A New Life Ch. 03

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Tracey’s story continues from chapter 2. After watching an erotic BDSM movie with their neighbour and her daughter Tracey trains as a pony-girl and visits her neighbour.

Friday Morning – Week 7

I woke up in Justine’s bed. Naked on my side, facing my sister. Justine was still asleep, and I began stroking her cheek. Her eyes opened and focused on me. She smiled and said, “Good morning.”

I smiled back and said, “Good morning. Did you enjoy last night?”

“Yes, very much so.”

Then I said to Justine, “They went so much further than I expected.”

“They did.” Justine replied softly. “You did very well in directing them. Especially Erin, my pet. She’s the key. The mother has already accepted us. You’re making them both very compliant, very accepting of what they will become.” Justine was smiling at me when she said this.

I smiled back at Justine when she called me pet. It made me feel, owned. Justine got up and walked into the bathroom. I followed her and we showered together. When we got out, I didn’t bother dressing. I began dressing Justine instead in her leather body harness. She hung a leather flogger from a ring on one side and nipple clamps on the other. Justine looked at me and smiled, “Kneel up on the ottoman sister sub.”

I knelt up on Justine’s black leather ottoman, hands behind my back, shoulders back and breasts pushed forward.

“Hold your hair up.” Justine commanded.

I lifted my hair and Justine placed a black leather collar around my neck. It felt so snug, so erotic. Justine looked at me and said, “Remember what you promised on Wednesday?”

“Yes mistress.” I replied.

“Tell me.”

“I promised to train as your pony-girl.”

“Very good my pet. Your training starts today.”

“Mistress, may I speak?”


“Matt, my master, commanded me to film anything interesting and left our video cameras out. I set them up last night to record Erin and Brandi’s visit and sent the recordings to him. I was thinking that perhaps you could also record my training for master?”

Justine smiled at me and said, “What a lovely idea. I already have cameras setup up in this room. I’ll turn them on.”

Justine returned after turning them on and said, “Now it’s time to begin your training. What do you want to be?”

“A pony-girl mistress.”

“Very good. From now on you will only cum with my permission. You will be naked in the house at all times unless I direct you otherwise. You will have a robe near the front door for modesty in case we have any unexpected guests. Now, hands behind your head, shoulders back, breasts pushed güvenilir bahis forward. We will start with nipple and breast play first, count out as I flog your breasts and thank me.”

The first strike of the flogger across my breasts felt electric and my nipples became instantly erect

“One. Thankyou mistress.”

The second was bliss, “Two. Thankyou mistress.”

The third one, my pussy began to throb and lubricate, “Three. Thankyou mistress.”

I entered a euphoric state, intoxicated by the feelings of pleasure washing over me as I felt my sister, my mistress, whip my breasts, back and forth, strike after strike, the swoosh of the flogger through the air until I felt ready to explode. I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Forty- seven. Thankyou mistress. May I cum mistress?”

“Not yet my pony.”

“Forty-eight. Thankyou mistress. May I cum mistress?”

“Not yet my slave.”

“Forty-nine. Thankyou mistress. May I cum mistress?”

“Not yet my fuck doll.”

“Fifty. Thankyou mistress. May I cum mistress?”

“Yes pet. You may cum now.”

Oh god I squirted all over the leather ottoman. I was having orgasm after orgasm. The pleasure was exquisite, ethereal. I’d never felt so aroused before. I finally came down from my high and Justine had a grin on her face.

“Very good my slave. Now clean it up.”

“Yes mistress.” I stood and started to walk towards the bathroom.

“Where are you going slave?”

“To get a towel mistress.”

“No, my pet.” Justine said with an evil smile. “Pony-girls use their tongues to clean up.”

Was Justine serious? I looked at the ottoman and it was covered in pools of my cum. I looked back at Justine. She was serious.

“Kneel and keep your hands behind your head while you clean.”

I dropped to my knees and began licking. I’d never tasted my cum before. It was sweet. I could get addicted to this taste!

Friday Morning – Continued

Once I had cleaned up, Justine said she was going to dress me. She brought out a black leather body harness and laid it out on the bed. She then brought out a black latex dress to go over the top. To finish it off there were black thigh high stockings and black stilettos. Underwear was obviously optional now!

I put the harness on. It fitted snugly round my neck with the collar I already had on. It dropped down to a cupless bra for my breasts. Then went down under my crotch and came up behind my back and hooked up at the back of my neck again. All the joins in it were silver stainless-steel rings. I rolled the stockings up to my thighs and pulled the türkçe bahis latex mini dress over my head. I slipped my heels on and then stood in front of the mirror admiring myself. I must say, I looked hot!

“Now,” Justine said and smiled at me. “You have a job to do, a very pleasant job. I want you to visit our neighbour. When we had Erin and Brandi over last night, Brandi told me that Erin was leaving early today for a reiki workshop. Erin’s not going to be home until later this evening. That’s going to give us plenty of time to provide Brandi with a bit of (Justine paused and smiled at me) training, so that when Erin returns, we can have a dinner date that lasts a bit longer.”

I smiled at Justine and said, “I’ll be back soon,” and walked out of the house and headed next door.

I knocked on the door and Brandi answered almost straight away.

“Oh, Hi Trace, please come in.”

I walked in and Brandi led me through to the kitchen. Sitting down on a stool I made an effort to cross my legs and look sexy! I smiled at Brandi and said, “Lovely morning, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Brandi replied. “It is a lovely morning. Erin left early and I had a bit of a sleep in. I’ve only just finished my shower so haven’t really had a chance to bask in that sunshine yet. I really enjoyed dinner last night. I must apologise that we had to leave so early, it’s just, well your sister and you took us rather by surprise. Erin and I have never done anything like that together before.”

I smiled at Brandi and said “I know, it was a bit of a surprise for Justine and me as well. We’ve never done anything like that either. I guess I got a bit excited when I came over for the massage and Erin said to me that you were both into girls.”

“Oh, she did, did she?”

“Yes, she said that she was hoping the two of you could share both Justine and me together. I guess I may have taken that the wrong way?”

“Well yes, Erin can be a bit forward sometimes, I must admit. Would you like a coffee? I’d rather chat about this having something that wakes me up a bit.”

“I’d love one thanks. White with two sugars.” Our conversation was still a bit stilted. I was hoping the coffee would relax Brandi a bit.

Brandi busied herself making the coffee. She had a very good coffee machine and made us both a cappuccino. We moved into the lounge room and sat down.

“So, I really did enjoy last night. It was great having the two of you over.” As I said this I leant forward and put my hand on Brandis knee. “It was very interesting; I’ve never been in a position like that before. It was just so wild, so kinky. Justine and I were hoping we could have güvenilir bahis siteleri the two of you back for dinner again tonight?”

“Well, I’m not sure. I’ll have to check with Erin.”

“Oh, come on Brandi, you’re the mother, the adult. Why do you need to check with your daughter? I bet you’d love to see Justine again. It was so hot watching the two of you together. I bet you came home and thought about the two of us all night? You did, didn’t you?” I was staring straight at Brandi when I said this. My hand was still on her knee. I reached up and pulled the sash on her robe, letting it expose her belly and the sides of her breasts. I reached forward and pinched a nipple in each hand, pulling on them, twisting them.

“Did you play with yourself when you went to bed? Thinking about Justine and me?”

Brandi’s eyes looked far away, “Yes,” she said.

I released Brandi’s nipple’s, she sighed, and I said;

“I know you would love to explore this further. Take my hand. Come with me. Justine is back at home waiting for you.” Brandi looked at me, mesmerised, she took my hand. I stood up and led her out the front door. Her robe was still open, her breasts and pussy exposed. I was walking her virtually naked, across the lawn to our house. As we entered, Justine was standing in the lounge room, smiling at us.

I stood behind Brandi, my hands on her shoulders and said, “I told you my sister would be happy to see you. Do you know what would make her even happier?”

“No,” Brandi replied.

“My sister would be very happy if you were completely naked.” With that I peeled back Brandi’s robe and let it drop to the floor. She was now totally naked.

“Do you know what else my sister likes Brandi?”

“No,” Brandi said, seemingly completely under a spell.

“My sister likes her slaves to be collared. Would you like a collar Brandi? Would you like to be a slave?”

“Oh yes,” Brandi replied.

Justine stepped forward with a red dress collar. I held Brandi’s hair up, so her neck was exposed.

“If I put this on you, you will be my slave and do anything I request.” Justine said looking straight at Brandi.

“Yes,” Brandi replied again. Justine locked the collar onto Brandi, I let her hair back down.

Justine said, “Now, let’s all sit down and continue on from where we left off last night.”

We sat down on the lounge. Justine and me on either side of a naked Brandi.

“Now,” Justine said. “Did you enjoy kissing your daughter last night? Tell me.”

“Very much so. It was so forbidden, so taboo. It really turned me on.”

We were stroking Brandi’s breasts. Pinching her nipples.

Justine said to Brandi, “I want to hear more of your fantasies. Your deepest, darkest, fantasies, involving you and your daughter. Tell me.”

It was like a dam had been broken. Brandi just started talking.

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