A Massage to Remember

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Here it is, the third and final chapter of my story of Dana and her mother. I never intended to even write a second chapter, but the demand for a sequel was huge and I felt I had to give more. I could have rushed into the lovemaking in the second story, but I felt that would cheapen it, so I wrote a midpoint story. Hope you enjoy this last piece.


Six months. They say a lot can change in such a short time, and for me, that was as true as could be. Just six months ago, I was lusting and desiring my mother, feeling I would never have her. Now, six months later, I was massaging and worshipping her every Friday night. Every Friday, I would get to feel all over her sexy body. Even better was that now she let me massage her the way I wanted to. I could kiss her, suck her nipples and taste her womanhood. I would have never thought I would ever be this close, this intimate with the woman I loved.

Still, there was more I wanted. I still had not gotten the last thing I wanted from her. I still had not gotten the chance to truly make love to my mother. Each week, I felt we were getting closer to that final, satisfying step. It was not just my own desires that made me think so. It was also what was happening between us, outside of our weekly massage time. Things had changed with us, and I felt she was becoming more receptive to my desires.

About a month ago, things took a great turn. One night when she came home from work, I hugged her as I always did, but this time I took a chance and I kissed her too. On the lips, and I held it. She did not back away, in fact she pulled me closer as we held our kiss. I had to lean my head down a bit, because while my mother definitely had a bigger ass and bigger breasts than I did, I was taller than her. She was smiling at me when we separated. I was trembling after that kiss. That was all the encouragement I needed, and since that night, I have kissed her every day when she came home from work, and other times too.

Another night, while we were cuddled together, watching a movie, I got daring. We were spooning as we watched the movie. Feeling cheeky, I put my hand right on her breast and squeezed. She did not get angry. She just giggled, and she did not move my hand. I kept squeezing, then I began to roll her breast in my hand, round and around. Eventually, she did stop me. “Okay Dana, that’s enough for now.” She said. “For now.” She said, meaning I could do it again. I did do it again, many times. During some movie nights, or other times we would cuddle like this, I would put my hand back on her breast later, though I would just hold it. She never moved my hands away. Sometimes she’d push her chest further into my hand, or put her hand on mine and push my hand deeper into her tits.

In the kitchen, when she’d be making dinner, I’d walk up behind her, put my arms around her and put my hands on her breasts, grinding my crotch against her butt. She would just giggle, and push her butt back against me. I’d start nibbling and kissing her neck, until she’d push me away, telling me she had to finish dinner. Some nights I would do this multiple times, and despite how intense I would get, she’d be equally receptive. I could feel her nipples harden when I would fondle her breasts, and I could see her face turn red, flushed and hot.

Mom was more like my girlfriend now, but I still had not gotten that last thing I wanted from her. With what she was letting me do, I had a feeling I’d have it soon. I’d grope her breasts and butt, I’d kiss her and bite her. I would walk in while she was getting dressed, in her room or after her shower, and she’d never tell me to leave. She’d never reciprocate, never do to me what I had done to her, but I was fine with that. Compared to what I had from her six months ago, this was heaven. No matter what I did, all she would do is smile and giggle, sometimes jokingly chastising me, but never would she get angry. With everything she was letting me do, I was sure soon I would have her, all of her.

After six months, I was anticipating our eventual coupling. After what she had me do when I massaged her, and what she allowed me to do at home, I had a feeling it was near. Six months after I had started massaging her, it all came one eventful night. It was Friday, time for our weekly massage time. Like all other times, I was wet with anticipation and hope.

My heart was pounding as I entered her room, hoping tonight would finally be the night. Like every time before, she was standing next to her bed, bathed in heavenly light from her bedside lamp. This sight never failed to make my heart skip a beat. She always looked so heavenly like this. I walked up to her and hugged her, and for the first time before our massages, I kissed her. To my surprise and delight, she put her arms around me and kissed me back. Even with our mouths closed, it still made me tremble.

After about a minute, I broke our kiss and set to undress her. It always turned me on to do this. To slowly reveal every inch of canlı bahis my mother’s body. Still looking into her eyes, I started unbuttoning her shirt. She always wore button ups before we did this. I’m sure it was on purpose, just to tease me. As I undid the third button, my desire won out and my eyes went to her chest. I began to lightly hyperventilate as more of her chest was revealed.

At first, all I saw was her cleavage, but more of those enticing mounds were revealed to me as I undid each button. Once I opened the last one, I pulled the sides back and slid her shirt off her body. Once again, I was greeted by the sight of my mother’s almost naked torso. All she had on now was her white lace bra, my favorite one. I pulled her into a hug again as I set to undo her bra, kissing the top of her chest and her shoulders. I always acted like it was hard to undo her bra, just to give me a little more time against her. I know she noticed, but she never said a word.

Her bra undone, I stepped back as I slid the straps off her shoulders, then removed the cups from her breasts, revealing those lovelies to my eyes again. Before I worked on her bottoms, I leaned forward and kissed over her breasts and down her stomach, taking a hearty suck of each nipple. “Mmm.” She mewed, like each time before. I kissed all the way down to the button on her pants, stopping when my lips touched cloth. I looked into her eyes, smiling as I opened her pants and unzipped them. My eyes went back to her pants as I slowly slid them down her legs, showing me one inch after another of smooth, flawless leg.

My kisses followed, until I reached her knee. I slid them off of her, she stepped out of each leg. I did not have to worry about socks or anything like that, she was always barefoot at home. It was such an erotic sight, to see my mother in just her white lace panties (also my favorites), they cupped her butt and pussy perfectly, and I saw the wet spot on the front. I gave a long, sensuous lick up her leg as I reached for her underwear, turning her to face away from me. Slowly I pulled her panties off of her, and in my face was now her delicious butt. I licked and bit over those cheeks. Once they were off her body, I turned her to face me again, and planted a small kiss on her sex.

Greeted once more by the sight of my naked mother, I led her to the bed, laying her down. I ran my hand down her body. Across her back and butt and down to her feet, before I straddled her to give her my usual sensual massage. I would only do these for her. No one else would receive this kind of massage from me. There was no one I loved like her. Never once did I skip a step. I always took my time with her, making sure I got to massage and caress every inch of her body. I would kiss her, suck her nipples and rim her ass.

I’d lick and taste her legs and feet, and take large tastes of her pussy. Just like every time before, it got me so wet to do this for her. My heart was pounding, my nipples were hard, my pussy was wet and my breathing was labored. I know she knew how hot this made me. The worst part for me each week was when it was over. I hated that I would have to wait another week before I would get to do this again. I did not want to increase the frequency of our sessions though, I did not want the enjoyment to wane.

Finished with my massage, I got up off the bed and her, set to leave the room. I went to her, to receive my thank you kiss. Normally, after kissing me, she’d fall asleep. Not this night. After our kiss, she asked me to stay. She wanted to talk to me again. I was scared that she did not want me to do this for her anymore. That would be the worst thing she could tell me. Shaking with trepidation, I sat down on the bed next to her as she sat up, her breasts jiggling enticingly as she rose. I got a thrill seeing that her nipples were still hard. Sitting up now, she turned to face me. It was a little strange, sitting here on my mother’s bed, with me still fully clothed and my mother completely naked. It took effort on my part not to just stare at her breasts, or that lovely cleft between her sumptuous thighs. It was thrilling to me to sit with her like this, to continue to view her naked body.

Scared as I was, it was a small comfort to see she was still smiling. “Now, before I begin, let me just say I’m not going to ask you to stop with our weekly massages. I enjoy them too much to stop them now.” She said, and I breathed a sigh of relief. At least those times were not over. Still, I was racking my brains trying to figure out why she wanted to talk. She took a deep breath, before she spoke again. “Now Dana, I know how much you desire me. Your offer to massage me gave me an inkling, and the way you massage me now only confirms that. Like I said before, when I asked you to massage me the way you wanted to, I’m not mad. I’m quite flattered actually, that someone your age finds me so desirable, even if it is my own daughter.” My heart was pounding now. Was this leading where I think it was? Could bahis siteleri this night finally be the night I had hoped for?

“I will admit, your desire for me has made me think a lot over the last six months. I’ve never been with another woman. I never was interested, until what happened between us the last few months. I’ll admit, I’m now curious about what it is like.” My heart was pounding, could this be it? Would I finally make love to my mother? “So Dana, I have a request.” I was still scared. Would she take that step? Would she let me, her daughter, make love to her? What if she just wanted me to find a woman for her? She sighed, like she was mulling over what she was about to ask. She then spoke. “This might be strange for me to ask, but I want to know what it is like with another woman. So honey, will you show me? Will you let me see what it is like making love to another woman?”

My jaw dropped. She wanted me to make love to her. It was finally happening. I would finally get to make love to my mother, the woman of my dreams. Not only that, she had never been with another woman, and she wanted me to be her first. My mother wanted me to give her her first lesbian experience. I was overcome with joy. I hugged her to me, and kissed her. “I would be honored mom.” I said to her, then I kissed her again. For just a moment, our lips stayed closed, before we opened our mouths and deepened our kiss. As we kissed, she put her arms around me, and for a few minutes, we sat there on her bed, kissing deeply. As we kissed, my hand trailed down to her breast and I started fondling it. I rolled and squeezed her breast, pinched her nipple and flicked it with my fingers. I did not stop kissing her while I did this, and she moaned into my mouth as I played with her tit.

I could feel her breathing quicken as I toyed with her, before I glided my hand further down to her snatch. My other hand resumed playing with her tit as my first hand started rubbing her womanhood. She was moaning more now. In a circular motion, I rubbed over her sex, not yet touching her clit or fingering her.

She broke our kiss as I rubbed, needing air, and I used this opportunity to kiss down her body and take those dear nipples into my mouth. I licked over her areolas, flicked her nipples with my tongue and then I bit one. “Ohhhh.” She yelped. I could see her face flushing again, her cheeks and chest turning pink as her arousal grew. I was still fully clothed, but I knew soon that would change. She was getting very wet, coating my fingers in her feminine fluids. I smiled around her nipple, still sucking and biting, as I put one, then two fingers inside her. “Oh god.” She yelled, before she moaned louder as I began to piston my fingers in and out, then made a come hither motion inside her tunnel. “Oh Dana, that feel so nice.” She whined. Briefly, I let go of her nipple and smiled at her. “It’s only going to get better, mom.” I told her, before resuming my suckling. I could feel her vagina contracting around my exploring digits, and I knew she was close. I put my thumb to her clit and rubbed her as I fingered her.

Stimulated in three places, she came in just a few minutes, already worked up from my earlier massage. “Ooohhhh, yesss.” She screamed as she came. It was a small come, but that was fine for me. I had more I wanted to do to her, and to have her tired out now would not do. She was panting hard. I took out my fingers as she opened her eyes, and smiled at her as I put my soaked fingers to my lips and sucked them clean of her divine offering. I could see the look in her eyes of intrigue as I tasted her. I had tasted her from my fingers many times before, but this was the first time she saw me do it. I then pulled her to me and kissed her again, letting her taste a bit of herself on my lips.

That kiss was short, and I gave her no warning as I broke the kiss and kissed down her body, spending little time on her breasts. I pushed her down to the bed as I kissed lower, until my lips once again touched her most intimate place. She had barely touched me yet, but I was still very wet. Down between her legs, my nose was filled with her scent, and it was magnificent. She was so wet, and I was eager to taste her. I did not hold back. I buried my face in her center, and licked over her lips. She started to gasp at my light licks, before she made a huge intake of breath as I pushed my tongue between them and deeper into her.

She tasted divine, even better than she did when I would massage her. This time, I was not going to take a few tastes. My hands went to her pussy and spread her lips more, and my face went even deeper into her. My nose was rubbing against her clitoral hood, and I could feel it trying to break free. I took one of her inner folds between my lips and sucked. “Uhhh.” She whined, then jumped as I bit. I tugged them with me teeth and she began to writhe. She could not keep her eyes open, especially once I put my fingers in her and stroked deep within. “Oh Dana, that feels so nice. bahis şirketleri Be a good girl and make mommy come. I’m so close.” I would not comply, not yet. I wanted her to come hard, and I wanted to enjoy this as long as I could.

She ran her hands through my hair as I ate her. Wanting more, I spread her legs more and put them over my shoulders. I looked with happiness as the petals of her soaked flower opened more for me. I dove in again, licking and sucking her lips and driving my tongue deeper into her. There was something so erotic about kissing where I had come from, kissing and licking where I had entered the world. Now, finally, I was going back in, at least in some way. With her legs spread so far, it parted her butt cheeks and feeling naughty, I licked down over her perineum and briefly tongued her ass. “Oh you naughty girl, I can’t believe you do that. No one else has ever done that for me.”

I smiled at that. She deserved to be pleasured in every way, and I was happy to fulfill that. I licked all over her, from her clit to her asshole, tasting her most secret and forbidden places. She was writhing now, so sensually. I had her close, and I knew she’d come hard. I wanted to hear her scream, and as I continued licking her pussy, I put a finger in her ass and another in her channel. I sucked and nibbled at her lovely pearl, and she shook with joy. She was close, and my senses were overwhelmed with her scents and tastes. I moved my fingers faster in and out, and I bit her clit gently. This was all she needed, that final push to send her over the edge.

“OOOOHHHH DAAANNAAA.” She screamed as she came. I continued to lick and finger her as she rode out her come. She was trembling and shaking, her eyes shut in pleasure, her teeth gritted. About half a minute later, I heard her finally gasp and then breathe hard, taking her first breaths after such a hard come. I withdrew from her and kissed back up her body, pulling her up to me again to kiss her, sharing her juices between us.

She soon broke the kiss, and looked me in the eye. “Oh honey, that felt so good. I can’t wait to return the favor.” She beamed. “Take your clothes off, I want to please you like you did me.” I was shaking with anticipation, ready to finally be loved by mom. She wanted me naked, but I wasn’t going to undress myself for her.

“No mom,” I said to her, a look of shock filling her face. “I want you to undress me.” I told her. I saw a spark of excitement in her eyes. She reached for my t-shirt and quickly pulled it off me, before reaching down and removing my pants. She pushed me back so she could get them fully off, before she took my hand and pulled me back up to take off my bra, then moving down to pull off my thong panties. She was very quick to get me naked, and it excited me immensely, knowing how much she wanted me naked at that moment. As she threw my panties off the bed, she looked back to me and we sat for a moment, just admiring each other’s bodies.

I never thought it would excite me so much to just sit with another woman, but the fact that it was my mother, my dream woman, admiring my naked body made me tremble. Again, my lips pulsed with a desire to kiss her, to claim her. She made the first move, pulling me to her to hug me and kiss me. My smaller breasts consumed by mother’s huge mounds. As we kissed, a jolt shot from my nipples to my pussy as I at last felt my nipples glide against hers. She must have felt it too, as she started rubbing her breasts back and forth against mine and our nipples continued to “kiss”. Those brief moments when they would catch, before springing apart, got me trembling. Her hands rubbed over my back and down lower until she was cupping my butt. I moaned into her kiss as she squeeze my ass cheeks. I jumped a little when I felt her finger prod briefly at my rosebud. She continued to take liberal feels of my ass as we kissed.

She must have been eager to reciprocate, because she quickly separated her lips from mine and kissed and licked down my body. She stopped at my neck, burying her face in its crook. She kissed all over my neck and bit. “Ohhhh, mom.” I mewed. I was overcome with excitement. My dream woman was making love to me. She bit me hard, and I know she left a mark. “Uhhhn” I breathed. She wanted more, and skipped kissing the rest of the way and dove into my breasts. I loved feeling mom’s hands on my tits, and her lips sucking my nubs. She licked and flicked, and bit. I was very hot, and flushed. I could feel sweat gathering on my brow.

I was hot, very hot. She did not spend much time at my breasts. She did not kiss down my stomach either. She jumped straight to eating my pussy. She may not have had much experience in eating pussy, but her enthusiasm was beginning to make up for it. She did not finger me. She just buried her face in my cunt, licking and sucking all over. “Ohhh god mom, this is so awesome. Eat me, eat your daughter’s cunt.” I screamed. I was overcome with pleasure. My mother was eating me out. My dream woman was tasting my most intimate place. I could not even think right now, words failed me and she seemed to love how dirty my words were, because she ate me with even more gusto. She did not seem interested in making it last.

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