A Special Treat Ch. 04

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*Author’s Note: You Might want to read “A Special Treat” 1-3 just to get up to speed. Or don’t, if you really don’t want to. It’s not like I’m going to make you.

Racing winds whipped through Darcie’s long brunette hair. She turned to see Heather dressed in her shorts and flip flops, but with a larger version of her white halter top with her enormous boobs popping out of the sides. Up front, Joyce had an unbuttoned white lab coat covering what she could of her voluptuous breasts. The wind tossed the fabric around and around. Sometimes her nipples would be flashed to anyone who happened to look in her direction.

The doctor turned around. “So, how do you girls like my new car,” she yelled behind her through the roar of the wind.

“I’ve always been a convertible girl,” Heather yelled back.

“Yeah, it’s cool. Now, you’d better turn up here to avoid traffic,” Darcie leaned over the front passenger seat. She could feel the upper hem of her spaghetti strapped top peel back slightly over the tops of her areolas.

“Please darling, I know how to get there. You know, they do carry smaller sizes than E cups, right? In fact, they’re probably the best bras around by far.”

“I know, but they can be expensive!” Darcie sat back down in her seat.

“Well, you get what you pay for.” Joyce turned her review mirror to focus on Darcie. She could see the brunette’s light brown areolas peeking just above her new shirt. “Darcie, I believe you’re popping out of your shirt again.”

Without looking down, Darcie fixed her shirt. “I swear, I don’t fucking care anymore! These boobs are starting to become more of a pain in the ass than they’re worth.”

“Come on, Darc,” Heather leaned over and nudged her friend. “Don’t they feel great? Don’t you feel sexy?”

“Yeah, but it’s annoying sometimes. I like my big titties, but not when they’re always in the way,” Darcie yelled back and could hear herself a little more clearly. The convertible slowed down and pulled into an empty parking space near the store front. The doctor stepped out of the car.

“I told you I knew how to get here, and with an hour to spare before they close. Impeccable timing if I might say so,” Joyce strutted around and pulled the latch to bring her seat forward. Both girls stepped out of the car and looked at the brightly lit sign in the window. It read “THE BRA-GAIN CENTER.”

“How appropriate since we’ve gained quite a bit in our busts…”

“Come on!” Heather squealed with anticipation as she skipped past Darcie and Joyce. “I can’t wait to find out how big I am!”

“I’m positive it will be quite interesting,” Joyce retorted with a bright smile. The wind whipped the doctor’s lab coat around to expose her swollen left breast. She leisurely brought her hand down and caught the hem to pull it over herself.

“Yeah, it’s going to be real interesting when I see the price tag of that bra. You know, maybe I won’t wear one until it wears off,” Darcie pressed on following the doctor.

“Nonsense, sweetheart. If you go without support until your body rids itself of the drug, you’ll be ready to cut those girls off in a week because of how heavy they’ll feel. Sure, they don’t feel heavy now. That’s just because your body’s trying to get used to the change, but you’ll eventually feel it.”

“I feel it right now, Joyce. My breasts are so sensitive that my nipples rubbing against the fabric of this shirt are making me wet. Every time I take a step, they jiggle more and more and it’s all I can do to not tear my clothes off and do myself right here in the parking lot!” Darcie stopped and Joyce turned to console her. Heather kept joyfully skipping towards the entrance.

“Darcie, I understand how you feel. Yes, this is a blessing and a curse but just try to look at the situation in the brightest light that’s possible,” the doctor brought her lips up to Darcie’s for a gentle embrace. “I’m sure you’ll feel a renewed surge in your self confidence once you find out how big you are. Besides, your boyfriend will love it.”

“Yeah,” Darcie smirked. “That’s all I need right now. He’ll be planting those pills in everything I eat until the day he dies.”

“Come on, Silly. Let’s get you measured.” Dr. Smothers snaked her hand around Darcie’s arm, unintentionally pressing the back of her hand against the side of Darcie’s right breast. She led the brunette to the shop where Heather had already bounded into the double glass doors.

Upon their entrance into the shop, Darcie and Joyce noticed Heather talking with a sultry woman with sexy features and shimmering, raven black hair. The woman’s dark red lips naturally formed a sexy pout that seemed to be her best facial feature aside from her dark eyes. The redhead had her chest hefted above the counter and exposed as much cleavage to the seated woman as if she were seducing her way out of a speeding ticket.

“…You’ll be able to tell that they need bras too… OWW!” Heather turned to see Dr. Smothers behind her. Quickly she rubbed her behind and figured the pain she’d felt there güvenilir bahis was from her physician pinching her butt. “Doesn’t that go against the Hippocratic Oath, Dr. Smothers?” The redhead glared back at Joyce, but suddenly noticed an older woman who seemed to be in her late forties come through the curtain that led to the stock room.

“Hello, ladies. Maybe I can assist you in finding something,” the woman asked without missing beat.

“Yeah, we really need…” Heather started to speak but Joyce slightly nudged her aside.

“Ma’am, my friends and I are in dire need of new undergarments and we were wondering if there was a way to get precisely measured to find out what size we require.”

The older woman looked the three very busty women up and down and smiled widely. “I think we can accommodate your needs. My name’s Margie and you’ll just follow me…” Margie turned to walk towards the dressing rooms in the very posh boutique. Just before she began to walk away, she turned to the raven-haired clerk. “If anyone needs me, tell them I’m busy ordering, okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” The clerk nodded. Just as the four women trotted away, Heather turned back to her new friend and flashed her a seductive smile.

“I’ll talk to you when we’re done, Denise.”

“See you in a minute, Heather.” Denise was a bit hesitant to return the erotic gesture, but did so eventually. She could help but admire the way Heather’s breasts jiggled as they stuck out past her sides. She’d never seen anyone’s boobs do that from behind. Now, she had just witness three hot women who had the same trait just walk past her. Denise could feel her clit throbbing from the sight. She squeezed her thighs and bit her lip at the thought of experimenting with that voluptuous redhead.

Once they had entered the sales floor of the store, Margie turned to the three women and pointed towards a doorway with draped red velvety curtains. “If you three will go to the fitting rooms, I’ll be there in a moment.”

Joyce led the way, with Darcie and Heather in tow. Darcie felt her sexual frustration subsiding on her way to the fitting rooms. She knew she was going to be alone for a moment with Heather and Dr. Smothers. Her mind was anticipating a brief tryst with the two busty ladies before Margie came in to do her job. The brunette droned on behind Joyce and remembered how blissful it felt to have Dr. Smothers’ skilled fingers teasing and massaging her sensitive breast flesh. Part of her was still in reality because she could sense Heather’s perkiness as she walked. Darcie could tell that her excitement was well contained as much as she could possibly stand, but Heather exuded her feelings as well. Just at that thought, Darcie’s brown nipples hardened at the thought of going at it again with Heather. Her friend was an intense kisser like her boyfriend. Then, she remembered how Dr. Smothers liked to tease and linger just within reach, her lips brushing just enough to make contact. The voluptuous brunette’s pussy moistened more and more to where Darcie could feel the dampness in her crotch as she took each step.

“Darcie,” a familiar voice called out. The brunette snapped back to reality and saw two good friends who were students at the same college she and Heather attended. Nelly, a voluptuous ginger haired cutie with a 38D sized bust; and Carmen, another of Darcie’s very close friends with shoulder length black hair, sheet white flesh and titties that had to be stuffed into a 42G cup bra were browsing along some of the clearance racks near the entrance to the fitting rooms.

“Hey Darcie, what’s happening,” Carmen said stepping to the hot brunette. “What’s up, Heather? What’re you two girls doing here?”

“Oh Carmen, I’ve got to tell you about the coolest shit! It’s so awesome…” Darcie turned and punched her redheaded friend in the arm. The force of her blow caused her tits to spring free from her new spaghetti strapped top. Carmen and Nelly stood in awe of Darcie’s jiggling mams. The brunette quickly brought her hands down once she realized what had happened in a vain attempt to cover her bulging beauties. Nelly and Carmen both stepped in closer to get a better look. Both of Darcie’s busty friends amazed at how big their busty friend had gotten, well… bustier.

“What in the world happened, Darcie?” Nelly was reaching her hand out to touch Darcie’s olive-skinned boulders. Then, Joyce came to the fold with her lab coat whisking around her.

“Just a growth spurt, ladies. I’m Heather’s physician and I’m here to assist them on finding a suitable bra for their particular situation.”

“Yeah, just wait till the next party we have,” Heather chimed in. The redhead pulled the top hem of her shirt down and exposed her massive porcelain breasts. “I’m sure the girls will get a load of me!” Margie strolled up to the five women with her measuring tape draped around her neck and dangling down to rest on her ample bosom. Her eyes almost bulged out of her sockets at the sight of Heather jiggling her huge tits for her awestruck friends.

“Ahem,” türkçe bahis Margie saw all eyes go to her. Heather quickly pulled up her top as if she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar and Darcie quickly scooped her large jugs into her own shirt. “I’m ready when you ladies are. If you need more time to browse at styles that you think best suit you, I’ll be at the front of the store.” The sales woman turned to walk away. Joyce reached out to stop her, not noticing her lab coat swing open with her movement. Nelly and Carmen stood transfixed on the doctor’s large breasts.

“Wait ma’am…” Margie turned around to Dr. Smothers and stuck her chest out to emphasize her name tag. “Oh, I’m sorry. Margie. We’d love for you to help us now.”

“Great,” the busty saleswoman looked like she was trying to choke down a great bit of enthusiasm. “Just step right through that curtain and we’ll get started. Now, if you two ladies need help with anything, don’t hesitate to ask Denise.” With that, she ushered the three immensely busty women into the fitting rooms.

Carmen and Nelly looked at each other. Then, they looked at each other’s boobs.

“What just happened?” Nelly turned to stare at the closed curtain.

“Man, Darcie and Heather got huge!” Carmen’s face was a wash of astonishment. “I know she’s big, but her tits have ballooned! What happened to Heather, too? She was like in the middle. I swear, she’s bigger than me.”

Nelly’s face suddenly lit up. “Do you wanna go in and listen to what’s going on in there?”

“Shhh!” Carmen tiptoed to curtain and listened. Nelly followed closely and was almost humped over Carmen’s back to listen in.

“…three want in the same room?”

“Is that okay with you two?”

“Well, if you ladies have a problem, then I don’t have a problem. Come on, let’s get started. First, I’ll need to measure…”

Both girls looked at each other wide-eyed.

“I can’t believe they went into the same room together,” Carmen whispered loudly.

“I know. Isn’t that kinda weird to get fitted with other people in there with you?”

Carmen didn’t answer, but decided to let her daring thoughts be known after a slight pause. “Do you wanna go in and listen at the door?”

Nelly’s mouth was agape. Carmen couldn’t tell if it was because of her idea or something else. Then, she looked behind her. Denise was standing right there and possibly heard everything both girls had said.

“Is there anything I can help you with,” the raven-haired beauty asked. Nelly and Carmen stood speechless.

“We… uh… we’re just,” Carmen tried to speak, but couldn’t form a complete sentence.

“It’s okay,” Denise said and placed a hand on Carmen’s shoulder. “If I can be honest with you, I wanna know what’s up with those girls, too. I’m sure Margie’s bound to tell me what’s up in there when she’s finished.

“Well, Darcie and Heather are our friends,” Nelly said feeling a bit more comfortable.

“How close are you guys, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“We see each other like every single day. We’re in the same theatre department in college,” Carmen answered.

“So you’re theatre majors,” Denise asked.

“Yeah,” both girls replied.

“Well, I’m an education major. I’ve always wanted to do theatre and stuff, but it’s not stable enough for me.” Denise paused for a moment. “You two are really interested in what’s going on in there?” Nelly and Carmen nodded. “Have you been measured already?” Both girls looked at each other and shook their heads. “That’s really convenient then. Besides, I’ve got an idea whether you two had or not. Come on.”

Meanwhile, a dilemma was being resolved in the fitting room between the three busty women and the busty saleswoman.

“Okay, who wants to be first?” Margie pulled her tape off from around her neck and pulled out a small notebook with a pencil from her back pocket. All three women looked at each other nervously.

“Oh, I’ll do it if you two namby-pambies won’t do it,” Dr. Smothers exclaimed while removing her lab coat. “It’s not like we’re going into brain surgery or anything of the sort.”

“You know, I’m supposed to do this while you’re wearing a bra, miss.” Margie looked Heather and Darcie up and down again and felt like an idiot for missing such an important detail. “I see that might be a bit of a problem with you three. Isn’t it? Okay Joyce, what size do you normally wear?”

“I usually buy a 36C.”

A small chuckle escaped Margie. “I have a feeling you’re going to be in for quite a change, then.”

“Trust me, I know I will be.”

Margie just shrugged and wrote down the size. “Well, I guess I’d better get your sizes while I’m at it. Heather?”


“Okay, and Darcie. What about you?”

“Well, the last bra I bought was a 38E, but I think I’ve outgrown it within the past year or so. I have a feeling I was growing into an F cup.”

The saleswoman looked up at Darcie’s bulging tits and shook her head as if she was trying to keep a professional composure güvenilir bahis siteleri while having a silly joke being played on her. Just as she brought her tape up to start measuring Joyce, she was suddenly interrupted by Denise’s voice in the hallway.

“Margie, I’m bringing someone in to get fitted, what room are you in?”

“I’m in room three. Do you need any help?”

“No, it’s okay.”

Denise ushered Carmen and Nelly into the spacious fitting room next to the one being occupied by the four other women and locked the door.

“Just remember to be quiet. These mirrored walls are really thin. Still, you ought to be able to hear everything,” Denise whispered to Carmen and Nelly. “Now ma’am, if you’ll remove your blouse,” she reached out and began to pull Nelly’s shirt up. “I’ll start with your band size.”

“What are you doing,” hissed Nelly.

“I’m going to measure you.”

“Well, I know I’m a 36D. Don’t worry about it.”

“Look, I told my boss that I’m going to measure you and I intend on doing just that. It’s not like you haven’t got anything I’ve never seen.”

“Shhh, I can hear them talking!” Carmen was waving her hand at the two while her ear was pressed against the mirror.

“Alright, let me write that down and you’re done.” Joyce sat back down with Darcie and Heather looking very pleased. “Well, you’re definitely in for quite a change like I said. You’re still a 36 around, but looks like you’re up to an E cup.”

The three busty goddesses all looked at each other with sheer glee.

“This is very incredible,” Dr. Smothers exclaimed. “I never thought one piece would do this much.”

“She just said one piece. I bet they took a pill or something!” Carmen turned to tell her friend what she’d heard. Instead of seeing Nelly eavesdropping right along with her, Carmen saw her ginger-haired friend with her shirt off and being measured by the clerk.

“Um, I have a feeling you might be buying the wrong bra,” Denise said to Nelly. I’m not getting a 36 around your rib cage.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s not a 36. It might be because your bra has a bulky under wire. It’s obvious you bought this at a place like Wal-Mart or something.”

“So what, they’re cheap.”

“You get what you pay for, sweetie. This might be a little bit awkward of me to ask this, but do you mind taking your bra off so I can get an exact measurement of your ribcage,” Denise had an unmistakably serious look on her face.

“God, let’s just get this over with!”

With that, Denise took Nelly’s shoulders and nearly spun her around like a top. Her quick fingers undid the clasps and removed the straps to free Nelly’s full breasts. Carmen looked on to see Denise wrap her measuring tape around her friend’s naked torso just beneath her juicy tits.

“You’re actually a 38, Nelly.”

“Big fucking deal,” Nelly said sarcastically.

Just then, Carmen’s attention was divided back to what was happening in the other fitting room.

“Can I be next, huh?”

Carmen automatically knew from the excitement in the voice that Heather was talking.

“Well, get over here.” Margie beckoned to the redhead as she bounded up from her seat to get her titties measured.

“I’m so excited, Darcie!”

Darcie was in more ways than one herself. It felt so sexy to know that Dr. Smothers’ breasts were the same size as she once was, but now she was so much bigger and sensitive that it was almost too much to control. The sight of Heather’s big tits jiggling once she raised her shirt over her head and tossed it to her seat just added more urgency to Darcie’s passion building within her. Joyce could clearly see the emotion wash over Darcie and offered her hand. Darcie took it and gently squeezed.

“Wow,” Heather shuddered. That tape’s kinda cold.”

“Sorry, dear. I can try to warm it up a bit,” Margie started to unwrap the tape from around Heather’s boobs.

“No, you can put it back on. It felt really good. It made my boobies really tingle,” Heather smiled.

In the other room, Carmen nearly gasped at what she had heard. “Did you hear that?”

“Who couldn’t with her,” Nelly sneered. “So, am I still a D cup?”

“Yeah, I think so, but we still need to think about what kind of bra will best suit your needs. Do you mind?” Denise raised her hands up just inches away from Nelly’s breasts to illustrate that she needed to touch them.

“Might as well,” Nelly said half-heartedly.

Carmen couldn’t believe her eyes or her ears. Nelly was right in front of her getting felt up by the clerk for this store, but the manner in which the contact was being made didn’t exactly seem inappropriate or sexual at all. On the other hand, Nelly’s reaction to her titties being touched all around was the exact opposite. She gradually went from staring at Denise with an annoyed look on her face to closing her eyes and breathing deeply as if she was thoroughly enjoying what was transpiring.

“Can you check and see if there’s any irregularities with my tits? I just want to be sure,” Heather chirped.

Carmen immediately focused most of her attention back to the mirrored wall to listen in, but couldn’t tear her eyes away from Nelly’s 38D cup titties being fondled by Denise.

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