A Responsive Mum Ch. 03

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The next days, Jack and mum were inseparable. They spent time at home, logging the pieces that they wanted to sell. They also spend time at Uncle Tom’s house. They opened the safe together; there were a lot of share certificates there which Uncle Bob had cataloged. He was a very wealthy man. The stables were ideal for use as a storeroom; it could hold a lot of furniture. It was going to take some time cataloging the contents; mum would help Jack as she found it so interesting.

Mum was now wearing no underwear and very accessible clothing during the day. They would be working away together, and the next minute they were making love. Mum was worried about Wednesday’s meeting. On Monday morning the post arrived from mum’s lawyer saying they had a letter from her husband’s lawyer saying that he wouldn’t contest the divorce and to give all of his possessions in the house to a charity as he did not need for them now.

Mum was over the moon with this; they had made love when they woke up. They had breakfast then the mail had arrived after mum had read the letter they went back to bed. Mum was hot and noisy; Jack had ass fucked her last night for the first time, she had loved it and wanted it again. Mum had forgotten that Babs would be there from nine until one. She came on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at this time.

Mum had also forgotten to close the bedroom door. Mum was so vocal, she was crying out, “Fuck me, Jack, I need your cock.”

“Go hard and deep, fill me, baby.”

“This is wonderful, fill my hungry cunt with your cum.”

“I’m cuming, cum with me baby.”

Jack made his mum cum three times, on her third orgasm Jack climaxed a few seconds after mum. They then showered together. Mum was so happy that the divorce was going through uncontested. Jack’s father had agreed to pay all mum’s legal expenses. It was then a clean break; mum kept the house and contents. Jack was now working and no longer needed support. His father had never supported him; it had always been mum and Uncle Tom. Jack had always felt closer to Uncle Tom than to his father.

As they dressed mum took off her wedding ring and put it on her dressing table, she said, “Jack, I’ll keep this here, I will only wear it if we go away together then when we check into a hotel they will think that you are my husband.”

Mum put on her tight-fitting leggings and a top; they were going to Uncle Bob’s as mum wanted another look at the stables. They went downstairs; mum got a shock when she saw Babs in the kitchen. Mum said, “Hi Babs, how are you? I’ve lost track of time; I didn’t realise this was Monday.”

Babs was very diplomatic when she said, “Good morning Jo, good morning Jack, I’m good, I have been swamped, I have dusted all the porcelain güvenilir bahis in the lounge and dining room, I have meant to do it for a while but finally found time this morning.”

Mum said, “That’s great. Babs, Jack, do you know that Babs has an online business dealing in porcelain, we should ask Babs to help us with our porcelain?”

Jack replied, “I didn’t know that Uncle Tom has lots of porcelain; perhaps Babs could have a look at it one day as I know nothing about porcelain.”

Mum said, “Babs, to put you in the picture, Uncle Tom has left me his large house and contents. Now that I’m divorced, I’m going to downsize such a lot of the things in this house will have to go, don’t worry about your job as I’ll need you in my new apartment.”

Babs replied, “Jo, I’m so happy that you’re divorced, I never liked that man. I wish you all the best. Of course, I will help you all that I can; furniture is hard to sell on the Internet, you have so much here that it will take a while to sell, maybe you should rent a small warehouse and sell from there, you have so much here you might need to do that.”

Jack was looking at Babs; she was an intelligent woman as was Kate, Babs was similar to mum, big busted with a super figure. Mum said, “Today, Jack and I are going to Uncle Tom’s house, we’ll look at the old stable block again, there’s certainly enough space there. Jack, I think we should keep the stable for our use, it’s in a densely populated area, has it’s own access, and there’s good parking there, we should think about this as I’d like to get into the Antique business.”

Jack smiled then said, “If you want that mum, then we can do it, we can check things out this afternoon.”

Babs had a serious look on her face then said, “Jo, that sounds a great idea, could I have a little space then I could sell my porcelain there?”

“Babs, of course, you can. We could all go on Wednesday after you finish, then you can see everything for yourself.”

They had coffee with Babs then left. Jack saw Babs in a new light; there was something very sexy about her.

They arrived at Uncle Tom’s house, they went straight to the stables, there were the stables with another sizeable building which may have been living accommodation then on a second floor was the same size again, it was in total a vast area. Mum was impressed; they went outside to the courtyard which they could use for parking then unlocked the rear gates which gave access to the lane behind the stables. It would be so easy to create an Antique business here. As they walked back to the house, mum said, “Jack, let’s do it, let’s create an Antique business here, that building has so much character.”

“Mum, we will do it, if we clear Uncle Tom’s house we don’t türkçe bahis need to sell the house immediately, it does not cost us anything, if it is not occupied then we don’t pay any rates on the property. We can sell it if we want after the Antique business is up and running.”

That night after they had made love, Jack said, “Mum, why did you never take a lover?”

“I didn’t want to Jack, probably because of you, I wasn’t interested in other men. I will be honest with you Jack, I’m bisexual, when I had needs and urges I found that I could get relief and satisfaction from a woman, I have a few girlfriends that I can see, what do you think about that?”

They were both lying on top of the bed, Jack looked at mum’s gorgeous naked body, their mixture of cum cocktail dripping from mum’s perfect sex slit, Jack replied, “Mum, if I were in your position, with the husband you had then I’d have done the same thing. Did you specifically go looking for your girlfriends, or did it just happen?”

“I had my suspicions about your father for a long time, then I saw and read messages on his phone. He was seeing several younger women. I challenged him about it; he told me to mind my own business. I told him to move all his clothes out of my bedroom. He did that then began sleeping, if he was here, in another bedroom.”

“I never slept with him again; you were staying with Uncle Tom as it was the school summer holidays. Some months later, I told Uncle Tom, not what had happened. Still, I was not getting on with your father but would allow him to sleep here until you had finished your education, he was very understanding, he helped me a lot, he gave you some stability in your formative years which your father did not.”

“One morning, Babs found me crying in the kitchen, she made me a strong coffee, we sat in the lounge, Babs hugged and cuddled me, she showed me so much affection, kindness and love. We kissed and touched, Babs aroused me, she awakened me sexually, we became lovers that morning. Through all my bad times, Babs was there for me, she could satisfy me sexually, not like you do, but she could arouse me then give me relief, I found that I needed what she gave me.”

Jack then kissed mum tenderly and affectionately for several minutes, then with a smile, he said, “Mum, I don’t blame you for doing what you did, it gave you some comfort, and I’m sure it gave Babs comfort too, we are quite similar, we both like women with big tits.”

Mum laughed loudly, she gave Jack a big kiss then said, “Babs tits are very sensitive, I can make her cum with just sucking and playing with them, Babs loves to give pleasure, she would adore your cock, we should involve Babs in the Antique business, would you like to share her with me? I would güvenilir bahis siteleri love it if you would, I’m all Babs has got sexually, I will still see her, but I would feel better if you and I saw her together, I hope that you can understand that Jack?”

Jack kissed his mum passionately; his massive cock was still erect. Still, he felt so aroused with the thought of having Babs and his mum in a threesome, thinking of watching Babs and mum making love excited him so much, Jack said, “Mum, I haven’t a problem with that, I know now that Babs has been there for you for a very long time, I respect and admire her for that. I know that you appreciate all that Babs has done for you. If you still want to see her, then you must do that, she has been very loyal to you, and you must be loyal to her now. I would love to share her with you; I would also love to watch you both make love together.”

Mum cuddled and kissed Jack with an excited urgency; she then said as she stroked Jack’s hard cock, “Babs and I will make love in front of you, then you can fuck us both. We would both work on your cock as I’m doing now, we would both suck, lick and massage you to give you pleasure, I know that Babs would love to do that with me. When we were together, we have both spoken of our fantasies; we both wanted to share a man; you will be that lucky man.”

Jack then asked mum to go on top in the cowgirl position; he loved to watch her big tits bounce as she rode him. Mum was still very wet; she soon had a powerful rhythm going as pounded on his erect cock. As she rode him, mum brought her left tit to her mouth, she then started licking and sucking it as she squeezed and played with her right tit. Jack was stroking her hard clit as she did this, it looked so good, mum was enjoying this a lot, Jack believed that the thought of Babs joining them was arousing mum, Jack asked, “Would Babs like to do this to me mum? You are giving me a wonderful ride; I love what you are doing with your tits.”

“Jack, she would love it, Babs has taught me so many things. Babs can take it in every hole, she once told me that she wanted to be ass fucked by a guy when she was in the cowgirl position, I’d love to watch her doing that with you, and after your finished doing it with her, then you do it to me. Would you do that for us, Jack? We would both love it.”

“Mum, of course, we will do it, we’ll do a lot of things, keep going mum, I want to feel you cum then watch your spunk run down my cock and onto my balls, mum cum for me, do it for me mum, cum for me.”

Mum moved up a gear; she was riding him faster and harder, using her cunt muscles to grip at the right times; she was giving him a great ride. Jack felt himself getting close too. As mum said, “I’m cumin.”

Jack first spurt of cum was being shot inside her. It was terrific for both of them. Mum lent forward and started to kiss Jack so tenderly as both their spunk began to drip from mum’s cunt. Mum said, “Oh my god, Jack, that was a good one.”

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