Aquata Cove Ch. 32

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Chapter 32: Fish Out of Water

As Merrick stood there, leaning on the frame of the sliding door, wearing only some light pink satin boxers, he stares at the vast blue ocean before him.

He glares at the water, almost with contempt, as if bitterly looking into the eyes of a hated opponent.

He so wants to go into the water… He feels the yearn to swim so badly; it’s enough to drive any merman or mermaid mad. Yet if he goes in there… It’s unlikely, but he might not make it back here alive, especially without a proper weapon. And besides that, he can still sense the distant presence of his pod – this moon is just about over, and it’s time for them to move on. Should he have risked himself to see his family again, if only just once, for a very short moment?

“… Nghhh” He grunted as he put a hand to his head, feeling it start to ache again, as a sensation of cold heat blew over his body, “Damn… Not again…”

“Yo Merrick!” Came Jamal’s cheerful voice, “How you doin?!” He said as he slapped Merrick hard on the back.

“AH!” Merrick coughed and staggered, “Hhhghh… I’ve been better…” Merrick grumbled as his head grew dizzy.

“C’mon, man, gotta PSN card, man! Le’s get some DLC!” He ended the sentence with a deep yell as he tugged on the merman.

“Right…” Merrick groaned as he turned and walked with the black male. As he walked, however, the pain in his head began to get steadily worse. He moaned as his vision began to blur. He blinked and shook his head, trying to force out this most unpleasant sensation. He feels his breaths getting deeper, rather complicated in fact.

“Been real excited bout this! Now we get to find out what happens with…” Jamal said as he turned around, but stopped as he looked at the merman, “Hey, Merrick… You aight, man?” The area around his eyes appear to be darkened, his tone is a little pale without its usual subtle brightness, and he’s panting lightly as he walked towards him.

“I’m… I’m fine, Jamal…” Merrick replied hardly able to think himself capable of standing and talking at the same time.

“Dude, you don’t look so good,” Jamal said as he went to him, and putting a hand onto Merrick’s forehead, “You a little warm there. There something wrong?”

“I said I’m fine,” Merrick said weakly as he brushed Jamal’s hand away, “I just…” Merrick moaned as he turned to the kitchen, “I just need a glass of water…” Merrick said as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Dude, you-“


“Ahh, hang on,” Jamal sighed before he turned towards the door, and turned the knob open, showing Nick there, holding a PS3 controller with its cord wrapped around it.

“Hi babe~” The Latino said with a wide grin. Jamal smiled and kissed him softly.

“Hey there, Nicky.”

“What you up to~?” He asked.

“Well,” He turned to see Merrick stumbling among the cabinets, groaning quietly as he brought down a glass with a shaking hand, “Was gonna get some DLC, but I dunno right now…”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“Hajimemashite!” Came another greeting. Jamal turned his head to see Ryojin knocking on the doorframe.

“Oh, hey, Ryo-“

“Konichiwaaaa!” Piped up Ryo’s little sister, in a magenta shirt and a cute blue flowery skirt.

“Ugghhh…” Merrick groaned as he tried to fiddle with faucet, with that young girl’s voice throwing off his already suffering concentration – the very sound of her sugary voice is interfering with his sense of balance.

“Oh yeah…” Jamal chuckled weakly, “Ya brought yo sister too. In’t she supposed to be in school?”

“Merikku-kun wa ima, koko ni wa arimasu ka??” The young girl asked quickly as she bounced up and down. Ryojin chuckled as he looked up to Jamal.

“Heh heh, she want to know if Merrick-kun is home rdight now.” He said.

“Actually, Ryo, this ain’t a good time right now,” Jamal said, “We should prolly play games some other time,”

“Why, baby? What’s up?” Nick asked.

“He just… He’s in a funk right now. I think he’s gettin a lil sick,” As Jamal talked, little Fumiko stood on her tippy toes, peeking around, and squealing in delight as she saw the blonde, semi-naked male in their kitchen.

“Ooh! Meriku-kuuuuun!” She called out.

“Ahhhhh…” Merrick moaned as his head became increasingly dizzy and unfocused, especially that young, hyperactive voice scratching in his brain like fingernails on a chalkboard, “I don’t…” His whole body shook as his chest felt tighter, barely able to manage a breath, “I can’t handle her… Right now…” He groaned as he barely figured out how to get the kitchen faucet to trickle, “Jamal…” He called out weakly, “Please, Jamah…”

“Look guys, we’ll hang later,” Jamal said hastily, “Merrick’s not doin good right now.”

“What,” Nick asked as he looked over Jamal’s shoulder, “You ok, Blondie?”

“Ennhhhh…” Merrick moaned as his head spiraled like a typhoon in his skull. His whole body feels like it’s about to fall apart into pieces from all his shaking.

“Look, guys, let’s just-“

*THUD, Clink-kink-kriiiiii…*

Jamal jerked his head to the kitchen when güvenilir bahis he heard a noise. His eyes bugged out when he saw Merrick collapsed on the floor, with a small splash of water on the tiled kitchen floor, with a glass rolling to the cabinet. “MERRICK!” Jamal rushed to the kitchen.

“Whoa, shit man!” Nick rushed in too, “Blondie! You ok, man?!”

“A, iya! Merikku-kun!” Fumiko exclaimed.

Jamal turned the merman over, deliberately putting his leg onto the small puddle so his jeans can soak up the water before it can touch Merrick’s skin. His eyes remained closed as he lay there, unresponsive.

“What is happening?!” Ryo said as he held his sister back from pouncing upon Merrick, “What is wrong?!”

“I dunno! He’s all hot and clammy!” Jamal said, “Merrick! Wake up man! Say something!” Nick put his hand over Merrick’s forehead, wincing as he flipped his hand to press the backside of it against it.

“He’s burning up, man. We gotta get some help!”

“Ryo! Call Yuri and get her over here!”

“Hai!” Ryojin then moved Fumiko to the couch, and urged the preteen to sit, “[Stay here for now, Fumiko. Merrick-kun is sick.]” He said to her. She shook and nodded as she sat there while Ryojin flipped open his phone.

Jamal carefully tucked his strong arm under Merrick’s legs, and around his shoulders, and slowly picked up the unconscious merman. When he stood up, he turned to Nick, “Go ‘head ‘n call Adam bout this, he’ll wanna know.”

“Ok, babe,” Nick said as he fumbled for his phone while Jamal carried Merrick into Yuri’s well kept room.


Merrick watched on the futon as Yuri moved the cooled pad of her stethoscope from his belly to his chest, feeling his body quiver even as he lay still. She listened carefully as her ears scanned the sound of his body.

“… Your pulse is awfully high…” She said. She unhooked the ear-buds of her tool, and picked up one of the flat wooden sticks from a small glass jar. She took a close at Merrick’s mouth, “Hmmm… You lips are chapped too. Say, ‘Ahhh’.”

Merrick opened his mouth, and allowed Yuri to press the small wood paddle down on his tongue, and flashed a small light into his mouth. She investigated his mouth for a few seconds, “Did you drink from a blow dryer? There’s not a drop of saliva in here!” She commented before taking the tiny plank from his tongue, and taking a moment to look at it, “… Not even damp.”

“What’s wrong with me, Yuri?” Merrick asked feebly.

“I’m almost positive what it is, I just want to check one more thing,” Yuri said as she took the cuff of her sphygmomanometer, and strapped it around Merrick’s left arm, and pressed the power button.

It buzzed into life, and began inflating the cuff. Merrick grunted and winced as the cuff squeezed tightly around his bicep. It stopped inflating for 3 seconds, before it shrunk once, twice, third time, and then deflated as the machine beeped.

“78/49” Yuri said as she ripped the velgro apart from his arm.

“I-Is that good?” Merrick asked.

“No, Merrick. That’s bad,” She said plainly, making Merrick groan a little, “Your blood pressure is REALLY low.”

“Yuri… Am I going to be alright?”

“Yes, you’ll be fine. You’re just suffering from a harsh case of dehydration.”

“What… What does that mean?” Merrick moaned.

“It’s when your body doesn’t have enough water inside it to function normally. So it shuts down like this until it can get some moisture. Have you been drinking enough water lately?”

“Mmmm… Sort of…” Merrick groaned.

“Ok, well, you need to drink a little more. Maybe because you’re…” She nodded her head to the side, “You might be a little more susceptible then humans…” He nodded as she then took out a large pouch full of clear fluid, “From what Ryo told me on the phone, I suspected I would need to bring some Saline with me. For the time being, you need some water in you right now, so you’re gonna rest in here while you have an IV, ok?” She said softly.

“Alright…” Merrick agreed as he eyed the small needle and tube she unpacked, “Can Fumiko not stay here today?” He braced himself, and winced as the needle injected into him, “I just can’t deal with her right now.” Yuri laughed as she connected the tube to the big, full pouch.

“Don’t worry, Ryo already took her to a friend’s house. He figured you could do without a screaming fangirl jumping all over you.”

“Good.” Merrick said as Yuri hung the saline pouch up.

“Ok, just take it easy, alright? Let me know if something else is wrong, and don’t move that arm.”

“Alright… Thank you, Yuri…” Merrick said as he rested back, feeling a cold sensation wash into his veins, “Hmmmmm~” He murred as he enjoyed the very chilled sensation drive into his arm, and cooling him off from the inside. It feels like ice cold water is pouring into his arm – which is VERY welcome.


Yuri exited her room, and closed the door. Jamal stood up from the couch with Nick, and went to her.

“So, what’s wit him? He gonna be aight?” He said, just as there came a loud rumble.

Before Yuri could türkçe bahis answer, the sound of a motorbike’s roar came to an abrupt end, before some rapid steps stomped onto the property’s gravel, and Adam came bursting through the door, still wearing his Fish House uniform overalls, shirt and cap.

“Where is he?! Is he alright?! What happened???” He said as ran up to Yuri, “Yuri, tell me he’s-“

“Easy, easssyyyy!” She said, “Calm down, guys,” Yuri said as she turned around, “Merrick is fine, he’s just very dehydrated. I’m administering some saline into him as we speak, he’s going to be fine.” She said. Adam sighed heavily in relief.

“Thank God… I thought… Oh man, thanks, Yuri.” He said as he put his gloved hands on her shoulders, which stilled smelled heavily of fresh fish.

“You’re very welcome, Adam, please get your gloves off me.” She said with a sense of disgust as she leaned away from him.

“Oh! Sorry!” Adam said as he yanked off his thick gloves, and stuffed them into the overalls pocket.

“Qué alivio, eh?” Nick said as he slunk back, “He had us all worried, man.”

“Anyway, Adam, can I talk to you in private, please?” Yuri said, “There’s something that has be concerned about Merrick.” She said.

“Oh, sure.” Adam said as he and his Japanese friend walked through the open door, and strolled over to Lavi’s little koi pond, “So… Is there something else wrong with him? Give it to me straight.”

“Men plus women.” Yuri jested casually, “But we’re not talking about that.”

“Right, so what IS the problem?” Adam said as he crossed his arms.

“Well… I think Merrick’s been dehydrated for a while.” Yuri said.

“What makes you say what?”

“Haven’t you noticed? He’s been looking pale for the past few weeks. He seems so dreary and down. Half the time, he kinda acts like a zombie.”

“I think I might know what you’re talking about. This is the month where his pod is around these waters. He really wants to see them, but he can’t since he was banished.”

“I don’t think that’s the problem, Adam. This isn’t the first time he’s been out of sorts lately.” She said. Adam uncrossed his arms and looked at her.

“What? What do you mean?”

“All month, it’s like he’s walking with a haywire compass in his head. He’s been unfocused and woozy all the time. Everytime I asked him if there was anything wrong, he’d just deny it.”

“I have noticed… Something…” Adam admitted, feeling a little ashamed, “He always just brushed it off… But dehydrated? He’s always drinking plenty of water, I don’t understand.”

“I think I do.” Yuri said.

“Well, let me hear it.”

“Think about it,” Yuri said as she looped her hand casually, “He’s a…” She looked behind her to make sure Nick isn’t around, “Merman…” She muttered, “Maybe he needs to be in the ocean for a while. What if he’s not getting enough water from the OUTSIDE of his body, instead of drinking enough of it?”

“That’s actually a good point,” Adam said, “It has been a while since we went swimming.”

“Cool. Maybe we can head to the beach sometime? Or what about that scale of his? Did you say it was about to expire?” Adam took off his cap and scratched his head, remembering how the scale that makes Merrick appear human while wet has almost lost all of its color.

“Yeah, it might be safer if it’s just the two of us.” Adam said.

“Sounds like a plan,” Yuri agreed, “He’s in my room hooked up to an IV. I think he should rest in there for a while.”



Adam pushed the door opened and entered into Yuri’s room. Merrick’s pale complexion has already improved as he laid there on Yuri’s futon, “Hi, baby.” He said. Merrick opened his eyes, and smiled as he saw his lover come in.

“Hi, Adam,” Merrick said as Adam knelt down beside him.

“How’re you feeling?” Adam asked as he gently stroked Merrick’s cheek.

“A lot better now that you’re here~” Merrick said with a smile.

“Aww~” Adam smiled as he moved in and kissed Merrick. He ignored the dryness of Merrick’s chapped lips as he kissed him, and nuzzled him. Merrick moaned pleasantly as both the coldness of the saline swirled in his body, and the touch of his human lover.

“Mmmm… You smell so tantalizing…” Merrick muttered as he nibbled at Adam’s somewhat smooth chin, detecting the noticeable fish scent coming off of Adam’s uniform. Adam chuckled sheepishly as those lips and teeth traced his chin.

“Yeah… I didn’t get a chance to change or shower when Nick called me here.”

“Mmm… I love that smell…” Merrick said as he kissed Adam’s lips again. Adam smiled as he edged closer to Merrick, while the merman snuggled up to him. Adam’s hand strokes along Merrick’s arm – it does feel different… it’s lacking in its usual super smoothness, and feels just a little clammy.

“So Yuri says that you’re dehydrated,” Adam said.

“Yeah… She says it means I don’t have enough water in me…” He said, “It kinda makes sense…”

“Mhm…” Adam said, trying to think of the best way to ask Merrick to go swimming, “Say, babe. How about you and I go to the güvenilir bahis siteleri beach something? Just the two of us?”

“…” Merrick hesitated, and shook his head, “No… I can’t…”

“Come on, sweetie,” He said, “No one will see us. We haven’t gone swimming in ages, and it’s been a while since I seen that beautiful tail of yours.”

“Please, Adam,” Merrick said, suddenly becoming agitated, “I don’t want to go to the sea, alright?? If I don’t want to risk running into my pod out there, ok?”

“Ok, ok, Merrick. Just… Looking out for your well being-“

“I know, Adam, I just… Lets just drop it… I’m… Just never mind.” He said.

“Babe, what’s wrong? There’s no need to get defensive about this. You don’t want to go, you don’t want go.”

“I’m not defensive! I’m just…” Merrick groaned as he felt himself tire from the surge of emotion, “Please… Just… I can’t go out there. I just can’t…”

“Alright, we won’t go to the ocean…” Adam said. He huffed as he lay back, and stroked Merrick gently. Right now, Merrick is kind of acting like a fussy kid. Wonder why that is…?

‘Well,’ Adam thought, ‘Just have to go with Plan B then…’



*Ring ring ring. Ring ring-*


Adam disengaged his cellphone alarm, and gradually crept out of bed, careful as to not wake Merrick up.

Very quietly, Adam dug in hid dresser, and fished out his swimming trunks. He bent over, stepped into them, and pulled up them up between his legs, and over his butt and package. He stepped into his sandals, and walked out of his room. He stepped quietly through, stopping a moment when he heard a sound. He gritted his teeth and hissed quietly as he stayed completely still, but soon discovered where the sound is coming from. He carefully stepped forward a little, and peeked through Jamal’s door, which was open a crack.

“MMmmff~ Ohhh, me gusta, negro puto~” Came Nick’s voice. Adam blushed as he saw Nick’s bubble butt on Jamal’s lap as a dark hand rubbed along the tribal thorn tattoo that led to the rose design on the small of his back.

“Gahd, you so fine, baby~” Came Jamal’s low, sexual tone. As his fingers of both hands grabbed and kneaded those sumptuous buttcheeks, digging into Nick’s vulnerable, cock-lodged anus.

“HOOoooh~!” Nick gave a sudden gasp and moan of pleasure as he and Jamal quietly rode each other.

Adam bit his lip as his member stirred hard in his trunks, and crept to the dining area to pick up his backpack.

“Prrrrooowwwrr~?” Adam felt a fluffy brush along his shins. He smiled as Roxas nuzzled his leg. He squat down, and stroked the cat’s soft fur. Roxas purred as he rubbed his palm into the feline, before scratching his ears.

“Shhh,” Adam softly shushed him as he equipped his pack over his shoulders, and carefully opened the door to let the cat out.

Creeping back into his room, Adam carefully peeled the blanket off of Merrick, and very carefully tucked his arms under him, and slowly lifts him off of the bed. Merrick moaned in his sleep, rolling up against Adam, and nuzzling his bare, fuzzy chest.

Ignoring the persistent, silent moans from Jamal’s room, Adam carried Merrick through the house, and carefully left the door.

Adam watched his step as he tread over the gravel from his home, kept an eye on the floor of the trees as he entered as to not snap any twigs or dry leaves. As he walked along the forest trail, Adam couldn’t help but smile excitedly as he carried his unsuspecting merman in his arms.

If Merrick won’t go swimming at the beach, then he’ll just have to take him to their old, romantic rendezvous point: Aquata Cove.

“Mmmm…” Merrick murred in his sleep as he snuggled against Adam’s chest. Adam hissed and stopped in place, delicately putting a foot on a tree root to keep his balance. Several seconds passed by before Adam was convinced that Merrick is still asleep. He sighed in relief as he continued to creep along the messy forest floor.


“… And there it is…” Adam muttered as he gazed at the familiar waterfall of the sapphire blue grotto, “You’re a sight for sore eyes, ol’ Aquata.” He said as he took in the rocks, the water, and the pale rainbow in the morning light. It’s been so long since he’s last been here – not since he had taken all of the stuff from the cove, and moved it to the house when Merrick taught himself how to walk, when he said he would make Adam’s house his new ‘Sea Spot’.

Carefully, he unhinged his backpack, and laid it onto the ground. He stepped out of his sandals, and stepped onto cool stone.

Taking a few quick breaths, with the sleeping merman still in his arms, Adam suddenly sprinted forward. He dashed to the rock, up to the end of it, and leapt forward, just as Merrick’s eyes blinked awake.


Adam and Merrick dropped right down into the water! Immediately, Merrick yelped and squirmed from Adam’s hold, and whirled around in a panic. Adam grinned as he saw Merrick’s body transform into his true image – a blue and silver merman, sharp fins lined in rows on his head, a short fin on each forearm, the surface of his flesh protected by a layer of thin, transparent scales. His long, strong tail adorned with ruffle-like fin membranes for a touch of elegance, and his wide tail fin waving around.

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