Bad Cards, Good Guys

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Note: My previous submissions were in the third person, I really wanted to write as first person for this story. I really think it gives a different feel to the story.


It was the usual poker night, but not the usual location. Marie and I along with three other couples had decided to spend the long weekend more or less off the grid. The cabin we had rented was decked in hardwood floor to ceiling. Stereotypical furniture was staged to make the over sized main room look like the hunting lodge it normally was used for. The ladies had decided to make the forty-five minute drive into town to look at overpriced antiques and would most likely be gone for hours.

The ordinarily friendly poker game had taken a strange twist the last time all of us guys were together. Tim had jokingly suggested we trade up from tortilla chips to pieces of clothing. With the alcohol flowing at Tim’s house, somehow we had all agreed. By the end of that night Tim was left with his shirt unbuttoned but still clothed from the waist down, Jorge was down to his boxers and t-shirt, lucky Lonnie was fully clothed grinning like the Cheshire cat. And I sat quietly stripped down to my briefs. And that’s the way the night ended. We each grabbed our pile of clothing, redressed and headed home.

As the sun began its slow slide from the sky, Tim broke out his cards and suggested we start where we had left off last time. Having been the biggest loser last time I tried to protest but Lonnie had already jumped in with his agreement. Tim was unbuttoning his shirt and out of the corner of my eye I could see Jorge shrug and stripped down to his boxers. He wasn’t wearing an undershirt tonight and I saw him throw his shirt into the pile by his chair. My card playing skills leave something to be desired which made me pretty nervous, but since everyone else was in the game it didn’t seem like I could beg out of this round.

I don’t even remember what the next hand was other than I lost. I had nothing left to bet so I dutifully lost my briefs. My heart began pounding in my ears as I swallowed and looked around the room. I was sure the guys could hear the rush of my blood through my veins, but no one seemed to even notice that I was naked. Lonnie was dealing the next round of cards, my own cards landing in front of me. “I don’t have anything left to bet,” I started to back from the game.

“No worries,” piped up Tim, “I have an idea.” He jumped up from the table as we all watched him disappear into the room he was sharing with his wife. He returned with a small duffel bag, “look what Leslie brought!” Tim unzipped the bag and pulled out several sex toys and placed them in the middle of the table.

“What are we supposed to do with those?” Jorge wanted to know, suddenly not smiling nearly as much as he had been just a few moments earlier.

“It’s easy,” suggested Tim, “we can put them back in the bag. The next one who loses all their clothes can pick losing the last piece of their clothes or one of us can pull a toy out of the bag blind. The rest of us can get creative on how it gets used.”

I could see Lonnie, fully clothed, thinking over the idea but leaning towards agreement. Jorge was smiling nervously but shook his head yes. I was sure that I was the most nervous, I had nothing left to lose, just a potential random toy that these three guys were going to be creative about. I weakly nodded my agreement and Tim flashed his famous grin, “let’s play!”

The fear of the grab bag must have sharpened my skills because I didn’t lose the next three hands. Lucky Lonnie had to slip out of his shirt and pants and was seated in his skimpy bikini brief underwear. Then Jorge lost a hand and I wasn’t the only one sitting with a bare ass on the wooden chairs around the poker table. I thought I saw a faint smile cross his lips, but I couldn’t be sure. I was beginning to wonder about the rules we had agreed upon — we could only lose pieces of clothing, there was no way to regain any.

With the next deal I was sure the game would end, we would laugh and strut in our booze and testosterone influenced state, throw on our clothes and all would be right again. We could switch back to our tortilla chips and play until the ladies came home. “You guys think we could switch back to chips?” I asked, looking around at the group.

Tim was too quick to answer, “come on. You aren’t afraid of losing are you?” His stare dared to me accept the weakness that I felt even as he flipped the last of my cards in front of me.

Not feeling much support from my fellow nude and semi-nude players, there was nothing I could do but reply, “no. I guess not.”

Naturally, the hand was crap and I was the biggest loser of that round. I had nothing left to lose. Tim grabbed the duffel bag, “the bag! The winner gets to draw from the bag!” Of course the winner was Tim. Definitely inebriated, overly gleeful that the bag had come into play. “Lonnie, hold open the bag so I can güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri draw.” Tim turned his head away from the open zipper on the bag of toys. He reached in as Lonnie splayed the bag open. He drew his hand slowly from the bag, a shiny black oblong object in his hand. “Ah!” Tim exclaimed, a bit of mischievous delight causing his lips to curl into a smile. “a butt plug.”

“What a minute! A butt plug?” My heart began to race, surely due to fear. “That thing’s huge.”

Lonnie reached for the solid looking piece of silicon, wrapping his fingers around the device, “naw. My hand almost goes around it. My cock is bigger around than that.” My eyes were instantly drawn to the outline of his penis nestled inside his dark blue bikini briefs. I could not help it, the statement had drawn the curiosity of my mind. I broke my gaze as quickly as I could, looking back at the silicon plug still wrapped in Lonnie’s hand.

I swallowed the lump growing in my throat, “what am I supposed to do with that?”

Jorge broke his self-imposed silence by answering before anyone else, “it’s a butt plug. You have to put it in your butt.”

“But,” I started to protest.

“Hold on,” Tim chimed in, “use this,” an instantly recognizable tube of KY appeared in his outstretched hand.

I looked around the table. I had lost the last round of cards and three pairs of eyes challenged me to back down. The game had been dangerously close to the precipice and now I was staring into the abyss. I took the plug and the lube and rose from my chair to take a step toward the bathroom. “Dude, come on.” It was Tim. “You gotta do it here.” My heart sank even lower than I imagined it could. The device had a bulge in the middle and kind of a suction cup on one end. Tim certainly seemed to know its use. “Just suction that thing to the chair, lube it up and sit down on it.” The words were factual, the concept intimidating. I stood next to my chair, still hesitant. I pushed the plug down onto the wooden chair and flipped the top of the KY open. I smeared a little over the top of the anal plug. I could feel the burning stares as my card playing chums watched. Looking at the slick black silicon I couldn’t help but think that there wasn’t nearly enough lube so I added some more, trying to spread it evenly over the surface. I climbed back onto my chair, standing on the side supports hovering above the slippery ass penetrator. Tim nodded his approval indicating that I should fully seat myself onto the chair. I slowly began lowering my cheeks toward the wooden seat. I sucked in my breath as I felt the tip of the butt plug touch the ring protecting my anus. I hesitated, feeling the butt plug just start to penetrate my timid ass, the cold lube causing an unexpected flinch. With on hand on the back of the chair I gingerly lifted my balls to give me a smoother shot down over the top of the plug. I slid my hand lower, my two middle fingers caressing the plug and the taut smooth muscle beginning to part down over it. I felt the plug stretch my ass, slipping more and more quickly upwards into me, a tingle began to creep through my bowels and my cock twitched in reaction to the silicon violation now stretching my tiny opening. As I fully seated myself onto Tim’s toy, I looked up to see the other guys watching with quiet intensity. I blinked a long blink, my eyes rolling slightly at this new feeling of being penetrated.

I played the next hand in total distraction. My body trying to become accustomed to the full feeling in my anus, my heart throbbing in my ears. I felt a secret sense of pleasure with this plug inside me mixed with shame at being naked in front of my friends and the humiliation of being the first to be violated by losing a stupid game of cards. The other guys were either really good at ignoring me in my slight discomfort, or really good at not looking when I glanced around the table. I was certain they all noticed my rising arousal as my penis began to slightly harden. I glanced at Jorge’s smooth cheeks and thought I saw his penis a bit more elevated than a few moments before. Were these guys, my friends, totally straight men, getting turned on by my displeasure? As if I wasn’t already afraid enough, I was really beginning to have dark thoughts about our poker game. With all of this swirling in my head, I lost the hand, Tim naturally won. I let out a groan, thinking I wasn’t sure what else could come out of the bag.

Tim seemed to take a little pity, “it’s ok, Rich. We won’t draw from the bag again.” I began to relax. But the grin on his face wasn’t fading. I’m sure it wasn’t spoken — it could not have been spoken out loud. Tim’s thumb curled under the waste band of his boxers. It was an invitation, an order, a dare all rolled into one. I began to rise from my chair, resigned to whatever humiliation Tim had in store for me. “Make sure you keep that plug in your ass. Wouldn’t want it to fall out.” Fall out? The plug was embedded güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri firmly in my ass, any contraction of my muscles pushed it further in due to the tapered design.

I walked the few steps to Tim’s chair and kneeled in front of him, my knees on the hardwood floor. I was sure that he wanted me to take his rising cock into my mouth. It seemed like his cock was sure too as it began tenting out his shorts. I dutifully grabbed at the waste band and slipped his boxers down to the floor. Lonnie was the only one left with any of his clothes on, his blue bikini briefs. I tentatively touched Tim’s cock, bringing it to my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and his still hardening shaft slid across my tongue. I had not tasted another man’s cock before. The heady smell wafted into my nostrils, slightly intoxicating. At first, I swirled my tongue around the head of Tim’s expanding cock, then along the bottom of the shaft, curling the tip to press into the vein running the length of it. I began caressing his balls, rubbing my saliva from his shaft into his tender musky orbs. I closed my eyes, thinking how good it feels to have a warm, wet mouth wrapped around my own hard penis. I felt a hand on my ass cheek and caught my breath, the movement caused Tim’s cock to hit the back of my throat and I moved away, slipping his shaft out of my mouth so that I could take just the head into a sort of french kiss. I could not believe I was giving another man a blow job!

The hand on my ass started tugging at the butt plug, pulling it out to the edge of the tapered section and letting it slide back in. I was lost in the taste of Tim’s man meat as I rocked slowly back and forth to take it just to the back of my throat and out to the swirl of tongue and head that now was a delicious pleasure to me. I couldn’t see Tim’s face from where I kneeled, but I was sure that his eyes were closed in enjoyment as well. His hips began to rock into my face, meeting my mouth as I engulfed his beautiful cock. The motion in my ass began to change as I felt my anus tighten to pull the butt plug back after each partial extraction. From what I could see, it was Jorge behind me, stroking in and out with my new silicon lover. I felt him let go of the plug and stand up. I was a bit disappointed. That ass fucking was starting to feel good!

I felt something fall onto my calf — fabric of some kind. I couldn’t look back to see what it was, Tim had started to grab my head, pulling my throat and his cock closer to the inevitable. I wanted to feel his throbbing cock in my throat, but I was worried that I would choke, worse I would gag and vomit all over his crotch. The ass fucking with the plug began again with a different tempo, this time it was plunged and pulled at a much faster rate. Each insertion drove me deeper onto Tim’s cock. Suddenly it was pulled from my ass and I felt a bareness, an emptiness without the plug. I began to feel a new sensation, something warm placed against my open asshole. A slight bit of pressure and something bigger around and longer than the plug began to fill me up from behind. I let out a muffled gasp as I was pushed forward by this new, bigger feeling in my ass and Tim’s cock slid right down my throat. My eyes began to water, but Tim had a handful of my hair fucking my mouth and throat. He was balls deep and grunting in obvious pleasure. I began to realize that it was Lonnie’s bikini shorts that had fallen on my leg and he was now thrusting his cock rhythmically into my bowels, stretching and filling my previously virgin asshole.

I felt hands on my ass cheeks spreading me apart. It seemed like Lonnie was trying to get the best view that he could as his cock stroked in and out of my ass. With each thrust it felt like his cock was deeper than the last. His balls rested against mine at the end of each full insertion. I could not believe how incredible his cock felt inside me, lighting me on fire. My own erection hung below me unattended and ignored. Tim was thrusting his cock over my tongue and down my throat, pleasuring himself with my mouth. Lonnie matched him thrust for thrust into my ass, pleasuring his own rock hard cock with my sphincter muscle — neither tending to the needs of my aching cock.

Tim’s momentum began to change. I realized he was beginning to thrust harder and, if possible, even more deeply into my mouth. His grasp of my hair tightened and I knew he was going to cum right down my throat! I swirled my tongue more furiously along the bottom of his shaft taking his salty love rod into my mouth. I extended my tongue past my lips to tickle his salty balls. Tim’s breathing told me he was ready to blow his wad and he wasn’t slowing down. God this was all starting to feel so good being fucked from both ends by these two studs. I felt his orgasm building until the cum spurted down my throat in several streams. Instinctively, I swallowed with each throb of man juice pulsing into my mouth. I had never tasted güvenilir bahis şirketleri another man’s cock before, let alone a full load of cum. It was a very new and exciting experience to be mouth fucked to completion by Tim. He is such a virile, masculine man and his cock felt so good violating my throat. Tim backed his penis out of my throat, pausing with the head of his cock resting on my tongue. I licked the remaining cum off the head of his cock and ran my tongue from his balls to the tip again, milking his cock dry. I wanted to drink the very last bit of his salty sour goodness. Tim completely pulled away from me and I dropped my head, closing my eyes to concentrate on the lover in my ass.

I reached under my belly to caress Lonnie’s balls as they slapped against my own. It must have been more than he could take as his pace increased and his thrusts pounded into me. I could feel him begin to tremble against me. His balls twitched in my hand and began contracting towards his body. I was going to experience another new sensation! Being ass fucked by another man, feeling the torrents of cum that were working up inside his balls and eager dick. Suddenly Lonnie’s body stiffened against mine as he dumped his own seed into my ass. What an incredible feeling — this second cock emptying into my once virgin but now stretched and thoroughly deflowered ass hole. Lonnie was motionless for a few moments. I heard his breathing become more normal as his cock withered inside me. My own breathing was returning to normal as we recovered on the floor. My knees were aching a bit as I began to become aware of my surroundings again. I felt my ass become empty as the cock that had fucked me pulled out.

“Lonnie, I’m not gay,” I said, for the first time acknowledging aloud that I had just had my ass reamed by his powerful cock.

“I know,” he replied softly, sounding maybe a little ashamed, “I guess we got carried away with the liquor. I’m sorry.”

“No.” I turned to look at him, no longer aiming my ass toward his love spear, “don’t be sorry.” I reached across the small distance between us to take his cock in my hand. I started to slowly kiss his flagging dick, sucking the sticky cum into my mouth. I could see Lonnie close his eyes as I licked his cock into my mouth. I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass, tickling my balls as it trickled down my leg. His cock tasted so good covered in his cum and the hint of my bowels.

“Maybe we should move to the living room.” Lonnie suggested. I nodded yes. We walked over to the living room and I sat down on the coffee table and took Lonnie’s reanimated cock into my mouth to continue my blow job education. “Lie down,” Lonnie began to push me backwards. The table was large enough so I acquiesced. Lonnie’s cock was above me now and I took him into my mouth. The smell and taste was even more heady than Tim’s with his cum still flavoring his love stick. He straddled my chest as I began bringing him back to full attention. He was larger than Tim and I was starting to have a hard time this delicious cock had been fully buried in my ass minutes ago. I became aware of someone standing behind Lonnie who I couldn’t see over his muscled thigh atop my chest. Lonnie turned slightly and I could see him nod to whoever it was standing back there.

A finger ran down the crack of my ass, tracing the fuck juice leaking out of my abused anus and then was roughly shoved into me. I jumped slightly away as another finger was shoved into me. Lonnie’s cum was slippery over my ass, but the fingers were still rough and jarring. I realized that Jorge hadn’t been part of the double fucking I’d just had. I thought that he must be positioning himself to fuck my ass. I felt my knees being pushed up so that my backdoor was spread open and vulnerable to Jorge’s fresh cock. I again felt the warm sensation as his cock pressed against the ring that no longer protected my bowels, but was now the source of pleasure for Lonnie and was about to become the orifice for man-on-man fucking for Jorge. I was beginning to feel like a little ass slut. I wanted Jorge’s cock to fuck me into oblivion as he began slipping into me. My ass was spread and ready, Lonnie’s cum was Jorge’s lubricant as his cock slid into me. I wasn’t sure, but it felt like Jorge’s cock must have been even bigger than Lonnie’s.

I closed my eyes, holding Lonnie in my mouth, licking him clean. Jorge’s tempo was faster than Lonnie and he pulled his cock all the way out before pushing back into my ass. I knew my sphincter was closing around the head of his cock as he pulled it out and thrust it back in. The cum that was leaking out of my ass made a smacking, slurping sound as this fresh cock filled me up. I could feel Jorge’s cock all the way up into my stomach with each powerful thrust of his hips.

Lonnie’s tasty dick began twitching in my mouth and I felt him start to back away. I reached around to grab his ass cheek so I could take his next load. Lonnie grunted as his cum pulsed up through his cock into my mouth. I started swallowing as quickly as I could. I licked his seed from his cock, swirling my tongue around the swollen head until he stood up pulling his now drooping cock from my mouth. Two blow jobs in one night. Not gay, but god damn that was delicious!

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