A Long Slow Sunday Morning

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She jerked awake suddenly ripped from her dreams but unsure what had caused it. The cold hit her as she awoke, making her skin pucker and a moment of confusion descended on her.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she murmured relieved looking into his eyes. “You are staring at me again,” she grinned, annoyed at being woken but all bad humour disappearing quickly as she stared up at her lover.

He was propped up on one elbow looking down at her, his tall muscled naked body stretched out next to hers, idly toying with his cock which was hardening already.

“Can’t help myself,” he said, smiling at her. “You know how I adore watching you sleep and that I always want you when I wake up.”

“Can’t think why,” she giggled running her fingers through her brown bob and then trying to rub away the smudges of mascara she knew must be under her eyes from the night before.

She ran her gaze over his body, admiring every inch as she stretched luxuriantly, straightening out all her limbs. Then she reached out pulling the rumpled covers back up over her naked body.

“Oh no you don’t,” he said grabbing the sheets and yanking them back down again exposing her full breasts, curvy hips and the damp hair between her legs.

“Nooooo, its cold,” she squealed and grabbed back at the covers failing entirely to yank them from him. “Bastard,” she hissed at him before starting to giggle again.

“Hey watch who you are calling names,” he quipped back grinning, “I might make you pay for that.”

“Like to see you try,” she responded grabbing the pillow and hitting out at him with it. “Let me have the sheets back I’m cold.”

“Getting rough now are we?” he retorted. “Now you know that’s never a good move sweetheart.”

“Bastard,” she hissed again laughing as she knelt up, her breasts bouncing, swiping at him with the pillow.

“You really don’t want to do that,” he said fending her blows off, “you know you aren’t going to stand a chance wrestling with me.”

“Bastard,” she giggled, leaning over and hitting him with the pillow again.

“That your word for the morning?” he quipped back, “Well I can be.”

He grabbed his pillow then and swatted her ass then gently then flicked it out at her breasts, catching her nipple with the edge of it.

“Fuck that hurt,” she cursed feeling the nipple harden in response as the thrill of sensation run down her body to her cunt.

“Oh don’t pretend you don’t like a little pain.” He grinned güvenilir bahis at her, “Its hardened already so clearly you enjoyed it.”

“You are a bad man,” she teased him, looking at her erect nipple.

“But of course,” he responded, “and you love it.”

He knelt up on the bed, letting go of his pillow. He reached out and she giggled as she desperately grabbed hold of her pillow harder but he tugged it from her hands, easily pulling it from her.

“Noooo,” she squealed, in mock panic.

“Oh yes,” he said grinning wickedly, “time for you to learn a few manners darling.”

He pushed her hard back onto the bed, grabbing her wrists in one of his hands and pulling them over her head. He grinned down at her.

“Noooooo,” she responded writhing and trying to pull her wrists free before adding half heartedly, “I have to get up”.

“Tough,” he said smiling, “you are going to stay right here and learn not to call me names.”

She tried again to pull her wrists free and he smiled down at her as despite her efforts she entirely failed to budge his hand. She thrashed her legs around pushing against his trying to gain an advantage by putting him off balance.

“So want to fight do you?” he murmured, “well, I can’t have that.”

He swung one of his long legs over hers, bringing it down between her legs, forcing them apart. Rolling against her he pinned the edge of her body under his, trapping her. With his free hand he started at her fingertips and ran it down her palm, over her wrist, under her arm tickling her, across her full breast and her belly before running it over her hips and down her leg.

“Mmmmm,” he murmured, “I can do whatever I want with you now.”

He bent his head and sinking his tongue into her mouth kissed her passionately. She responded, kissing him back hard her tongue meeting his. His mouth moved down, kissing her down her face, over her throat. He began to nuzzle her neck in the way that she loved, making her giggle at the feel of his lips and his tongue on her skin.

His hand slid back up her body to her breasts. His fingers brushed gently over the underside, lightly stroking her skin. He ran his fingertips over her nipple feeling it harden instantly at his touch as she arched her back as far as she could pressing herself against his hand. His fingers worked over her nipple, teasing it, flicking it gently and then squeezing it harder between his thumb and forefinger. türkçe bahis She moaned softly feeling her body responding to his touch as he moved to the other breast, fingers sliding over the delicate skin before moving to her nipple to squeeze again.

His mouth moved down kissing down her neck, over her collarbone and the top of her breast. He paused and looked up at her before his tongue darted out circling the flesh just outside her nipple several times in quick succession. Then he sank his mouth down over her nipple, capturing it between his lips. He sucked on it making it harden still further, holding it between his teeth, gently squeezing it between them. His hand cupped her breast gently stroking at first then holding it harder, feeling the soft flesh give beneath his fingers.

His hands roamed down her body, teasing her, running down her sides making her gasp and giggle as without meaning to his touch tickled her. Sliding a hand round to squeeze her ass he pushed himself close against her and she felt his hard cock, fully erect now pushing against her side.

“Mmmmmm,” he murmured raising his head to look at her again, “You taste so good.”

His hand slid round from her ass, over her hips to graze her inner thigh, his nails grazing the velvet soft skin. She gasped and tried to arch against him, pushing as far as she could, held down by his body. He moved his fingers over her mound playing in her hair before reaching her labia rings and tugging gently on them making her moan as she felt the sensations run through her pussy.

He grinned wickedly at her before bending his head back to her nipple, flicking her tongue across it then circling it before flicking again. His hand continued to tease her thighs, feeling her warmth and the moistness of her arousal starting to spread. She tried to rock against him, desperate for the feel of fingers touching her cunt and her clit, wanting more than them teasing her thighs.

He could feel her body responding to his, her breath coming faster and her moans intensifying. He slid his fingers between her pussy lips and brushed her clit getting an instant moan from her before starting to rub rhythmically over it in small circles. Pulling his lips from her nipple, he smiled at her.

“Getting hot and bothered are we?” he enquired.

He shifted his weight and bought her wrists down onto her stomach, holding them tightly. His finger continued to rub at her clit, flicking the ring güvenilir bahis siteleri in her clit hood against it as she arched back and her moans became even more insistent.

“Fuck, I am going to come,” she gasped.

He stopped then, determined to make her wait. Sliding his fingers down he could feel how incredibly wet she was. He pushed a couple of fingers inside her, feeling her muscles clench around them. She rocked her hips pushing hard against him instantly and he grinned.

“Want some more?” he murmured.

“Fuck yes,” she gasped.

She was so wet that he slid all four fingers inside her easily feeling her squeeze them, pulling him in. He pumped them in and out of her a few times, grazing her clit with his thumb. She moaned softly and he felt his cock start to twitch against her, the end slick with pre come already.

His fingers still inside her he slid her onto her side, holding her body against his, one hand clamped to her breasts, his cock pressing against the cheeks of her ass. His fingers slid in and out of her, pushing against her G spot as her wetness oozed out of her. His hard cock was surrounded by her soft cheeks, held in the crack of her ass, twitching against her skin.

“Oh yes,” she begged, “Please fuck me, I want to feel you inside me.”

As her muscles started to clench faster around his fingers he withdrew them and slid his hard cock into her warm wetness. With his fingers soaked with her juices he rubbed her clit as he started to pump in and out of her. He felt her the incredibly warmth and moistness of her cunt around him, her muscles squeezing him tightly as he held her body against his and she started to pant, making those sounds that he knew so well.

“Oh yes, fuck me harder,” she begged, gasping and moaning as she grew more desperate.

He slammed himself into her, sinking his whole long length into her as she started to come. She screamed, one long cry as her muscles clenched hard around him. She bucked her hips instinctively against his and he felt himself let go. With a gasp and one huge thrust he sank himself hard into her as deep as he could and exploded shooting his hot sticky wet come in her cunt.

Still trembling she collapsed forward on the bed, her head buried on the pillow as he lay on top of her, their legs tangled in the sheets. He kissed the back of her neck gently and held her close to him. She smiled and stretched out, feeling his cock still twitching.

“You are still a bastard, but what a lovely way to start the morning,” she murmured as he snuggled up against her, holding her close as together they drifted back to sleep.

Inspired by a relaxing morning in bed dreaming.

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