Ann’s Fetish Search Ch. 06

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I left Phoenix profoundly changed. My time with Dr. Wilson taught me what true undying love and devotion was. Even after 25 years, he still longed for Sarah, loved her, and hoped for an eventual reunion. It was a depth of love I had never experience. Yes, I loved Steve and adored him. He was certainly perfect for me. I had pursued him and was able to capture his affections, but would I have waited 25 years for him? Wow, what an incredible thing I had witnessed.

Steve picked me up at the airport and looked at me and pushed his bottom lip out as if he were incredibly sad. I asked him what he was sad about. He said that he waited all month for a sexy text message and did not receive any. He said he knew I would be fucking someone and yet I did not share it with him. He was concerned that I had found someone that I truly desired and did not want to share with him. I apologized and told him it was nothing like that.

As we drove home, I told him Dr. Wilsons story. How he lover Sarah and how I reminded him of her. I told Steve that on my last night, he had given me a necklace he had purchased for her. I was touched and so moved, I wanted to return the favor and be his “Sarah” for the night. Steve was speechless. I told him that Dr. Wilson made love to me, softly, slowly and with such respect. It had not been sex. It was slow passionate love. I told Steve that when he looked at me, I could see in his eyes, I was Sarah. He was finally with the woman he missed so much. Steve just said, wow, and told me how proud he was of me. He had expected wild kinky sex while I was away and instead, I had given an amazing man a huge gift. When we got home, I made love to Steve exactly as I had to Dr. Wilson. It was beautiful.

I spent a long week reflecting on my research thus far, my sexual encounters and Dr. Wilson. My next stop was San Francisco, and I knew that it would be extremely different that my other locations. San Francisco was known for its openness to sex, kinky and very wild sex. Doctor friends, that I know from the area, have told me about some crazy things, things I genuinely wanted to see. I kissed Steve goodbye at the airport and made my way to the city by the bay.

When I landed, it was a shock. It was cool and breezy and not 110 degrees like Phoenix. I made my way to my accommodations and then hopped in bed. I knew it was going to be a busy morning. I awoke, got ready and was in the ED by 6 am. I was at the largest level one hospital in the city. The ED was bustling. I made my introductions and got to work. My first patient was a 22-year-old girl who had gotten extremely ill at a dance club. She was throwing up and had a terrible headache. I wondered why the ED docs had given me this patient. I asked around and one of the nurses told me she had been at an afterhours sex club. I guess I gave her a blank stare or something because she piped back, “don’t you have those in Texas?” I told her I needed more information.

She said that there was a vibrant afterhours club scene in San Francisco and that you could find a club for almost anything. There were gay clubs, straight clubs, swinger clubs, there were even club for people into body modification. After midnight, the city came alive. I went back to my patient and she told me that she and a couple of friends went to Club ****** to go dancing and find hot guys. She said that they danced for a couple of hours and the guys bought them drinks. She did not remember anything after 3 am and the first thing she remembered was being in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. I asked her if she wanted me to do a rape kit on her. She looked down, ashamed. Then she said her vagina hurt and she thinks that maybe she had sex with one of the guys. I had seen this before.

I ordered the kit. A few hours later it came back positive, she had sex with someone. I did not know if was consensual or not, but someone had penetrated her and left his calling card. That morning, I saw four more young ladies with the exact same story from that club and others. Over the next week, the stream of women only intensified. Paula, one of the nurses I worked with, told me that probably canlı bahis 10 to 15 percent of what they saw on an average shift was women who had taken Molly at a club and ended up very sick and usually with a positive kit.

I was floored. I am passionate about women having control over their sexuality. This just was not right. Paula and I had become good friends. We had some great girl talks. She too was upset with what was going on in the clubs. I asked her if she had ever been and she said she had. Paula said that the music is great, men are hot, and the vibe is really cool. She asked me if I wanted to go. I thought for about a second and told her hell, yes. At the end of our shift on Friday, we went out for dinner. The club did not open till midnight, so we had time to talk. Paula told me that I was too cutesy looking to go to the club and I needed to dress edgier. We went to my place so I could change. I fished through my bags and pulled out the edgiest clothes I had.

I slipped on a skintight, black Lycra mini skirt, a skintight black Lycra sleeveless top and my knee-high black leather, lace up combat boots. I put on some black lipstick and black nail polish. I pulled my hair back tightly and rolled it a bun on my head. I looked into the mirror. I looked stern and ready for action. I came out and showed Paula, she howled in delight. She giggled and said it was perfect, but she had one other thing for me to do. I asked what it was, but she would not say. She grabbed my hand and we ran to the Bart station. We got off on the hill and we walked to a small store. It was dark and kind of seedy. When we entered, it was a tattoo parlor. Paula said that this place did airbrushed paint on tattoos that looked real. She told me I needed to get a tattoo so I could look edgier. I howled and said sure. I looked at a bunch, but nothing stood out until I saw a guy with some tribal tattoos. They looked really cool, dark black with repeating symbols. I told the tattoo artist that I wanted two of them, one on each bicep. It took about a half hour to get my new ink. I looked in the mirror. I was so sexy. I looked like a bad ass. I was ready to dance. Paula and I went for some drinks and at midnight we went to the club.

The music was loud. It took only a few minutes before the place was filled to capacity. Drinks flowed freely. The men were, as Paula said, extremely hot. Within minutes of entering, Paula and I had a flock of admirers. Hot men were plying us with free alcohol and asking us to dance. My body never stopped moving for hours. I was having a great time. By about 3 am many women were topless. Some were grinding all over the men. Many were deeply kissing the men they had been dancing with. It was getting very sexy. I had been dancing with a guy named Hal for about an hour. He was muscled, handsome and had a huge bulge in his tight pants. I was feeling no pain and I found myself grinding on his leg. He had his hands cupped on my butt cheeks. It was fun to tease him. He asked me if I wanted another drink. I told him yes and he made his way through the crowd to get it. Paula asked me if I was having fun. I told her I had not been clubbing in years and I missed it. Hal came back and I downed my drink quickly and pulled him back to the dance floor.

As I danced, I got tipsy. I had obviously had too much to drink and that last one hit me hard. The music seemed to pulse through my body. I was becoming one with the beat. Rubbing on Hal was getting me horny and wet. The flashing lights had me mesmerized. I started spinning around in front of Hal. He grabbed me and pulled me close. I want him right now, I suddenly thought. I pulled his head to my lips and yelled that I wanted him to fuck me, over the music. He pulled me tight as I lost my balance. Before I knew it, I was on my knees in front of him. I reached up and unzipped his pants. His long, thick cock flopped out in front of me. My mouth opened and took Hal’s beautiful cock into my mouth. It was thick and warm and felt nice in my mouth. The music pulsed through my body as I sucked his cock deep down my throat. Hal placed his hand on my head and continued to dance as I gave bahis siteleri him a blow job.

I was totally focused on his cock. I wanted it; I could feel the beat of the music through his cock. His body glowed in the flashing lights. Oh, he felt so good in my mouth. It seemed like it was what I should be doing at that moment. My head was spinning. Soon both his hands were on both sides of my head. He pumped his cock deep inside my mouth to the beat of the music. Wetness dripped from between my legs, I was sooooo very horny. Hal suddenly got on his tippy toes and ached his back. A flood of cum poured into my mouth. Oh, how it tasted so sweet and delicious. I swallowed and sucked harder for more. Hal, instead, pulled his cock out then finished by unloading all over my face. His covered my face in his warm glaze. I was ecstatic, I scream in delight.

Suddenly, there was a huge cheer and applause. I looked around; a crowd had gathered to watch as I sucked his amazing cock on the dance floor. His cum dripped down my face on onto my top and skirt. I was a mess. Some of his friends high fived him, then he walked off, leaving me on my knees on the floor. Paula grabbed my arm and told me it was time to go. I was confused and dizzy and could not walk straight. I felt high, almost outside my body, and the music, it was amazing. Paula dragged me to the bathroom and cleaned Hal’s cum from my face. I looked in the mirror, I looked like I had been on a bad trip, my makeup was everywhere, my hair had fallen out of its bun. I stumbled the best I could home with Paula. On the way home I puked in the middle of the sidewalk. Fuck, I was a mess.

The next morning, I woke to a splitting headache and the realization that I had gone way to far the night before. I looked around and realized I was at Paula’s apartment. She said she was happy to see I was awake; she had been worried. She did not want to have to take me to our hospital cover in cum. I asked her what happened. She said that one of Hal’s friends had been dancing with her and he said that I had taken a Molly. I told her I had not, and she said that Hal must have slipped me one. After the Molly hit, I got really sexual and dropped to my knees and sucked him off in front of everyone. I was mortified. Then she laughed a bit and told me that it was an amazing blow job too, I had skills. I slapped her and told her to shut up.

The more I thought about it, the more pissed I got. It was my first boyfriend all over again. Woo me, use me, fuck me, dump me and high five your buddies. I was steaming. I looked at Paula and asked if we could go back that night. She told me that I should never go anywhere near a club again. I told her I needed to see Hal again. I wanted to teach him a lesson. Paula reluctantly agreed. I told her we had some shopping to do first. I gave her a list. She read it and burst our laugh to the point she had tears in her eyes, then called me “one evil bitch”. I threw my clothes in the washer and we went shopping.

Late that evening, I was dressed exactly the way I was the night before. We went to the club and I searched till I found him. I flirted with him and told him that I really enjoyed myself the night before and that I wanted to do it again. He seemed proud of himself and said he would like that. I leaned into him and asked him if he had any Molly, I was needing to get into the groove to dance. He looked surprised and took a pill from his pocket. I told him I needed a drink to wash it down. He ran to the bar and got one for each of us. I placed a pill on my tongue so he could see it and washed it down. It was a pill, but not the Molly, no, I had slipped that pill into his drink as I hugged him when he returned. We began to dance. It did not take long before I could see the effects of the Molly on Hal. His pupils were huge. He swayed to the music. He seemed light on his feet.

I pulled Hal’s ear down to my lips and told him that tonight I wanted to fuck. I wanted to leave. Hal looked at me with a glazed look and said that was cool to him. We left quickly and returned to Paula’s apartment. When we arrived, he had another drink. Afterwards, I took bahis şirketleri him to the bedroom and undressed him and pushed him face down on the bed. I straddled his back and gave him a wet pussy massage. He was loving it. Paula came into the room, he looked surprised. I told him it was his lucky night; he was getting fucked by two women tonight. Hal responded with an enthusiastic, “YES!”

Paula wrapped some rope we had purchased around his wrists and tied them to the bed. He was smiling broadly as she did. She did the same with his ankles. Once he was tied down tightly, we both got undressed and pulled out two strap-ons. Not the little fun kinky type. No these were the BDSM, I am going to fuck your brain out strap-ons. Hal’s eyes opened really wide as Paula climbed on the bed and knelt in front of his head. I climbed between his legs and laid the dildo on his ass crack. I began to speak.

I told Hal that I knew he had slipped me some Molly the night before and that was wrong. He had taken advantage of me while I was high and that was wrong. He allowed me to embarrass myself by sucking his cock in front of a couple hundred people and that was wrong too. However, the very worst part was when he took his victory lap and disrespected me by high fiving his buddies and leaving me covered in his cum on the floor. I asked him what he had to say for himself. As he opened his mouth to apologize, Paula shoved the dildo deep inside his mouth. He flinched and gagged. I asked Paula if she heard any apology yet and she said no. I worked up a large mouthful of spit and spat it onto his tight little boy pussy. I looked at Paula and told her that Hal thought he was getting fucked tonight. I guess he was right.

I shoved the dildo into his ass as hard as I could. A loud muffled scream came from his cock filled mouth. His ass resisted my thrust. I did it again. Another scream. I grabbed some lube and poured it on the dildo and then shoved it deep into his ass as hard as I could. He screamed in pain. I did not care. Paula attacked his mouth with zeal and slapped his face. I reached down and grabbed his balls and squeezed them as hard as I could and twisted. He was in agony. I reached between his legs and pulled his cock down then pressed my knee as hard as I could. His body writhed in pain. I continued to pound has ass as hard as I could. He began to cry; I did not care. Paula told him to stop being a pussy and slapped his face so hard her handprint remained in a big red welt. The two of us abused him for hours. He began to bleed from every hole.

When we tired of abusing him, we left him sobbing on the bed. I left the dildo stuck deep in his ass. We completed the deed by taking a sharpie and writing the words, “rapist”, “asshole”, “I slip drugs into drinks”, and “do not trust me near women”, all over his body. We took his clothes and threw them down the trash chute in the hallway. Then made him crawl into the hallway. A quick call to 911 brought the ambulance to his quivering mass in the hallway. Hal’s ass was bloody, his lips were bleeding also. Paula had slapped him so many times and so hard, his eyes were almost closed shut. The ambulance scooped him up and whisked him to the ED at our hospital. Paula called the head nurse at the ED and told her he was coming in. Her boss said she would make sure Hal got all the treatment he deserved. Paula laughed and asked her to make sure he was still in the ED when we arrived in the morning.

The next morning, we both arrived at 6 am. The head nurse said she had a special guest for us in exam room 3. Paula and I entered. Hal nearly came out of his skin and pulled himself away from us on the bed. He looked like hell; they had ignored him all night. He had begged for pain killers, so the head nurse gave him a pill we use for colonoscopy prep. About an hour later Hal began to shit loose and acidic diarrhea out his bloody asshole. It was not one bowel movement, it was dozens. His ass was raw and burning like a road flare had been shoved up his ass. I got close to him and asked him if he likes getting fucked. He shook his head no. I told him that I was going to have him castrated today. He screamed no. I told him I already but the orders in and that it was going to happen. Hal jumped out of bed and wrapped the sheet around himself and ran out of the ED. I looked at Paula, put up my fist and said, “girl power!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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