A New Friend Pt. 04

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What had started senior year was a problem. Maybe it was the fact that it was senior year and it was going to end soon, but what I thought was going to be me finally dating the girl I had fantasized about turned into something else. Ella had a power over me. She had a look: a slight smile with her eyes half closed that she could give that caused me to do things. Things I wouldn’t usually do. The time beneath the bleachers and at the camping trip were just the beginning. As the year went on, Ella and I continued down a road that I couldn’t see the end of and for once, I didn’t care.

Like the time she gave me a blow job in my car while I was on the phone with my college placement advisor. Or the time she had me write insults in sharpie all over her body and then came to school with just enough clothing to cover them up. It was everything I could do to get through the day knowing that just beneath the trim of her sweater, just under her jeans there were words I could hardly say out loud. It seemed like Ella was on a mission to push me farther and farther into her world of lust — a world where everything was about sex and control and allure and nothing I could do mattered. By the time winter break came around, I had begun to crave those times — to hope for the chance to reveal a new side of myself that I hadn’t even know was there — to experiment with something new and dirty and to do it with Ella.

The winter holiday season was always a busy time of the year for my father’s business and that year was no exception. A group of middle age women had hired him for a two week stint of snowshoeing and skiing in the backwoods — two weeks that coincided perfectly with my two week winter break from school. I’m not sure how Ella knew that my house would be adult-free for the break, but she must have known something because she was waiting for me outside of school on the last Friday of school. It was warm for December and as I walked out of school, looking forward to a few weeks of relaxation, I saw Ella waiting for me the shade of a large pine tree.

She was wearing a pleated skirt that sat just above her knees and a loose winter jacket that was open, revealing a tight fitted shirt underneath. The hood of the jacket was lined with a pink fuzz and her hair fell loose around her shoulders, drawing my eyes down from the perfect lines of her face to the full shape of her breasts, clearly evident beneath her top. Ella’s eyes were bright with expectation and power, as if she knew I wouldn’t be able to resist whatever she wanted to tell me, and to be honest knowing that I wouldn’t be able to resist turned me on.

“Rumor has it that you’re house is going to be free for break,” she said, maintaining eye contact with me as I walked over to her. I wanted to push her up against the tree and feel the warmth of her body against mine, but I knew that she wouldn’t approve of that kind of public display of affection so I held back. Ella was odd in that way — she was a true exhibitionist when it came to sex, but didn’t like other people seeing us do what typical couples do.

“How did you know?” I asked,

“I have my sources,” she said cryptically and then smiled that smile that pushed any doubts out of my mind. “So I’ll see you tonight at your place?” It almost wasn’t a question.

“Do I have a choice?”

“Do you want one?”

I shook my head. “Good then,” she said, “I’ll see you at 8:00.”

As I turned to go, Ella smiled again and I could feel her eyes watching me as I walked down the hill from school and turned the corner towards my house.

Ella knocked on the front door at 7:30. She walked past me when I opened the door. I turned around, not sure what to do and in my confusion ended up following her to the living room where she sat down on the couch, crossed her legs, and spread her arms out along the back of the couch. I stood at the doorway and took illegal bahis in the sight in front of me. Ella was radiant — her skin was smooth and slightly tan, and her blue eyes shone bright in the dimly lit room. Her lips looked soft and moist. I thought about what it would feel like to let my thumb grace across them, to push them apart and watch her suck my finger.

“Come to me,” Ella said, breaking me from my trance, and she uncrossed her legs, spreading them slowly apart. It was an invitation that I couldn’t resist. I walked over to the couch and kneeled down in front of her. She didn’t move at all, willing me to follow her unspoken lead. I could see a sliver of her panties from this new angle — they were laced and red.

And then a strange thing happened. I was just about to slide my hands up her long legs to push her skirt back, when I heard another knock on the door. I was startled. Was someone trying to invite themselves over to my house to hang out with me? I had a few friends who liked to hang out, but I wasn’t expecting anyone. Or worse, was it a friend of my fathers? Before I could think to answer the knock, Ella stood up, leaving me kneeling at the couch, went to the door, and opened it. I couldn’t hear the conversation between her and whoever she let in the house, but when Ella walked back into the living room, a man was with her.

“This is Adrian, he and I go way back,” was all that she said by way of introduction.

He was about my height, fit, with short black hair and a smile on his face that looked like he knew more about what was going on than I did. Thinking back to the time beneath the bleachers at school, I thought Ella had found a new way to have me watch her. Part of me hoped that she wanted both of us to fuck her, but part of me was worried about what that would mean. I had never been naked with another adult man before and the idea made me nervous.

Ella had stopped at the doorway and turned to Adrian. He stood relatively still as she pulled off his shirt, revealing a muscular body beneath. I watched her hands work their way up his abs and chest and waited for her next move. They kissed slowly and Ella slid her hands down his back, pushing his pants and underwear down, leaving the man naked in the doorway of the living room.

Trying to be ready, I took off my clothes too. Ella and Adrian were still making out slowly, deeply, and I could see his cock getting hard as Ella worked her magic over him, lulling him into the same state of submission as she had done with me so many times already. After a few minutes the two broke apart and Ella looked back over her shoulder at me and beckoned me to her. As I walked towards them, Enna let her jacket and skirt fall to the floor and pulled her shirt easily over her head, fully revealing her red panties and bra. She looked incredible.

Ella had started making out with Adrian again and as I drew near her, she reached towards me with one hand and pulled me behind her. I was already hard at this point and when I pressed up against Ella’s back, my cock rested perfectly in the crack of her ass. Ella swayed at my presence and I kissed her ear and ran my hands slowly up her sides from the width of her hips to just beside her tits and then back down. Ella moaned into Adiran’s mouth with pleasure at my touch.

After a moment in this sandwiched position, Ella seemed to come to her senses, and she turned slowly in between Adrian and I so that she was facing me. I kissed her then, and deeply, and she responded passionately, wrapping her tongue around mine and bitting my lower lip just hard enough to sting a little bit. I was so wrapped up in her kiss that I must not have noticed her turning our bodies around, but when I came up for air I realized that instead of Ella being nestled between my body and Adrian’s, she was now on the outside and I was in the middle.

Our eyes met for a quick illegal bahis siteleri second — mine wide with confusion and unease, hers calm but alert. Then she smiled in that way she used to and I knew that I had misread the situation. Ella hadn’t brought Adrian to my house to fuck her. She had brought him here so that she could watch him fuck me. I didn’t want it, but it didn’t matter any more. Ella was giving me that look. She let her hands glide up my legs, cupping my balls gently and kissed me deeply, and I felt myself start to give in to her will, like I always did.

“It’s okay,” she whispered into my ear, “I’ll take care of you. Do you really want a choice anyway?”

I shook my head no, and then she reached behind me and pulled Adrian towards me. At first all I could feel was her warm body in front of me, her soft breasts pushing into me and my cock, hard, pressed between our two bodies. Then, as his body drew closer to mine, I felt his cock pushing up between my legs. It was warm and softer than I expected and I kissed Ella even deeper. I had never let myself think about what it would be like to be fucked by another man. I was straight, right? I knew I was supposed to say no, I knew I was supposed to be turned off. I knew I was supposed to resist, but I didn’t. I wasn’t. I wanted it. I wanted it badly. I would never have started it on my own, but now that I was about to have my first gay sex experience I found myself more and more turned on, so I let it happen.

Adrian’s hands were on my ass now, and as he spread my cheeks open, Ella stepped back and sat down in the chair in front of me. Her legs fell apart, and she started rubbing herself through her panties. They were bright red and lacy, and the sight of them made my penis pulse with desire, but suddenly my mind left Ella’s wet underwear because Adrian had pushed the head of his penis into my ass and the feeling was overwhelming. I felt myself spread open for him and pushed backwards, forcing more and more of his cock into me. I gasped. It was too much. It wasn’t enough. I wanted more, but wasn’t sure I could handle it.

Ella was smiling that smile again, urging me on without saying anything, and I wanted it. I wanted Adrian to fuck me. I could feel the warmth of his cock inside of me. I felt full in an odd way, and I wanted to feel it push deeper. My entire body was tingling. Adrian reached and played with my balls. He rubbed his hand underneath them slowly and massaged my taint in a way that made the feeling of his cock even more intense. It was all I could do to keep standing there.

Adrian was loosing control now. He started to push deeper and I could feel his balls slap against me as he thrust completely inside of me, and then the release of pressure as he began to pull out. I rocked my hips. My penis was out, but I could feel the entire length of it tingle. I wanted to touch it myself, but I couldn’t move. The sensation of being fucked like that for the first time was too much.

Adrian knew what he was doing though. He reached up now and, one hand on my chest, used his other hand to start stroking my cock. I wanted Ella to watch. I wanted her to see me cum like this, I wanted everything. Adrian was pumping slowly. He could tell that I was almost at my limit, or maybe past it. He was breathing hard and I was too. Every thrust he made made me suck in air. It felt warm, and full, and I let myself lean back against him so that he would push farther in to me.

Ella’s hips were moving now, matching the circles of her fingers, and her free hand was moving up her stomach, squeezing her breasts through her lace bra. Ella was wearing a lacy white bra and her body looked incredible. I swallowed hard and realized I was getting close. Ella was too, she was breathing hard and one leg was draped over the arm rest of the chair. She smiled a big smile and moaned quietly, but her eyes never canlı bahis siteleri left me.

I was beyond the point of no return now. I couldn’t believe I was being fucked by a man, and I couldn’t believe how much it was turning me on. It felt wrong — like it wasn’t something I should like, but the feeling of having a warm hard cock inside of me was too good. Adrian continued to fuck me slowly, his cock spreading my insides and sending waves of pleasure through my taint and into my cock. I shivered with the intensity of it and, as his hand pumped quicker, I came in a way that I have never come before. I felt my ass tighten around his cock and he pulled himself out at just the right time so that my orgasm shook my whole body. My cum dripped over his hand and onto the floor and we stood together in that position, his hand on my cock and my whole body weakening for a few minutes.

When I realized where I was, I looked up and saw that Ella had come too. Her legs were closed again and her hand was in her mouth, tasting her own juices.

I heard Adrian wipe off his cock with a sanitary wipe and then he stepped in front of me. I was beyond any semblance of self control. I knelt down on my knees and reached up to cup his balls. They were warm and filled my hand. With my free hand I wrapped my fingers around his cock and pulled it to my mouth. As the tip of his cock passed my lips, I opened my mouth just wide enough so that the head of it could fit in but that my tongue would provide pressure to its underside.

It filled my mouth in a way that I liked and I let him put his hand on the back of my head and force me further down his rod. The warmth was incredible and I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his cock as he pushed it further into my mouth. When his head pushed into the back of my throat, I gagged, but I kept moving my tongue and cupping his balls. My mouth was full of saliva now and some of it was falling down my chin.

I looked up at his strong, smooth body and wanted more. Ella moved behind me and started rubbing my stomach and chest, whispering in my ear.

“James, I didn’t know you wanted this. Watching you is turning me on so much, keep sucking like the good boy that you are.”

I knew when to follow directions. I pulled down on Adrian’s balls and moved my head back so that the tip of his head slid past my lips. I gasped for air, and then took him into my mouth again, making sure to focus as much pressure as I could to the spot just below his head where I knew he would like it the most.

“Don’t swallow, James. I want to taste that cum too,” said Ella, now pushing my head back and forth with her own hands.

I felt Adrian tensing and suddenly my mouth and throat were full of warm, salty cum. I hadn’t wanted to taste it, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Ella turned my head with her hands and positioned her mouth below mine. She opened her lips and held her mouth open in anticipation as I let the cum in my mouth fall into hers. She sucked it all up and then swallowed it with a smile.

Adrien left some time after that. I was so tired that I must have fallen asleep with Ella by my side because when I woke up the next morning she was the only one in the room. We were both naked, curled around each other on the couch in the same room where last night’s event had taken place. It was still fresh in my mind — the feeling of Adrian’s cock in my mouth and Ella kneeling below me at the end, ready to accept a mouthful of cum herself. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it again, but it had made me feel so alive. And now, looking down and the gorgeous girl sleeping next to me, her smooth perfect skin flush against mine, her chest rising slowly with each breath, I realized that this was the first time Ella had allowed me to wake up next to her. Thinking back over the past months, I could tell something had changed. Ella had presented me with someone she wanted to me to fuck and my accepting without pause seemed to give her new confidence. Confidence in what we had (and comfort too?) but I was sure it also meant confidence in her plans for us. Plans that I knew could only escalate from here.

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