Adventures of “Juicy Gi”: Ch. 01

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Hi. The name’s Giovanna Summers. I’m a light-skinned Black B.B.W over five feet tall with big breasts (48g), wide hips, a big belly, a nice fat bubble butt, and some massive thighs. My hair is in very thin braids, dyed light tan-like color, and I have hazel eyes. By the way, I’m 22 years of age.

I’m what they call a B.B.W; most women don’t like to associate themselves with that term or with being fat but I do. I am built like a brick house and I take pride in being fat! I like being fat, and if anybody thinks I’m a slob for being fat and liking it, their problem, my life, f*ck them!

It was a Saturday morning and I was half-awake in my Philadelphia apartment, only dressed in my unbuttoned lavender nightgown as I slept on my side, my gigantic tits avalanching from it. With my fingernails polished in a color pattern (one nail polished purple, the next polished pink and so forth) I lightly tugged and pulled on my dark nipple, making it grow thicker and harder with each pull. I felt the tingling sensation from within my swollen breast as pinched and tugged. Both my nipples were getting so hard that they began to hurt!

What was it that I was fantasizing about that was making me so horny?

I was having sexual fantasies about my 18-year-old girlfriend Deborah. She’s also a Black B.B.W chick (her skin is darker than mine though), with a nice rack (42ddd), an overhanging potbelly, and a lot of meat on her bones but I was just a bit fatter than her. I got myself out of bed, my braids in disarray, as I walked over to my makeup station where there hung a huge mirror, safely secured on my old cheaply-painted tarnished yellow wall.

I got out some strawberry-scented lotion and poured some on the palm of my thick fat hand. I then rubbed my hands together and applied the cold cream to my swollen, milk-engorged jugs, smoothly and slowly in round circles as I rubbed up on my Tootsie Roll-sized dark brown nipples. As I looked up into the mirror at myself at my greenish-brown hazel eyes, almost red like devil eyes, I felt the erotic sensation spark me like a bolt of electric energy. The sensation from within made me breath slowly like I was meditating. When the lotion was fully rubbed in, I made sure my breasts were fully out of my nightgown. I had whitish colored stretch marks all over my breasts along with dark semi-microscopic dots all over them. My breasts also featured 4″ areolas with smaller dots all around the edges, resembling the sun’s atmosphere.

Since my basketball-shaped boobs were already all the way out, and I didn’t have any bottoms on anyway, I thought to myself ‘Why have it on, anyway?’

So. with that, I removed my nightgown and carelessly tossed it over the bed. Now bare naked, I set one foot on my gray office chair and admired my own nakedness into the mirror, mesmerized. I got more lotion and smoothed it over my chest. I lifted my breasts from my preggo-looking belly and my face grimaced as I saw the many dark brown stretch marks that laced around my wide deep belly button, scarring my whole belly, all the way over to my sides.

With güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri one hand, I rubbed the lotion around my belly, until the lotion was fully rubbed in. Then taking one of my fingernails, a bit longer than my finger itself, I dug into my belly button and smoothed in the remaining bit of lotion on my gut. Getting some more lotion and with my foot still on the chair, I began to massage my thick meaty pubic region, massaging my lips, stroking the bushy hairiness of my pussy as I combed my fingers through my curly velvety black pussy hairs.

AWGGH! I was so horny. I was standing here masturbating, but interrupting me was my telephone giving off its fancy ring for an incoming call.

I rushed over to white phone on the floor, not too far from my desk, and bent down to answer it.

“Hello?” I answered the phone with a light gently voice of softness.

“Giovanna?” replied a somewhat deep feminine voice. “It’s Debbie.”

“Hey! Debbie!” I enthusiastically greeted her as I rubbed the bottom of my tit, like rubbing the bottom of a basketball. “How are you this lovely Saturday morning?”

“I’m fine. My dad’s away at work. so anytime you’re ready to come and take me out to the park…”

“Oh… I was just ready to go get dressed. So I will be on my way shortly. Okay, baby?”

“Okay thaaanks!”

“Alright, I’ll see you then… alright… bye.”

And I placed the telephone receiver back into its place.

Getting myself dressed and ready to go out, I first put my braided yarn-like hair into a big bun in the upper back. I got some of my too-small clothes ready. I tend to hold on to my outgrown clothes because I like to show off my body and I like how my big body looks in tight clothes. I put on a really tight pair of Hanes Her Way white and pink striped panties, and a too-small black cotton bra, only good for women with a triple-d-cup. This bra started to get a bit uncomfortable as the straps started to dig into my shoulders and sides but it wasn’t that bad, and I could deal with it.

When looking into the mirror of myself, only in my underwear, I placed a foot on the chair once again and became my own admirer as I took pride off how fat and round my pussy was in tight panties. I loved the sight of my fat and round bulging pussy as the black pubic hairs were peeking from the sides of my panties, my gigantic round belly hanging over the band. I also fell in love with how my breasts were beginning to flood from my bra.

Continuing, I wore tight pair of gray pants, again too small, and I liked their tightness so the lines of my panties could easily be seen and so I could amplify the long fat roundness of my huge bubble bottom. I then put on a white a-line shirt and a gray hooded sweatshirt that matched my bottoms. Getting another mirror from a drawer of my desk, I turned around and looked at myself in the back, though the other mirror as I could see my panties and my butt crack peeking from my gray tights.

‘WOW!’ thought I. ‘The guys will go f*ckin’ CRAZY!’

Taking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with me the following items; a spare tight black skirt, a set of keys, and a cell phone, I left my apartment, making sure my door was locked and took the elevator to the downstairs parking lot and into my car. I took the quick 20-minute drive from Philadelphia to Upper Darby, where Debbie/Deborah lives.

When arriving at her house, I blew the car horn. Within a few minutes, out came the busty black Deborah Towers! The 18-year old B.B.W was looking as sexy as ever for a girl of only 18! She was wearing a pink collared shirt that buttons down to the chest/bust and a tight pair of blue jeans. She too had little braids in her hair like mine but hers was dyed that dark cherry red color, mine was dyed light brown.

When I unlocked my doors, Deborah/Debbie entered my car with her shirt all unbuttoned so I could see her cleavage. As soon as her bottom plopped down on the passenger seat, I watched in excitement as her gigantic 42ddd’s bounced and wobbled around in her shirt, despite that she had on the white bra that I could see her pink shirt.

“Nice boobs, Deb!” I slyly complimented her as I rubbed my fingers around her breast.

“Yours as well!” she replied as she unzipped my hoody and yanked it open to caress my 48g’s. “And I like your nails.”

“Thank you, baby!” I hissed, as I started to get horny. “Ready to get to the park?”


And with that I started my car back up and headed back out into Philadelphia West Fairmount Park. After parking my car we both exited and my car’s doors locked themselves. West Fairmount Park was a nice park, trees everywhere, a lot of landscape, some swings, balance beams… whatever, I’m not going to bore you with the details. We saw a couple of small families already here but they paid no attention to us as we paid no attention to them.

With Deborah/Debbie walking behind me, I got aroused as I felt her fingers gently rub my bottom, her fingers circling each rump of fatness.

“You got a nice butt, Miss Summers.”

“You like my massive bubble butt?” I asked her with a affectionate smile as Deborah continued feeling on my butt. “And I’m not that much older than you so you can just call me Giovanna.”

“I like your first and last name… Miss Giovanna Summers, and speaking of summer… I think you’re… HAWT!”

“Really?” I asked adding some base to my voice, making sure my massive swollen milk bags were bulging out my sweatshirt. “Can you see mah panties?”

“GIIRRRLLL! I can see your panties and your crack!”

“Good!” I muttered. If you know what I mean (which I’m sure you would), Debbie and I were up to some “illegal activity” and wanted to commit our “illegal activity” behind the largest tree here so nobody would see us.

Seeing anearby gigantic tree, partially into the park, I looked back at Debbie and asked, “You wanna get behind that tree and get a little freaky deaky?”

“I’d love to,” were her last words before she followed me to the back güvenilir bahis şirketleri of the very big tree I showed her.

I looked down at her as she looked up at me, for I was a half a head taller than her.

“Can I feel your butt?” she asked.

“Yes Miss,” I granted my younger girlfriend’s wish, wanting my ample butt to be loved. “You most certainly may honey!”

With that, I slowly began to pull down my gray pants so she can see more of my panties.

“You like my panties?” asked I.

“Yeesssss!” I heard her deep voice hiss like a snake.

Wasting no more time, I rolled down my gray pants along with my pink and white panties, down to just above my knees, and flashed her my cottage cheese, fat, round and light brown, poke-out bubble bottom. I then leaned against the tree with my face facing the side, sticking my bare butt out at Debbie as she gently smacked her fingertips on the fleshy mounds of fat.

Debbie’s soft slap cause my fat bottom to ripple and shake, for my huge rumps were nothing more than twin mounds of fat. She loved the fat on my bottom and that y’all was not at all hard for me to tell.

“MMMMM!” I could hear Debbie mumble with erotic excitement as she caressed and fondled my bare rear-end, so soft to the touch that the cheeks feel just as soft (if not softer) as a woman’s breast. I could feel Debbie lightly scraping the massive booty flesh with those somewhat long fingernails of hers, as she rubbed the shallow dimples.

“I wish my rear could be as big as yours.” Debbie confessed in envy.

Deborah’s butt wasn’t that big for a fat girl like herself but it was big enough to get a few looks of pleasure or so and it did look fairly big when she would bend over, especially in those tight jeans of hers!

Anyway, as she continued to caress my bare bottom, I added to her comment, “Fatness?”



“Oh yeah!”

“Soft, big and fleshy?”


“Cottage cheese look?”


Debbie sounded like she was getting more and more horny and more and more excited, because in fact she was! I could just tell that if she had a dildo, she would just stick it into my enticing, delicious, juicy, fleshy cheeks! Believe me y’all when I tell you! I got a porn star booty and porn star boobs!

When her arms got tired about ten minutes later, I rolled my panties back up, their sides slapping MY sides as the bottom of my underwear began to dig up in between my juicy booty flesh as my booty was so big and my panties were so small.

With my gray pants still below my butt and my butt all out but barely covered with my panties, I walked over to the empty swings with Deb walking with me. I didn’t care if people were staring at our boobs or my bottom, but they did get back to minding their business as we both got on a swing, sitting next to one another as we occupied two of the old swings.

As we took light swings, we starred at our boobs and I felt devious as I was committing indecent exposure. I know indecent exposure is a crime, but I got the guts to admit that I’ve committed that crime many times throughout my life! I only did it secretly though.

We both admired our juicy b.b.w bodies, and I for sure admired my own juicy b.b.w body and that y’all is how and why I gave myself the nickname “Juicy Gi”!

To be continued…

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