Anniversary Surprise for Two

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“You’ve got an admirer,” my wife giggled as we sat at one of the tables inside the quaint beachside restaurant. The online reviews had been stellar. The food was supposed to be delicious and the prices, unlike most other establishments in the popular vacation community, were reasonable. It was owned by an older gay couple and some of the reviews had mistakenly called it a gay bar but the owner had responded by stating emphatically that while they were LGBT friendly they had patrons of all shapes, sizes and orientations.

“You’re such a bitch,” I countered with a playful smile. Sandy had witnessed men hitting on me countless times over the years and she liked to tease me that I set off their gaydar. I wasn’t sure why it happened because I was far from gay.

“Hey, I’m just reporting the facts,” she laughed as she looked at the guy and smiled. She had told me years earlier that she would love to watch me suck cock but I was straight and had no intention of ever performing such an act, even if she was willing to find a woman for a quid pro quo trade if I did.

The reviews of the restaurant had been accurate. The food was great and the drinks were decidedly inexpensive, especially since many of mine were bought by other guys at the bar. My wife, being a jealous and competitive person, found several straight guys at the bar to buy her drinks as well and by midnight we were both much too drunk to drive back to our bungalow.

I slowly made my way towards the men’s room, taking deliberate steps as I swayed slightly from side to side. It was after midnight and the crowd had started to thin.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and the pleasant aroma of cologne wafted over me as someone helped me down the hallway and into the men’s room. It was a small bathroom with a urinal and a commode on one wall and a sink on the other.

I stood in front of the urinal and held myself upright by putting my right hand on the wall in front of me. I heard him lock the door and I looked at him with confusion in my unfocused eyes as he moved beside me.

He was a slender man in his early forties with brown hair and sinewy arms. He had a disarming smile and calm eyes.

He reached down and grabbed my flaccid cock. He smiled and I started to pee. It felt like a dream and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do.

He let me finish pissing and then guided me back against the wall beside the sink. My eyes widened as he lowered himself in front of me. I made a halfhearted effort to stop him but he brushed my hand away and took my flaccid dick into his warm mouth. His tongue swirled around and he sucked hard making it grow and I watched, dumbfounded and amazed, as a man I’d never met gave me the best head of my life.

His head bobbed and he sucked and slurped noisily on my throbbing cock. His hands cupped my balls, stroked my shaft and teased my taint. I felt my climax building and I quickly passed the point of no return.

He took the length of my cock down his eager throat and pushed a finger into my ass. He swallowed hard as I erupted into his mouth and the evidence of my experience disappeared down his gullet.

When he finished he helped me zip my pants and led me back to the table where my wife sat chatting with a large, dark skinned black man.

“He’s all yours,” the gay man said in a slightly affected and effeminate voice. He smiled at me, patted me on the shoulder.

“Where’d he go?” Sandy asked him, briefly turning away from her new friend, and smiling knowingly at us. The look on her face made me nervous and I swallowed hard and tried to look innocent.

“Oh he was heading to the bathroom and he clearly needed a hand,” the gay man laughed. “He should be all set now.” He turned and walked away with a story to tell.

I sat down opposite my wife and tried to reconcile what had just happened. It didn’t seem real but my cock and balls felt drained so I knew it was. I could hear my wife and her new friend talking but that seemed like a dream as well.

“So we gonna do this?” The hulking güvenilir bahis black man asked Sandy in a deep dark voice. I looked at him with cloudy eyes and tried to focus. He was a big muscular man with dark skin and a shaved head.

“I told you I can’t,” my wife said quietly. “I’m married. Happily married.” She held up her new ring. It was a 2ct total weight diamond ring in a platinum setting. It had been my gift to her for our twentieth anniversary and she was very proud of it.

I smiled at him and then closed my eyes as the room began to spin.

“Well you ain’t getting nothin from yo husband tonight and I’d bet cash money that he and that gay dude just hooked up in the men’s room.”

My head felt heavy and I leaned forward, resting it on the table as I continued to listed to them talk.

“Look, your hot and if I wasn’t married I’d definitely go home with you but I am married and right now I think I need to get my husband back to our bungalow.” Sandy said firmly. Hearing her tell a man, and specifically a black man, he was hot seemed strange. She’d never showed any interest in black men and had steadfastly maintained that she wasn’t attracted to them.

I breathed a sigh of relief when she rebuffed his advances and then started to drift away. I don’t know how long I was out but when I awoke my wife and her friend were helping me to my feet. They led me out to his car and plopped me into the backseat. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been that drunk and I was frustrated that I was completely helpless.

“Thank you so much for doing this,” my wife said in a sweet, melodic tone as she climbed into his passenger seat. “I had no idea how I was going to get my drunk assed husband home.”

“No problem whatsoever. I live this way anyway,” He replied with a chuckle. He had a very deep voice and a smooth cadence and I felt myself drifting away.

“Well I do appreciate it and I’ll make it worth your while.” She giggled nervously and I wondered what she planned on doing but I was too drunk to do much of anything to stop her.

The drive to our bungalow was about 20 minutes long and I drifted in and out of consciousness as he drove us home. My head was spinning and my stomach was starting to churn.

I awoke about ten minutes into the trip and looked around. My head was foggy and I still felt sick. Rap music was playing quietly on the stereo and no one in the car was talking. I couldn’t see my wife’s head and I felt confused and disoriented.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Sandy giggled. “I haven’t given road head since I was in college.”

My eyes closed and I shook my head to clear the cobwebs from my polluted mind.

“You doin great,” he replied as he leaned back in the seat and steered with his left hand.

“Well this makes it easier,” my wife laughed. “But my jaw is getting sore. This is the biggest fucking dick I’ve ever seen. I always figured those stereotypes were bullshit but I guess not.” She slurped loudly and moaned long and low. Loud slurps rang in my ears and I struggled to come to grip with what was happening.

“You can rest you jaw Baby,” he laughed. “Use you hand to stroke it and lick the tip like a popsicle.”

I could hear her doing exactly what he said and he nodded. It couldn’t be happening. It was out of character and didn’t feel real.

“Yeah Baby that’s it. You a natural. You love that black dick don’t you girl?”

“Fuck yes I do,” she squealed excitedly. “It even tastes better than white dick. You know I can’t just suck it. I’m gonna need more.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wanted to yell and scream at them. I wanted to make her stop. I wanted to claim my beautiful wife as my own but I was too drunk.

“Don’t you worry girl. Your husband is out cold. You gonna get all the black dick you want tonight Baby. We’ll go all night and he won’t know a thing.”

“Damn Jerome, you know exactly what to say to make me wet,” my wife purred.

For the next five minutes I listened to my wife suck, sloppy and wet, türkçe bahis on Jerome’s black dick. My dick was rock hard and strained against the zipper of my shorts. I was in a dream state, hovering outside of my body and watching from above.

The car stopped in front of our bungalow and Jerome dragged me out of the back seat. He didn’t bother trying to help me walk. He hoisted my 210 pounds of dead weight with surprising ease onto his shoulders and carried me towards the door.

“I sure as shit couldn’t do that,” Sandy laughed as she unlocked the door and let us in. She and I were in town celebrating our anniversary. We’d had an elegant dinner the first night and then went casual for night two. We’d never talked about group sex and certainly not about cheating. I’d had an affair years earlier and we’d almost divorced but somehow we’d made it through those treacherous waters and because of that the idea of an open marriage had been off the table.

“Your boys got serious wood baby. He must be havin wet dreams listening to you suck my dick,” Jerome laughed. He laid me on the blue couch on the wall by the back porch and then walked over to my sexy wife as she stood beside the bed.

I suddenly felt sober. I looked through squinting eyes and feigned sleep as they embraced. Sandy kissed him hard and tugged at his clothes. Her hand looked diminutive as she grabbed hold of his big black dick. It looked enormous. It was long and thick with a shiny almost coal black shaft and a pink head covered by an unclipped foreskin.

Jerome dropped his pants to the floor and then stripped my wife bare. Her wide, eager eyes zeroed in on his cock and she dragged him onto the bed. He settled between my wife’s wide spread legs and slapped his black dick against her neatly trimmed pussy. The dull thud made me shudder and my pretty wife smiled up at him with a needy gaze. Her body twitched as he slapped her clit with his heavy cock. Her pale hands clutched at his hips and she silently pleaded for him to enter her tender pink, pussy.

He pulled his foreskin back rubbed the bulbous tip of his cock across her swollen labia. Her juices coated his pink flesh and she writhed impatiently beneath his strong, muscular body.

“Don’t tease,” my wife panted wantonly. Her eyes fluttered up at him. “Please fuck me Daddy.”

He nodded and lowered his hips as Sandy reached down and guided the head of his cock into her warm, fertile sex. A long, low, guttural moan rose from her chest and her eyes rolled back in her head.

He stopped with his cock halfway and then backed slowly out, leaving just the tip. Her labia clung to his shiny fat cock and my wife moaned. Her breathing labored and she whimpered with needy excitement.

He fucked her with smooth deep strokes and her body began to quiver and quake. She locked her legs behind his firm, muscular ass, forcing the length of his prodigious manhood into her cunt. Her hips bucked to meet his and she moaned like a bitch in heat. She breathed deep and shuddered violently as she came.

Jerome rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her ass up off the bed. He fed his cock into her from behind and she helped in pain. Her face contorted and her hand moved under her writhing body to rub her needy clit.

He began fucking her hard and fast from behind. His hips slammed against her ass and she grunted and groaned each time the head of his cock pounded against her cervix. Her tremulous cries of pleasure echoed off the walls as another intense climax rocked her quivering body.

I discretely moved my hand to my rock hard dick and pressed my thumb to the underside of my cock. My half closed eyes were affixed to my wife and Jerome and I rubbed the thick vein and the frenulum at the ridge of the head. My body tensed and my climax built.

Jerome leaned forward and pressed Sandy’s face into the pillows. His big black cock thrust deep and hard. Her soft ass jiggled with each powerful thrust and his breathing grew deep and erratic.

“I’m gonna nut,” he warned in a low gasp. The bed güvenilir bahis siteleri rocked hard and the headboard slammed against the wall of the one room bungalow. I expected my wife to tell him to pull out, but she didn’t.

“Give it to me Baby,” she moaned. Her voice was raspy with lust and her words took my breath away. We’d been married for twenty years and we had two kids. She was 44 and still fertile and hadn’t been on the pill since my vasectomy ten years earlier.

Her ass rocked back to meet him and he grunted like a wild boar as he unloaded his balls inside her womb. He paused deep and his cum splashed into her depths. He backed out slowly and began to thrust anew as my wife moaned like a wanton whore.

My fingers continued to rub my painfully hard dick. The squishy sound of his dick thrusting into her soiled cunt made my head spin. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air and I clenched my teeth to quiet myself as my dick erupted in my pants. The warm goo soaked my underwear and shorts and I felt myself drifting away into a euphoric state.

I awoke several hours later to the sound of my wife’s climax. Her body was twisted with her legs scissoring his and his cock thrusting deep and fast. I’d had a string of erotic dreams whilst I slept and my dick was hard in my shorts.

I opened my eyes wide and propped myself up for a better view. I was still a little drunk and I unzipped my shorts, fishing out my slimy hard cock. I spit into my hand and began to stroke. My hand moved in time with his hips and I looked at the expression of ecstasy and bliss on Sandy’s pretty face.

Her body writhed and her hands caressed his strong, muscular chest. She pulled him down and kissed him hard. Her body moved with languid grace as she moved on top of him and pinned him to the bed.

Sandy looked into his eyes and squatted over his waist. She guided his cock into her pussy and panted loudly. Her fine round ass bounced hard on his big ebony cock and she gasped and moaned. The bed squeaked and she bounced harder and faster.

Jerome reached back and slapped my wife’s was hard leaving a bright red hand print. She clutched at her breasts and kneaded them like dough as yet another orgasm washed over her.

He tossed her onto the bed and plunged balls deep in the missionary position. He fucked her for just a few quick, deep pumps and then hoisted her ankles onto his shoulders. He rubbed his slippery dick against her pussy and then moved it down to her virgin ass. She’d never been fucked in her ass before. We’d tried but she always tensed and I’d never been able to penetrate her tight sphincter but he wasted no time.

Sandy grunted and groaned in obvious agony but she didn’t tell him to stop. Her eyes closed and a pained expression spread across her face as he fed the length of his thick black dick into her bowels.

He fucked her ass like he owned it and I continued to flog my hard dick. I’d given up pretending to sleep and sat up for a clear view. Her asshole stretched wide around his shiny cock and I watched them with unblinking eyes.

Jerome fucked her ass for ten long minutes. Sandy’s cries of pain morphed into screams of ecstasy and she furiously rubbed her clit as he ravaged her sphincter. He pulled his dick from her gaping anus and spurted heavy cream onto her tits.

Sandy smeared his cum onto her flesh and then licked it from her sloppy fingers. My mind was blown and I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to look at her the same way again. She looked like a ravenous slut who was far from satisfied. She grabbed his dick and started to stroke. Her mouth opened wide and she took him into her willing mouth to keep him hard.

I groaned softly and spilled a second load of cum onto the floor as my wife eagerly slurped on his nasty black cock. She begged him for more and I curled up on the couch.

His grunts and her moaned filled the night air as I tried to call back to sleep. He fucked her long into the night and he left shortly before sunrise. My wife walked him to the door and when he was gone she coaxed me to the bed. Her tired, sated body melted against me and she quickly fell asleep in my arms. I wasn’t sure what would happen in the morning but I felt closer to her at that moment than I had in years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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