets out a quiet strangled cry.

I keep at it until she pushes me away and collapses against the back of her chair. I sit back on my heels with a grin, enjoying the view of a job well done. My wife rises her crumpled form and leans forward and gives me a long, slow kiss. She breaks it only to unbutton my shirt and pull it off me.

“Under my desk,” she says. “On your back.” I am anxious to follow her orders and crawl into position, trying to stretch out in the cramped quarters. Lexi removes her soaked panties before getting on her knees and crawling on top of me.

“I know this place is empty, but lets pretend that it’s full, and if we’re too loud my boss will bust in here and fire me.” She gives me a hungry kiss. “But I can’t bring myself to care because all I want is you inside of me.”

With her knees on either side of my hips she grabs my hands and runs them up her thighs, pushing up her skirt and revealing her smooth sex. I run my fingers over her pubic mound as she lowers herself onto me, shuddering as she does so. It’s cramped beneath her desk, and she is hunched over me, her thick hair almost covering my face. I work on her shirt as she starts to ride me, her thrusts frantic from the start. I unbutton the top four buttons then pull the shirt from her shoulders, framing her silk-clad bust. Lexi is grinding herself against me now, keeping me deep within her as she works towards another orgasm. I reach behind her and unhook her bra, and her breasts fall from it as she moves on me. I pick my head up from the floor and pull her to my mouth, taking in one nipple as my other hand runs down her back. She gasps and moans and groans and grabs the back of my head, pulling me hard against her chest. I open my mouth and suck in as much of her breast as I can, her fingers gripping my hair. She bucks hard against me now, her core muscles tightening. She’s close, and, well, so am I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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